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Issac Durgin

2 years ago

Always been there for my pets great at explaining what's going on and accurate very kind. These people are here for you n your pets health (mentally/physically and not just out for the almighty dollar.

Megan Thellen

2 years ago

Knowledgeable, compassionate and prompt staff. Dr Jane is especially fabulous!

Chris E

2 years ago

A culmination of issues that resulted in us pulling our dog out of their practice, mainly with Laurie (receptionist) yet also with medical advice by vets. *Wife and I spoke to two l trainers and the best vet in Boston, all of which disagreed with advice below offered by receptionist directly (odd) and vets* ◦ Vet and receptionist Laurie recommended to neuter our Golden Retriever puppy before 12 months and would not even listen to any research which there definitely is enough by now. There was quite a broad research on 32 different breeds (university of dallas) last year which showed yet another link between cancer, joint issues and the age at which dog was neutered. It is unfortunate that their vet does not even try to educate themselves on the issue before blaming owners for making their dogs develop properly. When we said we won’t do so they keenly threatened to kick us out of daycare. I understand that this was a requirement, yet when we signed up, he was 7 months old, well behaved and I was told as long as there is no issues he can still come in. ◦ Receptionist strongly recommended to stop feeding our dog grain free diet, we feed Orijen and lamb mixed in for some food they probably sell there, perhaps purina… I have nothing against grain diets and there is a link to DCM for which I’m aware of and supplement for. The problem with conventional diets isn’t the grains it is mostly the filler and the need to feed your dog 5 cups of food a day, not nutrient dense. We only feed 2 cups a day of Orijen. They recommended Hills, no surprise that's what they sell. ◦ Receptionist Laurie (later confirmed by vet) adamantly recommended to stop crate training our dog, as crate training is per receptionist Laurie is "like keeping a child locked in a room" and she knows cus "[she] has dogs". Let’s begin by saying my dog holds two titles , takes training classes 1-2 times a week, does therapy work. He has a schedule and gets exercise four times a day. Vet recommended to exercise him more by running a lot, although his joints aren’t fully developed, he is under a year and already gets 3 hours of physical activity daily, this isn’t him being out and about this is walking, nose work, so living puzzles, swimming, playing, fetching. Receptionist said we keep the dog in the crate too long, however, dog is in crate for 5 hours a day while I'm working from home broken in between with walks. Do not know where to begin with crate training… this could cause destructive behavior, separation anxiety as I work form home, and creates a safe space for the dog. ◦ We wanted to have prescriptions written for heartworm and tick prevention as it is cheaper at Chewy… when we said we’d still like to do it they started to get flaky and said if we bought from them we got a special discount and lied and stated that if we get the products elsewhere we won’t have coverage for treatment of Lyme disease if my dog was to develop it. Odd, I called chewy, that isn’t the case. Just was a shady business practice, probably because it's a high margin reoccurring reliable source of revenue for vet practices. ◦ My cat needed an operation on his nostrils, had a very hard time breathing. They referred me to their specialist knowing they were busy and booked for months. My cat would snort while walking, showing signs of distress. I called every vet in the state and MA. I found one who could magically fit us in because I knew someone else whom they know. It was hard to find one when it is urgent. When i asked to transfer records to another clinic for the surgery, they didn’t want to do so as they aren’t the recommended ones and kept talking about how if it was their animal they would send them there cus its a board certified surgeon, oddly so was the practice we found - not that remarkable. The cat was in distress, difficulty breathing, unable to exercise, he needed help yet I think their referral credit was more important than his health. The kitty is absolutely fine now, living his best life, still sending updates to the clinic we got the procedure done at.


2 years ago

Always an exceptional experience .... Great staff , knowledgeable in their execution and with exceedingly amiable presentation????

Janet Killary

2 years ago

Have even going here since 1988, everyone is very courteous and the Vets are fantastic. Highly recommend Cilley Vet for all your pets needs.

Elizabeth Morales

2 years ago

They are the best. I moved up North, but I will still be coming here.

Doris Varney

2 years ago

Great experience.Take time too explain if any issues arise

Jim Miller

2 years ago

A bit pricey, but excellent care. We've been customers for almost 30 years.

Richard Tomasello

2 years ago

They are our go to vet they have been taking care of our pets for over 20 years. We love Dr.Heck and Brooke and all of their staff they are so caring and thorough ...thanks for all the love Cilley vet!!

Amanda Wright

3 years ago

Very friendly staff they know what they are doing

Elena Coleman

3 years ago

Kind staff and easy to work with. Seem to actually care about your pet and respect your decisions. Have fit us in last minute multiple times for emergencies.

Amanda Noel

3 years ago

They are always great with all my dogs. Never had an issue in 4 years.

Cheryl Bourassa

3 years ago

We have been taking our animals to Cilley for decades. It is a small animal hospital with staff who have been there for ages. They know our pets; they know us. It is a very warm and caring place. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Forrest Crooks

3 years ago

Cilley's is fantastic, from their doggy day care to their pet care, everyone is friendly and they are great with your furry babies!!

Gerry Dunn

3 years ago

Very friendly, good service, and they love animals!

Joan Herrington

3 years ago

I could not be more pleased with Cilley Vet. I use them exclusively for all my dog’s needs. Dr. Heck provides wonderful, patient care and his staff is kind, helpful and professional. The doggie day care and kennel staff loves my dog as if he were their own, as does Shelly when she grooms him. Because of Cilley Vet, I can enjoy a family vacation without worrying about my ????!

Jonathan Dalton

3 years ago

Excellent Practice...staff is great and communication is excellent w e mails etc. Dr. Jane Barlow is great and I have the utmost confidence in the care she gives our dog Frank. The Daltons- Peterborough NH

Kenneth Boyle

3 years ago

Our Bernese Mountain dog is a most important part of our family. Molly is affectionate, loving and loyal, and deserves the best and longest life possible. We trust her health to Cilley Veterinarian Clinic because they are skilled, kind and thoughtful in Molly’s treatment. They also react quickly in the times of Molly’s needs. Thank you to all who work there and for their compassion and love of all pets but especially for our Molly. Ken and Dale.

Maddie Parris

3 years ago

We love everyone at Cilley Vet! Our animals get the best care and we’re never rushed. I recently brought in my feral kitten who’s shy with everyone but me and she let the staff handle and love her cause she get safe!

melissa near

3 years ago

Dr Barlow is the best!!!!

Melissa Sayre

3 years ago

Was an easy, quick, and simple appointment that had no complications or anything. Everyone was very nice to me and my little baby #1 haha.

Sharon Conway

3 years ago

I love Cilley! The staff and vets there treat my baby like she is one of their own. Friendly, professional and responsive. Bea (my rescue Anatolian) loves it there and so do I!

Todd Brown

3 years ago

I would not take my pet anywhere else! They understand the love of a pet and their owner.

Tracy B

3 years ago

Dr. Farrell and all the staff are so kind and caring to me and my dog and cat. I have a dog with health problems and they are always helpful, even when I have last minute needs! Couldn't be happier with Cilley Vet!

Trevor Swan

3 years ago

Amazing staff! They are so caring and compassionate!

Wendy Glass

3 years ago

Nice and caring people. I only had my cat there once when neutered. They were helpful and I'd bring my cats here if I lived closer. My son brings his puppy here.

Alma Aubin

4 years ago

Great staff, very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They show that they care for animals.

Michael Beno

4 years ago

It's a shame we have to leave Cilley because of one person receptionist Laurie B. We have been going to Cilley Vet. For 2.5 years with our 5 animals. The rest of the staff are awesome. Everytime we go there and are greeted by Laurie (if you want to call it that) as we stand before her and wait for her to pickup her head. She has made medication labeling mistakes and it always seems her left hand doesn't know what her right one is doing. All my wife did was call to make an appointment for a rabies shot for our dog on July 30th and she was told that they couldn't fit her in until Aug 24th. My told her we are very flexible, we don't work anything will do before Aug. 6th. She was very rude to my wife and told her we could go somewhere else if Cilley didn't fit our needs and hung up. I wouldn't be writing this negative review right now if when I came to pickup my animals records from Mike (vet tech manager) if she didn't give me the biggest smirking smile. That was the first time I ever seen her smile in 2.5 years. Wow, what a awesome greeter!

S. Bach

4 years ago

The doctors and staff helped us care for our chronically ill cat. They kindly explained procedures and compassionately walked us through the steps to saying goodbye to our cat. A wonderful clinic with wonderful employees.

Tona Blanchard

4 years ago

Great caring staff reasonably priced services. Even have grooming services

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