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Milena Sikstel

2 years ago

I would just leave 1 star . And please stay away from Dr Han . Our experience was horrible. We came for regular check up . And minor ear infection, that’s what Dr Han said . We agree for treatment . They took our cat . We waited for 20-30 mins . They gave our cat in the bag , we paid our bill and left . When we opened bag and found our cat with black and blue all over his ears , and damaged eyed . She just put our cat in the bag and didn’t say anything. Please stay away from Dr Han

Albina Safargalina

2 years ago

Very nice clinic for my beloved Luna.

alana gouveia

2 years ago

New appt for a long time resident with a new baby. We have a 8 wk old puppy and made an appt days in advance. Reading all the great reviews, we thought this would be a perfect place. We called to confirm twice for a time because we had concerns for our beloved pet with a few questions of what we were experiencing with her, we walked in with the larger lady in the first chair drinking water looking at me with a look like "why are you even here" very offended on why we entered. shoves her mask back on after I say "um, hello"! Still with a baffled face, I tell her I have an appt... she say ohhh you have an appt .. its for 130 not 1! They confirmed with us our appt time, and we called to make sure on 2 different occasions because of paperwork. She claims she sent paper work for us to fill out and that it says 1:30 appt. Mind you this was AFTER we called to say you didn't send us anything, come to find out she got our email wrong, then proceeded to send us what we needed. Initial appt was for 1 not 1:30.. It's as if she's angry she's working today almost as if we are an inconvenience. Surprised for all the "awesome" reviews, I think they are ALL in on it. because I'm not recommending any of my pet owners to bother with their establishment. Sad on their end. Don't come here, take your babies elsewhere, to a place that is atleast pleasant to new potentially long time costumers. Sad way to run a business especially for what we are all going through currently.

daniel quintanilla

2 years ago

Great staff and always takes great care of my little girl

Elisa Tsang

2 years ago

Have been coming here for years and Dr Han is always so thoughtful and sweet. And I entrust she looks after my dogs. The team there is also very attentive and nice!

Natalie Levine

2 years ago

My dog was having issues this morning and I rushed him to fort lee pet vet clinic. Dr told me the first thing that he was having a heart failure because the way he was coughing. After they handed me a giant bill they told me that my dog only had a bronchitis and I should be happy and thankful its not a heart failure. Then Dr preceded to explain to me how I shouldn't open his meds in advance and keep them exposed. Do these people think they are dealing with idiots? Or are they simply playing on human emotions that are so vulnerable when our pets are in distress. Be carful with your pets as those so cold doctors can hurt your pets and charge you later to treat them.

Amber Tirri '13

2 years ago

The staff and Doctors here are very nice and thorough! My cat has been through many procedures with both Dr. Han & Dr. Nazar they are excellent, very experienced and detailed in their work. They helped my cat when he became constipated due to a pre existing hip injury. Sure the prices are a bit high but due to the area they reside in this is expected, to add they are VERY upfront about their costs and will not do anything without your consent. Both doctors did their best for me to bring down costs when they could since my cat has had a few costly visits. Dr.Han is very sweet she always calls to check up and see how my cat is doing and took time with me to make sure I understood how to properly give my cat Binx his fluid. I am unsure why everyone on here is complaining about the cost… before they touch your pet the first thing they go over is the pricing! You then can refuse care and go somewhere else, no one here tried to deceit me of that or force care upon me! If you are looking for the bare minimum and looking to cut costs on your pet then this might not be the place for you. However if you are willing to have the best care locally I would recommend this place!

Cher Canilao

2 years ago

The BEST Vet I’ve been to!!! Dr. Nazar and his team made sure that my dog have everything she needs for our travel and they did their very best to get my documents on time despite the very short timeline i gave them. They goes above and beyond!!! They are the best! I really can’t thank them enough. They are very professional, accommodating and very kind.

Calvin C

2 years ago

Fast appointment. Friendly service, but charges way too high for simple services.


2 years ago

This was place is a rip off , so expensive

Pauline Baltaian

3 years ago

I took my new puppy Lola here for an initial checkup and consultation. Let me just say that even tho I have never met Dr Han in person (given the pandemic) she has absolutely been wonderful over the phone. She is SUPER knowledgeable and reassures you about your pet. She does not prescribe unnecessary medication . my puppy has a cough and she recommended waiting a few days for it to clear and when it didn’t clear she prescribed meds. I trust her , i’m not sure where all these negative reviews are coming from. There will always be one off accidents that can happen with any vet. I will continue to trust this doctor unless proven otherwise . Thank you!

taihwa chung

3 years ago

Too busy for while but seems have better management recently.

Meredith Williams

3 years ago

I’ve looked all over the tri-state are for a good vet and this is it. They are up front about their prices and never do anything without the consent of the owner. Our cat is diabetic and our dog got all her vaccines here. Friendly and professional staff. The vets keep detailed records and there is even an insurance department to help you file claims.

Tina zelonina

3 years ago

I would not recommend this clinic and especially Dr. . This dr is very unethical and financial gain is the only priority for this vet. After bringing our cat sometime ago for treatment (cat had mild kidney infection), the dr-patient relationship is awful at best and no ethics whats so ever. Yesterday we had to take our cat to the emergency room and blood test were taken, which needed a vet analysis for treatment. Time is critical and we tried to get in contact with the vet all day and after finally replying to us hrs later when clinic hrs are almost at a closing, the dr. Goosyl Han refused to even look at the blood work, left alone give any suggestion for treatment. The blood work in front of this dr, she refused to even look at it unless the cat is brought in and the bill is charged. The dr did not want to help in this critical emergency situation which shows high unprofessionalism and no ethics whatsoever. Tina Zelonina ( cat name is Pooke)

michael park

3 years ago

I have a 8 month old female kitten that needed spaying. Did all the preop blood work, examination and whatnot early last month and was scheduled for surgery today 2/2/21 but due to the winterstorm it was cancelled. Understood, but I spoke to a nurse last Friday morning at the office in person because that was the original surgery date but since the cat just finished her heat cycle night before it was not recommended to be spayed on that day, told me that they will spay her on Thursday 2/4/21 if they can’t do on today. I got a phone call this morning saying the appointment is cancelled for today but they don’t have appointment for Thursday either, obviously they forgot to reschedule. Very unprofessional.

Daniel Cramer

3 years ago

The vet Goosyl Han at the clinic is very unprofessional, responded many hrs later and refused to give any kind of opinion for existing patient unless another visit made (no problem billing your patients, but when time is critical and the vets dont respond in time to make an appointment - then at the very least extend a curtesy of opinion).

Aleksandr Spi

3 years ago

Amazing doctors and amazing staff who are always there to help us. Dr Han, Dr Nazar and their team always provide the best care to my Siberian Husky . Just wanted to say thank you !!! Even though they are in NJ and we are in Staten Island, we don't mind traveling to receive one of the best veterinary care possible. Highly recommend to any pet owner looking for a great Vet place.

Terry Lim

3 years ago

Ask for prescriptions only. They try to charge you too much on medication that you can easily purchase online for less than 50% of what they charge. The vet was great and knowledgeable. The rest staff needs more training. Seriously

BK So22

3 years ago

They love the pets they see. And they treat them better than other places do. We travel a little bit more to take our Luna there and we recommend anyone to do the same! ♡

Claudia Mecca

3 years ago

The doctors are good they explain everything your pet needs and they follow up with a phone call to make sure they are ok after their visit. They're very nice and polite.

Crystal I.

3 years ago

My dog Jewels has a lot of allergy related issues. Throughout the years I have went to several vets, allergist and was never fully happy. I found Fort Lee Animal Clinic to be the best veterinarian Clinic. They truly love and care for your animals and they give amazing service and have an abundance of knowledge.

Vlada Zabara

3 years ago

Coming there from Brooklyn, because know this people for many years. The only vet I trust.

Jennifer Lee

3 years ago

My Dr. Was very flexible and try to deal with my dog! The downsides were one of employees who doesnt know whats going on there, also their X-ray service is about $500 which is more than twice of other place!! You have to wait home n come back for the result! I guess everything is pretty much expensive than other animal hospital around!

Stefania Kartsounas

3 years ago

The location itself is very clean and modern. Vet was not attentive to my pet and their actual needs in regards to vaccines. Ended up paying $300 for my cat’s first visit. Go to Vetco for shots/vaccines. Fraction of price.


3 years ago

Poor service, poor care of my dogs. Unacceptable prices, too expensive compared to others. Worst vet ever been.

Nicole Choi

3 years ago

Dr.Han found my dog's neurological problems that the other vet didn't notice. I'm glad that my dog can get proper care now and really appreciate Dr.Han's professionalism.

Julia Rippe

3 years ago

Very good. Doctor Han was very helpful.

Elizabeth Ronchi

3 years ago

They don't deserve any stars. The only reason I went to them was because my vet was closed in Fort Lee location. I did not want to drive to their other location in Oradell. BIG MISTAKE this vet in Fort Lee Animal Clinic is just trying to made as much money as possible from you. I have never seen a Veterinarian so DESPERATE for money. Avoid this place they will push very Costly tests on you. My regular vet is wonderful would never advise anything that is not necessary. Oradell animal clinic is the very best will never go anywhere else.

Daniella Zabara

3 years ago

Best vet around! Dr. Nazar has been taking care of all my pets for over 10 years. I travel all the way from Brooklyn because I know I will get the best care there is. The office is extremely clean and the staff members are truly the best. They never fail to follow up on how my pets are feeling post visit and they’re very helpful with any questions you may have. Thank you for all the care you have provided me and my family.

Daisy K

3 years ago

My healthy 7months puppy died in this clinic while being spayed. She was extra energetic and healthy comparing to other puppies. The manager of this office Christine Cruz ,who has a horrible attitude problem and always talks in antisocial manner, will always give you the way more expansive bills than you were told. On the day of surgery , i found out she was trying to charge $123 more by tricking the billing code. To find out that, I couldn’t even say bye to my puppy whom i was never able to see again. If you want your puppies to live longer, do not go this place.

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