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Chelsea Ried

2 years ago

Worked here. The doctor was rude and held me hostage when I wanted to leaving after fighting with him over another girls mistake. Tried to explain nicely but he called me fat, ugly, and stupid because he has no respect for women. After the …

Melanie Duby

2 years ago

Great vet, got in right away with my cat. Professional and caring. Under the circumstances great experience.

Shauna Glover

2 years ago

Call to ask about getting my cat neutered. Was quoted in the 3 to 400 range. Paid $45 to have her seen then was quoted over $600 to get her fixed. Quite a big price difference if I would’ve known that I wouldn’t have taken her in to be seen at that price. All about animals rescue in Warren charges $40 for the service. Pretty big difference. That includes the surgery, the anesthesia and the pain meds. They keep her overnight and you pick up your pet the next morning.

Smooth Patriot313

2 years ago

NEVER TAKE ANY ANIMAL HERE! YOU WILL REGRET IT, WE DID! PLZ IF YOU LOVE YOUR ANIMAL FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE. I wish I could give zero stars, I pray they get shut down and that "vet" goes to prison

Robin Molinaro

2 years ago

This place does not deserve even one star. I took my three year old cat here because he was sneezing. I waited 2.5 hours in my car before someone came out. This place requires you to give them either a credit card or your driver's license before they will take your pet. They say it is because people are leaving their pets there and taking off. That is a lie, I learned the hard way, it is so you don't leave. This place told me I had to pay for an entire treatment plan in order to get any antibiotics. The treatment plan included a full blood workup plus fluids. The price was going to be $350 dollars. I was not going to pay for the entire treatment plan so, I had to pay the $65 exam fee and left without any antibiotics. I've taken my cats to other vets through the years, one I highly recommend is Parkview Animal Hospital, for the exact same sneezing and I am given either Clavamox or Amoxicillin. The veterinarian may suggest other services but it is never required that I do everything in order to get the antibiotics for a sneeze. Everytime, the antibiotics has cleared up the cats sneezing. I am warning everyone to not make my mistake. Don't go here. Warning.

Nina L

2 years ago

They are dedicated to your pet

Lisa Antal

2 years ago

Just loved the whole staff. They are open 7 days for a reason. They dedicate their excellent care. They really care for each and every client. Would refer in a heartbeat. ❤

Laura Allen

2 years ago

Terrible terrible vet. Do not come here. There is a reason they always have availability and it’s because he’s terrible. Only cares about money.

Diana Baker

2 years ago

Horrible rude place. Waited for 2 hours and didn’t explain prices. Then refused treatment after wanting to see bill. ????

Chrystal Leaster

2 years ago

Saddest day of my life

Katelin Baer

2 years ago

If I could give this place negative stars I would made an appointment at 12 for my dogs tail to get amputated, he wasn’t checked in until about 2:30, didn’t actually get his surgery until 7pm even though the close at 5 then when I came and picked him up they had him on the floor in a pool of his blood coming from his freshly amputated tail bled all night and the next day and had to spend more money on top of the 1,050 they charged me for their back job and take him to an actual emergency vet, do not take your animals here for any surgery beat stick to vaccinations because they are terrible.

Kevin Wilson

2 years ago

Service a little slow, seemed friendly. Would like to be able to enter the building with my pet

Lily Smith

2 years ago

This place sucks I waited about a good 45 mins in my car both times I came here with my dog whining the whole time had to call the place atleast twice both times I came… very incompetent place. Also gave my dog additional shots that I was not told about that I had to pay for. Horrible communication skills. Worse vet I have ever took my dog too hands down. Would not recommend going here at all. And when I called up there about the additional shots and charges somebody answered who has horrible English and when I asked to speak to someone else they got on the phone and could care less about what I had to say then said there putting me on hold and handed the phone back to the lady who couldn’t speak good English???? this place is a joke if Iv ever seen one.


2 years ago

My cats appointment was scheduled at 2:30. I arrived about 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork answer questions ect. 3:30 rolls around and my cat still hadn't been seen we had to leave to be somewhere at 4 if i had been told 3:30 originally I never would've made the appointment, thanks wayne mercy for wasting an hour of my time.

cole Brace

2 years ago

Basically tortured my dog for 5 days here and lied to our faces about what he was doing and why. Stay far away from here. The girl Jessica here is flat out rude and will hang up on you if you bring up a pproblem over the phone.

Dennis Smith

2 years ago

My cat reached the end of his 17yr road on this planet late on a Saturday and I bought him here to cross the rainbow Bridge. Thank you ????????

Kelly and Ryan Blevins

2 years ago

Super expensive $240 to tell me my dog had gas then they tried to push meds on her that would have added up to $550 if we wouldn't have refused them they are robbers lol


2 years ago

Polite, knowledgeable took care of my baby. Recommend!

Zenia Lewis

2 years ago

Took my money and didn't even help my cat who's in labor who's having complications. Just sent her back out to me and told me good luck.

Ryan Doe

2 years ago

The thing this vet has going for it is last minute appointment availability and open on Sunday’s without charging ER prices. However, while I was there, I heard them quote 4 different people 4 different exam prices, ranging from $65-100. Our dog was there for a suspicious looking lump that we were emergently concerned about, turns our it was just a wicked scab. They wanted to charge us $800 to remove it and send to pathology, when it fell off on its own a few days later. They played on my fear, when a veterinarian should have the experience to tell the different between a scab and a malignant lump. Additionally, the vet told me she had a heart murmur when no one else has ever pointed that out, not her regular vet a week before Wayne Mercy, and not a second opinion at Nichols 4 days later. She doesn’t have one; she’s just a wiggly dog. So they tried to talk me into a $120 chest X-ray, meds she didn’t need, and an $800 surgery for a scab. Luckily I trusted my gut and went elsewhere. Avoid if you need any type of diagnostic medicine, they’re untrustworthy. If it’s something like stitches or a broken nail or something, they’re great on short notice.

Rhonda Putnam

2 years ago

Took our baby boy in Saturday after another vet basically didn't do anything for him but gave meds that he couldn'teven take.. we called Wayne Mercy they told us to bring him in at 1:30 they close at 3..he had a massive infection in his mouth and 3 abcess teeth...the staff is amazing Kayla kept us informed on everything they were doing to him..and he is on the right meds swelling is almost gone

Damon Holmes

2 years ago

I set up an appointment and was told that the charge would be about $100. When I arrived and completed my paperwork they wanted to add on other shots and an office visit fee. I asked them why wasn't I informed when I made my appt, they seemed confused and proceeded to discount the office visit fee that I was never made aware of. No thank you. Cancelled my appt and sought out another vet. Visit at your own risk but for me, 0 out of 10 would not recommend ????????


2 years ago

I couldn't find anyone to help out my poor puppy when she messed up her eye. My regular vet office and all of my other resources were all booked up. I called here and they told me to bring in my baby now! I said I'm on my way! They helped us took care of us and sent us home with meds and a follow up appointment. Thank you so much for helping us out!

Joe Ferullo

2 years ago

Took our dog for stitches on a small puncture wound. They wanted $800!!!! Charged $150 fire the pain shot and office visit. Had to wait till the next day (today) and the vet was able to do everything, including office visit and all meds for $200. Once we said we couldn't afford the $800 they wanted to negotiate. They're obviously in this to make as much $ as possible and not because they care about your pets. I'll never be back.

April Mason

2 years ago

This place in my opinion overcharged me. Mislead me on what’s wrong with my puppy. Had a second vet look at her and my receipt and said all that was done to my puppy was UNNECESSARY. gave me a script to fill there where meijers would of filled the same rx for free ???? ya I’m not happy at all

Bonnie Pickle

2 years ago

I am grateful that Wayne Mercy Veterinary Emergency was there for my dog. The assistant met us at car and my dog is very particular. I had assistants have to pull my dog away. Which I no longer use.. Dogs have a sense of people. She went with her very willingly. They saved her life with performing an emergency hysterectomy. There were many other Veterinary Emergency that I could not afford that Google listed . Thanks you Wayne Mercy.

Smigelski Martin

2 years ago

1st time here with my dog Charmin. This place is amazing. Truly care and explained everything to me. Ill be taking all my pets here from now on!

Geoff A

2 years ago

the negative reviews on here are ridiculous. Vets cost money. Have you ever had to go to the human ER without health insurance??? Anyway, this place took such good care of my little buddy, Bear Brown. A 9 year old Yorkie who got really sick. I didn't know what could be wrong so I brought him here. They took him in and within 15 minutes had a diagnosis and a treatment plan. They follow up with phone calls to check on him and he is now doing great. IGNORE THE HATERS. This is a good vet office.

James Kluesher

2 years ago

It was pretty easy to get everything done their nails clipped thank you for the good work

Amanda E

2 years ago

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND bringing your furry family member here for all of his/her care. I have a terrier-chihuahua dog, her name is Mya. Mya is almost 15 years old. She has congestive heart failure (CHF), she's almost deaf, and she has some trouble with her back legs (arthritis, etc.). I don't have any children so she is literally my kid. I never heard of Wayne-Mercy Animal Hospital before June/July 2020. However, less than 1 week before moving out of my apartment, my dog got sick. With each passing day, she got worse. Her current vet refused to squeeze her in and I was going to have to wait a few more days before they would see her. (FYI, after this experience, I switched vets and had her medical files transferred to Wayne Mercy Animal Hospital) Long story short, it was the day we were moving. Mya could not wait another day to get into the vet. She was in very bad shape. It was a Saturday, and I didn't have a clue where to take her. All I could do was look for local vets in the area who were open. It was so bad and I was not expecting a good outcome based on my dogs overall state. I was an emotional wreck inside. As I handed my little old lady dog off to the vet tech in the parking lot, I said something like, "this is my whole world, this is my baby" or something along those lines, while fighting back tears. I didn't know what to expect from this new vet. I sat there wondering, did I pick the right one. Wayne Mercy Animal Hospital was amazing. They ran a few tests and put my dog on some antibiotics, gave her fluids, etc. On the car ride home, she was already perking up. Whatever they did, it worked and I will always be thankful for them on that day. I am pretty sure they saved her life. Their staff is truly the best. They are patient, kind and professional. I go there regularly to pick up heart meds for Mya. The pricing for meds and medical testing are better than most vets in the area. I highly recommend them.

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