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Stephanie Lane

2 years ago

Alot of inventory on racks in the shopping isles. They do not have prescription dog food my vet recommended. But they have a large selection of dog food otherwise.

Sandy Dustin

2 years ago

GROSS. Dead fish, the store needs to close. Disgusting disregard for the animals.

Kimberly Watson

2 years ago

The store was trashed. I just was surprised how a mess the store was. Looked like a big sale happened and it was in disarray. The associate there was re tagging and ringing people out. She had an awesome personality she lights up the room with her smile. Had a lot of sold put products but if I needed something they offered to have it shipped.

Douglas Tepe

2 years ago

Amazing selection of fish supplies!

Pam Munn

2 years ago

Store was very messy and not a whole lot of items.

Abrianna Perez

2 years ago

I have never in my life seen a store in such a state of disarray. It’s truly horrifying to think what state the animals in the store are in considering how the store looks. Pee stains all over the floor, boxes blocking every single aisle(half sorted through, with items scattered all across the aisles), dog food aisles completely blocked with wrapped pallets full of food. Haven’t had supplies I’ve needed for months, and only had small bags of my dogs normal food. What in the world happened? The girl at the register was on her phone which normally I would never comment on but considering the state of the store it was very alarming. Please petco, do something about this store and check these animals!

Angela Kelly

2 years ago

Carol at the grooming salon is wonderful, Leo absolutely adores her! She even made us a Christmas card with his paw print. Definitely, highly recommend????

Victoria Crawford

2 years ago

The selection for live feeders for reptiles was awful. Some containers had actual mold. The to go containers all had dead insects. If you care about your reptile don’t go here. That was just awful.

Ryan Gosselin

2 years ago

They always have everything I need for my turtles. Plenty of stock for everything you need. Sometimes staff is difficult to find, but thats understandable since we are still in difficult times.

Robert Avery

2 years ago

Seriously just close the store. If you can’t manage it, keep it stock and decent staff then save everyone the headache and close the store. And I can say this is not cause of the worker shortage or COVID-19 as this has been an issue prior to start of pandemic just now much worse. Aisle and fire exits blocked, employees don’t care and so forth. Shelves not stocked but laying on 20+ pallets laying all over the floor blocking walkways and fire exits. Can barely get a shopping cart down aisles, so glad I didn’t have my disabled son with me, But can we say ADA and Fire code violations? Again just close it.

Emily Landry

2 years ago

What was supposed to be a fun evening of finding a new fish for our tank turned into a depressing evening looking at the saddest fish I’ve ever seen. The Betta fish were barely moving and sitting in filthy water. The fish in the tanks were worse. Some tanks were jam-packed; dead fish were floating around and being eaten by the live ones. Another tank had fish stuck to the filter, presumably dead. I felt awful for these fish which should have a better life than what they are getting at the Concord NH Petco. If I had room, I’d take them all home - but I don’t and I don’t want to give my business to this store… it’s terrible. I get there may be a staffing shortage or other issues, but if you can’t take care of your pets and fish, don’t sell them!

Diane LaVorgna

2 years ago

Like the black Friday specials

Colleen Adams

2 years ago

Horrible customer service. The employees have bad attitudes and are rude to customers. The lines are always long because they have one register open and two or three employees stocking shelves and socializing with each other. None of the employees wear uniforms or name tags - just bummy street clothes. The whole environment of this store is very unprofessional and unwelcoming.

lauren J.

2 years ago

This is probably the grossest Petco I have ever been in. I went to buy fish flakes. All the Aquariums were filthy, dead fish floating. The reptiles all had moldy food and no water. Not to mention the smell, all their habitats were dirty. Animals deserve better!!! Plus the store was a disorganized mess. While the 2 young girls at the registers seemed more interested in talking about their phones….neither one spoke to me as I checked out… up the street to pet smart.

Mackenzie Miller

2 years ago

The fish I got here is still alive and energetic.


2 years ago

Not enough staff to help in aquarium department

Tamriel Forever

2 years ago

So, the employees are great. However, there are unopened pallets everywhere. Also, I overhead a manager (I think I heard someone call her Erica) speaking to an employee in a VERY rude and callous manner. To an extent that I saw the employee CRY! This is horrible. Then, when I left I saw her walk to her car and smoke what looked like a WEED PEN. She was getting high AT WORK. I cannot believe that you would allow a person like that into management. Unacceptable. I'll take my business to PetSmart because of her.

LuAnne Ryall

2 years ago

Good assortment, but al adds s, they didn't have a cat harness that would work for my Houdini kitty.

Lynn Annicchiarico

2 years ago

Usually have what I am looking for. Friendly staff.

P Gamache

2 years ago

They have no Science Diet canned cat food. Haven't had for a few weeks now. Not their fault but doesn't help my hungry cat....

Robert and Nancy Trowsdale

2 years ago

It is a Petco. Pretty straight forward. But. . . The shelves were pretty empty and the was stock all over the floor and in the isles waiting to put up.


2 years ago

Always polite, helpful, staff. Only wish they had more animals for kiddos to see.

Eliza Glatkowski

2 years ago

They had super cute dog toys. My dog got a treat at the cashier.

Jess Malatesta

2 years ago

They did an amazing job with my Zoey dog

Waltius Read

2 years ago

i gave a 9 because i know you guys are struggling. I cant imagine how it is to be a plebian. Living day to day, eating scraps. Well, i guess i can. It all started when i lived on a rose farm in india. My grandmother, her name was poppy, and she got the rest of fam offed. You see she was involved with the Yakuza. So we left our home for greener pastures. We headed for the USA. Things weren't all sunshine though. Before long I had to work on a rice plantation in east LA. my brother got sick and we had to eat him. My dad told me to listen to my heart through the earth. It made no sense.

Robin B

2 years ago

The cashier was very friendly, efficient, and careful and with my purchases and the store was very clean and we'll organized.

Kelly Jackson

2 years ago

The service was impeccable thank you

Lynne Soule

2 years ago

To much inventory all over store can hardly get up and down isle

Deborah Linaberry

2 years ago

The clerk was so very helpful, guiding me through the maze of dog food products. She hates the Farmer's Dog food, and hasn't been eating her previous food. The young lady spent a good amount of time with me, explaining the benefits of the different brands. So far so good, She likes the Royal Canin!!! Hooray!!!!

Courtney Martin

2 years ago

Always a great experience, they always have what I need.

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