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Cory Hudson

2 years ago

Really great staff. Our poor dog had a probable stroke, unfortunately their was nothing that could be done. The staff handled themselves with compassion. My son who had never known a day with out his buddy took it really poorly. The nurse and receptionist talked with him, laid Sam out for him to say goodbye. I know several people who have taken their animals there and received excellent care with better outcomes. But to be clear by the time we got there, this was the only outcome to be expected but Vess then for trying and for the way they helped my family thru this.

Allen Sanford

2 years ago

I've had to use this place a couple of times in the past 10 years. All the times I've had to use this place the staff is very compassionate. The only complaint I have is that the prices are a little steep but what can you say about that it is an emergency veterinary.

Jace Early

2 years ago

The staff at Emergi Pet saved my 11 year old lab mix. She's been the center of my world for the past decade. I cannot ever express enough how wonderful, thoughtful, and kind these people are. Hope you never need an emergency vet service, but if you do, this is the office to use.

Janet Copeland

2 years ago

My little Pete had a bad seizure last night. No Veterinarians open so we drove 1hour 30 minutes to Tucaloosa .Pete was taken right in and stayed the night. Highly recommend this Clinic.The service was Great when your little one is in distress. We took Pete to his vet after picking him up this morning.. He seems to be doing better sleepng.


2 years ago

They took care of my puppy in the most professional and time effective manner I felt very comfortable leaving my pup with them after her accident and they made sure she was good before letting her go and made sure we understood the after care which was very important to me

Kelly Paiva

2 years ago

They saved my dog from a copperhead snake bite to them I am forever grateful they were very nice when I took him as I was scared and shaking they were understanding they called me and told me everything they were doing with him

Karen Riffe

2 years ago

They were very nice and accommodating. The Doctor was very gentle putting my Brownie Boy 1 to sleep forever. RIP My Love.

Karen Davis

2 years ago

They were caring and gentle with our Bruno

Ashlee Pierson

2 years ago

Staff was very helpful and they fixed my kitten. They were willing to work with me and save my kittens life and be available when they were needed. They did a great job and we will be using them if necessary in the future.

Wendy Woods

2 years ago

My cat got in a fight and was torn open. Because of Covid this place who are suppose to care for our animals in the time of need. My sweet cat and I were told we wouldn't be seen, we could only been seen in Starkville or Birmingham . Shame on this place. My cat deservebetter. Because of covid people are turning away their hearts and work ethics.

Cheyenne Hurst

2 years ago

My cat had fallen off her cat tower and landed on her face causing her tooth to go through her top lip. We physically saw this happen and took her here asking for them to pull her tooth out of her lip. When the lady came back she stated a vet said she would need “exploratory surgery” since it seems she may have consumed grass/string and was vomiting/choking on what may be blood, and this would cost almost 1,600$. I was very confused since this was not the case. I had syringe fed her water mixed with powdered melatonin and she drank it just fine, debunking the choking theory. I explained once more I know she isn’t choking and her tooth was piercing her lip, and the blood is coming from there. I’m not sure why or how they could now see it since it was literally protruding from her mouth. Then I told them I wasn’t going to pay that much for something my cat does not need. She went back to “reevaluate” the situation and came back saying the vet said her tooth was stuck in her lip. I was very upset since I had told them twice and if I was not adamant on this then she would have went through a whole surgery which she did not need to go through as a result of a misdiagnosis, after being told the situation. They then told me after sedation and treatment it was 170$ which was an extremely fair price. Don’t get me wrong, they seemed very nice and professional, I’m was just very concerned on my pets safety since her issue was misdiagnosed after being told what the problem was. I am no way a vet and not claiming to have the training or knowledge. But they did confirm with me what I stated originally was indeed the problem, which proves that a surgery would have been 1,600$ wasted and would have put my pet through unnecessary pain. But after confirming my issue they did fix the problem and fixed the price. If you go here just evaluate your pets issue extremely well, otherwise they could misdiagnose your pet. In the end my kitty is doing well and they did fix her problem and she is happy. Just be careful, they don’t allow you to be there with your baby while they diagnose the problem, so make you have the best understanding of what may be going on with your pet before allowing them to take action.

Shondra Williams

2 years ago

They were very kind and caring. Thank you for being so comforting to me and thank you for letting my girl go in peace.

Barbara Williams

2 years ago

I've had two pet emergencies. The staff are very caring and professional. I recommend them all the time.

too country

2 years ago

I called and asked about price and receiving donations and was told it was fine. I was told to double Rocky's estimate and that would cover Adrian. Twenty minutes later the price was raised to $4000. When I inquired I was told there might need to be sedation for $80 and no further explanation. On Saturday both my Dachshunds were bitten by a copperhead. I rushed them in and was quoted $1451.00 for my boy and said later the same for my girl. They told me they did not examine my girl because she was so upset and snapping at them. And yet they still charged me for her examination. People started trying to donate so they jacked up the price another $1100 insuring they would not get treated. Also declared that all donations were none refundable. If they couldn't help then fine. But they could not justify jacking up the price.

Tim Trussell-Smith

2 years ago

Gave our cat Sam great care!

Gresham Connors

2 years ago

I brought my cat here for emergency services and she stayed there for a couple days. everything was professional, quick, priced fairly, and they were able to diagnose an incurable disease for my baby; who lived comfortably in her last days thanks to them.

Breanna Graves

2 years ago

Very nice and good communication about my kitten's leg. A bit pricey but understandably so.

Larry “Reaper” Smith

2 years ago

Answer all questions with out bringing your animal to them very friendly staff and helpful

Lonnie Wyres

2 years ago

They're nice but expensive. In ll let you km ok w more on if my puppy makes it or not.

Sarah Tanner

2 years ago

Very easy from start to finish everything is upfront money wise and what's happening with your pet.

Tyler Reid

2 years ago

I recently had to take my kitten here because he was not eating or drinking anything. He had contracted a virus from the animal shelter and had lost 1/3 of his body weight and was becoming more and more lethargic. My regular vet advised me to bring him here if he hadn’t started eating in 24 hours. The next morning, I brought him in early as he was in very bad shape. He was dehydrated, congested, and very fatigued. They recommended to keep him for the day to work with him. I came back to get him that night after they had given him some medicine for his congestion as well as some mouthwash for his mouth sores. They were able to rehydrate him and after working with him, they were able to get him to eat some wet food. He is back home now doing 10 times better. He has started gaining his weight back and now is even eating his kitten dry food again. I am so grateful for their compassionate services. The price was also very reasonable.

Chelsea Channell

2 years ago

I had to put my cat to sleep and they was so nice to me and sweet to me the Dr also loved on my sweet cat the whole time she was pushing the medicine you could feel the love

Mylo Heimbuch

2 years ago

Excellent place didn't mind calls every couple of hours to check on hazel who developed stomach problems she is back to normal

Randy Frost

2 years ago

Top notch care for your pet for after hour emergency

sissy morrison

2 years ago

This is by far the best vet ever. I had my Annie girl for almost 13 years and she had been losing so much weight. Took her to her vet no answers. She got really sick so took her here and they found a tumor on her heart. She gave me meds to keep her comfortable to bring home so my kids to say their goodbyes. Sadly Annie was put down but without emergi vet we would’ve never known what was wrong

Stephen Frost

2 years ago

We had two dogs that needed treatment. The process was easy. The staff was so calming and pleasant. The vet explained everything and next steps. They made a stressful situation much easier to handle. We were in and out fairly quickly.

William Marable

2 years ago

Will use again. Staff and Vet were great, especially at midnight dealing with emergencies.

Sandra Fowler

2 years ago

They were great. They took care of my fur baby for two nights. I had dropped my muscle relaxer and she took it before I could get it from her. I was hoping all it would do was make her sleepy. It made her very sick she was throwing up and crying in pain. That is when I took her to Emergi Pet. Because of Covid I could not stay with her but I would call they were so patient and would update me. It is now a week later and she is back to her hyper self. Thanks Emergi Pet.

Michelle Tutt

3 years ago

I have never been but I have called. The reception was amazing.

Michael Clark

3 years ago

Great vet for after hours.

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