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Sarah Cullen

2 years ago

Very unfriendly staff. Had me fill out an application then said I needed to be 21 years old to adopt after filling it out, even though their application required 18+. The shelter smelt bad and was dirty the animal would have been better off with me.

Ma 馬Chia 嘉

2 years ago

Updated 12/11/2021 I left a negative 1 star review years ago, mainly due to the physical environment of it. I recently went to the Edison animal shelter again trying to see if there's a foster program, since there's no information on their website. The physical environment seems improved, although I couldn't really say, because the staff CLOSED the shelter HALF AN HOUR BEFORE ITS CLOSING TIME, and didn't let us go in. There were 2 staff members, the senior one was unfriendly, just wanted to brush us off and told us to call next Monday; until the junior one told us there's fostering and trying to find a form for us. The place listed "open 12-4 pm, 7 days a week", if they always close half an hour earlier, that means it opens 3.5 hours a day. I appreciate their work and maybe they are just unpaid volunteers, but if you want to close it 3:30 pm, then please provide information accordingly. And imagine this kind of work attitude in a non-governmental organization, profit or not. Just went in to try to check cats, the staff told me their cats are sick, and the cat section is closed temporarily. There were few dogs in cages, randomly stacked on the floor; I was in and out in two minutes, couldn't breathe, imagine all the animals and everything that need to be washed + zero air circulation. Horrific stench, terrible environment. No wonder their cats are sick, I can't imagine any living organism living there. Poor animals :(

Rob G

2 years ago

Very friendly staff I recommend any day.

Solo Man

2 years ago

This animal shelter's adoption smells so bad like the floors wore not washed for years this place smells so bad I had to wear 3 face mask’s very poor animals they can smell 100 times more than human The workers were not friendly full attitude I could tell from the second I walked in I saw they resistance and they were judging me by who they looking at. They showed me the dogs as I said I was interested in adopting but didn't allow me to play with them or give me any information about actually adopting when I asked why I really liked the cat I expressed interest and the worker responded by telling me I can't stay any longer and told me to leave.

Bhumi Dave

2 years ago

They care for cats/Dogs to help them find forever home, help with low cost TNR as well. They helped me get most of cats Neutered to bring cat colony and new kitten out upstairs in some control around my apt. Complex. I learned how to set up trap and importance of TNR as well as adoptions through them. Very very helpful staff. Especially Jackie and Amy. Please do visit and adopt your fur baby from Edison Animal shelter.

Allan Omar Castro

2 years ago

Great place, wonderful people. I adopted three cats here. Everyone is friendly and their pets are treated with loving kindness .

Yu-Chen Theodore Lee

2 years ago

I called the shelter to help remove a feline carcass this week. Although the lady over the phone wasn't clear about the removal information and didn't ask me for the exact location (since it wasn't a road kill), they successfully found the carcass and removed it. I didn't need to worry about it once I returned home. I was very scared because it was literally by my basement window. Thank you so much whomever helped the animal and me that day!

Katarzyna Matracz

2 years ago

The people working there have a terrible attitude. Not very nice.

Dan Kontopodias

2 years ago

Nice people helping out the animals

Diane Sorokac

2 years ago

They now have a huge cat room and it is kept very clean thanks to the wonderful volunteers

Bruni Leka, DPM

3 years ago

Excellent service, very friendly staff, good selection of cats and kittens

Irene Mavrakes

3 years ago

Very clean friendly and didn't rush us out let us mingle with cats very impressed as always

David Scott

3 years ago

This is the epitome of a FIRST RATE operation! I can't imagine finding better people to manage and maintain any facility. What a professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Kudos to them all

Par lin

3 years ago

Adopted 2 cats Dec 2020. Very happy with our 2 new family additions. Their personalities were exactly as described. Plus we were able to take them home the same day! They even loaned us cat carriers that we did return of course. Appreciated the adoption package that included coupons for PetSmart which came in very handy as we had to buy supplies.


3 years ago

They we're very clean & the adoption process was very easy.

Harold Cabezas

3 years ago

A very caring and knowledgeable staff that loves animals.

Gabriella Solimine

3 years ago

I was interested in adopting a kitten and filled out an application and never received a response. I went on their Facebook page and found out that the kitten was adopted (even though I was told this kitten was available). I was so upset by the lack of response from this shelter and especially heartbroken that I wasn't given a chance to meet the kitten. If this kitten was adopted, it would of been nice to receive an email!

Donna Torres

3 years ago

Very nice and I felt comfortable knowing my cat was going to get adopted out


3 years ago

Me and my family has gotten 4 cats from the place. We love all of them so so much. This place is excellent to get animals because they are well behaved and well taken care of

Jaclyn Snyder

3 years ago

Becky and the Shelter staff are so great! Would highly recommend!

Jason Aschenbrand

3 years ago

Most amazing shelter we have seen. Staff is overly helpful animals are clean well taken care of. Facility is easy to get to with plenty of parking. They dont rush you. You have plenty of time to get a good feel


3 years ago

Went to drop off donations, rudely ignored by the manager. I tried to mention a few things to her but she point blank looked at me and looked away.. However the kennel needs help along with the strong foul smell of cat urine, the runs for the dogs are rusty, they have razor sharp edges that can slice a paw, leg or hand wide open.. The walls are loose and wobbly. It is a safety hazard for both staff and animal.... Kennel needs a serious renovation.... It looks like Helen Keller put it together.. Its literally falling apart.. I feel awful for the dogs who are stuck in these kennels from hell.


3 years ago

Adopted “Rex” (now goes by Moose) almost three years ago. Very friendly volunteers/employees.

Juliann Marfitt

3 years ago

Lovely staff, adopted my 2 babies Chile and Flounder from them a few months ago!! Go adopt!!!

Kayla Gaguancela

3 years ago

I haven’t gone to this facility but from all the consistent bad reviews I will not come here. I find it crazy how difficult they make it to adopt an animal when they are just gonna euthanize it anyway !! Horrible and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. I was looking to foster a dog and give it a temporary loving home but with all the high standards you have to meet in order to adopt , I don’t think it will be any different to foster. I also am now understanding why people buy dogs from breeders. This is why no one ends up adopting, you guys set up so much boundaries to adopt/foster , time goes by, no one is “the right fit” and the dog is euthanized. This is why people rather just pay the extra money and not go through all the hassle of the adoption process.

Megan Sullivan

3 years ago

Adoption process is simple. Always adopt not shop. In my opinion one of the best places to adopt from.

Michelle Ramirez

3 years ago

Friendly staff, very helpful and making sure you find the right furbaby.

Maria Hedian

4 years ago

Friendly staff willing and happy to help with every step of your adoption. So happy I was able to adopt my pup from here!

Rafaella Healey

4 years ago

An amazing place, if you are looking for a responsible adoption, consider on visiting them. They are really helpful and they will explain all the process and make sure you will be satisfied with your new best friend.


4 years ago

Seems dirty to me and outdated I'm sorry but it really does maybe not enough funding or workers

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