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Neil Stewart

2 years ago

Tried to poison dogs with its Raw Cornish Hen pet food due to the risk of Salmonella bacteria.

Eric Enblom

2 years ago

This should be the dog food standard.

Navarro Haley

2 years ago

Fresh raw meats for my animals - what's not to love?

Brian Franke

2 years ago

So far my dog loves the raw ground meats and the staff has been great!

Holly G

2 years ago

Such a wide selection of raw pet food and healthy snacks! Super helpful staff and cute furry helpers! So excited to start my cats on the raw diet!!


2 years ago

I love Woody's! It's weird to shop here as a vegan, and I'm still not sure how to resolve that conflict internally... BUT my cats LOVE their raw food diet since I switched them from canned food to Woody's meats. I also love the golden retriever (owner's? A random staff's?) that is present at the store sometimes as well as the rescued kitties that are there at times. If you're going for the first time, ask for samples! You will be sent home with FREE little containers of different kinds of animal, and get a feel for what your kitty or pupper likes.

Heidi Tesfaye

2 years ago

So thankful I found Woodys! Super super helpful staff and great products. When we first started feeding raw I had SO many questions and felt like I didn’t know where to start. The staff here were so gracious and straightforward in all their answers. Our pets have never been healthier since we started feeding raw, all thanks to Woodys for making that possible!

Amy Evans

2 years ago

Our 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer seemed healthy eating what we considered high quality canned dog food until one day she started having diarrhea out of the blue. For 3 MONTHS we worked closely with our vet, trying bland diets, Rx food, probiotics, gut supplements, antibiotics, etc. Her problems escalated to having to rush out multiple times during the night. She was trembling, had tummy rumbles and rotten gas along with very bad quality poo. We were desperate, on the brink of starting costly and invasive internal testing. Then a friend told me about Woody's. I explored their site and saw that the owners developed this whole food diet for their own dogs with health issues including IBS. So I called the St. Paul location and talked to Maryann. She's very knowledgeable. I'm not against raw pet food but don't want the mess of feeding it to a bearded dog (been there) so I went in and got the cooked rabbit. After **1 meal** our dog had a perfect poo. Months of fighting stomach problems fixed with 3 oz. of Woody's whole dog food. It was miraculous! All her other symptoms disappeared immediately. Obviously her stomach wasn't totally healed in an instant, that could take months. The neighbor slipped her a treat the other day before we could stop him and her next 2 poos were bad. So we won't feed her anything else but Woody's for awhile so her stomach can heal. If Woody's seems expensive, compare the price of commercial dog food per day, not per oz. because you feed less of Woody's. That will show you how much filler is in commercial food.

Robert Talbot

2 years ago

Best natural diet supply there is.

Julie Nicholson

2 years ago

Love love love this establishment. The quality of the food, friendly knowledgeable staff could not be better. My chihuahua stays perfect size and healthy with this diet.

Larry Kramer

2 years ago

Oliver is so happy that we found Woody's Pet Food Deli. He absolutely loves their food. And it makes so much sense to feed him real food. We made food for him for a little bit, but I was never sure we were putting everything he needed in there. I feel much better getting his food here.


3 years ago

New to a raw cat food diet, so stopped in to the Minneapolis location today to get a bit more information. My cat has a severe chicken food allergy which makes locating food difficult. Kendall spoke very intelligently on allergies, diet, and feeding routines that put my mind to ease about starting my cat on a raw food diet. I walked in not really sure what to go with and instead walked out with a bunch of free (chicken-less) samples to see what my cat would prefer, before committing to just 1 type of food. I appreciate the advice and time spent answering my many questions (also the free samples) and I have no doubt, that after I figure out what my cat prefers, I'll be back as a regular customer.

D. W.

3 years ago

We came here today (fiance's first). The staff was very kind and knowledgeable. Took the time to help get us set up even when it started to pick up. Will be returning!

zach hanna

3 years ago

Very helpful staff and the best dog food/treats you can find.

Lex Talionis

3 years ago

overpriced, but i suppose that's overhead. i wish the proprietor wouldn't push as hard as she does to subscribe and proselytize people to her products and ways as if she's holier than thou...it always feels like i'm being recruited when all i want to do is buy some dog food. I'd go here more if it weren't so damned expensive.

Carolyn C.

3 years ago

Great resource for locally made raw pet food and wholesome cooked food for pets. And really nice people. I’m so thankful they are here.

Anne Steeves

3 years ago

It took me, a vegetarian, a year to warm up to the idea of feeding my dog raw. I wish I had found Woody’s sooner! They are educational and clear on how to help my dog reach her full health potential on a raw diet. I stopped in and talked to their friendly staff, I understood how my dogs allergy sensitivities could be managed through and what the best routine is for her. Their meats are high quality and I’m glad they are locally sourced. I’m happy to dedicate half of my freezer to Woody’s and my dogs well-being ????

Rick Gmail

3 years ago

Excellent, by all measures! And my Maltipoos, Chloe & Niti have not turned down a meal in over two years now. That's a testament to their menu. Chloe & Niti were very fussy about their food before my in home groomer, Tracy, with About Town Grooming recommended Woody's to me. Thanks Tracy and thanks Woodys! Do your fur babies a favor and study up on the merits of raw and slightly cooked diets for them. You won't be disappointed. Rickv

Dave Pluth

3 years ago

Awesome place. They even have a golden to pet while there. Good source for raw pet food.

Elizabeth M.

3 years ago

Great service. I value contribution to our four legged companions lives and well being.

Jason Spidle

3 years ago

Great deals on raw pet food

Jenifer Lindback Wennerstrom

3 years ago

They produce a great product. They are very informative on the products and there benefits of serving them to your pets. Great location easy to stop in and go.


3 years ago

My dog and cat have been on your raw food for awhile and are absolutely thriving. It has cleared up my cat’s string of UTIs and my dog’s digestive issues. I love all the protein source options you have too because of my dog’s sensitive tummy. We rotate between your lamb, rabbit and duck. And use your lamb bones in training sessions!

Jennifer Schweitzer

3 years ago

I enjoy going to Woody's Pet Food Deli. I recently adopted two kittens that were on a raw food diet. So I had many questions and the lady at the Minneapolis location patiently answered all my questions. My kitties live their food and the prices are reasonable when comparing to canned food.

Kateri Holland

3 years ago

Fast, friendly service and help loading larger orders... and after giving my kitty a taste sample, found a new treat for my feline friend.

Kristine Oberg

3 years ago

I only visit the store to purchase raw food products for my client's dogs (I can't afford it myself.) It's hit or miss with the customer service. Last time was GREAT, but my first visit not-so-great. I didn't know where anything was and when I asked a question you would have thought I insulted their mother. Holy moly! I sincerely appreciate their Covid rules, but I was only one of two people in the store and felt like I was one too many! My clients do want that food for their dogs so I will continue to go - and my clients do a lot of research on things they buy so it must be good quality ;)


3 years ago

High quality raw dog food and chews, smart staff. Worth finding a parking spot.

Mark Clark

3 years ago

Was able to get the raw dog food my wife wanted

Olivia Stewart

3 years ago

Initially, I turned to raw cat food for the cutback of daily waste. Although intimidating at first, the manager walked us through every step, provided helpful information and even gave us some free samples to try out on our little fluffs before we bought larger sizes. Also super covid-friendly shop and reasonable prices! Make the switch if you can! Your pets will thank you and so will the earth!

Michelle Howd

4 years ago

Great people working there and excellent selections of either cooked or raw whole foods for dogs plus bones and treats.

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