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Michayla Melson

2 years ago

My dog had emergency surgery here in 2020. He is on a prescription diet for the rest of his life due to bladder issues. A comment made by one of the female veterinarians at the time of surgery was incredibly rude so I decided I would not be back. Unfortunately I had a problem getting his dog food here recently & they said they would not write him a new prescription because he has not been seen since the surgery even though they know he has to be on this diet for the rest of his life. Sounds to me like they are more concerned with making money off an appointment when they know they are just going to have to tell me to keep him on this food. Absolutely ridiculous. Luckily I was able to figure it out without them but if that wasn’t the case, they would have just let him go without this food. Garbage office for sure.


2 years ago

Loved Jill! So professional and helpful. She helped out a lot, got us in quickly. Totally recommend her! Edit to add, I really loved Dr. Amber Riley. Took my dog in there yesterday and got some devastating news & she wasn’t shy of being amazing. She was very helpful, she listened, she comforted us, she stayed in the room with me until I could think clearly on what decision to make. By far the best vet I’ve came into contact with.

Eric Henningfeld

2 years ago

I grew up here and now live in a Birmingham, AL. My dog had staples from an accident when I came home to visit my parents for Christmas time. They worked me in for a staple removal. They didn't charge me and were super gentle with my girl. They also gave me a goodie bag.

Cortney Primm

2 years ago

The vets and staff at AMC of wentzville have been wonderful to us. Through diagnosis and the loss of two of our elderly dogs within months of each other they showed the utmost professionalism, empathy and understanding that we could ask for. Dr. Edwards has always taken the time to explain things thoroughly and reach out to other professionals when needed to ensure that our dogs were getting the best treatment. I never felt uncomfortable coming to her with concerns or questions about diagnoses and tests we needed to have done. She always made time for our girls even when I know that the office was so busy and overbooked. It has been a rough few months for our family losing our beloved dogs but AMC made us as comfortable and confident as we could be making medical decisions and ultimately deciding when it was time to let our girls cross the rainbow bridge. We will never be able to thank you enough for that!

Mark Alivernia

2 years ago

When I bring in Mark Jr. they treat him like one of their own. They show so much love to Mark Jr. The best of Wentzville especially the lady’s at the front desk amazing.

Tasha Hunter

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog here for a few years now, and in all that time not once have they gotten his records correct. I am a patient person when it comes to mistakes. We all have those days! But after trying 10 times to get them to correct these mistakes in his paperwork is too much even for me. There is a difference between a rottweiler mix and a collie mix just as there is a difference between age 6 and age 8 in a dog. If you are sole owner of this pet, why do they have someone besides you listed as part owner? Needless to say I am through. And by the way, I know the customer who posted the bad review of your giving them bad information and a bad shot for their dog. You had offered it to me too. In fact they were the ones who recommended you to me first back when you were a reliable vet. They owned my dogs twin sister who died due in part to your bad advice.

Michael Benes

2 years ago

We've taken several of our family dogs here. Always outstanding service, always willing to take the time to explain things, very compassionate, professional and personable. We're definitely a customer for life!

Stacey Dudkowski

2 years ago

We love the doctors and nurses here. They are friendly and caring, and the front desk staff are great too. One of our dogs has a chronic condition requiring nurse appointments every week. They treat her with such care, like one of their own. I highly recommend!

Rio Tarbo

2 years ago

Do not use this vet! A few years ago they did reasonably well - there was one vet that was amazing there. Recently, that vet has left the business and they are on a quest for more money and no longer care about their customers nor the wellbeing of the animals they are supposed to care for. They push for unscientific diets as well as harmful flea injections that have been tied with tons of significant health issues. Since getting the flea and tick shot for our dog (shame on me for trusting them, i should have done research first), she has gotten several ticks and has brought fleas into the house. On Frontline, we never saw a single pest from her for the last 5 years. So do your research before you commit to anything these folks tell you!

Kneisha Hamilton

2 years ago

I've had bad experiences in the past with vets, but I am so grateful to have Dr. Edwards to care for my fur baby!

Jackie Koenig

2 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs (babies) to AMCOW for over ten years and have nothing but praises… for the doctors, vet techs, assistants, and office manager… This team has gone over and above more than once for us and my girls. So appreciate them and everything they do!

Courtney Dunnermann

2 years ago

I’ve taken my fur babies to multiple different vets through relocating, and this place is by far the best! I first went to see them when I wasn’t even a client of theirs; one of our dogs had an obstruction and went to them for a second opinion, resulting in surgery and saving her life. They checked on her throughout her entire recovery and really gave us peace of mind knowing our baby would heal and be okay. They’ve remained our go-to for our new pup now as well. Always happy and quick to help, they seem to care about our babies just as much as we do????

Ashlee Williams

2 years ago

I just started using Animal Medical Center as we moved out this way and our first experience was different with it being during covid times. But they came out and greeted me and took my dogs in for their yearly check up, the Dr called me to go over how everything looked and informed me of the price before giving ANY shots. Then also informed me that one of my dogs needs some dental work and sent out an estimate listing what all could possibly be needed done with a list of the costs. I felt they were very professional but helped me understand everything and made me feel like family at the very first visit! Can’t wait to be able to go in and meet all of the staff inside!

Kimberly Franer

2 years ago

I am so disappointed with this establishment. While my family was out of town, our puppy became ill and needed to be seen by the vet. When our trainer/pet sitter called to get our puppy in with Animal Medical Center on a Tuesday, they were told that they could not get our puppy in until Friday that week. This forced our pet sitter to have to take OUR puppy to their personal vet who did not know a thing about him to ensure that everything was ok with him. About 1.5 weeks later our puppy was still having issues to which we called to make an appointment and again we could not get in until the following day or so because they were triple booked. Then when we were finally seen at the appointment and we expressed our concerns about our puppy's abnormal behavior, we felt like our concerns were brushed off because his exam was totally normal. We pushed for an X-ray because we know puppy's get into everything and we were truly concerned about an obstruction. We were assured that an obstruction was not the case because he had a soft abdomen and normal bowel sounds. So instead the vet filled our heads with the idea that he could possibly have Addison's disease, but to confirm if that was the case we would need to draw lab on him that would cost us $350 dollars. The final straw is when we called yet again with a puppy who was progressively worsening to be told "sorry we just can't see him today and if we were that concerned to go to the ER" So I contacted our previous vet that we had gone to 3 years ago to see if we could be seen. We were very happy with our previous vet, but lived no where close to them since moving out to Wentzville. Our previous vet had us in their office in 1 hour, X-ray completed and taking our puppy to surgery for the obstruction that he had in his intestines. A puppy that they had never even seen or knew anything about!! Turns out that our puppy swallowed our daughters pacifier whole. It had been in his stomach for quite some time that it had moved into his intestines causing an obstruction! We had to pay $2000 dollars to save our puppy. More than anything I am just upset that this could have been resolved if Animal Medical Center would listen to their customers and see their animals/customers when they are needed. We trusted them with our puppy and could have lost him. I am angry that we had to spend all this money when this scenario could have ended differently or perhaps even been prevented- i.e. pacifier not gone all the way to his intestines causing him to need surgery and colon resected. Bottom line as a dog mom- if you are taking your pet there be sure to be the advocate for them because this place won't!!

Masie Broz

2 years ago

It’s super upsetting for a vet to say they care about an animal like it’s their own but then to turn a regular puppy away who’s having bloody stool and tell me I can take her to an emergency clinic instead of trying to help her.

Miranda Deckert

2 years ago

I have taken my cat Reggie here a few times for shots, but after today I wouldn't take him anywhere else! Reggie has never had any issues health wise until today. He was vomiting and lethargic and I couldn't decide if I should wait and see if it would pass, or if I should bring him in the same day it started. Well It was a good thing I called right away and didn't wait because it turns out Reggie was very sick and they were able to get him in and get my boy feeling better! If I would have waited to call I dont know if I'd be as lucky as I am to still have my Reginald. The staff was so compassionate and patient with me when we were waiting for results of his blood work. I was a mess and crying and they truly cared. They answered all of my questions and took the time to really explain everything go me. I am so grateful to have such an amazing team save my baby! Thank you thank you thank you!

Tony Georges

3 years ago

Our most sincere thank you to the staff at the Animal Medical Center. It was our very first visit there and they had to give us the worst possible news...our sweet ten year old Yorkie, Annabelle, had advanced, untreatable cancer and she was in pain. The Veterinarians and support staff immediately went into above and beyond care mode to ease our shock and grief as we struggled to process this crushing news and accept what our inevitable decision must be. When the chosen time came at the end of the day, they were so gentle, kind, patient, understanding, and compassionate as they helped us and our sweet Annabelle through her final moments with us. We can't express our thank you enough to these wonderful professionals who lovingly care for our animals.

Bill Pires

3 years ago

We wanted to thank Dr Riley for her quick response to our sick cat. We recently moved to the Wentzville area. Our cat got sick the day before I was to have some surgery, so we were time sensitive. They made room that day in their schedule, to look at our cat. Dr. Riley went over what she had found, and a treatment plan. She even called back the next to check on the cat, and also to follow up on a few items.

Deborah Montilione

3 years ago

My 12 year old cat had a stroke, we were so worried about what he was going through because he was so frightened, We drove him straight there and was waited on with in 5 minutes, he was analyzed and diagnosed with compassion. The decision was made that he had to be Put down. It was a heartbreaking decision but the office was set up with a space that I could comfort him through the whole procedure. I was never rushed, I highly recommend this facility. What a caring group of people.

Jerome Daigle

3 years ago

Friendliest Veterinarian's Office. Social distancing for the animals. Great prices on medicines and appointments. Have an online app. Convenient hours. Best part is they care for my little guy the way I do. No anxiety when Sebastian has to go to the vet. Thank you guys your the best.

Joanne May

3 years ago

Thank you Jill and Dr Edwards for the superior service for Rocky today! You went above and beyond!!


3 years ago

They seem to know what they are doing, but it is way overpriced.

Kimberly Arnold

3 years ago

From monthly flea meds to end of life decisions and care, the type of care you receive at The Animal Medical Center of Wentzville is second to none. Their office manager cares for your pet as if it is her own. I have never seen such compassion in an office manager, and I’m forever grateful. Everyone here is so knowledgeable and helpful. I definitely recommend 100%.

Mary Clark

3 years ago

The love and genuine hard work to care for our dog is unmatched. Our Maggie girl was struggling and they felt our anguish through the phone and squeezed us in ASAP to help her pass peacefully and with an incredible amount of love and care. The entire staff had the utmost respect for our Maggie and when we find another rescue to love on, we will be back!! Thank you!

Mindy Alsop

3 years ago

We had to take our older kitty here because he wasn't doing well. They were very sympathetic and made us feel very comfortable. They made sure our kitty was also comfortable. They helped us through one of the toughest decisions we had to …

Misty Mickeletto

3 years ago

This was our vet for 6 years, until Tuesday of this week. Our 11 year old Dane was having stomach issues causing her to have uncontrollable diarrhea for 3 days. She needed to be seen because we were very concerned about dehydration. Chloe is very afraid of being left at the vet and with her age, we don't want to cause her any unneeded stress. I called and they would not make an exception to allow us to come inside with her. I could have understood if masks were required and they escorted you in to keep up with social distancing guidelines, but this is not the case. They come to your car and "borrow" your pet, and the way there rest of the process works I'm unclear on. I called Premier Pet Care and they got me in within 2 hours and I was allowed inside (with a mask and escorted inside). It's unfortunate that Animal Medical doesn't see how important it is for families to stay with their babies, but i couldn't be happier with our new vet.

Tai Lee

3 years ago

They saw me two different times on the same day! Treated my big pitbull baby like any other pet! They were fast, efficient! Based on all treatments reasonable prices that are explained before visit is completed.

Tony Allison

3 years ago

Thank you so much for your kindness while we took our Grace in this morning. It's always the hardest part of being a pet parent, your kindness and professionalism was so much appreciated.

Casey Parker

4 years ago

I took my cat tiger there about a couple of months ago, my husband and I recently had to move in with my parents due to financial reasons, after being at my parents house for about 7 months, tiger started to pee on things which had never happened before. We took her to this vet, talked about what’s going on and how tiger was peeing on things, the vet we seen recommended that it was behavior issues and that we needed more liter boxes(we have 4 cats and my mom has 3), so we did, we added four more liter boxes and also got tiger a calming collar, hoping that would help, nothing changed, when we were there with tiger that the vet, we also told the vet that tiger was the second cat we got, we had added two other cats and a dog after her and she has never peed before, still though it was behavior issues, I called the vet back about three weeks after changing what she told us to and told her that nothing had changed and I still thought it was a UTI or something, I asked the vet if she could check her urine but she said well we could but I still think it’s behavior and it wait a couple more weeks. After tiger still peeing on things, my husband and I decided to take her to a different vet, he started to exam her and we talked about what we had been doing and what we had changed. I asked what it could be, long story short, tiger ended up getting spayed and come to find out she had a infection in her uterus and that was making her pee on things, if we would of waited any longer, we would of lost her. I highly recommend that you don’t take your animals here, I would of lost my cat if I wouldn’t of took her somewhere else, and listen to this vet. I will also be taking my dog to a different vet as well, I don’t trust this vet at all with any of my animals.

Susan Cutler

4 years ago

Our little sweet dog Daisy has been through a lot over the past few months. I cannot say enough positive stuff about Dr Edwards. She went above and beyond to help us understand what was going on and communicated with us and the doctors at Mizzou regarding our dog and her issues. She helped us find a solution and made lots of phone calls for us. She made us feel very at ease. Everyone in that office is very good at getting back to you and answering any questions that you may have. Dr Edwards followed up and checked on Daisy multiple times. We are so grateful for her! ☺️

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