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2 years ago

My dog and I always have a great experience here because the staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and compassionate. This hospital really cares about our pets, and that’s why I always feel comfortable and safe when my dog has a drop off.

Marilyn Miller

2 years ago

I’ve been using the banfield in watchung for about 20 years.lately with the change of hands it’s nothing but poor quality. I’ve had my pets needs taken care of with the old staff and never had an issue. I’ve spent 40 minutes on hold today just waiting to make an appointment for my new puppy. Each time Anna would answer the phone scream hold on then push the hold button. Sitting on there twice for 20 minutes each time, until the answering machine came on. Then you call back and they just send you to voicemail. For the price you pay each month for your dogs you should be able to pay for someone to talk to you in the phone.. I’ve now started taking my dogs to Garden state animal hospital in tinting falls where we get people who will care for my dog and answer the phone.

Tina Plaza

2 years ago

Awesome place! Very good doctors and nurses! Great with the fur babies!!

Jeffrey Morse

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog to Banfield for the past year and I cannot recommend them more. All of the veterinarians are skilled, informed, and care about your pets, and the vet technicians are always friendly and helpful. I signed up for an optimum wellness plan which covered much of the expenses for my puppy, including vaccinations and neuter - great value for the cost.


2 years ago

Like many customers have mentioned, they just want to take your money. Does not properly diagnose, rushes through without proper explanation, and unprofessional. Left without any results and told to schedule again to “find out what it is” feeling like all my $ was wasted. Not going back to spend another $150 if they couldn’t figure out if my cat has ringworm or “possible” dermatitis. Reached out to the Banfield care team, still no response. What a joke!

Thomas Hoang

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and they were very accommodating w scheduling. Vet was very friendly and patience w my old dying dog

Jasha Sanders

2 years ago

Great place for pets. There’s never a long wait. Both doctors & their staff are more than nice! Great experience


2 years ago

After waiting in line for33 minutes(15 minutes in front of front desk) for my dog appointment they told me I have reschedule because I was late. Took three customers after me, told me they didn’t see me and I should have told them that I am here. Both girls on front desk were continually on phone. When confronted she says that she can Favor me to give another appointment. Manager didn’t come out when asked to talk with him.

Lloyd Best

2 years ago

The staff are super friendly ppl. The dog was really calm and they get into everything when it comes to the animal. They explained all of what was going on and didn't mind going over stuff again. We got our questions answered. My wife is thinking of making this our permanent place now.

Alexis Lambros

3 years ago

They suck!!!!!!! They don't know what they are doing and just want your money. Save some time and go to a real vet. 0 stars for these people

James Sulva

3 years ago

Banfield gives good check ups from head to toe.

Priscilla Best

3 years ago

Very good experience with this office. They are very busy but help me get appt for my dog where his old doctor wasn't able to fit him in. Nice and kind employee ????

Sheila Angalet

3 years ago

I've had several encounters with this location in the last six months. The first was with my adult daughter's twelve year old cat with a suspected UTI. At first visit, only urinalysis was done to verify UTI - no meds given. A call the next day from the doc requested to do a culture on the urine with a result promised in 24 hours. Permission given for culture but no results provided for over 100 hours (5 days) - doctor admitted being off for several days and didn't consider having another doctor check results and prescribe needed meds. There was minimal follow-up and daughter took cat to a different location for further treatment. After a lengthy complaint process, Dr. Z reached out and agreed there were inconsistencies in the cat's care but asked that I give a "second chance" and let him see my special needs kitten for his next wellness visit. I had an 8:15 drop off time for the kitten. I always have a printout of precautions to be taken due to his condition and I verbally let staff know as well. This day, as he was stressed, he had urinated in his carrier, so I let them know that as well. I was told I could "go" since Dr. Z was not there yet. After two hours, I had not yet heard from either doctor or staff about kitten. I went in to check and he had not even been seen as of then. I asked for my kitten back, to take him home, and staff stalled multiple times. Finally after I raised my voice and demanded my cat be returned to me, they reluctantly returned him and I left the store. His carrier bottom was soaked and my kitten was balled up into a tight knot with face hidden. I thought he might be dead as I got no response. Once in the car and I was able to reach in and touch him, he cautiously lifted his head - thankfully alive. But he was left to sit in his own urine for over two hours, and I must assume without human contact or being watched and likely somewhere "near" the large dogs that were coming and going during that time. The poor thing was traumatized. Once cleaned up at home, he spent the day hiding from everyone. This Banfield location fails to show a consistency in care and consideration to both its furry and human clientele. Follow up is nearly non-existent. An opportunity to prove they were "better" than a previous experience was a complete failure. Banfield CEO Brian Garish takes no responsibility for the actions of his chain of so-called vet clinics/hospitals. Complaining to anyone along the chain of command falls apparently on deaf ears. If you love and value your companion animals - take them elsewhere - but definitely not here.

Sara Fikri

3 years ago

I finally chose to opt for the wellness plan for my 4 year old kitty Benny. The staff here super friendly and they care. Benny has seen both Dr. Singh and Dr. Mohamed. They were both super helpful and made the experience much easier. Dr. Mohamed provided me with the information needed and saved me money and I really appreciate that in a Doctor since we all know how expensive it can get when treating a pet. Great place, and easy appointments.

Stephanie b

3 years ago

I tried giving banfield another try after having a not so good experience at their woodbridge location but i made an appointment for my new kittens on october 14th 2020 at 12:02pm For today November the 5th at 2pm and today when i came in they told me they couldnt find my appointment and that I didnt have one why would I come all the way to banfield if i didnt have an appointment? I made it over the phone will never be returning back honestly lmao i hate it here ????

Sharon McGrody

3 years ago

I will only let Dr. Z to see my pets, he's the best! He just did my cats dental surgery

Ninoshka Alicea

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog Coco for some time now. I’ve never had a puppy before so I always have a bunch of questions and they are always attentive and answer all my questions. The staff is crazy with Coco & Coco loves them & that makes me trust them!

Paola Valencia

3 years ago

I had insurance for my 3 pets , everytime I had an emergency or needed a consult they make me wqut several days before being able to bring my dogs , making me spend thousands of $$ by going to ER. So whats the point of having their insurance if they cant provide you with services when needed

Akash Patel

3 years ago

Very difficult to get an appointment. Remove hospital from your name. Doctors are very friendly but the pricing is crazy. My dog had the same ear infection he got before and I just needed the same medication but I had to pay a high testing fee for something we all knew wasn’t needed. 5 stars for the doctor and the staff. 2 for the overall structure of this business.

cynthia s

3 years ago

Did a drop off for Shelly's physical/ bloodwork/ pretty well. Drop off pick up after your errands. Staff is always friendly and follows any instructions that you feel are necessary since you know your pet best.

daniela healey

3 years ago

The staff and doctors are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend the Banfield Wellness Plan. The service at this location is excellent due to the great team environment from Doctors, Technicians and Front Desk Associates. I appreciate the wonderful care that is given to my Dog Wilson!!!!

Jayant Kripalani

3 years ago

Great team of professionals. I don't trust anybody else! The staff do a great job taking care of the precious pets and are always willing to help. They have a portal too and everything related to paperwork, appointments, medical records for your pet, can be done online which makes it super convenient. Thank you for the great work you do!

Jonathan Mercado

3 years ago

5 star great doc Lola loved him

Julie Kusnetz

3 years ago

All the vets and staff are professional and knowledgeable. I am always confident my dog is getting the best care and I’m getting the best bang for my buck!

Kenneth Jones

3 years ago

Really took care of my pet and explained everything in a way a layperson could understand. I really appreciated that!

Megan Harning

3 years ago

Honest treatment and answers. Everyone is happy and helpful.

Alyssa P

4 years ago

Very upset with this location and will not return. While the vet seemed knowledgeable, she suggested I put pain medication and probiotics in my cats wet food. I have tried this in the past and I know he wont eat it. So she told me I could pill him or put it in a little bit of food. I know this will not work. When I requested to take the pain meds and probiotics off the tech/assistant got an attitude with me saying that just like the doctor said cats dont show pain. And the tech/assistant clearly doesnt know the medications because she said both the antibiotic shot and pain injection would only last 8 hours. While the pain medication injection lasts 8 hours, the antibiotic injection lasts 2 weeks! Staff (outside of the vet) needs to be more educated or just comply with what the paying owner says. I dont want something I won't be able to use. The vet needs to be more realistic. I told her my concerns about her treatment plan and her suggestions weren't achievable for this cat.

Bobbie Edupuganti

4 years ago

We were told our appointment was at 3:15pm. However, when we arrived to our appointment, they told us the appointment was at 3:00pm. Because we were “late” to the appointment, they made us wait almost 2 hours. I suffer with a horrible back pain and I still made time to get my dog to the appointment, just to sit there in pain while everybody else gets taken in. The worst part is, this is about the third time I have dealt with this issue . I’ve even looked through reviews on google and came across many complaints that have been over looked. Is there anything that can be done to compensate the inconvenience?

Carol Klepczyk-Kelly

4 years ago

Very rude staff. I have pet insurance and they still slapped us with a 300$ bill. I'll very take my animals there again


4 years ago

Would give zero stars if I could. Came in at 5:30pm with a dog with eye problems. Nurse behind the counter was super slow helping people while answering phone in between. After twenty minutes of waiting in line while this nurse is moving as slow as a snail she says to me ‘Oh btw we are closing in 10 minutes so we cannot help you dog, you’ll have to take her somewhere else’. Terrible experience which explains the coupons for free exams. I will not take my dog back here ever!

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