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Tammy Bain

2 years ago

The owner cannot dispute this in their replies: While you are in the exam room, terrified for your pup (who is also terrified), a tech comes in and *literally demands payment before the visit starts.* it's the most bizarre thing I've never experienced at any other vet clinic in the Twin Ports or elsewhere, not even a weekend emergency vet. We ended up here bc we had to in the height of the Pandemic. My dog cut her foot open. The care was fine I guess. My dog got a tick bite a few weeks after, and when I called nervous about my dog's new obsession with her wound, the gentleman thought I was making it up or wanted a free visit. I just wanted my dog to be ok? Both visits' bills were higher than anywhere I've ever taken my dog and again... they demanded payment before doing *anything.*


2 years ago

I’m not getting into detail because based on the prior reviews you’re just going to try and justify the greed and lack of empathy, but overall I want to thank you for making me realize that I need to go to a different animal hospital for my dog’s vet care.

Lucas Goble

2 years ago

Used for an emergent UTI situation. Seemed spendy but I get it as we were a walk in. Vet care not the issue. The problem was when the medication was out of this world expensive we asked them to send the RX to a local pharmacy. They were almost offended at even the idea. Huffed and puffed and made it into a big deal. Then charged $15 more per RX to send them to a local pharmacy. Never once has my normal vet done that. Under 60 bucks for meds at local pharmacy. They wanted more than double that for the same exact meds. I guess maybe I should apologize for being a smart consumer or possibly just pay substantially more out of the goodness of my heart. I mean come on. Offer the med. If I want to get it somewhere else to save money don’t charge me extra and act like we’re jerks. Doubt I’ll go back.

Lee Jensen Bujold

2 years ago

I have visited Water’s Edge numerous times with numerous pets, mostly related to eye lacerations. I’ve been very satisfied with their ability to see pets same day and with the care received. I expect to pay more for the convenience of emergency or same day care. They are the only vet clinic I’ve reached out to that makes same day appointments. I’ve rarely had to wait. Please be patient with your vets and technicians these days. They are stressed and stretched to the limit just like other health care professionals. Many vets don’t make “sick pet” appointments. There may be numerous tests/X-rays etc to run to rule out or narrow down your pet’s illness. Many vets have days or weeks-long waits for vet care so I am always appreciative of the customer care at Water’s Edge. They also carry great dog foods that can only be found at veterinary clinics. I hope you don’t need emergency care; if your pet requires this care, you are sure to get the immediate care you need at Water’s Edge.

Kris Foss

2 years ago

Very welcoming on a Saturday when my puppy needed care! They were kind, gentle and efficient. Treatments are working great and only a day or two later my puppy's ears are healing remarkably.

H Jensen

2 years ago

I would never go to this place for any type of assistance with my animals again. All this place cares about is money! The vet was rude and the tech was even worse. Hitting me with an almost $1000 bill to do some simple lab work to see if my precious baby had a bladder infection was outrageous. Not to mention your four legged family members could be on their death bed and they won’t even take a look at them until they have money in their pockets! Sickening

Gina Rago

2 years ago

I moved here from out of state and my cat has an autoimmune disorder. Duluth does not have any specialty vets so I am so happy I found dr pop! She was able to take on his case and continues to give him the care he needs! She is a wonderful doctor and she actually cares about her patients! Her staff is lovely as well and super friendly and accommodating! If you want a place that your pet is treated like family definitely go to waters edge! 10/10 would recommend!

D Kim Olson

2 years ago

Although they are, indeed, expensive, I was not surprised as they are an emergency/urgent care pet hospital. We were there because our vet was out of town and I considered my dog’s situation to be an emergency. They were very up front about their fees and I was provided choices for which procedures they might do in case I wished to forego any tests. When given a choice to either give IV fluids at home, or have them do it, I opted to save some money by giving the IV treatments at home myself. They provided the equipment and instructions. I would not hesitate to come here again. Very kind and professional staff.

Ron Anderson

2 years ago

Waited almost an hour for my appointment. They wanted $148 just to get in the door (or else we may give your time slot to someone else....who does that?) Vet tech misidentified my dogs breed. Was asked to hold my dog for the exam since the other tech was "missing." Staff had trouble operating their computers. Was given an option to pay 1,100 for multiple tests or I could just pick a couple (I'm not a vet, how am I supposed to know which ones to choose?!) Ridiculous up-charges on meds that you could buy online for waaaaay cheaper. Just a bad experience. Everybody was nice though.


2 years ago

Great care for our dog, great people too...

Rachel LaQuier

2 years ago

Waters edge is always there for my fur babies. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable when it has come to my pets health. I wont take my pets any where else unless it is referred by the vet on staff. Thank you so much for all you have done for priss, lu, itty, her and all the others. You are an an amazing staff.

Shahar Maxon

2 years ago

Called, but no one answered. Message said hours were from 8am to 5pm, showed up at 430pm due to my puppy having mushroom poisoning. No one was there, doors locked and lights off. Had to drive to the next closest emergency vet.

Jordyn Troop

2 years ago

Thank you for your kindness and thoroughness in diagnosing our dog's pancreatitis. Everyone was so wonderful and kind. They really care about the animals they treat. Our choices were listed out for us so we could decide the best course of action for what we could afford under their advice and guidance. I never felt pressured to pay for anything excessive or unnecessary under the conditions.


2 years ago

The staff are awesome everyone is so nice. Great people I recommend to everyone

Sean Hodge

2 years ago

Great people, my doggy harlie did so good. They were amazing and very patient. Highly recommend them

Sue Kochsiek

2 years ago

As always our pets had excellent care today!! We love Waters Edge. They’re very patient, kind, compassionate people who love all animals. We’re truly grateful to have such a great team of professionals in our area. Thank you so much for always going above and beyond !!

Paige Habberstad

2 years ago

This place is awful and I would not recommend it it anyone. They over charge, their customer service is awful, and they don't explain anything to you. We waited for over 20 minutes in an empty lobby full of employees and was treated as though we weren't even there. They were rough with my dog and even laughed as they were making him yelp, this place is awful.

Haley Schultz

2 years ago

We paid $145 fee to be seen, I got off work early to get to the appointment that got pushed back an hour. I had to wait with a cranky toddler and my dog an hour away from home. They wanted to charge us an astronomical amount of money for all these tests. Gave us antibiotics for my dog's foot and sent us home. They asked that we call them back in 10 days if our dogs foot had not gone down in size. It's now our 10th day and we called back for more antibiotics. The vet now wants us to come back because she thinks it's cancer... Instead of giving us more antibiotics.. I don't know if they understand that they're crippling people. I shouldn't have to pay a second time because you didn't do your job the first time

Deborah DeMello Horskey

2 years ago

They take advantage of people when they are vulnerable. I had an emergency visit because my dog caught his tail In the door. No other vet was available so I was grateful for Waters edge for being able to see him. I was ok paying for an emergency visit. ($150.00 charged to my credit card before I even walked in the door) My issue was the rest of what I was manipulated into paying. My dog needed his tail amputated. I was told my dog needed to be there before 8am the next morning. I come from 1.5 hours north. I explained that I had an appointment early but I could have him there by 10:30am. They said they do surgery in the morning only so no I couldn't but I could leave him there if I wanted him to have the procedure.Then I was told that even though surgery is in the morning he must stay all day to be monitored after anesthesia and that would be another full day of hospitalization. I said ok I get that becauseI wouldn't want a reaction after I got home. So I was finally quoted an estimate of $4225.00. I found that extremely excessive but I didn't know what else to do. He was my dog, I had to do what I could so I signed the surgical consent and agreed. They told me I would hear from them as soon as surgery ended. The next morning 11 am rolls around and still no word so I got nervous and called. I was told surgery didn't even start yet and they'd call me when he was done. Now it's 1:30 and still no word and I'm beginning to panic because I'm thinking he's going to have to spend an extra night for the post anesthesia monitoring because it's so late now. I called and was informed that he JUST went into surgery. I asked what about post-op care? Is he going to need another night there? They said no he'll be fine when you get here at 4:30. At that point I got pretty upset. Why was I charged two days hospitalization if it obviously wasn't necessary. That's not all. I was charged $30.00 For a nail trim (most vets do that free with a visit for something else) I didn't ask for) I was also given supplies I was told my dog needed. When I got home I see I was charged $46.30 arthritic pain chews (my dog doesn't have arthritis) and $43.78 for probiotic chews. Both of which I certainly did not need at this time. I was told all of this was more because it was an emergency. If it was such an emergency, why did his surgery wait more than 24 hours since my original appt. I would recommend staying far away from this place. Drive your pet to the cities if you have to. This place totally took advantage of me. My other dog had a much more extensive surgery because he was mauled by another dog. It was only $375.00 and it was an emergency too. Granted he didn't stay overnight, but technically it seems I didn't need to keep my dog overnight either.

Cassie Kautto

2 years ago

I was grateful that I brought my dog here. I was terrified because I had no idea what was wrong with him. It started at 8pm. By 4 or 5am he was getting worse and worse. The only 24hr clinic around was closed on Tuesdays. His regular Dr was In surgery and couldn't see him until 2pm. This clinic is THE ONLY ONE that didn't say sorry no new patients. They said we will squeeze you in when you get here. I was coming from an hour and a half away. I got there they squeezed me in. They examined him, took blood, he peed all over the poor girl, she said that's my job dont worry about it. He was a very sick dog, they took care of him, when no one else would. Did I wait yes, was it expensive yes. I waited because they squeezed me in when they could. ANY medical exam and lab test is expensive. I am happy I went there and happy he is now OK! THANK YOU!

Caitlin Nova

2 years ago

My 9 year old cockatiel was diagnosed with a URI from Waters Edge. My regular vet told me 1 week to get him in and I had to explain to them birds can die in 24 hours after showing illness! My bird was blowing snot everywhere and lethargic and wobbly. Thankfully I was blessed with the team at Waters Edge. They made me feel important and told me birds are fragile and lets get him in tomorrow morning, then they quickly said you know what-- come in today. They gave him antibiotics and they even said if birds don't eat when sick they can get hypoglycemic. And they gave me a sugar supplement as well until he starts eating. They thought of everything. Thank you for saving my Xerxes! ????????❤❤ BTW to people who complain about the cost it is an Urgent Care! their 145 fee is because they are an URGENT animal care service. Let's appreciate that they are open and have the ability to see us short notice. Especially when vets are not seeing new clients these days.

Brittney Duhaime

2 years ago

We sent a kitten that we found in the alley up there for a scheduled wellness check. They informed us it was going to be $165 upfront for the wellness check. We informed them that the kitten has fleas. They told us they were going to clean and remove the fleas for us and that it was going to be an additional charge. At the end of the visit we ended up getting charged with a $400 dollar bill. The kitten did not get cleaned up and the fleas were not removed, instead they provided us a bottle of medication to use on the kitten for us to remove ourselves. The extra $200-ish dollars we were charged was simply a charge for the room we occupied... which we were not informed when we scheduled the appointment there would be additional fees as such or were informed on during the appointment.

Tony Lindsay

2 years ago

They charged me 145.99 for walk in appointment and addition 134.53 for can food and medication. Same amount of food and medication on Chewy.com 54.26 before taxes. What a rip off!!!

stryer lee

2 years ago

**WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE.** This is a PREDATORY VETERINARY SERVICE in DULUTH. BE WARNED. FILING WITH BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. For individuals who truly care about their animals and the preventative and medical care they need--- that they deserve--- this veterinary service takes advantage of clients. They have HIDDEN FEES just to get an appointment. First, just to get in the door is $70---$70 to schedule a next-day appointment and wait in the lobby for an hour (which we did with one animal). If an appointment is the same day, it is $150 extra (a fee that showed up on our bill with another animal). WE WERE NEVER told what the $150 fee was for--in advance. We had NO CHOICES. Can places charge what they want? Of course. THEY DO NOT COMMUNICATE WHAT THEIR FEES ARE FOR. THEN they refuse to take them off our bill when asked about it. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE THAT WE HAVE HAD. FIND ANOTHER VET---- ANY VET. LITERALLY, any other vet. (I would not have given any stars in this review, but Google requires at least one to write a review.)

Kyrie Anderson

2 years ago

I am so excited to have Waters Edge as our new primary vet! They are always so very busy and understandably so! They love animals and try to save as many as possible. If it was not for this amazing team - I would have lost my best friend Friday. I will keep this short, they saved my Ruby from HGE when the vet she saw for her entire life sent her home to die. She was bleeding from her rear end and was close to going into shock by the time Dr Pop was able to exam her. Yes, we waited for a very short period of time but as soon as they were able to get to us - Ruby was the priority! I have seen a bad vet and now a great one! Be patient with them - there is a reason they are ALWAYS so busy! They are good at what they do and the best part, they love your animals as much as you do! I wish there were more than 5 stars to give. Forever grateful for saving my girl!

Heidi Bandy

2 years ago

We have had an excellent experience with Dr. pop and her staff. They have always done a thorough job and explained everything to us and very kind. Would highly recommend. They have treated my German Shepherd Nora for coccidia

Carol Hand

2 years ago

Heatless and incompetent. Their treatment of my dog was a nightmare.

Bleys Zimmermann

2 years ago

Friendly staff and a very knowledgeable veterinarian. Thanks for taking care of Ada.

Juice Box

2 years ago

Absolutely irate right now. I called to give them a heads up that we were enroute with our dog who got hit by a car and her skin on her food was peeled back exposing the tendons requiring stitches. The lady on the phone said they close in an hour and half and said we should go to a different vet and refused to help us. Since when do vets or medical places turn people away during business hours anticipating they close in and hour and half. I called at 1230 pm and they are scheduled open til 2pm. Can you imagine calling 911 and the police told you they can't help you because their shift is over in an hour and a half. I am absolutely disgusted and disheartened by this careless disregard for people and animals. I am shocked at how absolutely mindblowing it was to be turned away like that! Absolutely disgusting.

Rheanna Leider

2 years ago

My husband and I have a 1 year old Golden, who suddenly was just not herself. Didn’t want to play let alone move and wouldn’t eat. We brought her in an hour before they close and everyone was so kind. The calm demeanor the staff had was very relieving in such a stressful time. They didn’t show us a sense of annoyance to have us out because of how close it was to closing time. They did an exam and gave us all the recommended test and said we can do them all of just pick some of them if money is tight. They didn’t pressure us and didn’t hit us with a surprise bill, I liked how up front they were. They also explained what every test would show and how it related to our dogs symptoms. It turned out to be a lung infection, they gave us medicine and 3 days later she is way better. So thank you guys for all your help.

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