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Scott Maguire

2 years ago

Paid $300 Sept. 1 2021 for an allergy test for my dog suffering with chronic skin allergies. was told it would take a couple weeks to get the results back. Come to find out that the hospital is now closed to January... So I guess I'm out my $300 seeing as all the other locations around me won't answer the phone either. Maybe they are closed too. I also signed up for the wellness plan in the summer for my dog. That seems to be a waste of money seeing as they keep closing all the locations around me. If I knew that the only Banfield I could go to that's around me is only open 2 days a week I wouldn't have signed up. Apparently they can keep charging you for the wellness plan even with no hospitals open.

David Shelsky

2 years ago

Never notified that they were closing. Other locations didn’t answer. Finally got one on the phone so I could get my pets medication. Won’t let you cancel plan without paying in full even though they closed down the location I was using. Don’t use wast of money.

Susan Hurrell

2 years ago

The staff is great. Unfortunately the Nashua office is closing due to staffing issues . They need more vets.

Paul Senk

2 years ago

Just needed a dietary prescription filled, they were very helpful and had the products on the shelf.


2 years ago

We had a non medical emergency.We had flown from California to New Hampshire and my cat was a mess and needed a bath but he is so uncooperative.They got him in right away, cleaned him up and even called to check on him the next day.We are taking our other 2 cat's tomorrow so I will continue this review after our next visit.Continued review after his appointment:They did a GREAT job!Thanks Banfield

Krystal Boyle (PrettyBigDeal)

2 years ago

Thank you for taking such good care of my Rosie. Best veterinarians and tech! Thank you so much

Elizabeth White

2 years ago

When we started going here a couple years ago we were happy with the service but over the last year they’ve become awful. Like someone else said, if you need your dog to be seen for anything more than preventative care than forget it. Appointments on the app book a month out. No one answers the phone when you call. This has happened multiple different occasions. Our dog has a limp and now we have to pay to take him to a 24 hr vet to be seen even though we have a plan with Banfield that covers the cost of appointments and other services. We’re definitely going to start going elsewhere.

Aleena Baker

2 years ago

If you are looking for a vet that can see your dog when he is sick in the same month, this vet is not for you. Pricing is great, however that is if you can even get an appointment when you need it. You probably think multiple locations, can’t be a problem, but no, all of them booked out for a month. DO NOT THINK THIS IS A VET FOR SICK DOGS, just for preventative care regardless of what they are advertising.

Steve Baker

2 years ago

Wow. What a disappointment this has become -Initial Value: Great. Friendly staff, pricing seemed fair, visit was quick and easy -In practice: Our 12 week old puppy caught a bug (vomiting/diarrhea all night) likely from our local dog park. He's not in critical condition but clearly should be looked at. Fortunately he slowly began drinking water/eating again. He needed an impromptu visit to test for the issue and get on meds to recover quicker. I called Banfield thinking surely that would be no problem and was told there is no availability and to call around. WELL! -I went to call the Manchester location, turns out Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are holidays for them (lucky them.) I tried Salem, what do ya know, they're just unable to fit him in today. I called 2 locations in our neighboring state, Massachusetts, who kindly offered me an appointment a MONTH from now. -Summary/TLDR: If you are looking for a VET who you can rely on even a little bit outside of preventative care that has been pre-scheduled out months in advance this is NOT the place for that. You will be calling the ER over simple tests or issues you run into so that great value you may have thought you got will be out the door in no time. It took us a whole month to regret this. It is a year contract you agree to (which I pre-paid to keep it easy moving forward, so good-ol Banfield has about $1k from me but can't see my sick puppy.)

Todd Sorensen

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Had a good experience with them when our dog broke her leg. The doctor explained the situation in easy to understand terms and presented us with all the options and potential costs

Katie Asselin

3 years ago

Great pet hospital! Very professional and sweet to my cats ???? affordable pricing as well!

Miglena Fotopoulos

3 years ago

My dog is pass due on his shots , I made a drop off appointment for last week. Drove an hour to be told there was a mistake and handed me another card for the following Tuesday. Today I drove another hour to drop off my dog and I’m being told it’s for May now. Unprofessional rude and unreliable! Their excuse is they are short staffed! They just don’t care even when you show them a card they gave to you saying it doesn’t look like their writing! I will not be bringing my dog back because I don’t trust them actually doing anything they say will do never mind actually giving my dog the shots he needs!

SJT 4x

3 years ago

GReat place to bring your pets. They take good care of them. They are always polite & professional

Lauren Allard

3 years ago

Everyone is so nice and professional whenever I go! My dog doesn't like going to the vet, they understand and try to relax her everytime. We have been going there for 4 years now and highly recommend them. The prices are responsible as well.

Debora DD

3 years ago

I had been taking my dog to the nashua location for the past 8 years. The past year the staff were so informative and thoughtful as my dog got old. They helped me a lot and gave so much love to my dog. Recently had to put my dog down and the staff were so caring throughout the whole process. Will be taking my future pets to banfield.

Aimee McLean

3 years ago

Loved it! Staff is friendly and courteous. Dr. of her name isn't one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Her calm demeanor and bedside manor would make any pet parent feel loved. Every thing was explained in detail and all my concerns addressed before I left. Everyone was patient and kind and it is so appreciated.

Christopher adkins

3 years ago

Thorough they seem to actually care about my pet.

Debby Valente

3 years ago

As usual the crew @ Banfield hit the nail on the head. Our Lulu is doing just great 1 day after dental surgery. From the time that Dr Kennedy informed me about her tooth decay and necessary cleaning to setting her meds just right before and after her surgery little Lulu was a treated as a priority by all in the Petsmart Nashua Banfield Location. I attribute her quick recovery to her surgeon, Dr. Haden she is a consummate professional and her compassion for every animal in her care is exemplary. Thank You.

Tricia Bakke

3 years ago

Love it there! The vets, techs, and front desk workers are always helpful, patient and friendly. The only time I have had issues is when I've had an urgent matter and was told that I had to wait days or weeks fir an appointment, though I think they are working to make this better.

Kristin Smith

3 years ago

Wonderful staff! Always friendly, always with a smile, and always comforting to my fluffy family members.

K• Pants

3 years ago

My boyfriend & I have/had our cat(s) on the Banfield plan & it's def worth it for preventative services. I do understand it's a business so if something comes up & has to be done it can be a bit expensive. But that's expected with every vet. Lastly, everyone so far has always been very nice, & they seem to genuinely care about their patients & make them feel as comfortable as they possibly can.

Lory Donahue

3 years ago

Staff is simply amazing and take fantastic care of my Apollo!! As you can see by his smile at his most recent visit! Highly recommend

Mairin Chagnon

3 years ago

I've used Banfield in Chelmsford for years and recently switched to Nashua because the vet I trusted most transferred here. Same wonderful staff and service.

marc bouchard

3 years ago

Our dogs have had excellent medical attention here, with a very positive attitude from the staff. We pay a monthly fee, and it's well worth it. Highly recommended.

mikey ryan

3 years ago

Very nice staff out front a d the veterinarian staff is great. Friendly, helpful, very professional. My little chihuahua still doesn't enjoy going there but they do take care of him very good .

Nicole Daniela

3 years ago

When my sweetheart Havanese turned 8 , I decided as he is aging to return to Banfield to ensure that we will find knowledgeable CARE and be treated properly while choosing to pay for the monthly plan. Said and done, in July we scheduled our fist visit with a complaint that my baby has been limping showing me that he was holding his left front paw up. When I explained this to the Vet /Dr. Sarah Senecal supposedly examined him, and came back telling me that his limping is related to a cervical issue and she prescribed Midazolam and told me to let her know how he does after a week. It turns out, as I have a lovely groomer who comes home that she discovers that his paw pad is severely cracked , reason why my baby has been limping. Now, imagine going to a " professional " who not only doesn't do her job properly, perhaps the teachers lacked on how to examine a dog's reasons for limping, or ? I let you be the judge. However, while undergoing the first visit I am addressing the fact that I would like to schedule a cleaning. Again, Dr. Vet ONLY talks to me about how great the idea is to have his teeth cleaned as it could develop in other dental complications. Well enough, we went to out Dental cleaning appointment. Dr. doesn't go over any of my baby's real dental state, and I am being ensured that he is in good hands. Now remember, I took him for Dental Cleaning only, but have been reminded that if there is a problem and any extractions are needed they will call me, and won't do anything without my consent. Well, about 3 hours later, I receive a call from Dr/Vet Sarah Senecal and she tells me that my baby did well, he is fine ... BUT ... 6 teeth in the bottom front fell out . Just simply fell out while she cleaned them. Please remember, there was no thorough examination nor Dr. Sarah Senecal took any time with me pre procedure to examine my Havanese and prepare me for what MIGHT happen, in order for me to be able to make the right decision for my angel. When I receive the call, please understand that I fainted , then became angry. Yes very rightfully angry questioning what happened to the call I was supposed to get also ? Please understand, that while during a procedure, if they would make more money , they will call you right the way , but they came to me asking me " Would you've loved to have your dog laying there alone under anesthesia while we call you ? Please explain the RATIONAL , and reasonable common sense to that question ? Then, the Manager of the Nashua Banfield takes over because apparently instead of bowing to thank them that they didn't perhaps kill my Havanese, I was upset of the outcomes, of the dental cleaning, and have been showed and educated post this nightmare of what ( of course already happened ) but what was supposed to be done by the Dr. , however this was the lecture of the Manager post the damage caused. In conclusion, Dr. Sarah Senecal expressed frustration that I did not treat her as a professional, showing the melodrama and refusing to be in contact with me. So obviously , also after running blood work and noticing some results being off, those as well were never addressed and discussed with me. I try to understand what this service , medical/veterinary place is all about ? What happened with the word CARE ? What happened with COMMUNICATION ? Are they serious about their respect towards us the people who through these Plans we are paying on the monthly basis , paying the visits, provide them a way of making a living ? And ultimately, I have a question to all that you would choose to go to this location and have your baby seen by Dr. Sarah Senecal ? What would you do ? Would you trust them? Would you continue to pay the Plan ? Thank you for your time ! The DAMAGE is done on all occasions, and when I mentioned that I want my baby's teeth back and I will no longer pay , the Regional Manager threatened and continue to support the " WAR against me attitude " and tell me that I will pay for the cleaning , if I choose to end the plan with them, and accused me for mistreating her by calling her sweetie.

Renee Turcotte

3 years ago

Amazing Royal Canin prescription section !


3 years ago

The vet was very professional and super kind.

Tiffany Emond

3 years ago

I always bring both of my dogs here. I have never had a bad experience here and my dogs seem to like them. ????


4 years ago

So I have a wonderful history with Banfield hospital. Between the convenient monthly payment plans and the fantastic staff between both Manchester and Nashua. Yesterday I had to make the very hard to decision to lay my baby, Milo, to rest and the staff was unbelievably supportive considering my financial situation. They went above and beyond. I can’t thank the Nashua location for all of their support yesterday in probably THE hardest decision I’ve ever had to make and for making my baby as comfortable as possible. I know he was in good hands. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️????????????????????

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