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Sarah Reeves

2 years ago

The best experience I have ever had from a vet. My son whiskey loved going there because we were comfortable too! They are empathetic and personable. I can’t say enough good things about all the staff their. The hardest part was making the decision to euthanize our dog due to chronic pain and other medical concerns. The vet educated us on outcomes, progressive treatment etc. but also explained everything to us. They were so kind and I’m so happy to know that when the time comes, that they will give as much love to our next family members. I highly recommend them to anyone who cares for their dog like family.

Shirlee Dallas

2 years ago

After having seen 3 other vets, I brought my great dane to Canobie Lake Vet Hospital. On the FIRST visit, Dr. Dressler indicated that I needed to see a specialist, and the tests I could expect to be done by them. That I was "probably not dealing with 2 different issues, but one that encompassed all of the symptoms". She knew what I was facing, and sent me to the specialist. She was right. I finally had my answer. Biopsies don't lie. And, the treatment the other vets had put my dog on were exactly the opposite of what she needed. Fast forward another couple of months, my other dane had an issue. Again she immediately knew what was going on. She gave conservative treatment for 2 weeks, and sent me on to a specialist when that did not resolve the problem. I love that she is so knowledgable and looks out for the overall well being of my pets. She takes her time with you. Explains what is going on, and answers your questions. She is mindful of their overall health. She did not recommend antibiotics for a very young puppy, but topical treatment, which worked! The staff is wonderful!!! And I always get a follow up e-mail asking how my pet is doing. I am so glad I found Canobie Lake Vet Hospital.

emma papadakis

2 years ago

I brought my new black lab puppy in for his wellness exams. The staff was kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and most importantly absolutely ADORED my dog. The professionalism and warmness from every technician / doctor will keep us coming back. Thank you to the team for providing excellent service. Peep can’t wait for his next visit!


2 years ago

BIRD OWNERS: Take your birds somewhere else!!! I implore you. This facility needs to stop advertising that they can treat exotic animals, specifically birds. The vets and technicians are all very nice there, but unfortunately do not know what they’re talking about. They can only handle external injuries such as broken bones or cuts. If your bird has internal injuries or illnesses you need to take them elsewhere! Not trying to bash this office since I appreciate their efforts, but they just don’t have the knowledge to treat exotics.

Rachel Christilles

2 years ago

I rescued my irish wolfhound 3 months ago from my local rescue and she came with tapeworms. I treated her multiple times for worms but she still had them. This week I called my vet and sent photos of said worms and I got a voicemail saying they were hookworms not tapeworms and she needed to go to the ER ASAP because she may be anemic from them. They then prescribed me medication for tape and hookworms and only gave me a low dosage medication not fit for her weight for hookworms when I paid for both. I got a second opinion from my foster and 3 other vets and they said they were indeed tapeworms and she had gotten treatment for the wrong thing. $400 wasted in the ER when she was showing no signs of anemia and they had me thinking my dog was going to die in the next few days. These people are unreliable and I will not be returning.

Tosha Hutchins

2 years ago

I have a elderly gerbil who began growing fairly rapidly. I was very worried that it could be a tumor so I called my regular vet. They weren't able to see her for nearly 3 weeks. I love all my animals with my whole entire heart and this morning when she was visibly larger I became desperate to have her seen sooner. I called every practice I could find, near and not near to me. Nobody would see her. Canobie Lake Vereranary Hospital didn't have an opening either but they saw her between clients. I drove quite a ways to get her there. I can't express how thankful I am that they made time for my old furry friend. I did not get to personally meet the veterinarian that saw my gerbil so I hope that she sees this. Thank you thank you thank you!! Soo much! ❤ Tosha & Aiden


3 years ago

My one year old English bulldog has been an establish patient since i got her at 9 weeks old. One month ago I spent nearly 1000 dollars on a full work up for an aspiration pneumonia. My dog started experiencing the same symptoms yesterday and I recognized them and knew she was developing a reoccurring pneumonia. I called at 725 am to explain the symptoms, how my dog was appearing and expressed how important i thought it was for her to be seen. They would not accomodate an appointment today, even though they realized how she was presenting and her history. They offered me an appointment the next day and I asked if they would give me one days worth of antibiotics until then so she did not decline further, they refused that as well. I think its a shame you could not make time to examine a sick dog, who is known to your practice, and who has these exact same symptoms before. We called another vet who was also fully booked, but made time for us based on how my dog was presenting, she is not even an established patient there. The doctor informed me she was not treated nearly long enough one month ago. You've lost our buisness and we will not be referring you to anyone else.

jeffrey hack

3 years ago

When I moved to Salem 3 years ago from Quincy, MA I had difficulty finding a Vet I trusted. I continued driving to Quincy, MA for the care of my yellow Labrador after taking her to Vet's that just was not the right fit. As my dog is older this did not become feasible and luckily I stumbled along Canobie Lake Vet. Dr. Magnison and her team are AMAZING. I trust Dr. Magnison with the care of my elder dog, butters, implicitly. Dr. Magnison was able to diagnose my dog with bladder cancer. She laid out a plan for her care and treatment. She truly is concerned about the well being of my beloved pet. My dog is over one year post diagnosis and doing fantastic. She will be 15 this year. The staff are always responsive, quick to return my calls, and quick to re-fill my dogs medications. The staff at this facility should be highly commended for the precautions they took throughout the COVID pandemic that allowed them to remain open for the care of everyone's beloved pets. I highly recommend Dr. Magnison and the staff here.

Kerry Ford

3 years ago

I think Canobie Lake Vet cares about there patients, but I am very upset that it seems that they are interested in money. Our dog is an adopted dog that was abused, going to the vet is very traumatizing for her. We recently asked for a prescription for Apaquel since it obvious to me she had an allergic dermatitis, they insisted we bring her for an examination.m, so we did . Since she was so scared they insisted we drug her. I was not happy with this. We gave her the Apaquel and in 2 days she was cured!!! We were beyond happy, BUT the vet would not ok the prescription refill unless we DRUGED HER and brought her back!!!!!!!

Victoria Lauretti

3 years ago

I have ferrets, cats, bunnies, and dogs. They are very knowledgeable with each of them and been very helpful everytime we've needed a vet even fitting us in last minute several times for sick visits. Amazing with our stranger reactive dog they knew exactly how to handle him and made him feel as comfortable as possible they were all very patient with him. A very caring and helpful staff.

Robin Cino

3 years ago

I have been going to Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital for years with my 3 cats. I have always received excellent care. The staff is friendly and compassionate. Canobie Lake Hospital has individual rooms where you wait with your animal to see the Doctor. Sadly I recently lost my senior kitty, not only was I provided with quality care and consistent feedback regarding his ongoing medical care but I am most greateful for the dignity and compassion that was shown to my husband, myself and our beloved cat at the end of his life.

Mike Bloomer

3 years ago

I wish I could give them less than one stars. This Hospital could care less about your animal and only cares about the money!!!!! They have lost the patient doctor relationship and replaced it with an ignorant office manager who's ONLY concern is the bottom line!!!! They push unnecessary test to make Money. For example they give the lyme test that only reads neg or pos which cost roughly $100 then when it comes up positive they tell you they need to administer another test to get the accurate count in order to treat. The problem with this is once your animal has Lyme the first test will always come up Pos but that does not stop them from continually trying to give the first test and charging you the money. I stopped them twice from doing this and both times they argued with me before moving to the secondary test. I have other examples of questionable management practices but little space to go into detail. However now they have refused to allow me to be present while treating my dog due to Covid. I explained that my 140lb dog gets stressed at the vets and I don't feel SAFE leaving him alone without me there for fear of what may happen. The first time they did not even respond to my call. The second time they did return my call but had absolutely no concern for my pets well being and offered ZERO solution to my problem. Not only will I never bring my dog back there again but they lost my two cats as well. I WANT A VET WHO ACTUALLY CARES FOR ANIMALS. This is not the place!!!!

Willow Coigny

3 years ago

I brought my 4 year old bunny here for her first vet exam. They were able to get me an appointment relatively soon. I only needed her nails to be trimmed because every time I’ve done it myself I have cut the quick and made her bleed. They told me I needed to have a new patient exam before scheduling a nail trim. I was nervous because she doesn’t like being held but they did an amazing job with her! The Dr. gave me great advice with regards to her diet and I will definitely be back. Most importantly, her nails are trimmed and she didn’t bleed. It’s under $20 to get them trimmed again. They were great.

Christine Napolitano

3 years ago

The staff is wonderful with my pet rabbit, Boo. If you’re looking for a Vet to take care of any exotics Canobie Lake Vet is the place to go. Very welcoming and knowledgeable staff they seem to really love all their patients. We don’t have a cat or dog but I’m sure they will take care of them just as well as our Rabbit.

Donna carlson

3 years ago

Beware of this place... incompetence abounds. Front desk is rude especially Kate. Follow up is poor the worst I've seen especially with a sick animal! Money grabbers for sure...I would NEVER recommend this practice to anyone

Dustin Beamon

3 years ago

I came in for an annual visit for my dog. The vet tech checking me in asked if I had any concerns, and I stated three separate issues. When Dr. Magnuson finally made it into the room she was very nice but never asked about any of the concerns I had mentioned about my dog or prompted a conversation about him or how he was doing. She then left stating she was going to call my dogs previous vet (although she had all of the records) and would be right back. After waiting a while, a vet tech came back in with a list of vaccines and tests totaling $300, none of which Dr. Magnuson even spoke with me about. I had questions about the vaccines and the vet tech was unsure while answering me and didn’t educate me to my satisfaction. I ultimately agreed to the vaccines and they took my dog. When they brought him back I asked if the vet was going to come back in to speak with me about the issues I listed at the beginning of the visit. She came in and gave me a few vague answers. She said she wanted to go check on some vitamins she had and would be right back. A vet tech came immediately back in saying the vet had an emergency call and would call my cell phone with answers to my questions. I was then told I had to schedule an appointment in a few weeks for vaccine boosters although the first vet tech told me all of the vaccines were good for a year or more. She told me this after I already paid for the other vaccines, and failed to mention previously that it would be an additional cost. I paid, left, and as I was walking on the sidewalk I looked in a window to see Dr. Magnuson joking with coworkers - clearly not on an emergency phone call and unable to see me. It’s now been a few days and I still have not received a call from her regarding any of the questions I had. I have never been more disappointed and frustrated with a business in my life. I’ve never felt the least bit inclined to leave a bad review, until now. I spent 2.5 hours, $300, and it was a disaster every step of the way. Everybody was kind and friendly, but the visit as a whole was very poorly managed. As a medical professional and a long-time dog owner I would avoid this practice.

Joshua Blastos

3 years ago

Place is dirty and out of touch with what matter. I was also mortified by how they were talking about a dog that passed and how they lady reacted. I didn’t even stay and would not recommend anyone to come here

Kelly Bruns

3 years ago

The staff at Canobie are amazing. Today I arrived at my appointment for my two dogs at 10:52am. When I called in, it appeared that my appointment was at 10:30 and after checking, yes, the confirmation did say 10:30 so I was clearly late. Even though I was late, they checked with the doctor and said if I could be a little flexible with my time, they could get me in. Of course, I was willing. I was in and out for both of my dogs in one hour and everyone was so lovely. Danielle, the technician was amazing and so sweet. Dr. Handley, even though I was late for my appointment, spent an extensive amount of time talking with me about how best to care for my senior dog and what she needed. What a great experience - I love this place. And my dogs do too!!

mary frazier

3 years ago

Can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Magnuson is. She is thorough, professional, dedicated, kind and caring. Her staff follows right along with her on those qualities. I know my pet will receive the best of care when she's in their hands! So Thankful for all they do.

Beth c

3 years ago

We are so happy we chose Canobie Lake Vet! Every member of their staff is so kind, patient with our Goldendoodle, and always takes the time to go the extra step. The front desk team is always so friendly and comprehensive with their care. Dr. Handley is so easy to talk to and does an amazing job of being thorough with explaining things. We’ve never felt like we’re being “sold” to, she’s conservative with her treatment recommendations while keeping our Charlie’s health right on track .

Anna Turskaya

4 years ago

One of the best hospitals I've been to across Europe and North America! Dr Magnusson is extremely knowledgeable, very considerate and careful, and connects really well with the pets (and the owners!) The staff are all also very knowledgeable and very friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend this hospital for any check-ups or more complex procedures.

Hunter W

4 years ago

Very disappointed, all about the money, not care. Told us they could help my sick gecko saying she needed fluids, shed removal and sent her home with several bottles of medications, food and a $240 bill. Unfortunately, she died 3 hours later, before she could use any medications or food. The didn't help her, just took the money of a 14 old kid. When asked about a refund they said, very sorry for your loss, but no refunds. So, I had to bury my gecko last night and then go to work today to start paying off their bill.

James Reilly

4 years ago

I brought my dogs here for a few years after doing some work for a family member of the person who owns it. First few times everything was good but the last time i brought my dogs here they tried to charge me well over $1,000 for a check up for 2 dogs and their shots. Im pretty sure that it was in the $1,400-$1,600 range. I told them there was no way i was spending that and the doctor then indirectly said something related to me not loving my dogs. Obviously this irritated me greatly and i was pretty sure i was never coming back. But what really set me off was the other day i was talking with someone in the barber shop who goes here and they said they pay less than $500 for everything for 3 dogs. her dogs are all about the same size of mine. One of the other people lived in windham as well and said they paid close to what i payed there. So I'm willing to be that when they see a Windham address they charge a different amount than someone who doesn't live in town.

Jeremy Butler

4 years ago

My name is Brenda Ingalls. I moved to LOndonderry, NH in 1998. Over the course of 5 years I used vets in Londonderry, Hudson, Derry, and Sale m. At this time I had 3 animals. I discovered DR. Magnuson on my 5th year. At this time she …

Jessica Jackson

4 years ago

I honestly cannot imagine taking my cats to any other vet. Both Dr. Magnuson and Dr. Dressel are knowledgeable and kind; all of the staff really care about our animals. We have a repeat offender, our cat Midnight, who keeps eating things he is not supposed to and has now had two surgeries through Canobie Lake Vet, and a few IV treatments. It's an on-going issue but they have been very helpful during our journey with him. They are always very thorough, and always give a follow-up call. The price can be a bit daunting at times, but it's comparable to what other practices charge and they do have a very cool rewards program that helps offset the cost of appointments, plus other perks. Not that we could ever put a price on the health of our furkids! :D The new facility rocks, and we love all the staff there (we've been there a lot over the past few months, HAHA!) -Jess & Sergio

Joe Novotny

4 years ago

A few months ago I noticed my gerbil a bump on his belly and he had blood all over him. I was very concerned & called the nearest vet office to see if they could take him, & they couldn't but they recommended canobie lake. After some …

Joseph Diamond

4 years ago

My wife and I just got a new puppy and out of 3 vet's in Salem, we picked this one and are happy with our choice. The place is new and was recently built in early 2019. I guess the old place was small and the owner built a new one. It is …

Paul Ciampa

4 years ago

We have been going to Dr Magnison for many years even before she opened the building. We have recently lost our faithful companion. When time heals our broken hearts and it's time to get another love. We will be sure to come for our care....Thank you for caring for our girl.

Selen Aktar

4 years ago

I found this wonderful place when my previous dog was very sick. My family uses alternative treatment (homeopathy etc) and Dr. Magnuson is very knowledgeable about alternative care which is why I feel comfortable bringing my new beagle, the …

Halle Boo

4 years ago

Worst vet i ever brought my bearded dragons to. One of my dragons they didn't tell me what's wrong just gave her aton of meds and i had to rush her to a hospital and they told me what was wrong right away. My 2nd Dragon they keep wanting $45 to check his poop 5 times now and gave him 6 different meds. So i brought him to the hospital and they said nothing was wrong he 100%. NEVER BRING UR ANIMALS HERE UNLESS U WANT TO GO THOUGH ATON OF MONEY FOR NO REASON

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