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Tammy F

2 years ago

My experience with Uptown Vet for my little Shih Tzu Lily has been wonderful. I've been able to get appointments quickly, the staff has been great and really responsive. I love being able to go to a local vet that cares about my pet.

Adam Knight

2 years ago

Very good experience here. Cat had a cold and they got him in and I just had to wait in thier small parking lot out back. Cat is healthy again and now so am I knowing my best friend is happy

Larissa Pfaff

2 years ago

Love my experiences with Uptown Vet. My cat, Gus, loves going to the vet. They have always been willing to accommodate my schedule, once moving my appointment up 4 days in advance for me. Very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Great costumer service and experience at the location. Small-town vet office feel in the city. Prices are what you’d expect. Highly recommend.

Shelby Fortmann

2 years ago

I’m able to get appointments quickly, my cats never seem upset or shaken up after the vet like they have with other vets, and prices are comparable to (if not better than) other vet clinics in the twin cities area. Throughout the pandemic, other veterinarians have had extremely long waits for appointments (weeks to months), this clinic has always been able to see my cats within a few days. They are very responsive to phone calls or emails and knowledgeable whenever I have questions or concerns about my pets. I highly recommend this veterinarian!

gregg t

2 years ago

Personalized care for your pet(s)! Amazing owners and staff are crucial to optimal care!

Steven Rusk

2 years ago

A close friend's, loyal friend and national winning show dog was old and had a terminal illness. The pet was in pain and Uptown Veterinarian was very kind and respectful helping Yoshi find peace. While also helping the humans through the procedure. Thank you, Uptown!

Karen Burnham

2 years ago

I took my reactive dog for his first visit since we rescued him and they took very good care of him!

Michael Fischetti

2 years ago

Very kind, knowledgeable and caring

Vincent Hopwood

2 years ago

This veterinarian has taken fantastic care of every cat I have ever had. From strays to show-worthy purebreds, there is no other place in the Twin Cities I would trust to diagnose and treat my cats. This is especially the case after our oldest cat suffered a very painful and messy bout of gastrointestinal distress. A quick diagnosis, short course of meds, and a change in diet was an effective and welcome alternative to the surgery we thought we were facing. Bonus: they also treat dogs, and have the premises divided into separate sections to avoid any issues

Anita Chavez

2 years ago

Used recently under sad circumstances but was pleased overall.

Grace Yang

2 years ago

Very helpful and thorough. Great experience.

Jan Nielsen

2 years ago

Due to COVID, I had to drop my pup curbside. The tech was friendly. The surgery went well. (spay) I used this clinic because my dog was a rescue and they provided the surgery cost by using this clinic. I would recommend them. They truly care about dogs as the work with a rescue.

Anne Taylor

2 years ago

Everyone there is so pleasant and professional and the doctor goes above and beyond with explaining the procedure and what to do next. My dog has passed away but I have brought my daughter's dog's here and now her cat here who we thought had a broken tail and it was only a bite. But they were able to get me in on Urgent Care. I'm so impressed and if I had an animal there would be no other place that I would go! Thank you Uptown veterinarian! You guys are wonderful, amazing, awesome and a blessing to My Old Heart to know that these animals can be taken care of with the utmost care!!!

Rose Ngo

2 years ago

My cat lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, I read online that if he’s still eating and drinking like normal it wasn’t urgent that I get him to a Dr right away, but I was still nervous. I called Uptown Vet and spoke to Dani, she advised to weigh him at home by getting on my bathroom scale while holding him, then subtracting my weight. I don’t know why I never thought of that! It turns out my little guy had lost 4 lbs. Alarmed, I took him in for an emergency appointment. Dr. Ziegler took extra care to examine and test him thoroughly to find out what’s wrong. We were referred to Southview Animal Hospital for overnight treatment and are still waiting on test results to come through. I’ve been going to Uptown Vet for years, they are always caring and do the best by our pets.

Maya Bolduan

2 years ago

Extremely kind, friendly, transparent with pricing, and happy to answer any questions.

Rob Byrnes

2 years ago

After picking up a rescue dog, the rescue recommend this vet. They are friendly and affordable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Marra Clay

3 years ago

I LOVE Uptown Veterinarian, as does my dog! It's normally pretty easy to get an appointment within a week, they are always so kind and give my dog lots of delicious liver treats, and the vets and techs are very informative and truly care about your animals. The prices are also reasonable. Whenever we go on a walk past Uptown Veterinarian, my dog tries to go inside because he loves the staff (and their treats!) so much. Would absolutely recommend.

Andrew Young

3 years ago

Have been bringing our dogs here for years and had wonderful service with the previous ownership who showed care and appreciation for us and our pets. My dog had surgery with uptown vet and started showing signs of infection. After calling 3 times being told "The doctor will call you back later" each time, I received a call from the Vet when I told the tech I was unavailable. After 3 more calls and a dog in worsening condition, I have yet to hear back. What a disappointing change in ownership.

Sydney Schaaf

3 years ago

I am disappointed with this vet. I emailed them personally to address my complaint months ago and they never responded. I had an appointment in December. I arrived a few minutes early for our appointment and it took a few minutes to be greeted. My dog and I were brought to our room and the vet technician was very friendly but seemed to be more distracted petting the dog than listening to my answers to her questions. We waited an HOUR to see the vet. No one had updated me that he was running behind or let us know when I should expect him. When the vet did come in, he quickly looked at her lump and said he wanted to prescribe an anti-inflammatory. Since we just adopted the dog at the end of August, this was my first time bringing her (or any dog) into the vet. The vet did not do any sort of a physical exam even though it was his first time seeing her. He didn't even look at the skin of the lump until after I showed him a picture of what it had looked like before. I wish I had a better experience since this vet is so close to my house but I won’t be returning.

Sam K

3 years ago

I have been taking my puppy there since his first visit. They have provided wonderful service even in the light of COVID, and even if they are a bit pricey you can count on them to give thorough service. My puppy was just neutered this past week and they couldn’t have been more helpful! He’s doing great.

Robert Russell

3 years ago

Took my very sick dog in for an exam to Upton vet .The vet spent a very short time examing the dog . No blood work was ordered , nothing was given as an explanation for why she had'nt eaten for a week or what in fact could be causing her illness. The dog was simply weighed and her temp. Taken ! She did'nt check her stomach , ears etc . I was then given 2 pills to give her and told to bring her in the next day for X-rays If she did'nt eat . I was then presented with a very large bill ! 2 days later I contacted another vet took her in and he immediately looked at her eyes , stomach and ears and stated that those areas were very yellow and immediately stated that she's jaundiced . That no X-rays were needed . He then did a blood work up and determined that she was well along and that her chance of recovery was extremely unlikely . If I wanted to put her in the hospital I was given that choice . We both agreed upon putting her to sleep was the best alternative . I then had her put to sleep . I feel that Upton vet experience was inappropriately handled . The exam was a joke , and I took the dog home not knowing anything with regard to what was wrong with the dog . Just come back tomorrow for X-rays if she dose not eat . It would appear to me that Upton vet is about $ . I would suggest that you consider carefully what vet you chose , and meet the vet first and describe Circumstances with regard to your pets condition . Also ask what the fees are connected with the services . I then contacted a wonderful vet at another pet clinic and got the answers I needed ! I would not recommend Upton vet to anybody ! and would never go back .

Robert Edwards

3 years ago

My beloved Grace a 14 month old mini Aussie was suffering from prolonged bowel issues. The experience was great they told me what was going on through the whole process and genuinely seem to care. And she is feeling much better! The price was extremely fair as well. My new Vet...

Ramona Eide

3 years ago

They treat my Companions with Pampering Care and Quality experience. Happy tails from Uptown Vet Staff.

Adam Schroeder

3 years ago

Great vet. Been taking our 2 dogs here for years. Very nice people

Adrianna Veldhuis

3 years ago

Awesome staff!! And a wonderful atmosphere.

Allison Reinke

3 years ago

Fantastic caring staff. Always feel my pets are in good hands.

Amber Stainko

3 years ago

Had an incident with my pups tail getting shut in the door. They were able to get me in last second which my current vet was unable to and were very upfront with me about prices, and my options. Honestly gave me the impression that they really cared and called to check in how my dog was doing.

M Risinger

3 years ago

I absolutely love Uptown Vet. I have a 6 month old lab puppy that has a few health conditions that cause urinary issues. Every time i have called uptown vet to schedule an appt, they have always been very accomodating. Especially during the time of COVID-19 they were always there for me and my pup. She also gets so excited when she sees any of the vet techs, other places shes scared. I highly recommend uptown vet to anyone who wants great care for their pet.

Michael Lynum

3 years ago

Very courteous and kind to both us and our pups. Vet we worked with was EXTREMELY helpful with one of our dogs allergies, and the support staff is top notch!

Mason Matthias

3 years ago

Over priced and unprofessional. A shot was administered to my puppy that I did not authorize. The shot was not necessary. My word against theirs, they stated that I did authorize it but I would never. I am meticulous in nature. They tried to tell me that vets don’t make that much money (lol) and they wouldn’t do that just to make money. Other reviews state new management sucks and clearly it does. The manager told my girlfriend she was “done with this pow wow” and hung up. After these first two visits we will not be back.

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