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2 years ago

Expensive puppy mill shop, no longer offers grooming services unless you were a previous client.

Luis Morales

2 years ago

The puppies are so adorable and phenomenal

Shelley Greenberg

2 years ago

For 10 years I was a loyal customer at Troy’s Trims and Treats in Englewood, where my darling Havanese Frankee was groomed in their immaculate spa environment, always emerging like she was ready to be shown at the Westminster Dog show. When Ellie began to sell puppies, I knew that she would apply the same exacting standards in this enterprise that she did to her grooming business. I never failed to be enchanted by the pups that Silver Nickel Puppies bred. They were healthy, playful, and well cared for. I saw the look of delight on the faces of customers who came to make their selection after playing in a safe, clean enclosure. When my sweet Frankee passed last year, I knew there would be another dog in my future, and I was certain my next canine adventure would begin at Troy’s, helping me find the right pup. When my heart had healed, I reached out and then got the call to come and meet a special girl. We played together for an hour and formed our bond as she wiggled and climbed over me, licking my face. I was in love! This captivating phantom, black and white poodle, Winnie, just celebrated her first birthday with me. She is so affectionate, spending most evenings in my lap, much to the chagrin of my cat, Sydney, whom she has displaced. She loves playing with the other dogs in my building, and she proved to be an apt pupil when I enlisted the services of my trainer, who had also trained Frankee. We have settled into a comfortable routine, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion. I am so grateful to Ellie and her helper Barbara for their compassion extended to me in Frankee’s waning days, and for their expertise in helping me begin my journey with Winnie. I have recommended Troy’s to friends considering bringing a pup into their lives, knowing they will make the right match. Ellie is a special person who understands that very special connection between owner and dog, and she has created an environment that fosters love and caring for dogs and the people who will make them a part of their families. Anyone considering starting this unique journey should take their first step at Troy’s in Englewood.

Stevie Johnson

2 years ago

Troy’s Trim And Treats is by far the best pet grooming place that I have ever been to! Not only do they cut my dogs nails, but they also file them! Not only do they wash my dog, but they also put cologne! They even brush my dog’s teeth too! I also love how they put a very cute bandana on my dog when I pick him up from there! Also, around the holidays, they even put a festive bandana on him!

Sebastian June

2 years ago

Miserable people who don't really like dogs

Aimee Landestoy

3 years ago

They were so kind to my boy! Can’t wait to bring him back.

Monique Pellot

3 years ago

I am so excited that I had the opportunity to come to their place of business and find such a gentle love-hearted dog. She is truly bringing happiness back into our house since the Lost of our previous dog . thank you so much for bringing love back into this family with a little furry friend.

jamayla scott

3 years ago

I have been utilizing there services since my dog was a puppy. They are very personable, well knowledge, and care about your pet!!! I love Kelly....highly recommend.

Heather Kirchner

3 years ago

I would like to say the owner was caught red handed, Elli Lygnos on August 19th 2014 at 7:10am by me looking at my bank statement. My dog received a bath at Troy's Trim's & Treats In Englewood NJ . I thought it would be convenient for me to have my dog receive a bath in the town that I work in. But not to find out, a few days later that my credit card had an extra $25 charge on the bill. When I brought it to the owners attention, she was dumbfound. Like; she was caught without out my permission and doing something that she shouldn't be doing. Well, I am glad she got caught by me and other people who used her for services in the past at Troy's Trims and Treats. Make sure you check your bill frequently because you might find extra charges from this lady .

Heather Kirch

3 years ago

The owner of Troy's Trims & Treats put and extra charge of my card years ago . I happen to catch her doing that after a purchase was made with a service. She thought that I would never find out, but I did. The charge was separate from the charge of my service on my bank statement . I was never told that she would be swiping extra charge of $25, especially without my permission. Not right. And she knows that .

Galit Wexler

3 years ago

We wanted to buy a puppy. Paid deposit of $500. Before we picked it up, due to this situation of Covid and financial hardship, we called and asked to cancel. Although they had another buyer, still insisted to take our money. I think that when we say "we are all in this together" doesn't mean that there shouldn't be understanding, and to take advantage of the customer just because of the policy. Its not that they lost money, but wanted to earn from both. Not fair business approach!

cliff stern

3 years ago

I would like to warn everybody who brings their dogs to Troy's Trims & Treats to be beware of any suspicious activity with your credit card statements . You will notice several charges that are rendered by the owner herself, Elli Lygnos who seems to have the propensity to charge your credit card without your permission and by slipping another charge on your bill. It seems like a few of us have noticed this from the local community a few times. Please be aware of any charges that you might have with Troy's Trims & Treats in Englewood on your statements in the past with your dog's service.

Claudia Hinzpeter

3 years ago

Perfect every time. They are excellent and quick!

Julio Balmaseda

4 years ago

We love this place. Really caring and do a fantastic job with our two furry kids!

Jennifer Hernandez

4 years ago

Animal parents beware! I brought my dog here a week ago just like many other times and when I picked him up he was completely unable to walk on his front paws. Now, my dog has a lot of energy and definitely did try but he would face plant into the ground which as a parent is completely disheartening and concerning. I called the groomers as soon as I got home asking if anything happened they said no “you saw him when you picked him up he was fine” and I said “no, if you look at the cameras you hear me saying what’s wrong Jasper? You’re slipping and sliding all over the place”. She said you have to take him to the Vet. Extremely aggravated I took him to the vet! 4 hours and 600 dollars later they told me that he had a soft tissue tear probably from the way he was splayed on the table or put on the floor if the floor was wet anything along the lines where my dog couldn’t catch his grip for one second. He had to get a pain injection and xrays and medication for a week. My dog is an older dog who needs extra care and attention. I’m not saying it was done in malice however being a groomer and knowing the age of my dog all of this should be taken into consideration when one puts trust in a stranger to take care of their dog. They’ve called me since to have me come in and watch the cameras and they want to speak to my vet. I look at this as ridiculous. I have to take time out of my day to see what you did? No. You want to speak to my vet? Are you going to pay the 600 dollars for the lack of care? If so then you can have access to all of this. There is NO OTHER logical reasoning for my dog to be able to walk going in and unable coming out. If you have an older dog I highly recommend you go elsewhere. Plus their customer service according to my experience isn’t the best. Not once have they apologized or recognized anything that has happen with Jasper or myself. Wanting to be nosey and check in and ask me to watch the cameras and speak to my vet sure, but honey unless you’re paying the money you don’t get that opportunity. To all the pet parents out there who suffer when their dogs suffer. This is NOT THE PLACE for you. I don’t care how many good reviews it has. It’s all good until it happens to your dog.

Jeannine B

4 years ago

Great service and great staff! I have been going since my dog was a pup and he is now 11.

Greg Gumpright

4 years ago

We had our first trip to Troys Trims and Treats and had our puppy groomed and they really did a nice job caring for our pup. They asked questions to understand what we wanted done and really showed care in the service. The puppy came out to us happy and so were we. We plan on continuing to use this great establishment for our puppies grooming needs.

Theresa DeLorenzo

5 years ago

Kelly is wonderful! I have one Pomerania, Katie-Lynne, who has been groomed by Kelly all her life (13 years). She does an amazing job. When I go on vacation, she stays with Kelly and I get updates and pictures sent regularly. I went to get Katie groomed a few weeks ago and fell in love with a beautiful white Pomeranian - Juliette Nicole - Since I have not been a pet parent in a very long time, Kelly gave me advice and also lent me her puppy's playpen for Juliette (a life saver)..I have been going to Troys for over 13 years and highly recommend their services and compassion for the animals they groom.

Michael/campbell Press

5 years ago

Tommy boy (10lb Maltese mix) has been coming here for a year now and Kelly does an amazing job! Tommy always smells sooo GOOD and EVERY person who pets tommy compliments how soft he feels and even ask me what kind of shampoo I use but it’s all thanks to Kelly at Troy’s! There is another lovely Asian lady who does tommy when Kelly it’s not available and she is also amazing (I’m sorry I don’t remember her name)

Lori Lavino

5 years ago

Kelly puts my Mason at ease and makes me feel reassured that leaving my baby with her was definitely a good choice for picking Troy's as my favorite groomer. She also does a beautiful job and makes him look like a little teddy bear. I love Troy's and highly reccomend them.

Jasmin Pichardo - Espinosa

5 years ago

They do an amazing job grooming my Maltese mix.

Angelike Nunez

5 years ago

Kelly is amazing!!! She does an awesome job with my dog Benji. They are very accommodating and I love the way they treat my pup :). Thanks Kelly!!

Geri Iannaconi

6 years ago

We've been using them for years. Our Dogs are well cared for there and never had a problem.

Gustavo Ramirez

6 years ago

Happy with their services and they are very knowledgeable about different dog foods.

Christina Markopoulos

6 years ago

My Sophie loves coming here, she always smells delicious. Elli and her staff are wonderful!

Trevor Ostfeld

7 years ago

they are helping me find a dog

Harriet Davidson

9 years ago

I having been taking my miniature poodle, Zac, to Troy's for about a year and a half. He is 16 years old and always is scissored beautifully, smells great and is very happy to have been there. The shop is immaculate and I feel very confident when I leave "my boy" there to be groomed. I am very happy that I was recommended to such a professional shop.

Carson Link

10 years ago

One of the worst experiences in my life & ever SO HURTFUL ................... After going to these people for over 9 years for grooming for my Teacup Yorkie every week, "BRUTUS" who passed April 11 th this year------------------ I turned to the owner & one of her groomers who were my friends & who had groomed Brutus his whole life to help me seek out a new teacup. Troys in Englewood has never sold dogs before but suddenly popped up with puppy s to sell. Well it so happened they had some teacup yorkie s an told me to come in an look, which I did. Well it ended up I bought one of the so called teacups an he has turned out not be that at all. He s 7 months old now an 10 lbs an still growing. When I told the owner of Troys what was going on her reply to me was---------Carson your never going to like him, you may love him but not like him...........find him another home an move on. Are these the kind of animal lovers & caliber of people you want to give business too ?

Evelyn Gonzalez

10 years ago

I have taken my maltepom to several groomers in the area before, and I was never satisfied with the haircut or the treatment. When I walked into Troy's for the first time, I was impressed how clean everything looked and how friendly the lady at the front was on the phone and in person. It made me feel confortable leaving my dog there for the first time. He looked amazing and very happy overall. The minor detail to watch out for is the 3% extra they charge if you use a credit card instead of cash. It might be a little pricier than other groomers around, but it is worth it when they are in a clean environment and look great at the end. I made my next appointment at the spot. It seems like we'll be regulars there!

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