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Raman Sawhney

2 years ago

Always amazing .. Dr Farber is a highly experienced and caring physician

Maria Fontana

2 years ago

Dr Farber and the whole staff are very warm and kind and extremely professional. Dr Farber handled my scared cat so easily that he was purring while getting vaccinations and a nail trim. I am new to the area and I am so happy that I have found Dr Farber and his staff at Manalapan Animal Clinic to take care of my cat from now on. Thank you Rachel for getting me in so quickly ????

Kenya Porter

2 years ago

Dr Farber is really nice and knowledgeable. He was very direct and accurate about the needs of my fur baby. He gave me information about my dogs dry eye and corrected information given to me by a previous vet.

Christian David

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable, caring and funny Veterinarian.

Rose Jacobs

2 years ago

Great!!! Dr Farber and his staff are Awesome. He has been our family vet for over 20 years and I trust him completely with my dogs. They are like my children.

Chris Marra

2 years ago

Dr. Farber and his entire staff provide excellent care to my pets, and have for over 10 tears. I am grateful to have found Manalapan Animal Hospital.

Elaine Smalley

2 years ago

Very good. Dr. was explaining everything well and staff very pleasant.

Ryan Cooperstein

3 years ago

the absolutely best vet ever!!!

Tiara M

3 years ago

I went to this vet under my warranty from the pet store i bought my dog from. The vet tech, or whoever came in to assist Dr.Farber came in and looked through the paperwork I had for my pets medical records. I overheard the receptionist discussing in the lobby either while they had my paperwork or after they brought it back to me say, “3 thousand dollars...?” In a questioning manner which I obviously know was in reference to how much I paid for my dog since the lady had just gone through my paper work. I brought up to Dr. Farber she was coughing a bit and it wasn't until after i said that, that Dr.Farber said she had a bit of fluid in her lungs which was concerning because he didn’t come to this conclusion until after I said she was coughing. He didn’t even check her temperature and overall I was extremely unsatisfied with my visit so I decided to take her to my own vet and pay for an office visit the very next day because I didn’t mind paying for better service at this point. My vet said she had no fluid in her lungs & that fluid means she has pneumonia, so I don't know what diagnosis I received from Manalapan Veterinary hospital but it was not a very good one. I bought her all on my own, I'm 19 years old and I’m very concerned with her well-being because shes like my baby. My dog had a follow-up appointment with Dr.Farber September 28th which was 5 days after my first appointment but I decided not to go because I did not like the service I recieved, I just went for the warranty program which was the initial first visit. Fast forward to 8 days after giving her her correct doses of medication in the morning and evening for her supposed canine cough, I notice October 3rd in the evening that she was out of medication. At this point, she has only gotten 7.5 days of medication (one dose in the AM, one dose in the PM) when the instructions called for 10 days. Manalapan Veterinary Hospital is closed on Sundays so I had to wait until Monday to call Dr.Farber which by then she had missed Sunday and Monday morning doses. I called him today and told them she did not have enough medicine and they told me that it was enough for 10 days. I followed the bottle and gave her exact doses. I could understand if she missed 1 dose or maybe even 2 but she is missing 2.5 days of medicine that’s obviously due to the lack of enough in the bottle to begin with. They tried telling me if I went to the follow-up they would’ve been able to correct the dosage. I didn't know she didn’t have enough until the following Saturday, how could they possibly been able to tell she didn’t have enough just 5 days after my initial appointment. They said if i kept going back they wouldn’t even had charged me for the office visit if she relapsed. Basically, god forbid she relapses with canine cough due to not finishing her medication I would be penalized and have to go to my own vet (absolutely not going back to Dr.Farber because they spoke about me in the lobby) and pay for an office visit + more canine cough meds because of Manalapan Veterinary Hospital’s lack of ability to give correct dosages. This is all because I didn’t give them my business. I know that an office visit and meds is not a lot but it is a lot when you’re paying for a mistake you didn’t make. Why would I go back? He did not even check her temperature when I saw a thermometer right behind Dr.Farber! They claim the medication is powder and you need to add water, well maybe not enough water was added and you should recheck your measurements because that bottle was absolutely not enough. ALSO- I had previously been made aware Dr.Farber operated in a very old school manner but again I just went for the free visit under the warranty from the pet store I got my dog from. I will not be returning & I don’t recommend anyone else to go here either.

Richard Loughlin

3 years ago

Dr. Farber did an outstanding job treating our 17 month old pup back to health after an illness that led to an emergency trip to the hospital.

Nicole Conforti

3 years ago

Amazing care for your pet

Nadezhda Ryabova

3 years ago

Doctor is pleasant and knowledgeable. Staff is very professional. Highly recommend.

JimmyKat mitt

3 years ago

Today was my wife and I first time at the clinic and the Doctor and Staff was excellent. Thank you

Francisco Cividanes

3 years ago

Great staff and Dr Farber is terrific!

David Epstein

3 years ago

Great bedside manner. Addressed our concerns. Nice office as well.

Casker Hots

4 years ago

My cat was old but he could walk perfectly fine when I brought him to this place. When I got my cat back he was crippled and couldn’t walk, which resulted in him getting put down. Would not recommend.

Gail Wozniak

4 years ago


Jeannie Chan

4 years ago

Great place and great doctor

John Faccibene

4 years ago

Dr. Farber is one of the most caring doctors I know. We have been taking our pets to him for over 20 years and he has been nothing but gentle and caring.

karri meyers

4 years ago

Do not go . Very bad at diagnosing common issues . Tries to make unnecessary money on your dog . The kicker charged 20 dollars to put pills in bottle and labeled it dispensing fee .

Marsha Heitner

4 years ago

Dr. Farber is a kind and caring vet. He has been our vet for 3 yrs. and I found him to be an excellent vet. Around three weeks ago I had to take my 19 yr old cat to him since she wasn't doing well and was wasting away. I had to have her put to sleep and believe me that was hard to do but they handled it with such kindness. She was cremated so this way she will always be with me . They also had a lock of her beautiful calico fur put in a small granite box for me. .

Wendy Brodsky

4 years ago

Dr. Farber is great. Very caring. His staff is also very friendly and accommodating. Our dog doesn't do well with other dogs so we wait outside or in the car and they let us know when a room is ready.

Denise DeQuarto

5 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable and get compassionate doctor and staff.

Alan Pech

5 years ago

Very nice staff. The vet is great. I highly recommend them especially if you have a bull doggy

Amber Sayge

5 years ago

Dr. Farber saved our puppy's life when another corporate vet said she was "fine", even though she was having trouble breathing. He immediately pinpointed her illness just from hearing her breathing in the waiting room. He's sensitive to each dog, takes the time to explain things, and is an extremely gentle and caring doctor. Dr. Farber is a true animal lover and healer; I would never go to any other vet for my dogs.

CELINE Anne Marsella

5 years ago

Terrible! Used him years ago & almost killed my beloved dog Mercury. It cost thousands of dollars to repair his leg & he was never the same. The man is ignorant & rude. Just out for your money & doesn't care about the animal.

Glenn Vignola

5 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs to Dr. Farber for over 20 years. Not only is he an excellent vet. You can tell he truly loves all the animals as if they were his own.

Gabby NICO

5 years ago

Caring, compassionate staff and Dr! After bringing my 17 year old dog to another local clinic for years, I couldn’t bear to walk back into the old vet after she had passed. I brought my new puppy to Dr. Farber and was not disappointed. Actually I was slightly disappointed that I did not bring our previous dog to him. He truly cares and the cost is way better too! I am so happy we found him!

Roberta Feibusch

5 years ago

Very careing, great with all the dogs we had

Richard Addeo

5 years ago

Dr. Farber and his staff have been my pets vet for 20 years; I've had negative experiences at so-called specialty hospitals and returned to Manalapan Animal Clinic for them to continue my pet's care. I trust only Dr. Farber!

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