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Ulysses Muller

2 years ago

My Cane Corso love the staff here! He is the only member of the family that likes going to the doctor! LOL.

Jaime Nava

2 years ago

The vet his self cares for the animals but the practice it’s self is outdated. -A/c was out -Waited 35 minutes past appointment time -They give you one price on the phone and charge more in person,or offer unnecessary shots. -Vet doesn’t check animals throughly just a light look over but you still have to pay examination fee. Also you have to pay for needle disposal.(I’ve never had to pay for that type of fee)

Boss Chino

2 years ago

Dr. Kim and his staff are great. They mad me feel so at home And took very good care of my 6 week year old puppy

Angie Kamel

2 years ago

Dr. Kim his wife and staff are so nice. He really cares and you can see it! My hisband and I couldn't be happier that we found someone like that right after moving. Thank you Dr. Kim.

Kenneth Hawthorne

3 years ago

Very nice and caring, very slow at what they do however.

Brittany Dickerson

3 years ago

I love love love how they tr a at my bully and how well they know MY breed. My bully came from FL as a pup, and down there they crop ears differently. They add cardboard to make the wars stand straight. I thought it was weird, but hey different states do different things. So while healing it became very itchy for my bull. He ended up popping a stitch and got an infection. Church road got me in right away!!! They gave my bull laser treatments for his infection and they healed beautifully!!!! They are also amazing if you are looking for a crop. Don't hesitate to call and make an appointment! They will get you in and do an amazing job!!!! Best bull vet in NJ

Russell Islam7

3 years ago

I take all my pups here it da best

Thomas Brooks

3 years ago

Avoid this practice at ALL COST. They will do everything in their power to drive up your bill and steal your money. Take your business and healthcare needs elsewhere.

robert goodz

3 years ago

Worst hack job place you could ever imagine! They tell you it's going to cost you $200 for ear cropping, then when you go in they tell you the blood work is off and you need all their overpriced medicine and "beef liver". Then when you go back in a 10 days they tell you it's still off! Going on 3rd or maybe even 4th time they finnaly do the surgery, mind you I had to take off work every one of those days, they give me a $1000 bill! And they didn't even do what I asked them to do! Every time I went and even on the consultation paper you have to fill out they ask why you are there and what you want done. Ear cropping and dew claw removal is why I went, they didn't even perform the dew claw removal and they cut her ears way to short then what I told them!!! Very trashy and disrespectful lady!

Mike Bosch

3 years ago

Not really happy with the customer service and the prescriptions. I was told to cage my dog for 14 days all-day because my puppy was rubbing her stitches dressing off. Same visit - I asked why my puppies back paw was slightly swollen and was told that it is because of allergies and if I wanted it to go away I have a couple of options: move to Alaska, or bring Alaska's weather to NJ because that's the only way to cure it. I never asked for a cure or treatment. I just noticed it as I was standing there. You may be thinking there are always two sides to a story. Maybe I was out of line at one point. I can assure you, the only time I was ever out of line was because they don't keep track of payments. I was told I had an outstanding balance from my first visit. Luckily I keep all my records and receipts. They have an outdated system. But if you want to avoid frustration, I would suggest looking somewhere else. 2 stars because the doctor is knowledgeable, but I think the customer service is the worst and recommendations are just terrible. You can find another animal doctor somewhere else.

Laura Lubrano

3 years ago

Don’t really know where to start off this review but here it goes. Purchased a Doberman puppy and have had experience with one as well in the past. When I got him from the breeder the ears were not cropped and he was 9 weeks of age and our time was running out or else it would be a longer recovery for our little Rio. Now I know a lot of people think it’s cruel to crop a puppy’s ears but for some breeds I feel it’s totally necessary when done at the appropriate age and looks great in the long run. Anyway this place was our last resort and the pictures online of Dr. Kim’s work looked great. We got there at 4:30 on a Friday and drove 70 miles out to go to the hospital. Right off the bat Cecile told us we would have to get vaccines he wasn’t even due for yet and a fecal sample through them because that’s their “policy”. Now I could’ve gotten this done at my own animal hospital being that I work for one on Staten Island including blood work which is totally understandable but that I could’ve gotten done on my own as well. Ended up paying 1,300 at the end of this all. I was very uncomfortable leaving him for 5 NIGHTS post surgery and they do not make you feel at ease at all. We ended up leaving him there and these were some of the hardest days of my life. Each day I would have to call 4-5 times to have any one pick up the phone with no picture updates on him until I called from a different number and get a response. They leave pets there on sundays overnight with staff that came in twice in that day to check on them. I picked my puppy up on thanksgiving eve and got there a little sooner than they opened due to anticipation When my puppy was handed to me he looked STARVED and neglected and made me feel like I made the worst decision on going through with this procedure. Attached I will show you pictures of how he was returned to us. At home now Ofcourse being that it’s 4 days that he’s home he’s a happy and healthy puppy once again but seeing him like that was brutal and people were questioning why he looked so ill. You saw every bone of my dogs body. The doctor put him on a low fat diet while he was there which I certainly don’t understand. He’s a puppy. I’m not writing this review against the doctor. I know he has many years under his belt with these procedures and he’s not a technician that would’ve handled the after care on my pet. I’m writing this for the heartless people who let my dog starve during a dramatic procedure and proved my opinions right on this place. At my job people will get in trouble if we let the phone ring more than 2 times. That’s how serious we are about client/patient care. To anyone who is reading this check out Millstone Animal Hospital. It’s where I wanted to take Rio in the first place but he was about to be 20 lbs and that’s the cut off for surgery. Stick to your gut feeling. If it feels wrong ,ITS WRONG.

Julienne Pohl

3 years ago

Dr Kim and Cecile are great They are experienced and competent. They are also compassionate and caring, taking good care of my cat jack when he was sick. Dr Kim is very thorough and explained everything he did. Cecile also explained carefully the charges and the necessary care and feeding for Jack's condition. I highly recommend Church Rd animal hospital

Jennifer Rodriguez

3 years ago

I got my Bully’s ears cropped here and not only is the outcome if the ears perfect but they took care of my baby amazingly. Would recommend it to anybody who loves and wants the best care for their dog. You can see his pictures on IG... @sck412_alchemythexlbully

jean. k ng

3 years ago

Excellent service! I was fortunate enough to get same day appointment for my pup’s ear cropping. Dr Kim and his wife was very professional and took care of my boy very well. Blood test results returned within 15mins. Couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Ian Mansley

3 years ago

How much was the ear cropping

Glorybee Concepcion

3 years ago

I just booked my first appointment today for our new puppy and although we have not been there yet I can already tell the experience will be great. Ceil made our appointment and she was the nicest most professional and caring person to speak to. I am feeling really good about our upcoming visit...

Arlene Tilson-Chrysler

4 years ago

Both Dr. Kim and Ceil are very caring and knowledgeable when it comes to animal health issues. Every dog I ever owned has been a patient and they have been consistent in the quality of care they give. Also have boarded dogs there with complete reassurance that they are well taken care of.

Brittany Yobb

4 years ago

Dr. Kim and Ceil have gone above and beyond for my dog. Through a tough surgery and other issues here and there, they have always made my dog their priority from answering texts during off hours to coming in after hours. I could not thank them enough for being patient and genuine and loving my dog as much as I do. I’m so glad I decided to choose this vet!

Deborah Webster

4 years ago

Church Road Animal Hospital is an amazing facility. Dr. Kim, having this practice for over 30 years, has a wealth of experience. He and his asst. Ceil are caring, and amazingly knowledgeable people. Dr. Kim is ALWAYS available if an emergency arises!!! He saved my dog Duke when he ate mouse b gone. The fact that I called him at 7am meant nothing to him and we both rushed over to his practice to take care of Duke. Dr Kim is also an expert in acupuncture and was able to help our girl labs with their serious back problems. He was also able to treat our dog Lady's hearing loss (due to age) where she once again could hear and enjoy her senior years!! Needless to say, we love Dr Kim, Ceil, and are devoted customers to a wonderful practice!!!!!

Denise Mazahreh

4 years ago

“We have always received great service from Dr.Kim and staff along with reasonable prices”..been a client for many years and my referrals also agree ..!

Figster 82

4 years ago

Taking good care of our Doberman Samson for two years.

Lakesha Ward

4 years ago

They took very good care of my puppy son.Dallas

Linda Sachs

4 years ago

Well worth 5 stars ! Cost affordable YES ! DR. Kim, gives 200% of his knowledge and time when caring for a animal in need ! I know this being a fact, for it was my baby....Dr. Kim, made healthy again....! Both Dr. Kim and Ceil are so caring and understanding with owners & their furry friends. I give thanks every night for the two of them and their families.

Margo Monett

4 years ago

We were referred to Church Road Animal hospital about three years ago by a friend - best thing we did for our dogs. Dr. Kim & Ceil are great & upon dealing with them I could tell they truly love and care for the animal patients that come in for medical reasons. Recommend to all!

Shawn Stewart

4 years ago

Church Road Animal Hospital, what more can I say? The staff are top shelf. Church Road is family to me and my Winston. I have been fortunate and blessed to adopt two dogs from Church Road Animal Hospital. The first dog, Ace lived for fifteen years. Dr Kim's approach to caring for your dog is excellent, He specializes in acupuncture and other wholistic measures and believes that natural is best for your dog. Ceale, the director always greets you with a smile and my Winston loves her. Church Road's prices are excellent and service exemplary. I believe in them so much that I still drive from Millville to Cherry Hill to have my pet seen there. Once again, If you are looking for a vet try the best, Dr. Kim of Church Road Animal Hospital!

Michael Cilurso

4 years ago

The BEST in their field. I've been going there for 34+ years, very caring, and will do anything to help your pet in need. Dr. Kim & Ceil are the greatest, most kind and compassionate people I know, and that's what you need when caring for your beloved animal. Theresa G.


4 years ago

My dogs have been treated by Dr. Kim for over 10 years. He is a great caring, sensitive and professional veterinarian. My Gizmo is walking and running thanks to him and his assistant Ceil. We are not their customers, we are family. Thank you Dr. Kim, Ceil and family.

Maura Lucas

4 years ago


Edwin Santiago

5 years ago

WARNING!!!! WARNING!!!!! WARNING!!!!!! Stay away! If you do not want to get hit with hidden feeS! I came to this place to get my pups ear cropped! I asked the lady what did I need for procedure. She told me shot records and fecal testing. Drove 3:45 when I got there she looked threw my paperwork and said that she will have to do a new fecal test and blood work! (mines where a week old) i told her to continue with testing since I wanted to get my puppies ear cropped. Then my intuition told me not to. I decided to let him just do one of the pups... He seemed bothered and said that blood work came back with low iron and he will have to give my pup shot before ear cropping and that dog will have to stay there . So I said no that I didn’t want my dog staying there. Then he told me if I was getting ear cropped there they will have to stay regardless. So on top of the testing, ear cropping there a fee for them to keep your dog ! I didn’t get further to see what else they charge you but definitely be prepared! Ps took my dog elsewhere was happy I did ears came out great and testing came back as previous vet my dog was healthy! Be careful who you let handle your dogs!

Alejandro Ramales

5 years ago

Dr.Kim did a great job cropping my Dobermans ears, the consultation is free to check how he would crop the ears and if he could do it or not, most vets would charge you $45 to $65 just to check the dogs ears I would recommend him to everyone that wants their dogs ears cropped.

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