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Eric Andrikowich

2 years ago

First time adopter of a dog. I love her so much. Apple is a sweetheart and would recommend this place anyday

Christine Entrekin

2 years ago

Very receptive and caring staff. Responded to all my questions promptly. We found our forever fur baby there. So glad they rescued him from abusive circumstances.

Amanda Cox

2 years ago

I saw a small dog that I wanted to meet. He was the same breed as my current dog, and he was only a couple of pounds more than my current dog. I submitted an application online, and I send an email asking if they adopt out of state. I never heard back via email. I proceeded to call. Over the course of several hours, I probably called 15 times before I actually got to speak to a person. There was an option to leave a voicemail, which I did, but no one was returning the voicemail. The man I spoke to on the phone told me I should come in the next day at 2:30PM during their open adoption hours to meet the dog. I asked to make an appointment earlier in the day because I was coming from out of state and did not want to be driving back in the dark. I was told I could come in at 12PM the next day. I was also told that the dog was not finished being vetted and would not be able to leave with me the next day if I adopted him. The next day I drive two hours from out of state to meet the dog. I brought my current dog with as I was told the two could meet each other during the appointment. I arrived 30 minutes prior to my appointment time. The woman at the desk said the dog had already been adopted. I asked when he was adopted, and she said that morning. I proceeded to asked why she could not have enough decency to pick up the phone and call me so I did not make a 4 hour round trip to meet the dog. The woman proceeded to tell me I could look at other dogs. I told her I was looking for a sibling for my current dog, who she could clearly see how tiny he was in my arms. She was extremely rude in her tone of voice. It was clear that she could care less about the fact that I scheduled an adoption appointment and drove 2 hours to meet the dog. She was not even the slightest bit empathetic. I realize rescues are in the business to place dogs in homes, but this is more of a quick turn around shelter than a rescue. They don't have any regard for proper customer service or professionalism. An apology and a bit of empathy would have been appreciated in this circumstance, but they clearly aren't in the business of caring about potential adopters.

Jasmin Marie Rutter

2 years ago

We adopted our handsome dog here in May. Staff was great and answered our questions. They showed us a few dogs before we found the right one.

Joan Mirantz

2 years ago

Very friendly staff! Went to see a potential new family member. Not a good fit this time but will be back. Application process is easy and responsive.

Joseph Scott

2 years ago

Be aware they are not a professional groomer. Also their boarding services comes with onerous verifications and they left us hanging after we brought in all the paperwork we thought we were good to go but they did not check this paperwork when we brought it in and instead waited until later and they for some reason was unable to call us back and we ended up on the day we needed their services scrambling for a place to keep our pets safe while we went on a short trip.

Sarah Cleaver

2 years ago

Everyone there truly cares about the dogs. They were very sweet with us too. The dog my daughter was interested in was adopted while we were waiting to meet her. The volunteers apologized, but there was nothing they could have done. It was so kind that they cared so much about our disappointment. We are hoping to adopt from them when they get more small dogs in.

Paula Cram

2 years ago

We got our new baby from here and couldn't be more excited thank you so much for rescuing her from Florida so she could come and ve lived her in NH

J sullo

2 years ago

I would highly recommend Darbster Doggie. We adopted our dog a month ago and it was such an easy process. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We told them what we were looking for in a dog, and they matched us up perfectly with our Emma girl ????. We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt with Darbster.

Brian Worthen

2 years ago

Did a foster with Elijah and the staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience would highly recommend, they do a great job with the facility and they take excellent care of the fur babies. They even gave Elijah and I some food, treats, a leash and collar, as well as a bunch of other stuff to get us started. 5 out of 5!!

Felicia Meow

2 years ago

Good interaction . great response

Andrew Faxon

2 years ago

Polite loving caring kind and very helpful

Jeremiah Jones

2 years ago

Great service and caring for the rescue animals. Found a wonderful puppy to adopt and will adopt again in the future.

Ty Gioacchini

2 years ago

We adopted Mingo (Ming-Ding, Ding-dong, Mango, etc.) last December and he has been such a happy boy since then. Can’t imagine life without him! Many thanks to Darbster for their ease of adopting, guidance, and great work!

Alexandra Geddes

2 years ago

The only reason I’m okay with 1 star instead of 0 is the employee that showed me my dog was very knowledgeable about how to help him. But when I was adopting a 530$ dog they refused to take him outside in a way that was comfortable for him. Instead the staff dragged him by his neck with a collar that didn’t fit past 7 people. I just asked them to meet me in back by my car. It’s a reasonable request. Then I waited over an hour to sign a single paper. When I was going to my car I was forced to pick up my dog for them to take a photo where we were both clearly uncomfortable since he didn’t like to be touched yet and he was 44lbs and I’m not the strongest, just so they could brag about a nice adoption. They sent me with the bare minimum of food(food for an adult and they said hes 10m old) and a collar and leash. My dog had zero belongings, no comfort toy or blanket nothing. They said he was skittish and hard to get close to but now that he’s here it’s quite the opposite leading me to believe the staff made him uncomfortable. He tried to escape by climbing their fence. I am genuinely disgusted. On top of that my dog was sold in their words “as is” like a car. Any adoption place worth anything at least pays for the first vet visit and has a 7 day guarantee. They did not offer the care he was given such as tick or heart medication so I am afraid to overlap and endanger him. I have no idea the weight he should be so I have to get him checked by my vet anyway. If you go do it to rescue the dogs from them. I’ve spoken to Kelly the manager of operations about my dog lunging at my other dog and just wanted them to warn other families that not everything will be perfect so they might be better prepared but I have the knowledge to train my dog so i plan to keep him. She then said they were disappointed that he was given to me and implied he hadn’t gone to a good home because I don’t approve of the way they handle situations and wanted to help other families. On the phone call I actually didn’t insult them just said next time be more careful or warn people because I know things happen. Kelly on the other hand was very insulting. Accusing me of calling just to complain twice when my original call was for vet information which I never actually received which is odd since she knew I asked. They clearly aren’t as concerned with things as they let on. She was more concerned with bad reviews then actually helping anything.

Brandon Ryan

2 years ago

Can't recommend this place enough, Very friendly staff and a new selection of adoptable dogs every week! The adoption process is incredibly smooth as well.

Gary Tarr

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable

Judy Fogarty

2 years ago

Very happy with the foundation and the puppies that I adopted.

Linda Weymouth

2 years ago

People were not up front that a particular dog had been previously returned 4-5 times. They gave her to a small Sr. woman, who was not strong enough to hold the dog while on leash. VERY POOR MATCH. They also charge for both the adoption AND return.

tammy berdal

2 years ago

I found my best friend at Darbster Doggie. The staff are very patient and knowledgable. Meco the staff trainer introduced me to my dog at the meet and greet in such a goid way it was very successful. The process protects the dogs and yet is easy. Also the prices it is amazing they include neuturing, vaccine, well check, heart worm guard and so much more. I feel blessed

Kevin Bentley

2 years ago

Darbster Doggy was great to work with throughout the whole process. The staff was kind and professional. The facility is well kept and has lots of room for the dogs to play. Zion is a great addition to our family and so thankful to have found him.

Anitrea Wright

2 years ago

Found a dog that absolutely loved my family. This dog even fell in love with my brother. Got my weekend plans all cancelled for a meet and greet with one of my dogs. Before I could even get my dog in the car the next day I was left a message stating to not bother that I was not a fit for her and try again with a different one in the process. She had the wrong breed put on here and I was told she was not trained and disobedient. A beautiful dog worth the work as she was a cuddle bug and a fast learner, great with kids and other dogs. I found that she was very treat motivated. Had her sitting, laying down, paw and rolling over. Which astounds me knowing that she was not “trained” and that was in the 10 minutes that was allotted to visit. Wish they could understand that each of these babies have special needs as they all come from different environments.

Kathryn Goffredo

2 years ago

The staff at Darbster Doggy were professional and knowledgeable about all the dogs in there facility. They were patient with us as we asked questions about the adoption process. We didn’t feel rushed or pressured at any time. They introduced us to a dog that was perfect for our family. They work so hard to care for all their dogs. We can’t thank them enough!

Wendy B

2 years ago

So, my kiddo had to bring back her dog because she didn't know that he was super anxious and it was not at all fair for gim to have to be alone (and perhaps the staff didn't either as he wouldn't really have been all by himself when they were there) but when they put him back on the website, the info they posted wasn't completely accurate. I helped my daughter fill out the form when we dropped him off so I know that they knew the correct info. I so hope he got placed with someone who can be with him more. We miss him.

Caryn Picarillo

2 years ago

My son and I adopted the most handsome pit bull mix from Darbster a few months ago. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is exactly how they said he was: a big, medium energy marshmallow. It has been the best impulsive decision I've ever made. I will definitely return to Darbster for my next dog!

Julie Mcmahon

3 years ago

They are amazing and the dogs we're happy and healthy.

g “coolone1won”

3 years ago

They never answer the phone and take days to get back to you.

Giselle Beccancourt

3 years ago

Honestly, if I could give Darbster Doggy a 10 star or a 100 star rating, I would 100%! In my experience in adopting from rescues and by evidence of the this particular staff's unequivocal demonstration of the blood, sweat and tears and undivided attention in their wholehearted diligence in ensuring that all of their animals are placed in homes where they will get the deserving nurturing and love is absolutely second to none in this state! As a corporate executive and an rescue advocate (as evidenced by my many rescue fur babies), my standards are extremely high and Darbster Doggy surpassed my bar of excellence. Kiddos to this awesome rescue and the staff. Kelly, who is the operations manager, is truly representative of what all rescues should have and that is an advocate who demonstrates that she gives her entire heart and soul into their mission. God bless and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

John French

3 years ago

Very professional! Absolutely make sure that these rescue dogs go to a good home. Check out your Vet and references. Still in that process. I've rescued my last two dogs and better get approved. Out of the 4 dogs they showed me their was one that instantly touched my heart. I want her badly!!!

Mark Vitiello

3 years ago

Great people, gorgeous dogs and a very simple straight forward adoption process

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