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Lena Vitagliano (Lenalv65)

2 years ago

Professional, responsive and caring. I can't imagine going to any other veterinarian - Dr. Rydstrom is top notch. She actually cares about my pup, Bogey.

Carly Lynch

2 years ago

Always have a great experience with here (although my dog might disagree.) They are so wonderful with us and our pup who is quite scared of vet visits. They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and patient.

janet myslowski

2 years ago

I have been going there for 14 yrs They are all very professional and caring. They sre folliwing all covid protocols. With curbside service.after the exam,the vet calls,gives you a full report,answers all questions,and makes suggestions.You can buy food and other supplirs there We see Dr.Jenkins and would follow her if she ever left.She is an excellent veterinarian

Ali Curran

2 years ago

My dog had TPLO surgery and Dr. Rosa was fantastic throughout the whole process. I greatly appreciate all the hard work he put in to helping my dog physically while simultaneously catering my anxieties as well. He takes the time to explain the process in depth and the texting service to check-in after the surgery was one of the best services he offers. It was very reassuring knowing he was available to consult with if needed.

Karen Lang

2 years ago

Our dog had a lump and through Dr. Jenkins we found out she had cancer. She was terrific and very helpful.Dr. Jenkins explained everything to us by spending lots of time and giving exact details on what the problem was. Dr.Rosa performed the surgery and he’s phenomenal! He removed all the cancer. It was quite a procedure. He is extremely knowledgeable, calm and allowed us to ask all the questions we needed to. He made several follow up calls to check on her. He’s outstanding! Would highly recommend them both.

TiJean _

2 years ago

I have been taking my pets to the DW Animal Hospital for over 20 years and have noticed a recent decline in service. Perhaps it is the new "VCA" corporate policies, but I feel as if they are now more interested in getting billable hours rather than actual service/treatment of my pets. Most recently, being billed for a second appointment when all my pet got was a booster shot just 2 weeks after a regular annual check-up.

Robin Lee

2 years ago

I am so thankful for Dr. Rosa and his team at VCA Daniel Webster Animal Hospital. They cared for my kitten after his fall from a third story window. Dr. Rosa thoroughly explained his diagnosis and surgical treatment options. During the entire process, I was kept well informed by phone call and text message of everything that was happening. Dr. Rosa also checked in with me twice before the follow up visit just to be sure all was going well. My kitten has recovered quickly and is wonderfully pain free. Thank you Dr. Rosa and VCA Bedford.

Kellie Chung

2 years ago

I couldn’t be more impressed and satisfied with my experience at VCA Daniel Webster, and particularly with the attentive and high level of care and expertise of Dr. Rosa! My 10.5 year old goldendoodle had a cranial crutiate ligament tear and required TPLO surgery. It can be very difficult to even find an orthopedic surgeon in the area, let alone one as great as Dr. Rosa. He is an extremely intelligent and experienced doctor and does these surgeries multiple times a week on dogs of all sizes and ages. I could tell that he keeps current with the medical literature and procedural best practices for this surgery and others he performs, as well as the treatment required to get the dogs back to a normal state. He also attends conferences regularly to stay current. I’m addition to knowing my dog was in expert hands for the scariest thing we’ve ever been though, perhaps one of the best things about having Dr. Rosa treat my dog was that he spends an inordinate amount of time communicating every detail in plain language and also understands the emotional toll it takes on owners too. Not many doctors will spend an hour+ just talking to you, answering all your questions, explaining everything the way he does on your visits to the office, or as much time as needed on the phone as follow ups to your dog’s visit. After the surgery, he also checked in 1-2 times a day on my dog via text message and was always responsive when I had questions or concerns. I’d text pictures on the incision so that he could make sure my dog was healing properly. If I could give 100 stars, I would. If anything ever happens to my dog again, Dr. Rosa at VCA will be my first call/text!!!

Chloe Cochrane

2 years ago

My dog Matti tore both rear acl (ccl). Dr. Rosa recommended tplo surgery. Dr. Rosa is the absolute best. He brought my dog Matti back to her puppy phase. It is a long, painful process, many ups and downs (which is a given for this type of surgery). Dr. Rosa was so professional and knowledgeable. He takes the time to research best practices, and walked me through the whole process. You will not find anyone better in New England. Their prices are very fair and they were able to work with me many times to accommodate. This has been a long journey- I hope no one has to experience this, but if your dog requires TPLO for torn ccl, you will not find ANYONE better than Dr. Rosa. Thank you for everything you have done for Matti. You’ve added many many pain free years to her life.

Christina Wallen Powers

2 years ago

First timer I came in with my pet for a booster shot I was charged for the booster as well as a very redundant exam(I had had one not two weeks prior). Upon being scheduled for another booster a year or so later, I asked not to have an exam as my dog had had a FULL exam two weeks prior. I was told that it was their practice to give an exam with each shot. When questioned why they could not articulate why. Humans don’t even get an exam with EVERY vaccine, much less a booster. Clearly they tack on a completely unnecessary exam to inflate your bill. I walked out on principle and they lost a customer/patient.

Christina M

2 years ago

We’ve been going here for many years with our pets and the staff have helped us through our best moments as pet owners (like adopting a new animal) and unfortunately, the worst (end of life care). The vets take the time that’s needed to explain your animal’s conditions and options, and never pressure you. Dr. Jessie was recently so compassionate in end of life care for our dog Cash, helping us walk through the decision and assuring us we were doing the right thing when we were very emotional and caught off guard by his decline in health. I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 for the price of this practice compared to others in the area, but the quality of care is great.

Kathy Hatcher

2 years ago

My Lab who had Pancreatitis and IBD, was treated with great care and love by Dr Katharine Jenkins during the last years of his life. I lost him 3 years ago but recently a friend in another country contacted me about their Lab and the meds that saved my Duke's life. I could not remember any of them but I called the hospital and the lady who answered (I am so sorry I did not get her name) very kindly brought up my Duke's records and gave me all his meds and the dosages. I was never happy with VCA but the staff of this hospital go above and beyond in their care both during and after our pets leave this world. Hopefully the information I received will help another animal in distress but once again - this animal hospital has provided me with amazing help. Thank you. PS Dr Jenkins was the only vet there who actually researched my Duke's condition, reading his entire file on his first visit with her. These diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat in both humans and animals but more so with a creature who can only look at you with his eyes trying to tell you how sick he is. Dr Jenkins was the only one who worked so hard for my boy and me.

Marsha Ford

2 years ago

If it wasn't for you folks my dog would still be alive. You care more about money than people's pets. Some of you people should not even be a veterinary or a tech You are heartless. You expect everybody to pay everything up front and not be able to make payments that is so wrong

Linda kiman

2 years ago

Friday may 14 my dog archie broke his dew claw pretty bad. I called and they were able to see him within 2 hours. Took him in and he had to be sedated this was at 5 pm and I was think wow I probably have to leave him overnight and it would probably cost me an arm and a leg. To my surprise he was done by 5.45 and not that expensive. The staff was so great and caring for my baby. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you so much ????for being so great.


2 years ago

I have been using this vets for a few years now and my experiences up until now have been fantastic. All of the vets have been caring, compassionate and friendly, they really do put your pet’s health and happiness first. My most recent visit however had a vet tech who left me feeling sad, disappointed and unhappy. She was rude to both me & my dog and her attitude made it an uncomfortable visit. Taking your animal to a vet is an experience that should be welcoming, not being treated like you are lesser by your vet tech and your pet being treated in an indifferent nature. The vet was wonderful but that experience alone with the vet tech left a sour taste in my mouth and I will be reconsidering using Daniel Webster for my pets’ care going forward.

Jess McQuaid

2 years ago

At some point, I expect this animal hospital to give my dogs their own designated parking spot. With one dog with special needs and both getting on in years, we are regular visitors to the amazing staff at VCA Daniel Webster. I trust every single one of the vets 100%, and special shout outs to Dr. Rosa, Dr. Rydstrom, and Dr. Sullivan. They go above and beyond to take care of your pet as if they were their own. Highly recommend this animal hospital!

Maureen Kumar

2 years ago

I would highly Recommend VCA Bedford NH. Our little guy Jack had a benign growth and had to be neutered . He is a senior dog and also has heart disease . Doctor Rodrigo Rosa took amazing care of him, after surgery he would check on him if we had questions they would answer right away. The care all of our pets have had at VCA is just amazing. . The doctors at VCA Bedford NH also saved my youngest daughters cats life. He was a very sick little guy who needed all of his teeth removed. We would never have known if it wasn't for VCA we probably would of lost him. Everyone at VCA has been so kind and treat our animals as if they were their own . Thank you so much VCA Bedford NH . If I could give 100 stars I would.

Melissa Mazzone

3 years ago

We've been going to VCA DW for years now- 5, maybe? Ever since we moved to the area. They have always been friendly, responsive, kind, and caring. Except this winter, when she tore her CCL (aka, her ACL), I cried. I cried because my poor baby girl. I cried because a 9 year old dog having surgery is scary. I cried because I have a 1 year old and 2 jobs and the post op care seemed like a lot. I cried because dang, that was an expensive estimate. But Dr. Rosa and the team at VCA DW were amazing. The surgery piece, I am obviously not trained in to know otherwise, but her stitches were clean and when they came out, the incision has completely disappeared. But it was the post op care and follow up by Dr. Rosa that spark my review. Texting us all night that first night to hear concerns and see how she was doing. Asking for photos everyday for the first 7 to visually check her incision for infection and healing. Answering questions on a weekend, providing support and encouragement for me, clarifying exercises and PT that we were doing. If your baby needs TPLO surgery for a torn CCL--- Dr. Rosa. 100%. 10 stars. Highly recommend. If your baby just needs regular care- VCA DW, 10 stars, highly recommend.

Kathy Boles

3 years ago

I can say enough about the excellent care my dog has received at VCA. Dr. Rosa took the time to call and speak to me personally after my dog’s surgery and even continued text me throughout her recovery to make sure Sadie was feeling better and if I had any questions or concerns. I will definitely recommend Daniel Webster Animal Hospital VCA and Dr. Rosa to care for your pet. Kathy B.


3 years ago

Doctor checked up with my dog every week or so after surgery for a month to make sure everything was a-okay with him and no issues. It’s great to have a doc that cares so much to follow up

Samantha Russo

3 years ago

We are so grateful for the team at VCA Daniel Webster and especially Dr.Rosa. We had two back to back surgeries for our 1.5year old Doberman ( the first was a neuter + liver biopsy and the second was a TPLO surgery) and it truly felt like we were the only patient. Dr. Rosa was incredibly responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. We are so glad to say Captain is fully healed and back to his energetic self!

Sue Frost

3 years ago

Dr. Rosa at the VCA Daniel Webster Animal Hospital has been absolutely amazing throughout our dog's entire TPLO surgery process. He spent a lot of time prior to the surgery making sure we thoroughly understood all aspects of the surgery, how to prepare, what to expect, what we could do to make it easier on our dog. After the surgery, Dr. Rosa had phenomenal communication. He texted regularly to follow up on our dog's progress and asked for photos to make sure everything was healing as was expected. He made himself available to us at all hours in case there were concerns and/or questions. I can't thank Dr. Rosa enough, he has definitely gone above and beyond any of my expectations (an they are high). Choosing Dr. Rosa and the Daniel Webster Animal Hospital VCA was the best decision ever for our dog's surgery and highly recommend him. I only of wish I could use him for my own personal surgeon, lol.

Ashley Ouimet

3 years ago

My cat lily got hit by a car fractured her leg bad. We brought her to our nearest emergency vet and were told by them that we were either to put her down or have her leg amputated. We were devastated and decided to call around. Dr. Rosa at VCA told us that our cat was young and healthy and had a very high chance of living a normal life with a structure put in. So we decided that this was the best option. We were given the total of everything including visits and X-rays from there out. Lily ended up with the structure in for a few months and is now coming home with the structure off. She lived with pins and rods in her leg for months and Dr. Rosa was there every time I texted with a question. The team there is an amazing one and my cat wouldn’t have made it without them. He told us exactly what to expect and helped us and lily through it all and I am soooo grateful for everyone, especially Dr.Rosa. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done

Jessica Maltese

3 years ago

This place is AMAZING! My little Sophie kitty got spayed here and they treated her like a little princess ????They texted and called frequently to check up on her progress and allowed me to ask as many questions I had. She recovered beautifully. If you think of your animals as your children and they are the world to you as I do, bring them here! Dr. Rosa & Dr. Jenkins are top notch and care about your babies!

Shari Sarris

3 years ago

Dr. Rosa is the best. When my dogs are in his care I know they are getting the best care. My greyhound had surgery for a laceration and now she is healing well. Dr. Rosa checks in on her well being and I appreciate his thoughtful care.

Briana Whalen

3 years ago

We decided to go through VCA for our pups second TPLO (sadly common after a first tear due to stress on the other leg from recovery). She’s a four year bernese mountain dog. I normally bring our dog to Hampstead Animal Hospital but they could not get her in for surgery for 2 months and I didn’t want to have our dog wait that long and have her be in pain and only get more deconditioned. After a lot of research and 2 other consults I met Dr. Rosa. Lita is now 4 months out from surgery and doing wonderfully. Dr. Rosa is very knowledgeable, takes his time to explain everything, and I felt at ease working with him. He is available by text and responds very quickly which is invaluable when you have questions after your dog goes through a big surgery like that. Friendly office staff. Overall very good experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Rosa.

AinsleyRose S

3 years ago

Every one of my animals I have brought to this facility have been treated promptly, compassionately, comfortably and with care. The employees are so very kind and knowledgeable, every single one of the staff members that I've talked to takes their time with you to answer all of your questions. They were so very compassionate and kind when I had to put down a cat that had a long-standing neurological disorder. I can't say enough good things about this clean, organized, professional and personable clinic.

Alison VonIderstine

3 years ago

I have been a client of Daniel Webster Animal Hospital for over 4 years, and I could not be happier with the care and service they provide my dog Gracie. We have at one time or another visited and met each Veterinarian on staff. As we transferred our other dog to their care as well. Unfortunately, as Gracie grew, we noticed her knees were causing her problems walking. We consulted with Dr Rosa, who made us feel comfortable with the surgical procedure required to help Gracie get back to chasing pesky chipmunks. The process was amazing, Dr. Rosa kept in touch the weeks before the surgery to see how Gracie was doing. We had videos to watch and learn about the surgery and what to expect for recovery. After surgery Dr Rosa was in touch every day, had us send pictures every day so he could personally watch her recovery. We had access to Dr Rosa every day, and that is so comforting as we go through the process of healing and preparing to have Gracie’s other knee fixed. I would recommend Daniel Webster Animal Hospital VCA to care for your pet, and for orthopedic surgery, there is no one better than Dr Rosa. Thank you to Dr, Rosa and the staff of Daniel Webster Animal Hospital.

Anders Vikstrom

3 years ago

Dr. Rosa performed the surgery for our French Bulldog, Pierre. We were anxious with the additional surgical risks that French Bulldogs can experience given their "flat faces". Dr. Rosa put us at ease with his detailed explanation of how Pierre's anesthesia and recovery would be managed. We felt confident that Pierre was in good hands. He recovered quickly with no issues. Dr. Rosa texted to check on him. The entire surgical process was challenging given COVID-19, but the staff and Dr. Rosa were able to make it feel personal - even though we never entered the building! Merci for the great care! - Amy Vikstrom

Talia Lusterman

3 years ago

Highly recommend! The facility is always extremely clean, everyone is so nice and helpful. They get me in within a quick time frame and keep me up to date as needed. Dr Jessie Neveu is such an amazing vet. She is extremely thorough in her examination, explanations and treatment of my cats while being so caring and compassionate. I wholeheartedly trust her caring for my fur babies!

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