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Matthew Levesque

2 years ago

This place is horrible. It took them 5hrs to release our dog after getting a wellness check for an injured paw. We were told this would cost $170 however the cost was $200. They then told us to come back w\$800 for an x-ray and a splint unless the x-ray show she needed surgery which was to be $3-4000 an to be paid upfront. Our dog came home filthy from druleing on herself while being sedated for no reason except to keep her quiet while they were busy with, we don't know. These folks made no attempt to clean her before turning her over to us. The clinic then scheduled us an appointment for Friday the 26 of Nov at 5pm. We arrived at 5pm, called. to check in and 15minutes later we were called an told to come back at 630. We came back at 630pm an called to check in an the clinic replied ok, someone will be right out. It's now 7pm so I called the clinic and asked if the remembered we were out here in the parking lot they stated yes someone will be right out. Now 715pm an nobody has come out after waiting with our injured pooch for 45minz. I called again an was sent to voicemail. I then left a message stating that we understand they're very busy to please call us back to reschedule an appointment for Capella, possibly in the morning as Capella has vomited on us by this time. We received no reply at all, nothing yet and it's 924pm so 3hrs after scheduled appointment and we have no reply from them whatsoever. All facts and have the Dr's notes to show Pet center of Nashua when they take us. The point were making is they had no professional courtesy for our pet or us. These folks are all about the money an not the care of the our beloved family members, our dogs , cat's, an birds. Thank you for ready out story No stars

Lisa B

2 years ago

this place is a joke

Jim H

2 years ago

My wife and I brought our puppy here yesterday, as she had developed significant eye discharge caused by conjunctivitis. We called the hospital ahead of time, as it was one that was recommended by our primary care Vet, and when we spoke to the receptionist on the phone, she took all our information and told us to call when we got to the parking lot. Upon our arrival, we called and "were checked in" and told it would be between 1 and 2 hours wait, which we did not have any issues with. After 3 hours, my wife called and asked for an update and she was told that we were next to be seen. After another 35 minutes passed, a vet tech came out and advised us that they would not see our dog as they did not consider it an emergency, and there were only two of them working today. The tech looked at her eyes and even stated that she could see the discharge, but that it was not severe enough to be seen. I was not happy, they knew what she was coming in for and they could have easily told us over the phone that they could not see her. I believe that because it would not generate a large income stream they decided she was not a worthwhile candidate to be seen. I do not believe that this is a quality run business nor would I trust the care of a pet to them, if they are unable to cope with scheduling, I cannot imagine what their overall standard of care is. My advice to any responsible pet parent, find a more reputable hospital that cares about all pets equally.

Heather Arias

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog Prancer here for 9 years now and I am very happy with the service. My dog had to have some blood work done last week and Jessica took good care of him. He is going back to have his teeth cleaned. There isn't an Animal Hospital around that I trust more than this one. Thank you to the all of the staff.

Hannah Maguire

2 years ago

There is nothing better than knowing that the people caring for your pets are knowledgeable and will take care of them as if they were their own pets. Everyone we've interacted with at the Animal Hospital of Nashua has always shown a great love of animals and they really put you at ease when your life is at its most stressful. Making sure our pets have the best care is something that is important to AHN, even when they had to refer one of my dogs to a specialist for his allergies. It was more important that he received the best care than making the money themselves. We have 6 pets (3 dogs & 3 cats) and I wouldn't go to any other vet. Our most recent Puppy has been going to get his shots and Isabella was amazing at taking him in and made me feel better about leaving him to go in without me (due to Covid).

David Weigner-Lodahl

2 years ago

Doctor and staff were excellent for a check up for my dog, and were able to book an appointment quickly. Thank you!

Brooke M

2 years ago

2018: (5 Stars) We just transferred to this vet and had to take our guy in for his first visit. I am EXTREMELY pleased with how nice, knowledgeable and efficient the staff is. 2021: (1 star) Real life update. The quality of service that we have received has significantly declined and the overall lack of communication, listening and understanding is incomprehensible. I was very happy when we first went here, but now, after several years of declining service, misdiagnosis & poor customer service, we’ve decided to move on. There are a couple of vets here that have been helpful. One no longer works here and the other seems so busy that they don’t have time to connect with people, so we’re left to communicate with other staff, who hardly ever take down the correct information, if any information at all. At first, I didn’t see it, but after several visits, I realized that we were being overcharged for “guesses”. It could be this, it could be that… but nothing helpful. Basically, I could find the same information if I spent a couple of hours researching online. Actually, in some cases, we found solutions by reading and through FB groups. (And then we were dismissed by the vets after explaining how we handled things because it didn’t fall under their umbrella of expertise- even though it worked and was backed by OTHER vets). We were even denied certain service requests because the “vets know best” and they weren’t necessary. Yet, here we are, once again working to get through things on our own because I cant trust that my dog will get properly cared for there. To add insult to injury, our dog was injured the last time we went there and NO ONE will take responsibility that his injury is their fault, but they’ve admitted to mishandling him (because they admitted to not listening to us). ???? ????????I hope the owner reads this and sees just how messed up this is.???????? And no, I will not respond to your request to call and speak to a manager if you are inclined to write that as a response. Because prior to writing this, we spoke to TWO different managers - NEITHER of which helped or offered anything other than non-answers and non-solutions. I take reviews seriously and I would not have written this before attempting to fix the situation. According to the management’s here: Its NOT fixable. So my only other way to get my point across is through this platform. ‼️OWNERS BEWARE‼️. I would NOT recommend this place as of 2021.

Charlene Mom

2 years ago

Today I called and spoke with a lovely girl named Corey she was so sweet and she made things happen you could tell she really cared about each family bringing in their fur babies I will most definitely be continuing to bring my sparky here

Claire Gunner

2 years ago

Previously I had been leaving voicemails and no one called back or I couldn’t get an appointment Corey called us today and got both our pets on the schedule! We’re so happy

Daren Goldthwaite

2 years ago

Corey was very thorough in going over our notes today helped explain a lot, very patient and friendly! My wife and I love her

dawn dough

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog to them for a few years. They were not bad to begin with. The only complaint I’ve had until recently is that their charges are quite high. Also they either tend to over treat or under treat. Lately though, the wait times have become ridiculous. First they’ve stopped giving regular appointments and always try to direct you to the ER ( to charge more $$$? ) . The wait times for them to get your pet checked in is sometimes over an hour ( why not hire more people? ) . The people answering the phones, technicians or vets have no idea about your pet’s medical history ( too lazy to look it up? ) . Their suggestions are so very generic that you can just look up on the internet. If some one can recommend a better provider please share their contact here.

Dez Marie

2 years ago

Have a call to the office to get my cats seen and Corrie went above and beyond to ensure I got them both on the same day! She is a great addition to your team

Fran Doucette

2 years ago

I have to say that I spoke to Corrie today twice and she couldn't have been nicer. She went above and beyond the call of duty. I know that you have been so busy with the new animals, but it just takes a minute to be a little nicer to take the time with people and their animals. I spoke to another person today as well, and she was not a helpful or patient person to deal with.

Heather Glidden

2 years ago

I don’t currently have a vet and I am shopping around. I had an issue with my cat and so I called. Corrie answered and she was quick to help me out. Very friendly, kind, and compassionate young lady. Prices are affordable from what she told me. Thank you ????

isabella Armstrong

2 years ago

Under new management the general practice side as improved from previous years. The team was thorough and caring. They understood my concerns and helped both my dog and I.

J9 j3

2 years ago

Let me preface this by saying; I usually do not do this sort of thing (not one for seeking attention) but I feel compelled to write this extensive review to address all the negative reviews I just came across. Over the years, I have met many doctors and support staff at Animal Hospital of Nashua. My impression of the hospital team always stayed the same and can be described by all or any of the following: professional, courteous, compassionate, thorough, friendly and helpful. Facilities are always very nice and clean no smells whatsoever. Spacious lobby with pleasant music and stylish decor where waiting clients can have their pets spaced apart and not feel like we are on top of each other. Free Keurig coffee machine for us coffee addicts  that is when it is not COVID-19 pandemic. Their curbside service is great too - no complaints there either. They have a robust reminder system in place that keeps you informed when your regular services or vaccines are due. First reminder shows up exactly one month before due date, which I think is great because getting an appointment last minute can be challenging - the place is busy (here is another proof that people want to come here and place is NOT all doom and gloom). They have their own app that allows me to request appointments, order refills, view medical records etc. In addition, that is how I get my reminders too – app keeps me notified with helpful reminders. This place is staying with current times and all the conveniences that technology offers and that is a plus in my book. Thankfully, I have never had to experience losing a pet to medical emergency or long-term illness, so I can only conclude that majority of bad reviews are from grief struck folks. I understand loss is difficult and your mind wants to place a blame on someone. Placing it on the doctor or technician or your hospital, is it fair towards people that dedicate their life to help animals? And one last note to those who complaint that prices are too high and procedures are too expensive. This is not the only place in the area. By all means, go elsewhere! To me it is worth it every penny. You get what you pay for. And if you can't afford care for your pet then it's a reflection on you! You took that responsibility when you got a pet; nobody forced you to do it, and if you can't handle financial responsibilities, at least be honest with yourself on who is really unfit party in the relationship.

James Miles

2 years ago

At this point, I don’t even care that I was overcharged by $200. You can keep it if it means I don’t have to wait 3 more hours while you try to figure it out.

Jessica Perkins

2 years ago

Cory was a great help and made my mother in law feel comfortable to bring her elderly dog in after having a bad experience at another vet

Joe Smith

2 years ago

Worst animal hospital I ever brought a dog to. Dealt with them in the Summer of 2020. Refused to give sufficient treatment to an older dog because their attitude was “What’s the point?” My dog was healthy and was struggling to breathe due to a collapsed trachea. They didn’t do any treatment and sent the dog home to die the next day. The removal of face to face contact is for their benefit so they won’t have to tell you to your face we won’t do anything. I wouldn’t send a pile of feces for these vets to look at. There is record of it but for my protection I am not disclosing my info. All that is known is that I brought my dog multiple times to the ER and no treatment was given that was sufficient that improved the dogs state.

Jordan Kuilan

2 years ago

My dog was extremely sick for almost a month, she wouldn't eat, she was constantly crying. When I took her in, she was taken care of by Isabella, and she treated my dog like her own. She was able to diagnose and heal my dog. I would definitely recommend bringing your pet to see Isabella for any of their needs, she is so caring and kind. I had a great experience and I would most definitely come here again to see Isabella for anything my dog may need.

juli Ann

2 years ago

Boarding my dog at the City Pooch has been such a great experience. Knowing my dog is in such good hands with Sheri and her team, let’s me enjoy my trip without having to worry!!

Kimberly McCluskey

2 years ago

Here's a bit of a backstory as to why we chose Animal Hospital of Nashua and why we think they're great. Last winter (feb/March 2021) we had a pet emergency with our elderly rescue kitty. We called Nashua Animal Hospital and they told us to come right down. They explained the COVID protocols put in place and were very apologetic since we weren't allowed in with her. The vet techs were super kind and very gentle with our fur baby. The vet called us right away and gave us the low down on all of the tests they wanted to run etc etc. We took Baby (that was her name) home with meds and understood we chose palliative care for her treatment. Unfortunately about a week later, Baby took a turn and passed away at home. We called Nashua Animal Hospital as it was happening and they were very sympathetic and helped walk us through a few things to make her as comfortable as possible. We took Baby back to them so we could have her cremated. In May 2021, we adopted 2, 1 year old kittens, Buddy and Sassy. We made an appointment with Nashua Animal Hospital for their first well being/annual vet appointment. I admit, I procrastinated and didn't call until July to make the appointment (my bad). With that being said, don't wait people... we didn't get an appointment until September. Yes, there is a pretty long wait list. Since it was not an emergency, I was not set back by this. Now we're up to date. Our appointment was yesterday. It was at 10am. We arrived about 10 minutes early. I called to check in and a vet tech Chelsey called me right back to go over the patient intake. Chelsey and another vet tech (I'm sorry I did not get her name) came out straight away to pick up both Buddy and Sassy. Both kitties were a little skittish as this was their first visit to the vet and their first time ever out of the house since we adopted them. Both vet techs spoke tenderly to my fur babies to keep them calm as we made the transfer. It's not easy blindly handing over your fur babies to unknown people. However, I applaud them for taking appropriate precautions for not just the safety of their staff, but also the safety of their clients and their human caretakers. They seem to have a very well oiled machine with the drop offs and pick ups. Each time I've been there, the parking lot is pretty busy. I think that says a lot. Anyway, I was unsure of how long the visit for both cats would be and was surprised when the vet, Dr. John called me about 30 or so minutes later. Dr. John was great. He spoke to me in great length about both physicals and gave me great advice on a few issues to watch (my Buddy boy is a big boy). I can say that "bedside manner" matters not just with humans but with animals too. From the receptionist to the vet techs to the vet, the bedside manner my fur babies and I have received has been stellar from day 1. As far as pricing goes, give me the name of a great vet that is inexpensive, then let me also sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. When you adopt or buy a pet, you should plan on spending money on their health and wellness. It's part of the commitment. All in all our latest visit at Animal Hospital of Nashua was successful. Both kitties were given back to me by 11am. Both were happy, healthy and ready for a lazy nap. I am happy we stumbled upon Animal Hospital of Nashua during our time of need. I highly recommend them for not only emergency visits but your routine vet visits.

Lawrence Maple

2 years ago

Corrie was very attentive while taking my phone call she's the best ????

Steph Michelle

2 years ago

Our dog Vinny absolutely LOVES coming to the city pooch for doggie daycare!! Sheri takes such awesome care of him throughout the day and is really flexible and responsive. It's so nice being able to focus on work knowing that Vinny is in great hands and having a blast!

Renee Amirault

2 years ago

Corrie was more then helpful and very pleasant. I recommend this place to everyone.

Sara Lachance

2 years ago

I called for some pricing and service information and Corey was so helpful and professional on the phone. She was patient and kindly answered my questions but didn't press me to make an appointment. Very professional!

Sarah Schindler

2 years ago

Corrie was very helpful and friendly.

Lisaegfcimfbrbfvfvjfvdgddhgdthftyttyty Ricker

2 years ago

Called in and corey was a rockstar went above and beyond for me I appreciate it

Tiffany Silva

2 years ago

The doggie daycare is a hidden gem,Our Maggie loves coming to the City Pooch!

Tricia Parma

2 years ago

The doggie daycare at the Nashua animal hospital is awesome. Sheri ROCKS!!! When dropping off and picking up you never have to wait. My dog Boonie ❤️‘s Sheri. I take her three days a week and being new she is not so used to the routine. On the days she doesn’t go to doggie daycare she races to the car and literally doesn’t want to move until I let her in. She is so excited to attend the daycare. I know she is in good hands there. I am so glad I got her into the daycare. Bonnie has met a lot of new dog friends as well. Thank you Sheri for the love and attention you give our pets.

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