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Nataliia Kremezna

2 years ago

So happy to be a part of nbar


2 years ago

Clean shelter with extremely friendly volunteers!

Revati Katkar

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing experience! Adopted two cats and Ms. Ashley was very patient and very kind to answer our endless questions. Very happy with NBAR.????


3 years ago

Great place and they care about their pets

Lynne Bennett

3 years ago

Nice people food helped a lot so grateful.


3 years ago

My grandma adopted a great dog from there and the cats are darlings

jessica Nageb

3 years ago

Can I foster a dog or cat here

Elie saade

3 years ago

Not a good place smell a lot and no one answered the phone or even return your call they are very slow i will never visit this place again i believe they should change the Manger there soon S possible

Kenya Ouko

4 years ago

Not enough cat or kitten selection


4 years ago

Clean the animal's are well cared for. Thrift shop is small but great.

Liz Fagan

4 years ago

Great people who really know the personality of each pet

paul burricelli

4 years ago

They afe the best. But sadly to say they are looking for a new place. If anyone can help them out...

Jay BeCrazy

5 years ago

Surrendering my dogs is the toughest decision I ever had made (due to personal reason) but Barbara was so comforting and reassuring that my dogs are going to be loved like we did. Felt very comfortable handing them over but of course it was very tough. Very clean place and made me feel more at ease. Thank you Barbara for making me feel at ease during the toughest time.

Bonnie Sudnik

5 years ago

Hi I adopted the best cat in the world hes a big guy hes about 18 pounds hes a black-and-white cat and she's wonderful um his name was midget but I sure is it to mig Because there is nothing small about him I see Barber frequently at my vet I'm happy to say all her pets are well taken care of because my vent is absolutely wonderful and loves all animals'

Charlie V

5 years ago

Very dedicated staff. Small as far as shelters go but that's a plus. Lots of cats and kittens and a few dogs. The staff keeps up on the cages. All the animals look healthy.

Debbie Stolte

5 years ago

Friendly staff and very clean environment.

Essina Maria

5 years ago

I love the quaintness here and the love for the animals is very clear and felt

George Pryor

5 years ago

We got Calli the 5 year old boxer from them we absolutely love her !

Jadon Barnett

5 years ago

Good animal rescue there main cat that lives there is so cute he goes right to you and purs it’s so cute and this is the cat my grandma adopted there great place


5 years ago

An adorable black and white dog was looking at me as he stood on his hind legs with front paws up and looking like he was really hoping to be rescued and offered his final forever home. It was love at first glance. We were happy to take him home and enjoy every day with him. His name wasn’t changed when we realized he was much loved and his name, Sunny, was perfect for such a sweet dog. Thank you New Beginnings.

Lida DeNardo

5 years ago

Great experience here. Adopted a cat, the facility is clean and the staff are very personable and helpful.

Marykate McDonald

5 years ago

Recently adopted Gingy and Mish Mosh. Gingy(male) is a typical mellow Ginger. Mish Mosh (female) is a typical sassy calico. They are 14 year old brother and sister. Thank you Barbara for entrusting these babies to our home. We love them to pieces. Please come by and visit these cuties!

Saajid Gilani

5 years ago

Barbara, the person one needs to talk is very rude. They could make the experience a little better. We felt like race was a factor.

Shaptai Segal

5 years ago

Nice people and a nice shelter.

tracy evans Scillia

5 years ago

Beautiful facility beautiful staff cant say enough! Bless new Beginnings

Melaney Smith

6 years ago

wonderful place kind loving people

George Nelson

6 years ago

Greate place have 3 cats from them. They care about there animals and all are taken great care of. When I took them to my vet for there first visit they could not believe they can from a rescue. If your looking for a pet New Begings is the place to go.


6 years ago

Clean and healthy cats and dogs are waiting

Tracy S

6 years ago

We had a very negative experience with this shelter, ive never had such a difficult, sad, and disappointing experience adopting a pet. When we first visited them the volunteers in the cat room were very friendly and welcoming. They had us talk to the owner of the shelter once we had decided on a cat and she had us fill out an application. My friend fell in love with a grey and white cat for his curious rambunctious disposition and was so excited to get him. We gave all the information that was asked, except somehow overlooked one of the questions by mistake. When I returned about a week later, she said she had called both me and my friend that wanted to adopt the cat, except neither one of us had a missed call nor a voicemail from her. She then brought the missed question to my attention and when I apologized and offered to give her the information that she needed she refused the offer. I also explained to her during this second visit that I am the landlord of the house, which she required information for and i provided it on paper when filling out the application, but apparently I'm supposed to be a mind reader and I was supposed to verbally tell her this information not just put it on the application like it asked, so that was an issue for her. She had also asked us to provide the name of the vet we would be using as well as any other animals living in the house. I explained to her before even filling out the application that the other cat in the house did not belong to us and that my friend did not have any animals at this vet, but that this is the vet I and my family have used for all of our many animals, this is by far not the first animal I've ever adopted. She said no problem and that she just needed the name to make sure we have a vet to use. She called the vet and they said the cat we listed was not connected to my friends name....after I had already told her this information....So we returned a 3rd time to see the cat and she said she would review the application and call. No one ever called. I called today and she claims to have spoken to my friend about it but that never happened, he would have returned her call immediately. She told me that there were too many inconsistencies in the application and too many people in our house that she would not approve the application. I reviewed with her what she considered to be inconsistent and she agreed that I had clarified everything she was unsure about, yet she still did not approve the application...what sense does that make? She then said she would call the other person and then hung up on me. We have been nice to these people this entire process despite being given the run around while she has been inconsistent and unprofessional since day 1, and hanging up on someone, are you kidding? She never had any intention of calling in regards to the application, so she left us to wonder for almost 3 weeks since the date of the application until I had to take it upon myself to call, only to be rudely hung up on while trying to understand why these things I had cleared up for her multiple times were still causing such an issue for her. That's unprofessional. Mind you i was calm the entire phone call and was not rude in any way to her. This process has been stressful since the beginning and I certainly do not recommend using this shelter as a means of adopting a pet. My friend connected with this cat and wanted him so much and has been anticipating the call from her so we could adopt him and bring him home where he would be able to roam, play and live happily, only to be let down by this place by their unprofessionalism. We will adopt elsewhere where we will be treated more respectfully.

Steve Y

6 years ago

Great experience adopted 2 cats. Visit there every year

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