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Tatica Gonzalez

2 years ago

If you need to take a great care of your pet this is the best place for it. I can't describe how great they are. Everyone is professional and nice . The boarding camp is amazing . I left my dog" Yiyo" there for 11 days and he looks healthy , they also gave me all his stuff clean . I really appreciate everything they did to take very good care of my BB.

Sean Kirby

2 years ago

The staff is very caring and exceedingly competent. I have found since it was bought out by a large corporation that has not helped business. It used to be very very crowded in the waiting room but now it has been 1 or 2 max waiting. I have found that scheduling an appointment has become more difficult. I think the corporation has ruined the small town feel of the Vet. I WANT TO STRESS AGAIN IT IS NOT THE STAFF. Although I have found that they seem less satisfied with their jobs

Carla Renny

2 years ago

Dr. Allison Detelich is AMAZING!! Love her! She is compassionate, thorough, responsive and empathetic. She is professional, personable and knowledgeable! She was there for me 10 years ago when I had to put my dog down. I was a total mess and she was so kind. She even offered to meet with my (then) 5 year old to explain things! Needless to say, she was my Vet then, she is my Vet NOW and ways will be !! Thank you Dr. Detelich!! All the staff, from front desk to techs to the other docs have all been fantastic!! Thank you all !!

Janice Phillipps

2 years ago

I am very grateful that Wignall was willing to take my pet on as a new patient with short notice, particularly since many neighboring animal hospitals are operating at capacity with no openings for new patients. My pet needed urgent treatment and Wignall reached out to extend both comprehensive and compassionate care, immediately. I found the pet treatment plan offered, fostered partnering between pet owner and attending veterinarian (Dr Cringan), keeping up the likelihood of a positive outcome.

John Gillotte

2 years ago

2nd time with Wignall Boarding and both experiences have been excellent. My dog was treated incredibly well and very happy with the entire experience of making the reservation, ease of sending in required documents and information and answering any other questions I may have had.

Tom Catyb

2 years ago

I find Wignall to be a very good basic pet care clinic and hospital. The big thing for me is that they are full service and care about my dogs. They are also not afraid to refer you elsewhere when the care requires specialization. If I had one complaint, it is the cost of simple services. I do not however find the costs to be outrageous, just a bit more than others. Boarding services are awesome, vets and staff are caring, and I find them to go out of their way when helping with information.

Dan Chinnu

2 years ago

Terrible care. Brought my dog in to be checked for an issue, she came out limping. When pressed for information we were given inconsistent information and that she somehow fell off the exam table. So you’re leaving an animal on a tall surface alone?? When my dog was dying from terminal cancer and was trying to ensure she wasn’t in too much pain they made me jump through hoops. They cared more about her liver levels, not even important at that stage in her illness, they were passive aggressive/rude because I went to an emergency vet, basically accused me of abusing pain medications for my Dog. My family has gone to this vet for a long time, will be switching all of their care from this. It is really disappointing to see the decline in quality veterinary care.

Rachael Grosman

2 years ago

The entire staff at Wignall is friendly, courteous and professional. They care about your pets and you. They are helpful in making tough decisions and are sympathetic when an owner loses an animal family member.

Shawn Lucien

2 years ago

We always have good experiences with them.

Victoria Stone

2 years ago

I rescued a dog, and Wignall does everything in my boy's best interest. They follow up all the time. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my little boy.

Cove Cove5

2 years ago

We recently had to bring Buddy in for a final visit to Wignalls Animal Hospital. Although we knew that the condition that he had would ultimately be his last, the staff and Dr Thompson were awesome. They helped us through the difficult diagnosis and process. The treatment that he was given during this trying time was second to none. They were extraordinary in the means to prolong his life as long as was humanely possible. In the end the care and love they showed for Buddy will never be forgotten! See you around pal!!

Charles Bell

2 years ago

It is a pleasure to know when we have to leave our wonderful dog Beau that he is in great hands. Peace of mind when we are on vacation to know a most important family member is in great hands.

Jason Tobin

2 years ago

I just wish they were a little clearer on the billing. The price I was quoted was a lot different from what I ended up paying . Other then that very good

Kevin Burke

2 years ago

On time Excellent staff Caring Dr.’s

Tricia Neary

2 years ago

My golden retriever "Melodi" drags me into daycare/boarding at Wignall. She loves it! When she gets home from daycare she is exhausted after playing with her friends all day. Can't say enough about the staff - they are kind, professional and so sweet to all of our fur babies. Highly recommend!

Scott Lyon

2 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS AS YOU ANIMAL HOSPITAL, we had been taking our dog there since she as born ( shes is 8 now) and slowly the service started to worsen. Recently scheduled a standard nail trim and rabbis shot. When I went it with the doctor I was then attacked with other things she needed and was not prepared to spend almost $1,000 that they had not informed me about. IN addition they tricked me into buying a $150 pill for my perfectly healthy dog which she did not need. Worst part is that we left keeping in mind we came in for a simple nail trim AND THEY DIDNT EVEN TRIM THER NAILS! never going back horrible service, clearly no communication between the staff.

Nanna Rondeau

2 years ago

I have six dogs and a cat they care for currently and they have cared for my pets for over 16 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, love everyone from the all the doctors to everyone at the front desk

Edward Brown

3 years ago

Initially switched to Wignall for convivence since we live in Dracut. One of our pets has skin allergies/seizures and has been quite a lot of work to keep up with over the years. One of the Vet’s at the hospital has been excellent, but that’s where it stops. On another recent visit with another vet, it felt more like bringing a car into an oil change and being upsold for services. The vet went through a litany of services that could be done, all of which had already been done. She continually asked about his medical history all which Wignall has and should have been reviewed before the visit. Left a very bad feeling after the visit. Also, the Vet made a unilateral decision to take him off his seizure medicine without informing us. Why would a vet risk a pets life without talking to the owners. With the last visit, the vet was a bit nicer but didn’t address the issue with the dog. The Vet indicated that dog has an ear infection but didn’t offer any treatment. Three days later the dog was tilting his head and his eye where twitching. After calling Wignall, they indicated to bring him into an emergency facility if we felt he needed to be. We are not Vets, which is the reason why we call one for advice. Eventually brought the dog to another emergency Vet who was excellent and informed us of several issues going on which the initial vet didn’t catch. Wignall one point did call and leave a message and stated that the dog might be suffering from his disease and to go to an emergency room. What disease? They never told me he had a disease. Bottom line spent $1000 for two emergency visits that could have been done in one with Wignall. The vet in practice makes you feel like they are there just for money and not because of the love of a pet. There are much better options out there. Stay away and find another vet.

Cheyenne Alexander

3 years ago

My dog had a seizure for the first time and the staff were so kind over the phone and assisted as soon as we got to wignalls. Dr. Thomas was so helpful and answered all my questions. The next day Dr. Thomas and someone from the front desk called to check in and see how Nala was doing.

Katie Mahoney

3 years ago

They were so kind and caring when I had to put my dog to sleep. Staff is wonderful. Would highly recommend.

Karen Kaczmarski

3 years ago

Very Happy with my last experience with Wignall Animal Hospital for my Dog Becky


3 years ago

The service was great. The doctors are awesome. When your pets are in their care, rest assure that they are being totally attended to and cared for. They are always constantly keeping you informed and up to date with what is going on with your pet. They will call you and check up on your pet. What I like most about Wignall Animal Hospital is the fact that you get to speak directly to the doctor. This is the BEST place for your pet to receive care????????

antonio calheta

3 years ago

They lied to us about trimming his nails they never did, I know my dog, if it happens again with any dishonesty I will embarrass you all

John Azevedo

3 years ago

I brought my dog in for a rabies shot and even though i repeated just a rabies shot 5 times i was ignored the only responce i got was i understand while the doctor continued the wellness exam i never asked for i was charged 70 dollars fo services they apparently felt they coud decide to do on there own they lied to my face this is a bad vet

Karen Raymond

3 years ago

They treat their associates and groomers very poorly which is why they aways have a new groomer. They hire people who have experience so they don't have to train, but then write people up if they do something wrong. Terrible place to work! Knowing that the staff is always stressed out I wouldn't want them touching my pets.Managers will lie to cover themselves so they don't get into trouble and then the associates get written up for their lie. I could go on and on.

Nicole Denis

3 years ago

My dog came in on 5/22/20 for surgery to remove all the stones that she has had we paid thousands of dollars in today is 5/27/20 Which she pass the stone when we were told they were all removed I called this morning spoke to the veterinarian she was very surprised she says it could’ve been because of all the blood that she had and she was very inflamed but she even didn’t give me an exclamation or at least refund for the thousands that we spend this is not right I don’t think thousand dollars that we spent in supposedly all the stones were removed and she just passed one it’s not cheap it’s very expensive very upset I was happy when we arrived on the 22nd I was excited now I don’t write this hospital or Vet my dog Roxy cruz

Sam Fuller

4 years ago

Holly has a terrible attitude! Terrible bedside manners and is constantly sighing and rolling her eyes. She checked me into a room with my cat for her spay the other day and you could tell she was annoyed because I had to call my husband before signing the estimate.This is not my first time or interaction with her. I have seen and meet her previously in rooms a while ago and she was the same way back then. It’s time for you to retire! Also, I can hear doctors and techs talking badly about clients. Very unprofessional!

Meghan Boyer

4 years ago

It pains me to write a bad review, but I just want to save others the agony that we have gone through. First and foremost, I would like to say not one staff member has been rude or treated my pet unfairly. We are new to the area and took our doggo in for a sick visit. We were asked if we wanted to sign up for the wellness membership, which we agreed to since it would save us money on vaccines as well as vet visits. I also asked for flee/tick and heart gaurd. At the the end of the visit we were instructed to come back in a few weeks for a follow-up vaccine and paid the amount due. A week later we received a bill in the mail for the balance, which came as a shock because we were under the impression we paid the full amount while at the office. We did not receive an invoice at checkout though, and noticed on the bill sent via mail, we had been charged for everything, visit and vaccines, but had not been added for the wellness membership. When returning back, I brought it up to the staff, and they responded "it's because your dog came in for a sick visit and not a wellness check up so that visit would not have been applicable for the wellness membership". The staff agreed to have a manager call us to review the bill and changes and we would hold off paying for her current vaccination round until we had an answer. Never received a call, but we did receive another bill with interest applied. I called and this time and had to voice my concerns around how the situation was handled. The person who answered the phone very politely advised me that a manager would call us today. We still have yet to receive a phone call. Unfortunately, this will be my last attempt to get this settled and just pay the bill. But we will not be returning to Wignall.

P.J. Whitten

4 years ago

Wignall is great I highly recommend them. Especially if you have and animal with anxiety or that is fearfull. My dog has done a complete turn around from having to be in a crate when people are over to being out and around the whole family on Easter!

Alexis Reid

4 years ago

I love this vet hospital so much for my four legged friend! I recently switched from one of their sister hospitals (yikes) and I’m so happy to be here! This is a great place with great people! My dog can be a little nervous coming to a vet and I feel so confident with the people at Wignall to care for my boy! Even starting with the front desk staff, they were so amazing and kind and helpful. I wanted information on boarding and they were able to help with everything! The tech and doctor were also amazing and I am so happy with their services! They could see my boy was nervous and they helped him out and made him feel comfortable with the situation. It was only an annual appointment with a few shots and they were so good with him! I’m extremely confident in the staff at Wignall and am glad I made the switch! I am so happy to be bringing my dog here!

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