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Kim Dale

2 years ago

They know their stuff! Cats are well cared for and it's a stress free environment for the cats. Never too crowded. Pricey but in my opinion worth it overall. Place is clean. Docs are excellent

Peter Uliano

2 years ago

Awesome Doc! Knows cats and treats them well, A true expert in his field!

Lorri Geoffroy

2 years ago

They are absolutely wonderful they take time to care for your cat they talk to you like they should talk to you for anybody who loves their animal I highly recommend them I can't stress that enough

F. G. (Frank)

2 years ago

Simply the best place to take your cat. Honestly.

Bette Richmond

2 years ago

Very happy with my new vet, and Mr Chow feels the same.

Susan St. Cyr

2 years ago

The Cat Doctor of Nashua was great. I had to bring my cat here for end of life services and Dr. Burritt and her staff were very kind and patient with us during such a difficult time. Obviously this wasn't an easy decision to make but Dr. Burritt laid out all of our options without judgment. When the time came she was compassionate and gentle with our baby and with us. Highly recommend

Rebecca Lentz

2 years ago

We couldn't have asked for a better vet experience for our cat at such a difficult time for our family. Our 16 year old cat was very active and healthy until a week ago when she became lethargic. Her regular vet gave the wrong diagnosis and we watched her quickly go downhill. By the time we brought the cat to the Cat dr, they knew immediately that there was nothing to be done. In a very caring way they helped us decide the most humane thing to do and we helped her pass over peacefully. So grateful for their care.


3 years ago

Though I could not go inside due to pandemic restrictions the doctor was extremely friendly iver tge phone, I did not feel rushed, and he relayed a LIT of great information. Thank you! ????

April Rollins

3 years ago

We absolutely adore Dr. Diaz. He listens and explains things until we understand what all of our options are, and then gives advice from his heart about how he would handle this situation as if he was the one dealing with it as an owner. He also explains as many details as I want, because as someone with a science and engineering background, I want to know the science and options, especially with two elderly cats who need medications and specialized care. We went to Dr. Diaz after a gut feeling to get a second opinion about surgery for our cat, and he immediately recognized that the lump on our cat's face was cancer and it should be removed with possibility of additional treatment for radiation therapy. We have now moved all of our cats over to the Cat Doctor clinic, and Dr. Diaz is so great! Very thankful to have a wonderful vet in this area after being spoiled by two very wonderful vets in Iowa and Minnesota.

Danny Snow

3 years ago

They are the best of the best!!!

Kristyn Verdi

3 years ago

We love the cat doctor, especially Dr.Diaz, he is great with our cat. Highly recommend.


3 years ago

Great doctors and you can really tell how much they care about their furry patients.

Robert Carlson

3 years ago

My tribe of cats has been a patient of Dr. BOB for a number of years. My two doctors are Ann and Bob. Very expensive but totally knowledgeable and competent. The dental expenses top the list but my cats are family, they get the best treatment I can afford. General medical treatment is annual for all members plus 3 visits a year for hyperthyroidism. We treat end of life at home and don't euthanize at the vet, we have a service come to the house only when the situation is hopeless. Dr Bob keeps them going when their batteries are shot but he does counsel us when days are numbered.

Sarah Booth

3 years ago

This was the first vet I had taken my cat too after I adopted her. It was during the covid-19 quarantine but her rabies shot was due and I had some concerns and they booked an appointment. Since I wasn’t allowed in with her, they called me after her check up and gave me all the information and answered my questions very thoroughly. I was on the phone for close to 15 minutes with the vet, Dr. Richards. I am very happy with the service and all the people I interacted with were polite and kind.

Simon A

3 years ago

Terrific first-time experience with Cat Doctors and Dr Diaz. This is a top-notch, professional cat veterinary clinic.

Skye Riley

3 years ago

I love bringing my new kitten here everybody is so nice and knowledgeable!


3 years ago

My cat and I love the Cat Doctor of Nashua :) You can see that Dr. Diaz truly cares about your pet and shows affection at our appointments, which puts my skittish cat at ease!

Cheryl Vaughan

4 years ago

Such an awesome place. Honest caring people. Thank you.


4 years ago

always friendly vets here been in 3 times with our oldest cat and been given advice every single time beyond that of what was required by the checkup. a little on the pricey side but only by 10 to 15 % for specialized help as well petplan insurance covers them.

Christina Levitan

4 years ago

This place is quite delightful and welcoming. The building and land are very well maintained. They even keep up with the bird feeders outside everyday. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. There is plenty of close places to park and there are handicap accessible parking as well.

Gillian Candiloro

4 years ago

We have taken our cats here since we moved to the area in 2007. The doctors and staff at the Cat Doctor are excellent and provide a great environment for cats. The doctors have always taken the time to answer all my questions and explain everything.

John Terra

4 years ago

We have been going here for the past several years and there is no other place I'd trust our cats to. Very knowledgeable people who clearly love cats and do their best to give them top care.

Judy Kilgore

4 years ago

The Cat Doctor is an outstanding veterinary office with very knowledgeable staff. Dr Bob is an excellent vet who always has great advice for any problem. I have been going there for years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else! Highly recommend!

Marty Michener

4 years ago

Some physicians mumble from symptom to symptom, prescribing whatever their payola pharma company tells them is the latest success. The vets at cat doctor make up their own minds, based in deep understanding of cats physiology and evolution. Wish human doctors did more of this!!


4 years ago

very nice to my cat, and fed her lots of treats so she was comfortable c:

Richard Turner

4 years ago

Excellent vets. Cats are NOT dogs; very different physiology. I have one rescue who had been through a series of vets, from your normal vet to a holistic medicine doctor - none could figure out his skin condition. Dr. Bob immediately recognized what Charlie has, and was able to get his condition under control with some simple medicines. When our indoor/outdoor cat caught a sick rabbit and became deathly ill himself, these folks brought him back from the brink (he hates rabbits now but he's healthy as a horse). I highly recommend these people - they know their stuff!

Steven S

4 years ago

At the cat doctors they have very knowledgeable staff we felt very comfortable with them right from the start my cat had problems for several years and we could not get to the bottom of his weight loss at the other veterinarian within a week at the cat doctors they found the problem and we're treating it it right now and Hercules is doing a lot better I would recommend to anyone that has a cat.

Dawn Beale

5 years ago

Very impressed! Clean, friendly and very knowledgeable

Bob Lamphier

5 years ago

Great doctors great with my. Cats

MaryAnn McHugh

5 years ago

Dr. Anne save our cat's life by recognizing immediately that he'd had a blood clot that settled at the spot where his artery met his back legs. He was in respiratory distress by the time we got there, and could not use his back legs. Thanks to her quick action, he is alive and well today. I highly recommend The Cat Doctor, and Dr. Anne!

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