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Ashley Engelhart

2 years ago

Dr. Houston has been an amazing doctor and saved my pets several times. I am so happy to have him for my care team for my animals ❤

Matt Andrews

2 years ago

Sandy has dimensia and is clinically unfit to operate this hospital. This is a huge liability and needs to he addressed.

Justin O'connor

2 years ago

I decided to have my cat spayed here: The physical was an unprofessional first impression. I pulled my car into an iced over driveway (too cheap to plow? Or no care to?) to a run-down building. I then figure that this place is solely operated by a couple in their 70s. (Sandy) The lady got mad when i walked out of the room and requested a bowl of water for my cat. The Old man’s hands were so shakey that when he opened my cats mouth the cats head was shaking so bad i literally thought he was going to snap her neck. I cringed as he attempted to clean her ears with a q-tip. When I went to drop off my cat for her spay surgery, the lady asked me to place cat (in carrying bag) on counter. Almost instantaneously she took the bag out of my hands and negligently (roughly placed on the ground at an angle that made my cat fall over in her bag, which was hit by the door as it closed due to the lady carelessly placing it in the way) I asked if she was going to stay like that until her surgery, she got mad and said “no, they go back there” When i asked what that meant she said she has no time, I said, again, I would just like to know if she was staying like that. I was then showed where she would be kept (in small stacked kennel crates) and quickly rushed out (after i requested to not have her nails trimmed) When I arrived to pick up my cat, I asked if there were any issues with the surgery and Sandy became very rude once again. She told me she does not know because she is not a doctor. Told me I have to ask the doctor. I went to ask the doctor who was 10 feet away and was yelled at and told to stay put. Seconds later Sandy said we will ask him together. She said that we had a “situation” to clear up, I reminded her that I only had a mere normal question. I tried to make conversation with Sandy. “How many surgeries were done here today” she replies “A number” I say “Yeah, what number?” She then tossed her appointment book with scribbles of clients info on it, and said that many. They also charged me $35 for meds that i can buy via retail for $11 In conclusion, I only went here because it is the only place accepting FOA certs. (Probably because they dont have much business) Thank GOD my cat had no issues with the surgery and seems to be doing fine at this time. (Same day) Dr. Huston is a very nice man. I do question his capabilities however. (Granted he does not perform the actual surgeries himself anymore) Sandy has a sweet old lady voice on the phone, but lacks general values and care towards basic interactions and gestures. I will not be returning to this location, however I am thankful for the services they provided. Would give 2.5 stars if I could

Elizabeth Clancy

2 years ago

Everything about this place is disgusting. Please do not make the mistake I did by taking my pets here. Filthy is an understatement. My cat is a complete mess after surgery. Please DO NOT GO THERE

Accounting Gardner Graphics

2 years ago

Run, don't walk away from this Vet. I don't even know where to start. Place is old and falling apart. Sandy & the vet are rude. I was the first appointment of the day. Arrived on time and was placed directly into a small room. Room looks like it hasn't been updated since the 60s. Wallpaper hanging. Walls haven't been painted in years. Towels stuffed in the heating radiator. Sandy came in twice to get my paperwork. After 1/2 hour my husband went out and asked why was there such a delay. Sandy proceeds to "storm over" to the vets office to tell him he needs to go to the exam room the people are hot and complaining of the wait. The vet proceeds to come into the room and says I can help you with the hot, then turns on the a/c but as far as the wait, things take time. My husband says but we've been here a 1/2 hour already and the vet walks out of the room and shuts the door. After a few more minutes wait, neither my husband or I were comfortable with having our puppy neutered there. We left the room and there is the vet, chatting with Sandy. Obviously us sitting in the room wasn't a priority. We took our Friends of Animal certificate and left. I would tell everyone to stay away from this "Hospital". Between the offices being so old, I'm not sure they have up to date equipment and the staff being so rude, I dont even know how they are still in business.

Alicia S.

3 years ago

Called this place due to my dogs insurance referring them. When I spoke to the unprofessional rude lady on the phone she was making comments at everything I said. She asked if he was neutered... when I said no she had a comment to make under her breath. When I asked if that was a problem she ignored my question and asked where I lived. When I told her where I lived (25 minutes away) she asked why I would want to drive that far!!! (Does that even concern you lady?!) After reading these reviews I am so glad I had that encounter because I knew right away I was not bringing my dog there!

Vanessa McIntyre

3 years ago

Sandy is pretty rude. She acts like she's doing you a favor and doesn't answer your actual questions. Glad I decided to take my pup elsewhere after seeing these similar reviews.

Aaron Jodka

3 years ago

Very friendly staff, easy to make an appointment. Thank you!

Steven Nickerson

3 years ago

I have a lot of animals and it is hard to find a vet. Who doesn't charge a arm and a leg just to walk in the door. It's an older couple they do a great job .

Sean Geddes

3 years ago

Look past the age of the building. These people are wonderful. Dr Huston diagnosed and treated my dog for very little money, and saved his life. You cant always judge a book by its cover. In 28 years and 2 dogs he has never been anything but fantastic.

marea capadanno

3 years ago

You have to look past how outdated the building is, the doctors are great, i have 2 little dogs that have massive anxiety and do not like anyone but my family, the doctor handles my dogs great.

bla bla blaa blaa

3 years ago

Unprofessional. Staff needs some phone manners training. The Customer needs to be heard lady.

Thaise paes

4 years ago

Horrible. Took both my babies to get fixed, both went home with all their nails bleeding. They did NOT ask permission to trim their nail. One week after that I noticed one of my dog testicle was very swollen took him in, ended up having a second surgery. Yessss the irresponsible doctor forgot to remove one of his testicle. ????????????????????????????????????????????

Keith Harley

4 years ago

Weve been using stateline for close to 10 years now. Though the facility is small and dated, weve found this practice to be very honest, thorough, and dedicated to caring for our cat and dog.

chase hudson fanpage

4 years ago

Right when I walked in it was very dirty this old receptionist lady was staring at me and didn’t even welcome me I was waiting for 46 minutes and she told me I could head inside of the room very dirty one hour later the doctor came in and gave my five-month-old kitten medicine which more than half was all over his face then he checked his mouth he yanked my kittens jaw open my kitten screamed for his life the older lady came in and started tugging on my cats foot and told him to chill out my cat got the shots no problem except the lady was holding his ears? Why did she do that? I Asked her with no reply back now my kitten is back home he supposed to get neutered but I read most of the reviews and they don’t put the cats to sleep! HES NOT GOING THERE TO GET NEUTERED!! The total came to $149 dollors as the lady through the paper work at me PLEASE DONT GO HERE WE DONT NEED OUR PETS GETTING ABUSED BY THESE NASTY PEOPLE

Linda LaBrake

5 years ago

I Just moved here from Philadelphia and was so happy I was able to find a veterinarian clinic that was kind, courteous and gentle with my pug. Thank you both very much.

Paul Miller

6 years ago

They are honest and very caring towards my pets. I have been with them for twenty years and dr Houston is great. Sandy and John are wonderful people!

Jessica Abreu

6 years ago

After numerous attempts to get my dog Skye seen from several different places I was turned away because of my financial situation but Dr. Huston and his staff went above and beyond to try and help me figure out what was going on with her. They worked with me, they were very attentive to her. Unfortunately, Skye was passed the point of getting her better and sadly we had to put her down. But I will never forget the kindness and love they had shown to us. I will be forever grateful to you! Thank you so much! There should be more vets like Dr. Huston in this world! ????

christopher boyd

6 years ago

I went there today with my 5 1/2 month old puppy to get a physical for an apt to get neutered. Coming into the building I noticed how creepy it was and felt. It took about 5 minutes for this older lady (who legit looked like she abuses animals or possibly children) to come greet me. She was waiting for my vet to fax over my dogs medical records, which took longer than all of our liking. She then gave me paper work to fill out and had me wait in the Doctors office. My Appointment was at 1:15 PM. At about 1:40 PM i walked out of my room with my puppy who was whining, barking, and crying. She then said the reason why the Doctor hadn't seen me yet was due to not receiving the fax in time. However the Doctor was sitting in the next room reading paper work and could of very well done the physical as we waited for the fax to come in. She then proceeded to tell me that it was my fault and that if I wanted to leave I could leave. She began to raise her voice at me and THREW the paperwork AT ME. I had to pick up all the records from the floor and began to leave the office. She started coming after me telling me she needed those documents, after she TOLD ME to take EVERYTHING (which they were MY documents anyways). I advise NO ONE to go to this place. AWFUL service and the Doctor never even showed up to help me. I literally thought this lady was going to come at me and I would have to call the police.


8 years ago

Although this place is older, my two girls have always received loving care; one even ended up having to have surgery and there were no complications during or after.

Kelly Richards

11 years ago

Went there for a spay consultation and was really uncomfortable. It was pretty dirty, and run down. When the vet came in, he seems scared of our dog, spent about 3 minutes doing her physical, and then gave her her kennel cough vaccine (a spray up the nose). Only about half the vaccine got in her nose- the rest was clearly on her face. He left without asking if we had any questions and never said ANYTHING about the spay. The receptionist immediately started trying to schedule the spay. I work with animals and knew there was a waiting period after heat (which she is currently in). I had to get the receptionist to track down the vet so he could tell me how long (This information was not offered, and the receptionist seemed to know nothing about it). I then asked to see the surgery room (again, would not have happened if I didn't ask)- also dirty, with what appeared to be an old bloody towel in the corner, and everything looked very old. The "kennel" part for before and after the surgery was pretty much an office with metal crates. Also, the staff showed ZERO knowledge of dog behavior- my dog is a rescue with fear aggresion and they kept handling her fairly roughly despite her obviously high stress.

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