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Austin Atwell

2 years ago

We've taken our 2 dogs there and I'm incredibly disappointed. Our bulldog got a bath and a "nail trim". I use the quotes because we had to take her elsewhere to actually get her nails trimmed. Our Yorkie was supposed to get the full treatment, he got TWO nails trimmed and a bath. The nails (other than the two that were trimmed, each on separate paws) were untouched and he was not trimmed at all.

London Cole

2 years ago

I took my dog here and they did an amazing job. I really appreciate their honesty and kindness

Ashleigh Van Blarcom

2 years ago

Owner is very unprofessional. My dog slipped out of his collar because he was scared to enter. When I came to pick up my dog she told me that my dog was going to get hit by a car the way I train him when he didn’t even run. He is usually off lease and never goes far I did not appreciate the disrespect. She also touched my dog in an abusive way.

Lynette Ballacker

2 years ago

I recently just rescued a very skittish large mixed breed dog. I've heard nothing but good things from people I know who have used this salon. So I decided to use this salon. I was nervous how my rescue would do. When I got there the salon was soooo cute and clean. Everyone put my heart at ease and treated my sweet boy "Peter Piper" with such love and kindness. When I went to pick up he came out prancing showing off his haircut, (which was amazzzzzing) I will definitely be back and recommend this salon to everyone I know. P.S Peter Piper says Thank you!


2 years ago

I was next door and saw a groomer (tattooed woman in her 30s?) Bring a small dog out to a concrete kennel area with a 2 foot fence. She dropped the dog from about 3 feet and said "there, go potty", a few seconds later she picked it up by the collar and carried it to the front door by the collar before dropping it on the ground.I don't go here and obviously never would after seeing this. someone needs to video this ##### to get her to stop abusing other peoples animals and find a different job.

Stephanie Vondrak

2 years ago

Very disappointed in our grooming experience.

Joy Kendle

2 years ago

The 3rd time I went there for my dog today, the groomer was being a B**** because I was late for few mins and trying to argue about they don’t have my phone number listed, but they had called me before, and I gave them my phone number how many times. I was worried about my dog when I noticed my dog doesn’t want to go in with the groomer. I’m not going back there anymore.

Jackie Vennard-Crichton

2 years ago

One of my favorite places to visit ! Even if it is a 2 hr drive for me !!!!!

Brandy Swolley

3 years ago

They do a good job here and my dog was very happy when I got him back and we'll groomed. Only thing was even the produce they use or reused brush from dog before got my dog itching so bad not sure if flies dry skin or just bad reaction to the shampoo products.

Allison Spittler

3 years ago

I stopped in to make an appointment to get my dog groomed, and they were so nice to get it done on that same day I arrived. Very friendly and wonderful service… I will be a regular customer!????

Alie Hrabe

3 years ago

Pink Tuesdays is fabulous! I followed Jodi from her previous place of employment because she treated my dog, Wilbur, with such love that I knew I'd be hard pressed to find someone who cared as much as she did. When no other groomer would work with me because Wilbur was suffering from congestive heart disease and the vet discontinued his shots, she worked with me to ensure he was groomed. I highly recommend this salon if you're looking for a caring staff that also does an incredible job grooming!

C Johnson

3 years ago

No other place I would take my dog.

Destiny Kubik

3 years ago

They did an awesome job and were super nice! Will be back for sure!

Grace Marie

3 years ago

Brought my dog in around 11am to be bathed and groomed and picked her up around 4:30 that day. When they called they told us she had broke a blood vessel however both of her eyes were completely bloodshot and you couldn’t see any whites in her eyes. ( 3 days later they are still dark red with small part of white in her eyes) It was obvious that something else had happened. After research it showed that this was often caused by them being chocked or suffocated or trauma to their eye or heads ( having leashes too tight or falling off grooming tables they were connected to) Along with that they had cut her ears too short so they were bleeding By the time we got home. My dog look terrified from the second I picked her up and was shaking when she got in my car. The whole night she had diarrhea and was very timid and would flinch every time we would pet or touch her. She is never this scared in new environments and has been previously groomed another place with no problems. It became apparent that her cut was very un even when we got home. She obviously went through something dramatic or stressful. It hurt me to see my usually very happy pup so sad and scared.

Lisa Popken

3 years ago

My dog was groomed here & we were very pleased with the results!!

Mallory Luebbe

3 years ago

Had an appointment on Friday for my precious fur baby. My husband took him and the staff told him the way we want him groomed isn’t how they could do it, we leave ears and tail due to not growing back. (They said they would need to shave him short). It had been a long time since his last cut so fair enough. But when we got him home we noticed cuts near his eye, ears, lips, groin, testicular area, and his nail bed was completely showing. I’m so mortified that someone could butcher a dog in that way. I would never recommend a place that made my baby bleed in multiple areas!

Mary Ellingson

3 years ago

Wonderful job of trimming dogs.

Brenna Klassen

4 years ago

Love this place! The only thing I'd change is the animal (bird) poop and hair all over the entryway.

Tyler Barna

4 years ago

We've been taking out little dog to Pink Tuesdays for years. Their prices are in line with what you would expect, and I'm consistently pleased with the quality of haircuts my dog receives. They communicate well about when your animal is ready, and they readily recognize my dog and her family. If you want a groomer that offers a good service at a reasonable price, I'd certainly recommend Punk Tuesdays. Plus, you never know what other animals you might see there ????

Sarah Farnsworth

4 years ago

My dogs love it here! I moved to the other side of town and I still make the drive!

Jasper Stidam

4 years ago

Our two Dachshunds like the grooming they get here. It is close and very convenient for us to drop off the hounds!

Eileen Patania

4 years ago

I've been going to Pink Tuesdays for 3 years now to get my cat's nails trimmed and they do such a great job. Most other places require sedation but Wilson just loves the ladies and does not complain.

Margie Davis

5 years ago

Friendly staff. Great job on my dog

Jessica Johannson

5 years ago

Their groomers are experienced professionals who are kind and caring to the animals they take in. their grooming area is open and visible, and my dog who went in looking like a street dog came out looking handsome and happy!

Jarrod Rohwer

5 years ago

My dog looked s little shabby going in there but came out like a rockstar! They did an amazing job.

Jana Long

5 years ago

Unprofessional, unfriendly and I will never go back!

Caitlin Sheffield

5 years ago

Great professional groomers that lbow what they are doing. Pets always come out looking amazing


5 years ago

Love taking my dogs to Pink Tuesday's !!! The girls always do ana amazing job on my boys and they are always very friendly ! Definitely recommend them to anyone !

Alaina Olsen

5 years ago

I can’t praise this pet salon enough! My toy poodle is always looking dapper and done in great time! Before my cat passed away they would groom her too without any issues. They always try and fit us in and I’ve yet to be disappointed! Highly recommend!

KK Smith

6 years ago

When I dropped my dogs off on Saturday, I saw a Yorkie tethered to a grooming table unattended. The owner was across the room on the computer. Groomers are not to be more than an arms length away when a dog is on a grooming table. As I checked in my dogs, I looked down and saw a black cat with its claws out and my dog sniffing it. Two months before the owner groomed my dog with her pet monkey on her shoulder. The monkey jumped off onto the table where my dog was being groomed. For the safety of her pets and mine I don't think there should be any interaction between her pets and mine.

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