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Wanda Ortiz

2 years ago

They take good care of your pets,very friendly staff and the doctor is nice.

Seb Pan

2 years ago

It was some what crowded, but took good carece of my pet.

jeneva hall

2 years ago

By far the worst vet services. Never have any appointments staff never know what’s going on.

Ariana Sanquiche

2 years ago

We brought our baby ???? of 6 yrs. With diarrhea n vomiting and now he is a little better.

Tommy Gunn

2 years ago

I’m very impressed with the way certain people work there and really care about the customers and their pets like Micahl she is truly the best there is and without her I don’t think they would have a business. I truly love the personal touch she puts to care about each pet and truly takes an interest

Wilfredo Pedrosa

2 years ago

On The Date Of 11/03/21 and From My Own Experience With My Little Blessing Cat ???? This Clinic Its All About The $$$Benjamin's$$$ Before Was Nice and Now Its Just All About The Benjamin's I will Not Coming Back NEVER EVER. Sincerely, Wilfredo Pedrosa Rodriguez

Maria DelPonte

2 years ago

Yesterday we had to put our dog Lucy to rest. While she was not a patient at Bronx Veterinary Center, they gave us an appointment for same day and were so accomodating during our time of need. The staff was amazing and gave us a private room to say our goodbyes and while they had a full waiting room they did not rush us one bit. Dr. Katz checked on us several times to see if we needed anything. It was just the exact comfort we needed during this time. I recommend any pet parents to take your fur babies there. And in the future, when we're ready, we will be doing the same.

Livia Pereira

2 years ago

Very clean and professional office....Excellent location.


2 years ago

I had a scheduled appointment on Thursday, October 14 for my cat. The vet tech asked me why I was there and I told him she had been treated for a UTI weeks ago and was given antibiotics but was still experiencing illness behaviors. The vet came in and said she will need a x ray to rule out gall stones and they took a urine sample and prescribed antibiotics. A vet called me Friday morning and stated that the urine test came back with glucose and I should bring her in Saturday for blood tests. That Friday evening I gave my cat the antibiotics and she threw it up. I took her in Saturday morning to get the blood test and they called me in to discuss what they found. At this point I didn't know what to expect, but I did know I didn't expect to be spoken to by a vet that lacked any word that ended in "pathy". This man (short Caucasian with glasses) came in and started reading and showing me the levels that came from the blood test stated that she had diabetes and her organs were failing. I am becoming tearful and asking questions about the visits before that she received tests and medication and he rudely replied "I don't need to hear your story" I'm telling him she was prescribed antibiotics and he's dismissing me saying because she's sick, but your hospital just prescribed her 2 days ago. I just couldn't understand. I was so overwhelmed with emotions as he told the tech to print out pricing for hospital stays, and other vets for second opinions I looked at the vet tech and said is he usually like this. In my mind I'm saying how can I let my cat stay anywhere associated with this vet. I was not expecting him to put out his arms and cuddle me but the lack of empathy or human nature he lacked. I would not recommend taking your animal there if something is seriously wrong with them.

Krystal Davis

2 years ago

Thanks for the gentle care, helping with care, and for the knowledge of care. This place is a great fit for us. From Rebel and I.

Joshua Rodriguez

2 years ago

I started taking my pup here and loved it everyone was really nice and worked with me. But wow it’s literally impossible to talk to someone now. Nobody ever answers the phone. I never get a call returned after leaving a voicemail. I’ve been trying to make an appointment for weeks and nothing. I was given a number from a operator one time and it was a clients number. Loved you guys but wow I don’t know how you keep clients when you don’t answer or call back.

james luu

2 years ago

This is the Best Veterinarian Clinic in the Bronx, great friendly staff , knowledgable, professional. Dr Katz and Dr. Vorst are both excellent! My Dogs love coming here, it's always a positive experience for us. Highly recommended

Elizabeth Terranova

2 years ago

The Veterinary clinic on Webster is big, very spacious to sit around while you wait for your pet’s appointment. The receptionists & nurses are all so kind, answers all of my questions & provide to customers needs. My pets doctor always ensures her health & solutions.

Alma Santiago

2 years ago

I would never trust anyone to care for my dog, Susie. A lot of the reviews I read was about client complaining about over booking and not accepting clients whose pet are not vaccinated. I agree with the clinic’s policy about vaccinations, check-ups, lab work and even in grooming. I will never go to a clinic that do not ask the medical history of the pets. They make sure that every pet is safe. My Susie practically grew up at the Westchester Square clinic and I can see how caring they are. My living proof is my very happy and healthy dog.

Carrie Morrison

2 years ago

Staff is super nice, I like em...the loong wait!! Ugh ????

Denise Laborde

2 years ago

My mother in law's Yorkie died on Saturday. This clinic did accommodate her needs expeditiously. Very good customer service

Felicia Jackson

2 years ago

I have been a client with Bronx Veterinary for about 10 years. They have taken very good care of all 3 three of my dogs plus my other family members dogs. My last visit to the Westchester Square location was wonderful. My little Pekingese who is 15 years old keeps me at the office because of all his allergies, autoimmune. Bronx Veteterinary always closely monitors his health. The Westchester Square location is smaller then the Webster Avenue location but the care is awesome, never a long wait. Great VETERNINARY care. The staff is wonderful, very knowledgeable and patient. Nyeka, who is the receptionist was extremely helpful with me and calming with one of my many concerns with my Pekingese, and she is very professional. I would also like to say that Ashley, who is the office manager at the Webster Avenue location is wonderful and a great problem solver, very understanding. Thank you all for all your help.

Jennifer Candelario

2 years ago

First of all, I just wanted to get my cat spayed. They made me get bloodwork and fecal test plus vaccinations in order to do so. They told me over the phone that spays start at 300. I did not need the bloodwork or fecal tests at another vet I went to in the Bronx (vet of Morris park) to get my other cat neutered. They had great prices and great staff. A great vet too. Very caring! No wait times! Unfortunately they were not currently doing spays because of covid so I had to find someplace else as I wanted it done ASAP for my female cat. I came twice. First time for vaccines and blood test. Waited an hour and 15 minutes after my appointment time. The vet was cold. Very antisocial. They didn’t want to give me an actual estimate for the spay yet. I should have known something was off already. Second time I waited 45 minutes after my appointment time. Finally got the quote. $615 Why not just say that over the phone? Because you know that price is NOT what you have your staff telling people. Because you know people will look elsewhere. Might as well get them to come in and pay for all this other stuff first! They are trying to just make money! They don’t care about people or pets!

maricela oquendo

2 years ago

It was great, they took very good care of my cookie. Staff are very pleasant.The wait was a little long but understandable due to the pandemic.

rosemary rodriguez

2 years ago

Good service clean place the staff was professional I just didn't like I was call to a room than people that came after mf was seen first but beside that I love the staff


2 years ago

worst place ever 2 appointments lost money spent and rude front desk how do you make an appointment a week before and they know they not going to be able to see you and let you know same day how when u had a whole week rude front desk talking about her service is curtesy wow money down the drain imagine how they must treat the animals if this how they treat whos paying them

Sharif Sherrod

2 years ago

They wouldn't accept my cat who was suffering from mange because he was not vaccinated as if he had covid 19. Told me to go to the A.S.P.C.A. to get him help. Smh.

yanilsa toribio colon

2 years ago

Please don't take your pet to this place. Trust me. And you will pay the same amount in another clinic or hospital that is more clean and organized. If you love your pet, please don't take your baby here.

david adames

2 years ago

Called a week ago and was told I had to make an appointment. Day and time comes and was told to exit and sign in where about 10 other people with their pets in 90 degree weather were waiting. I explained I made an appointment and was told still to sign in and wait. I ask what's tha purpose of making a appointment and was told I should have came earlier. They claim to care about pets but not your time or business

Tiffany Dubon

2 years ago

The staff is very friendly. There's typically a long wait time even with an appointment so it's best if you have an appointment because they will give those with appointments priority.

michael torregrosa

2 years ago

The staff and the doctors were great with my cats.

Alex Delgado

2 years ago

We had made an appointment to bring our cat in for an issue he was having, only to be sold on tests and services unrelated to our reason for visiting. My mother and I had to wait over an hour past our appointment time for our cat to be seen. Since they overbook so much, the inside was too crowded for us to wait there, so they wanted us to wait outside on a 100+ degree day. Luckily I convinced them to let my mother and cat wait inside, but they really shouldn't book so many appointments for the same time, proper scheduling isn't that hard. After finally being called to the exam room, a vet tech asked us why were there, and gave us some advice on altering our cats' diet. She was very friendly, and seemed knowledgeable. The vet, however, was very dry and apathetic, and wasn't concerned about our cats' issue at all, he didn't even ask any questions about the issue we were visiting for. He essentially sold us on an overpriced blood test and left; a blood test which, surprise, didn't show anything wrong when someone finally called back a couple days later. So of course he wanted us to schedule another appointment, probably so we can come back again and he could milk us for another unnecessary test or exam without even trying to diagnose our cats' issue. We were obviously rushed out of our first appointment because of them overbooking and trying to cram as many patients as possible, so we won't be going back there to experience the same thing again. The only reason I'm giving them two stars is because the vet tech was great, and the vet did give us one or two bits of decent general advice. Too bad it was unrelated to our cats' actual issue.

Bratt Thomas

2 years ago

My cats ody, Offset, Michael and faye love the doctors at this place. Best vet clinic in all of the Bronx. Pet service friendly especially for obsessive pet owners like lyself.

Marianne Pellegrino

2 years ago

My experience so far with this clinic has been marvelous the people that work there are very well versed with information they're very good to the animals and they treat the owners just as well I am very pleased with their services

Jasmin Camarena

2 years ago

This place was great with my dog and very friendly and professional

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