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Logan Jafraty

2 years ago

Their really nice they answer any questions I have and take good care of my 2 dogs.

Carole Irelan

2 years ago

I’m extremely happy with Famiy Pet Care! They are so accommodating to see my pet when something needs their attention. The Vetinarians are quite knowledgable and the staff so helpful!

eric risica

2 years ago

Thanks for taking care of my kitty she appreciates it

Angela Guess

2 years ago

This is by farrrrrrr the very best place for all your pets vet care!!!

Candice Skeeters

2 years ago

Very disappointed in this vet clinic, have been going to this vet for 7+ years. Have taken all 5 of my dogs and my cat here. Have always felt like they truly care about their pet patients. Used to recommend them to friends and family but now I’ll think twice. My elderly, blind dog was attacked by another dog and is pretty injured. I called the office as soon as they opened explaining what happened, that he’s got some pretty big open wounds and isn’t wanting to use one of his back legs. And even though it is 8:30am and their open until noon today, the receptionist advised me that if I felt like my dog needed to be seen today and can’t wait til next week then I should just go to the emergency vet clinic in Springfield, because the vet is just too busy today. I understand being understaffed & super busy. I myself work in a office going through the same, but we make things happen for our established patients. No we might not be able to do treatment for them that day due to staffing or resources but we will get them in and have them evaluated to see what exactly needs to be done. Either by referring them elsewhere to get more immediate attention or doing a temporary solution until we can schedule back on a day with the resources and available staff. Very disappointed that a vet clinic I’ve been going to for years wouldn’t manage to find time to examine my dog on a emergency basis? But rather just send me to an overpriced clinic that has zero history with my dog!?! Seems very cold, and unprofessional. Not at all the clinic I thought I was going to. UPDATE: So I changed my review from 1 star to 3 star only because the vet Dr. Sparkman did call me back and ask further questions about my dog’s injuries. She did explain to me the sole reason the receptionist suggested I go to the emergency vet clinic is because generally if a dogs wounds are significant enough to need sutures they usually have to put the dog under anesthesia and they just did not have the staff to monitor him post op from the anesthesia. Not that she was necessarily “too busy” even though she had been very busy that morning and a doctor was out of the office due to a family emergency. But with him being elderly he is a higher risk undergoing anesthesia. But then did offer to let me bring him in to assess his wounds and confirm that is what he will require. Which is really all I wanted, was someone who knows my dog to evaluate my dog and properly evaluate him. But I got the best possible outcome that I could ask for, I took him in and because he was so calm, Dr. Sparkman was able to clean his wounds and instead of sutures and anesthesia, she used local anesthetic and used staples. So my dog didn’t have to undergo sedation anesthesia (risking his health) and we didn’t have to go to the emergency vet clinic. I was very happy & very appreciative. Just wish the beginning interaction with the receptionist could’ve been avoided. Especially being a long term established patient with the office who comes in only for routine appointments, I’m not one to call for every little thing. Maybe further questions be asked, or maybe offer to let me send a picture for the doctor to look at (like I overheard them offer someone else over the phone, but did not offer me) or do exactly what we did, let me bring him in and let the doctor physically examine my furbaby then decide before just automatically assuming and sending me elsewhere else. Again, ultimately I got exactly what I felt my dog needed and truly appreciate Dr. Sparkman taking the time to do so. Hopefully in the future there won’t be any further negative interactions and it was just a one off situation.

Christopher Mann

2 years ago

Great place to have your animals treated. Excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere.

wendy yates

2 years ago

Very friendly and,care about your pet !

Jamie Gibbons

2 years ago

They are amazing with our furr babies

kathy harville

2 years ago

My fur Baby was in pain, limping and not eating or drinking water, they got him in-in a timely manner, with pain meds & arthritis medicine he is now moving about and starting to eat and drink,, THANK YOU FOR HELPING MY FAMILY MEMBER❤️????

Jason Sargent

2 years ago

First, the front desk staff was always so friendly and professional. However, I took my dog in for bad breath. They suggested teeth cleaning. I was ok with that (she had some plaque on her back teeth) but i explained that her breath got better with stomach meds but would come back. So, I was doubtful about the teeth being the problem. They said they would only pull a tooth if the tooth was bad. I returned to find they pulled ALL of her front teeth. They were clean healthy white teeth. Also, the recurring bad breath was not cured. i was upset but thought that maybe the misunderstanding was on me. Then we took our Labrador in for a sore wrist. They said she has broken cartilage and there is no fix and that there was no chance of it getting better. They said we should just consider quality of life. Alluding to putting her down! FOR A SORE WRIST!!! 3 weeks later.. all better. Never had another problem with the wrist. Now I see others saying their pets teeth were pulled and other misdiagnoses. Not good.


2 years ago

Good experience with new kitten. Very caring.

Leon Henry

2 years ago

Was Great and price was OK.

April Nelson

2 years ago

The arrogance of this team nearly killed my pet. Without notice or warning, on a routine refill, they switched the prescribed brand of medication (that my pet had been taking daily for 2 years) to a different brand. 5 days later my pet's health was so poor I thought she might have to be put to sleep. I called them to say I needed to bring her in - something was wrong. They said 'No', to fill a new allergy prescription, try it for a few days, and let them know how she was doing. After a week of my pet being pretty much tortured, I realized they had switched that brand and I insisted they change it back. They just repeatedly, condescending, told me 'It's the same thing'. Bottom line - they didn't have that brand in stock, omitted the fact they had changed it - and ignored her reaction when I called them. They said they would send the prescription to a pharmacy, if I could find one. I found one. They refused to call it in, refused to fax it in, instead forcing me to physically pick up a note from their office and deliver it to the pharmacy (in a different, but close, city). They had even mocked me about this on my pet's records, which I requested when I - of course - changed Vets. And, fyi, Family Pet Care Team: within one hour of taking her regular brand, that horrible cough stopped and she began her recovery. You ladies are ridiculous!

Eric Simon

2 years ago

Great family pet care and very affordable.

James Wells

2 years ago

My cat got the medical care it needed and I didn't feel like was pushed to buy more services than I needed.

Deanna Scott

2 years ago

Wonderful, caring staff! Reasonably priced and they treat your pets very well.

Terry Kollmeyer

2 years ago

Just finished appointment with Dr. Friggle for allergy shot for our 18 year old cat. She is nearing end of life, so discussed procedures of euthanasia with Dr. Friggle. She has utmost compassion and understands the feelings of sadness associated with letting our kitty take that path that we cannot go. Would highly recommend these dedicated Veterinarians and their staff to anyone.

Janice Rog

2 years ago

Excellent services and very compassionate with the pets

Myra Cleveland

2 years ago

Love the staff and the vets are knowledgeable and caring. Have taken great care of all my pets!!

Taylor Sherman

2 years ago

When I took my male kitten here to be fixed, he was a star at vet appointments. Never nervous in the car, always a little excited to leave the house and happy meeting new people - exhibited little to no fear. Upon picking him up from his appointment they rudely informed me that I would need to go back to get him from his cage because he was "being a bit of a pain" and when I went back there he was covered in his own urine, and more terrified than I'd ever seen him. There was nothing in the metal cage with him, not so much as a piece of newspaper. The lack of care or sympathy for him was so pervasive, such a hostile environment for a kitten who's just coming out of anesthesia - I burst into tears the minute I got him into the car. Growing up in Republic, my family took pets here for years. So when it was time to have my cat fixed, Fanning offered a better price than our usual vet so it was an easy decision. This was about 2 years ago now, and at the time I figured my incident was a one off thing. But since that time I have heard bad experiences very similar to my own from many other cat owners about this facility. This experience changed him forever - he now has to have Gabapentin to go to any vet appointment, and it is hardly ever enough. He sweats so much his paws are wet and shakes the entire time. Based on mine and others that have been shared with me, I would NOT recommend taking your cats here. Or any pets for that matter.

Madison Houska

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, they took great care of my fur babies!

Olivia Rose

2 years ago

My poor kitty who I love dearly had been peeing blood, it scared me to death. They were so good to him and to me. He has been taking antibiotics for a couple days and seems to be doing much better ❤️ Thank you to all who helped my buddy!

Sarah Paige

2 years ago

Wonderful experience at Family Pet Care! My dog usually has her tail tucked and shakes like a leaf, but with Ms. Ashley, she was so calm! Thank you for treating my pup like family! ❤️????

Jennifer Buckingham

3 years ago

Best vet in the 417 area!!! We have used them for years and would never use anyone else

Stacey Hendrick

3 years ago

My girl's, now 8 & 5 years old, have been patients since 6 weeks old. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable!

alissa trice

3 years ago

The staff here couldn't be nicer and it smells good!

Melvin Talbert

3 years ago

Great fair prices. They get to know your pets as much as getting to know the owners. They understand that these are not just pets, but they are our babies and part of the family.

Lisa Huff

3 years ago

I took my new kitten to be spayed. They took very good care of her. Everyone is very nice. I feel their prices are reasonable. I would recommend them to other pet lovers.

Tonnie M. Martin Cook (MommaT)

3 years ago

I appreciated the explanation of what is causing my dog's cough including showing me his x-rays and telling me all the other health problems he is suffering. Then she explained the steps to take to help him get well. I recommend this vet clinic to everyone!

Michael Lanphier

3 years ago

Very caring staff, best veterinary clinic in the area, Thanks very much Dr. Friggle

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