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Anastasia Orrison

2 years ago

I brought my cat to my regular vet with some concerns, and was essentially told it was stress from my recent move. I thought I was worried about nothing, but had a gut feeling something was wrong, and was recommend to TLC for a second opinion. TLC asked for a stool sample and did a blood draw (things my regular vet didn't do) and took my concerns very seriously. They called me with results as soon as they had them (hours later for the stool sample, the next morning for the blood test) and very thoroughly explained his diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and how it caused the symptoms I brought him in for. I went in for a follow up where they patiently taught me how to pill my cat, commended me for advocating for my cat, and reassured me that this new diagnosis would be super easy to manage and his quality of life would not be affected. Every single person there was so sweet to me and my cat, I've never seen him warm up to a stranger, let alone a vet, as quickly as he did for Dr. Joey! This clinic is a hike for me, but worth every second of the drive. I have CareCredit for emergencies, and they take it here, which is awesome. They called me a few days after my follow up appointment to check in and see how my cat was reacting to the new meds (no such follow up at any point from my regular vet). Lastly, my favorite employee by far is Angel, she was gracious enough to let me pet her and feed her a treat, even though she was a little grumpy from having her nap interrupted for it.

Charlotte Miller

2 years ago

Came with our cat for his yearly exam but Cindy our cat was not too happy. they gave her a treat which relaxed her which was good.

Brooklyn B.

2 years ago

I love this vet! Everyone is so nice and caring. My cat also loved her time here.

Kaitlin Ruppert

2 years ago

Our Ellie girl is definitely anxious, but is the sweetest when not stressed. We’ve been to other vets and have had to leave very disheartened because they couldn’t see her because of how worked up she was. TLC was phenomenal! We tried our first consult and it was definitely tense, but Dr. Goldthorpe was very kind, understanding and sent us home with some stress meds for our next visit to try again. It may sound dramatic, but as we drove away from that next visit, I got teary eyed. We finally had a successful visit and it was such a relief. The staff is so kind, compassionate and truly run the appointment according to what the cat is comfortable with (and on their own timing). They make sure you are fully informed of testing/vaccines/treatments available, but do not push it which I so appreciate. We will definitely be back and are so grateful to have found a vet that cares for our kitty as well as they do.

Mark Hizon

2 years ago

Tlc cat clinic finds ways to delete honest but non favorable reviews. Highly do not recommend this facility as they put profits before caring for our cats. The care we received was inadequate Edited 10/5 after TLC replied- We had reached out to TLC and shared the feedback and received a less than favorable response, which lead to the further dissatisfaction. My wife wrote a robust and detailed review that was removed.

Robert Pulone

2 years ago

Staff are amazing, thanks for being attentive and informative. Pleasant experience coming in and being greeted and seen to on time every time.

Molly Bruggeman

2 years ago

After adopting my cat, Ed, a few months ago, the time came for us to have our first vet visit together. Being new to the Minneapolis area, I was nervous about finding a new veterinarian, and I was initially apprehensive about driving to Plymouth for an exam. Let me echo other reviewers and say that the drive is SO worth it. The clinic is limited to cats only, I was allowed in the exam room with Ed, and we were able to be seen within a week of calling for an appointment; all huge pluses right off the bat. From setting the initial appointment to check out, everyone I encountered at TLC Cat Clinic was welcoming and friendly. I felt Ed's exam was extremely thorough and informative; Dr. Joey and CJ gave us their full attention and treated us as though we were the only patients they were seeing that day. My skittish cat even purred and snuggled with them during his exam, and he didn't give his vaccination a second thought while he feasted on a yummy treat. I cannot recommend this place enough; Ed and I will continue to see TLC for all of our feline medical needs!

Lydia Dyer

2 years ago

My cat has cancer and the staff here were very helpful and kind in what steps I should take next. It was a tough visit, but the staff were sure to approach the subject with care.

Emily Calhoun

2 years ago

I bring both my cats here. They're not only professional but also loving. They really care for all animals. My kitten was having a rough time, he received two shots, a nail trim and a wellness exam. After which the doctor snuggled him, telling him he was a brave and good boy.

Andrea Anderson

2 years ago

Everyone we worked with was wonderful. They suggested a less expensive plan/approach than every other vet I called for estimates. They were able to see us very quickly as well, which is rare these days. We will definitely be returning!!

Drew Peters

2 years ago

I can't tell you enough how great the staff here is. I live south of downtown Minneapolis and during the pandemic I was forced to come to TLC because everywhere near downtown was not accepting new patients. I think it's very telling that I continue to drive 25 minutes to TLC because I feel like my 14 year old senior kitty River is getting the best veterinary care in the Twin Cities. Dr. Joey is a great vet and she never tries to push any procedure or medication that is not needed. I trust her completely with the health of River. The techs are all wonderful as well and you can truly tell they love cats. Please take your kitty to TLC even if it's a bit out of your way.

Heidi dealsgohere

2 years ago

This is our regular even though it's a 15-25 min drive from our home (that's a lot of cat crying in our car!) but we love this cat ONLY vet. No dogs allowed. We've come here for over 10years. I know one of the vet techs has been there for that long too! They get us in quickly when we need it. Currently one person can go in with the cat for the visit. They recently updated the lobby, and I think changed owners a few years ago, and updated their website, love that! They really are sweet and thorough with our cats, 2 days ago we brought our black cat in because he was drooling excessively and Google said to bring the cat in immediately, we got in the same day, they really really looked him over, opened his mouth and used magnifying lenses in there! Gave us some meds and they'll call to check on him in a few days.

Gina Berg

2 years ago

Never even made it in to see a vet for care because the front desk staff was so rude and condescending right off the bat, so never even made an appointment. I’ll take my pets elsewhere!

Julie Haekenkamp

2 years ago

Was nice to be able to get an appointment quickly

Sera Tonin

2 years ago

This place has new owners and I wouldn't recommend it anymore. If you love your pet, please do whatever you can to keep them healthy without veterinary care. Preventative measures early in life are your best bet. Remember these peeps are only 'practicing' medicine.

Terry Rath

3 years ago

Had to put our 16 yr Old cat down they were so wonderful and kind to her

Laurie Kermes

3 years ago

Very thorough veterinarians and techs.

Tosha Lockhart

3 years ago

My Fuzz is 12yrs old I went here for a check up physical time for my boy as I had not been a good cat mommy, I did not think my boy needed heartworm medication, I was so wrong. I learned he had heartworm and Kidney failure, I felt awful but Dr Shea and vet techs said it could be turned around so I followed their instructions to the letter Happy to announce Fuzz is heartworm free and gus kidney values are totally normal he will stay on a renal diet of course to prevent his issue again. THANK YOU TLC

Bri Brioche

3 years ago

I brought my kitty in to see what was going on with his teeth. Making the appointment was a bit of a mess, but I was confident seeing the reviews were positive, and I loved the idea of a cat-specialty veterinarian. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the ladies at the front desk who were all very friendly and telling my kitty how pretty he is, etc. I can’t remember our vet tech’s name, but she’s the reason I added an extra star. Without her, this place is really not worth any stars. The vet came in and checked over his teeth, told me he had already lost a couple and that it looks like “One for sure” will need to be removed, but she won’t know about the others until doing an x-ray. The issue was that the x-ray would happen the same day as the surgery, and I wouldn’t know a price until then. The quote I was given for the blood screening, x-ray, and one tooth extraction was $800, but it would be more if more teeth were needing to be removed. Once the vet left, I mentioned that I wasn’t able to afford that to the vet tech who politely told me to check out a couple other places that can help. I’m so happy she did, because I found another place that did his blood screening and gave me a much more honest opinion. The second vet I went to said my kitty would need “quite a few” teeth removed. At this point I knew I was just going to be surprised with the extra hundreds of dollars on the spot by TLC had I chosen them. I’m so glad I took my kitty’s health elsewhere. TLC clinic is a fabulous idea, but it felt money hungry instead of eager to help kitties in pain needing medical care.

Brianna Conway

3 years ago

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to the folks at TLC Cat Clinic! My sweet Kota is my whole entire world, and they took such good care not only of her, but of me too ❤ When I cried, they reassured and showed kindness. When I had questions, they answered with patience. And the morning after Kota got home from her procedure, they called to check-in and make sure we were doing okay. THANK YOU, Dr. Shea & Co., for all your compassion and expertise! You've made a difference in Kota's life, which has warmed my heart in return.

DandE Ras-Droen

3 years ago

They are so caring and kind at TLC. Rare to find veterinarians that are actually about the animals and not the bottom line these days.

Daniel & Jessica Scott

3 years ago

Dr Shea took excellent care of my sweet boy during Covid-19 and walking me through every possible aspect of his health concerns. She made sure I was informed and provided all options, and never pushy to do more than I was comfortable with providing. She made me feel like I was the only person she was working with even though I know it was far from true. I am so grateful for the care Dr Shea and team provided for my boy in his final month. The utmost professional, respectful, caring team I could imagine.

Dawn L

3 years ago

Staff are very friendly, courteous and knowledgable about cats. You can tell they care about your fur baby nearly as much as you do! Definitely nice not to have to scare my cats with dogs in the building. Highly recommend them!


3 years ago

We are truly missing the previous owners! They were so wonderful, honest, and caring about our cats and everything was priced accordingly. We drove half hour for many years to take our cats there and always had a wonderful experience. When we took our cat for a yearly checkup appointment, we were late for our noon appointment and they would not see our cat. We were told we had to reschedule for another day. It hurt. There was no one there and we could have easily waited. We explained the distance and how hard it is to catch and carry a mature cat in a car. Nope. My husband who is a healthcare provider explained to them that this happens in his office, but unlike them, makes a great effort to understand and accommodate. He told them that we would never be back and we have not. We really need a cat vet right now and I'm not sure where to go. Terribly missing the old TLC!

Jenn Swanson

3 years ago

Starting to notice a pattern with this broad telling people their kitty needs several teeth removed. I brought my Paisley Marie Samsonite or PMS fer short here once and all due respect she's had enough trauma in her life without anymore. Vet did call to follow up and recommended $1000 EKG, several teeth extracted under anesthesia, additional unnecessary meds, and is clearly making bank on extracting your cat's teeth. I miss the old owners they were amazing. Neither one of them, nor any vet I've ever had experience with has ever mentioned a thing about my cat's teeth. Greed kills- next Oprah. Meow meow. Paisley ConPurrs~

Kim Watrud

3 years ago

Everyone is so nice and good with the cats! Highly recommended.

Kristina S

3 years ago

So nice and friendly, quick nail trimming as well.

Sasha Alasia

3 years ago

I was recommended to this vet about 3 years ago, and since have been amazed at the quality and care they put into each animal. They're very knowledgeable and do not try to price gouge you for your pets well being. Highly recommend!

stepushor viv

3 years ago

Very professional and Attentive staff. They work with love!

Jenni JL Charrier Foxhill Studios

4 years ago

Our four cats have been patrons of TLC for 16 years. Excellent care from cat experts, Serena and Kathy!

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