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Keyra Trudeau

2 years ago

There is a difference between each employee here. Some are willing to go above and beyond while others are simply lazy. Unfortunately today I also had an issue with a grown male employee telling me that my children whom are under the age of four are required to wear a mask. I explained that they would not keep one on but that we have tried, he then began speaking to me rudely in front of them and told them to stay six feet away from him. After he walked away and banged things around to the point where my son was nervous to be at the store. It’s sad what our world has become, I highly suggest using a different pet store.

Troxx Ameleons

2 years ago

It's a pet store, $$$ they got more than Walmart does for options to choose from.

Zach C

2 years ago

***new update*** Was offered a discount / etc to make up for what happened. Went in today to get a new heater for my aquarium and there wasn’t really a discount. The heater must have been a return they put back on the shelf. There were no suction cups for it, and it seem to malfunction before it crapped out. My poor little fish went crazy before I unplugged and pulled it out. Granted that’s not 100% the stores fault, but need to check products that are returned to prevent things like this from happening Was told by the employee I needed to drive home in icy road conditions to get a sample of my water to exhange a poor pleco that didn’t last 24 hours in my tank. My parameters are perfect yet they have dead fish in the tank he came out of. He also said it took so long because he has to do three peoples job at once. Never have been told that from anyone else working there, just to bring the fish and the receipt, and this is the first fish I’ve ever had that died this quickly, and being acclimated to my tank properly, and seeing the dead fish all over their tanks tells me something’s up.

Deborah Tylski

2 years ago

It has my per needs BUT is very confusing. No rhyme or reason to the store set up ..not user friendly.

Kirsty M

2 years ago

The hornworms were all dead or miniscule.

Sharon Mason Mason

2 years ago

Always helpful people and a huge variety of treats and toys for "fur persons" Christmas Stocking Stuffers.


2 years ago

Slightly high prices, good selection of items, helpful staff, website and app were both down for maintenance. Staff looked up my rewards in their system for me. Thank you!

Jacqueline Wright

2 years ago

We purchased 5 new fish for our aquarium and some science diet cat food for our kitty

Brianna Wsu

2 years ago

Friendly staff, picked up an online order for kitty litter. It was on sale and I got a great deal.

Rosey Blankenship

2 years ago

Very friendly staff they will work with u help out to on advices

Clarissa Peters

2 years ago

You carry the brand Orijen which is what I feed my cats. You also have great promos! Customer service is great too! Thank you

Elisa Booth

2 years ago

I can always find what I'm looking for and the staff are friendly. They have a great selection of products.

Joe Sloger

2 years ago

Always get what I want and need

Jordyn Hatcher

2 years ago

After seeing on their website that this store price matches with Chewy, Pet smart, etc. I went to the store and tried to price match a few items. The cashier told me "We only price match with our website" Which made little to no sense considering their website clearly states they price match with many different websites. On top of this, when i was buying a fish the worker asked me 100 questions about my tank, but yet bagged the fish incorrectly and had bagged my fish in a tiny bag that was not suitable for the size of fish i purchased.

Joshua Gulick

2 years ago

Clean and organized, this Petco is fun to shop. The fish section has been available to customers off an on in the past couple months (it’s October 2021) so call ahead if you plan to buy fish.

Ash martinez

2 years ago

Everyone was so friendly and helpful

Laurie Ashley

2 years ago

The only issue I have is the Guinea pigs being kept in a far too tiny tank cage, several of them were too crowded, and it's really sad to see them housed this way, even if only until they are adopted out to families... it misrepresents what is appropriate housing space requirements.

Mrz koolaid

2 years ago

There is nobody ever available who knows anything about salt water fish, therefore they refuse to sell it and tell you to come back when different workers are there. Huge inconvenience.

Bridget Sayles

2 years ago

Ashley did a great job grooming our Aussiedoodle. It was her first time getting a professional groom and I was nervous. I’m sure she was a handful since she’s a puppy even though I’ve been warming her up to the clippers and nail cutting. Really grateful she was taken such good care of. I showed Ashley a photo of what I wanted and asked her to leave the ears and tail and she did exactly that. She looks so cute and smells good! She was ready after 3 and a half hours within the time frame of what was promised. We’re just thrilled with how her cut turned out! We will be back! Thank you Ashley ????.

Jerrica Jacobson

2 years ago

Well came in to show my daughter the different animals and pets .. until I got disturbed by the way the groomers treat the poor dogs .. whoever was working the first booth by the door needs to be fired .. know how to work and treat animals if that’s going to be your job… NEVER would I take my pets here . Fyi . They are mis treating your animals while your gone . Hitting them with the clippers cause the dog doesn’t want to be shaved , is absolutely uncalled for. I hope the manager of this location reconsiders the employees

Jocelyn O

2 years ago

We took our dog to see the vet here. He was very helpful, friendly and very affordable. We found some cute Halloween toys in the store for our pups and picked up their supplements. The cashier was friendly as well.

Pamela Plambeck

2 years ago

The cashier was particularly helpful re: flea and tick products for the home. The only reason that I gave the experience a 9, (out of 10) on a survey, was that the store was out of the product that she first recommended and didn't carry the second.

Lusero Vazquez

2 years ago

I have been to many Petco's but this is of my favorite. Employees are always nice and is always willing to help. Has what I am looking for.

Sonja Haverman

2 years ago

I love this place. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend this place highly.


2 years ago

I really enjoy takingb my dog places. Friendly staff. Prices seemed reasonable. Had a good selection of the items I needed.

Dianna V

2 years ago

I was at the vet. Wonderful people!!

bailey benson

2 years ago

Extremely rude staff. My dog is a large dog (has been charged as a large ever since we’ve gone there) and recently when he got groomed, he’s been charged as an XL dog. This is was brought up to the manager, who apologized and gave us an discount because the worker who made my dog XL was new. He has not grown since he was last a L. Yesterday, they tried to do the same thing, charging me for an extra 20 dollars because he was “XL”. Later, when I went to pick him up, they said we couldn’t return to the location because he “bit” one of the groomers. My dog has never bit anyone in his life. He’s a sweetheart who gets extremely excited to meet anyone new. I believe they were lying about him “biting” the groomer because if they did, a report would need to be filed. They didn’t call me after the bite either, only when we went to pick him up. Do not go to this location.

Mitch Ernst

2 years ago

Looking for dog food. Thank you for the help analyzing the various choices.

Philip Earsley

2 years ago

Good place to get pet needs. They need to expand more senior cat food items.

Jonnie W

2 years ago

They are out of some things they have listed online

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