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Shane Letourneau

2 years ago

If your dog is sick leave it at the door....even if you have to put it down. No compassion. They use the covid excuse....follow protocol and you are safe. They are ridiculous

Lisa Taylor

2 years ago

Handicapped cousin on disability, brought her cat in because it was having bowel issues and asked for a urine and blood test. 20 other things were done for a full page bill and she was charged over $1000. I find this truly disgusting as a professional service. My 110 pound dog had the same issues and my vet charge me $280 for the visit and medication. They should honestly be ashamed of themselves!!

Julie Leblanc

2 years ago

So ridiculously expensive.. just looking at the itemized list makes me sick But good care.

Cory Fitch

2 years ago

They were amazing and very caring in a tough decision for our two 1day old puppies. They walked us through all options and helped us give the best care we all could provide. Tough decisions and all its nice to hear the vet sympathize with the situation and take you through the steps ❤

Brian paré

2 years ago

My not so intelligent, but oh so loveable dog, decided to eat a hot chocolate bomb on boxing day around 10 at night while I was gone for about 1/2hour. I called walker rd aninal hospital, and they had me bring her in right away, and she was taken in for exam about an hour after I called, and had gotten permission to induce vomiting shortly after. They were all very supportive, and explained what to look out for.


2 years ago

The problem with this place is there aren't enough 24 hour animal hospitals for our area. This place has people from Leamington and Chatham coming down and increasing wait times.


2 years ago

I've been here several times over a few months and it is literally the slowest clinic I've ever been to in my life. Going to a human hospital is faster. It has taken me an hour of sitting on the phone in the parking lot just to pick up medication.

tom McLean

2 years ago

Not happy all day process. Charged $217 for visit and antibiotics with pain meds. Was told surgery for my dog would cost $1700 another $600 for blood cultures. Went to another vet had surgery antibiotics and pain meds all for under $500. Not very impressed taking advantage of people who love their pets.

Tammy Bourke

2 years ago

We're taken our dog here twice now and staff is always professional and courteous. Both times have been VERY long waits however, which can be very stressful when you're not sure what's wrong with your pet. First time was to remove a tick, which they did for free. Second time we had no idea what was wrong with her (head was shaking/twitching constantly) and we had to wait in the car for two hours (Covid protocols) to find out what they thought was wrong. Staff kept telling me she would be out in a few minutes when we opted to take her home and wait our turn there, but that actually took an hour and 2 phone calls. Vet was super friendly and explained things in detail to us and explained what he would do if this was his dog. He also took the time to answer our questions, which I guess is why things take so long. Can't have your cake and eat it too I guess! Perhaps it's time for an expansion and some more staff since ppl always seem to be waiting.

mike brazil

2 years ago

I have a chow that was acting very strange and not eating I had to take my chow to walk road AH after hour and the doctor and all the staff were amazing and professional took care of my best friend in a timely manner thank you guys so much !

Keith Riot McFadden

2 years ago

They are totally cucked out from COVID. Can't even go in the building to stay with my dog. Been waiting over an hour and still 6th in line. I don't know if this is staff or government red tape but this is unacceptable. Going to take her to the Lauzon 24 hour clinic.


2 years ago

I had to make the excruciating decision to put down my 13 year old rescue cat Ethel just after midnight this past Sunday. I wanted to be sure I was with her, and Dr. Deluca was SO much more than accommodating, and the girls who helped me with her were exemplary with their compassion and empathy for BOTH of us. Can't thank them enough for making this horrible situation just a little bit more bearable, but I hope I NEVER have to rely on them for THESE services again.

Dylan Johnstone

2 years ago

Ive been to alot of vets and never experienced people so money hungry. You will pay more than any vet and get nothing in return. They also don't care about any pets well being they make it clear they just want money first even if they kill your animal. I wouldn't even go there for an emergency again

Dominique Bradford

2 years ago

i called around 9 pm about my guinea pig, who is having a very hard time eating on her own. i was told that if i bring her at 7 am the next morning she should be seen to almost immediately. i had here there for 715, and i was told she was 6th in the que. around 1030 i called for an update, and i was told she was 2nd. another 3 hours went by with no phone call so i called again, with the voicemail saying that the mailbox was full (it’s an emergency line..?). the phone was finally answered, and i was put on hold for 10 minutes. the receptionist then told me that she was now 6th in the queue, and at this point it’s been 6 hours. i ended up just bringing her home, and i will never bring either of my pigs again. i genuinely feel that her case was pushed back to treat more costly animals like dogs, which isn’t okay. at the bare minimum, an update every hour or so at least to let me know that she was pushed back would have been appreciated.

Yara Sakhrya

2 years ago

They care about the money more than welfare of pets

Turbo Foxbody

2 years ago

Took good care of my pup after he was hit by a car, unfortunately had to put him down, super upset that his collar was lost but it was frantic when we came in, all and all good experiences

Meaghan McLean

2 years ago

Excellent! They rushed our golden retriever in after he got into the garbage and were great the entire experience


2 years ago

Only caring about money and suggesting unnecessary money profiting treatments

kimberley ogley

2 years ago

Wait times are ridiculously long. BUT they are super nice.

Dennis Sauve

2 years ago

I had a problem with my dog convulsing and they took her in at 12 o'clock at night and watch her there the whole night till I could get her into my regular vet they were very attentive and did not charge me for the stay overnight. They provide very excellent care.

Cindy LaBrecque

2 years ago

This Animal Hospital goes above & beyond. I have had both of my senior dogs taken care of here & their compassion goes above & beyond & that includes all their staff.

Bianka Grof

2 years ago

Unfortunately the wait times are quite long but the staff is helpful, friendly and courteous and they took care of our little pup. The clinic isn’t cheap nor were we expecting it to be; to be expected from a 24 hr clinic. The doctors were caring and always called us back to discuss the results (we unfortunately had to get follow up tests 4 days in a row) while letting us get her home as soon as possible. Overall a good experience and we’re grateful for the care our puppy received.

Alex Forbes

2 years ago

I’ve had multiple emergency situations with my animals, and until lately I had no clue how bad this clinic was. The customer service is BAD. Ive come at 9am, empty parking lot, and then had to wait almost an hour. While also having my animals symptoms lessened and minimized to me. “Your cat isn’t even an emergency” is not something you say to someone concerned for the welfare of their cat. I found the staff rude, I found them WAY overpriced and I found that the vet doesn’t care about anything other than the money. My cat was struck by a car, and they genuinely made me wait 30 minutes with blood coming from both ends of him. In this absolutely emergency situation, they still made us wait. They looked at him, told me “he seems to be hurt. It will be $900 to test him and see what’s wrong, or you can put him down”. I didn’t have that much, and after how long they took, I couldn’t stand my poor baby in pain anymore so we had to put him down. But I have heard so many horror stories of this awful, overpriced place!! PLEASE PLEASE TAKE YOUR ANIMALS ANYWHERE ELSE. THIS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE CLINIC IN WINDSOR!!!!!

Amanda Seguin

2 years ago

Very kind, caring, compassionate and professional. We lost our cat last night and they made us feel like we were family through the process. I want to put a special spotlight on Aline, for making sure we were okay and had enough time with our cat before we gave her over to be cremated. She made sure we were okay before we left, she was gentle and sweet. While we are heart broken to lose our pet, WRAH made the process a little easier.

AquaTemp 8127

2 years ago

Great staff great people you can count on real good job

Andrew Young

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, lots of parking

Jay Lucier

2 years ago

While I appreciate the 24hr service and the friendly and courteous staff what I can't forgive is the fact that they were more worried about getting paid then the welfare of the puppy stuck in his mother. Our French bulldog went into labor at 1:00 a.m. she had two puppies inside her I drove from wallaceburg to Windsor by the time I got the Windsor one puppy had come out but the other was still in mother and she went into rest. And then hours later went into labor pushed out the head of the puppy which then became stuck at the shoulders they called my wife and talked to her on the phone about 15 minutes about what was going on and how they wanted their money before they would start the c-section we paid the money but by that time the puppy had died I'm left wondering how long it took them to get to the phone to even call us before the 15 minutes wasted talking about what was going on and payment especially since we had driven there for the c-section so we were and had the money to pay for it it should have just been done instead of wasting time when the dog became stuck

Manar Diarbakrli

2 years ago

Very bad experiences, waiting too long, staff members and doctors try to make more money by offering you unnecessary services to sick pets in order to make more money, don't go there, waste of time and money.

Kris Smith

2 years ago

Of course it struck on the holiday weekend, they did the best they could and ultimately I dropped my girl of at her vets this morning to fix her problem but they were very good about keeping in touch and monitoring ♥️

Michelle Sykes

2 years ago

If I could rate this clinic a negative I would. I have never received such horrible care for my dog when he had a fractured leg and they made me wait 8 hours for him to even get checked out. All he was given was a pain killer to numb the pain as the time went on; he kept being pushed down the line as other dogs/cats arrived. I waited in the parking lot 4 hours until I finally called in and asked what the hell had been going on and once I said I would just take him and go they said they didn't advise it because they knew something was wrong with him but I guess not crucial enough to check hid leg OH and he also had a fever which could have been from internal injuries, BUT did they call to inform me of of this information OF COURSE NOT. They were horrible to try and get any info out of, the vets there were completely useless (and I know many around the area). I suggest if your dog/cat is in a bad state and can make it to an urgent care clinic an hour or two away PLEASE take them there and not Walker Animal Hospital. name of vet is deluca cant complain enough about this place. GO TO LAUZON VET HOSPITAL, got me in right away

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