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Linda Sack

2 years ago

It’s too bad the staff handled things so poorly with me and my dog. Dr. Rice was kind and compassionate. But the staff was dismissive, lied to me, handled things in a way harmful to my dog. I’m so disappointed about the interaction I had this morning on the phone. I will never return to this practice. Regardless of how good the vets are, the woman I spoke with this morning was absolutely horrible. So patronizing, refused to listen to what I was attempting to communicate. I have never left a bad review in my life until now. I always praise businesses for the good they do. But today was absolutely unacceptable. I am so disappointed and disheartened by the treatment I received from this woman.

Maya C. Richardson

2 years ago

My son took his gecko here about a week and a half ago. He was having problems with his eye and not eating well. The vet prescribed an eye cream, change in diet, and supplements. That was all well and good. However, it did not help. The gecko would not open his eyes and stopped eating. We made a follow up appointment on Wed for today at 11. I got a call at 9:45 today stating that the doc reviewed the schedule and wanted to cancel our appointment. According to the person on the phone it didn't make sense to bring our gecko in because there was nothing the vet can do to help with his problems. She recommended alternative places. You couldn't have told us that on Wednesday when we made the appointment? We could have made alternate plans then instead of scrambling today. I thought it was rude and unacceptable. This place is a last resort for care. I know vets are backed up but call around and make sure there is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE before booking an appointment here!

Kelly Luttinen

2 years ago

I needed a second opinion on euthanizing my 14-year-old dog, though I am not ready to leave my regular vet. They saw us right away and agreed to share info with my regular vet. Dr Alex was very professional and answered all my questions. I am even considering Walnut Lake for future visits with my other pets!

Andrea Fleischfresser

2 years ago

We had a really upset experience recently. My dog (2 pounds Yorkie) went there for a dental cleaning and the doctor removed ALL her teeth without telling us. I dropped her off at 8 am and around 4.30 pm I received a call from Dr. Rollo saying that he had removed all her teeth during the surgery. My dog now has anxiety issues, has to eat special food and unfortunately, we cannot go back in time.

Elizabeth McGinnis

2 years ago

Not helpful and very expensive


3 years ago

Dr. G was not only able to. get us in so quickly but was able to see the pain our pet was in and offered to do the surgery same day, we have never seen such a compassionate vet & clinic! I cant say good enough things about Dr. G and the way he is taking care of our collie! -Dan

sharee simmons

3 years ago

I loved them when they were five and two pet clinic. We’ve been going there for years. When they switched ownership which is now walnut lake animal hospital everything went down hill. The customer service is awful and the groomer Pam is not nice at all and my dog hates going to that place. I would not recommend for anyone.

Dr. Lynn Robinson

3 years ago

I’ve been going there for years. Under the new ownership the drs are great. The groomer named Pam is not very nice. I would never ever use her to groom my dog again. She is Condescending and abrupt and rude plus I was totally unsatisfied with her her work. Use her at your own risk but if you love your pet do not use her. Also my dog loves everyone and is very friendly. I should have known something was wrong when he started crying. Don’t take a chance with her because our pets can’t talk.


3 years ago

Customer care is lacking. Dr consultation during curbside is quick and they didn't follow-up after the exam to provide an overview of their assessment. Staff does not provide the best customer service and is not informative. They fail to give protocol for arriving at their facility with covid procedures in place. They charge fees after they say they weren’t going to charge. They don’t update on fee increases and also do not inform of changes for prescription approvals when ordering elsewhere.

jenn Last

3 years ago

Got us in quickly to have guinea pig looked at. Did not do anything unnecessary. Very pleasant to deal with. Will definitely go back if needed.

Ti KChapman

3 years ago

A kinka what!!??? Friendly and knowledgeable staff,I acquired a very unique pet, a kinkajou. Doctors were unsure of how to initially treat her at first, but they did the research and were able to not only vaccinate her but also show her some love and get her out of her crate! In the business of pet care, you can go many places.. But why not go the place that wants to know YOU and your Pet! Great Dr. and Staff!

Active Nutrition RD

3 years ago

Dr Rice was wonderful with our geriatric cat who needed X-rays and blood work. It’s hard not being able to go in with them right now, but the entire staff was so great at easing the anxiety and keeping us updated. Excited to be bringing our new puppy here soon!

Barry Feldman

3 years ago

So impressed with Walnut vet. They are professional, reasonably priced and genuinely care about their patients. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Lopez

3 years ago

Dr Rollo and the staff saved my dogs life. He has a heart problem and they found it early. They are always helpful in getting the meds my dog needs. I bring both of my dogs for care. They love the staff and the Z Vet is great with them.

grace serra

3 years ago

Our cats came home very happy after grooming and shots! The staff is really wonderful and always pleasant and helpful

stefanie lewis

3 years ago

Excellent experience. I especially like the little "letter" that Daisy "wrote" explaining what happened to her from her perspective. It was very informative and made me feel that my baby was in good hands. You all do good work!!

Karen Amick

3 years ago

I was really excited to find this bet 1.5 miles from my home. I brought my puppy in for diarrhea. Sample showed the most common puppy problem...worms. The puppy was give a light dose for the diarrhea and three bikes of dewormer to take home. The regiment didn’t clear up the problem. I spoke to staff 3 times over the next two weeks reporting that the symptoms were not cleared up. When the puppy seemed to be dumpy I brought her in. Twice in the same day. I ended up with two vet bills that day and a call saying she was too dehydrated and needed hospitalization. She almost died over the most common and treatable puppy problem. The clinic was well informed of her lack of progress whereby it never should have gotten so bad. I called and spoke to the vet who offered hindsight is 20/20. Can’t we do better over the most common problem for a puppy? Why didn’t it get to the point that she almost died?


3 years ago

They were very nice, close 2 home and had availability. Since the new kitten shots have to be done on a time frame, and my regular vet didn’t have openings, I scheduled. Fine. Only for this new kitten visit I got nothing more than a “they look fine.” When. I asked for the recommendations on kitten food and feeding schedules, the vet stumbled around her answer and ended up saying that twice a day should be fine. This didn’t sound right, and further inquiry ( internet, another more experienced vet), confirmed my hunch. Adult cats who are done growing and are in a maintenance phase can do fine on two feedings a day. Kittens are in a growth phase AND their stomachs are small. They need at least 3. I expect any vet to be able to answer basic nutrition questions. I still wasn’t able to get into my preferred vet within the required timeframe, so I went back. When I went back for the second set of shots 3 weeks later, I was charged $36/ kitten for an exam. When I questioned this, they simply said they always charge for an exam. They didn’t say what they examined or the results of said exam and I didn’t ask them to examine the kittens and they had just done this 3 weeks prior. So. Another $250 for a 20 minute f/u shot visit I won’t be going back.

Margaret Hall

3 years ago

What a wonderful experience at this lovely vet hospital. The staff was warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable. My little shitzu loved them. Very impressed with the vet and his staff No waiting, and great advice.

Nadiia Rudenko

3 years ago

Not many vets can treat guinea pigs, we were sent away many times. But to my relief, we have found Dr. Rice. With her, we had successfully battled an ear infection and now we hopefully have a positive outcome with our skin issue. I feel that the hospital treats my animal as if it was theirs and genuinely cares about their well being.

Norah Parker

3 years ago

If you're looking for a fantastic neighborhood vet, this is it! They handle each appointment professionally and compassionately. We just had a curbside visit for our Goldendoodle and they took all the necessary procautions and I was not left waiting a long time while they had him inside to examine him. Pricing is VERY fair. I think the cost is lower than surrounding vets but care is above and beyond.

Rob Cutsinger

3 years ago

Dr. Rice and staff were very responsive to our sick ferret. Got her in within hours and did not charge us more than needed. Options and quotes were explained and printed out for us. Thanks to W.L.A.H., our ferret is back to her playful and happy little self.

Robert Balog

3 years ago

Extremely friendly and professional staff. No worries taking my new puppy to them.

Absolute Care

4 years ago

Very professional and dedicated staff, compassionate and thorough, Doctor treated my pets as his own! I am very grateful for the services and attention my pets received!

Allison Audet

4 years ago

I found 2 stray kittens that were abandoned near our house one night during my walk. These little guys were skin and bones. It was nearly closing time when I called Walnut Lake Animal Hospital and they didn't hesitate for a single second to stay open past work hours to look at the kittens. The Vet and his staff were so kind and generous with their time and services. I definitely recommend this Veterinary practice to anyone who has pets, or is looking for a reliable and trustworthy veterinarian! ????❤????

carmen Bove

4 years ago

Worst experience ever with grooming - my dog came out shacking and terrified, never again!!!

Chris Wiedeman

4 years ago

Staff was very pleasant and helpful. Clean and well decorated. I am getting my pets ready for airline travel and the staff there went above and beyond to call the airline to make sure she met the requirements that they needed.

Donna Bohn

4 years ago

As always the entire staff was wonderful !

Laurie Harte

4 years ago

Everyone at Walnut Lake Animal Hospital is spectacular!!

Mitchell Rosenwasser

4 years ago

Dr. Guild really cares for his patients, doesn't order unnecessary tests, and provides great care. And, the whole staff is great, so friendly and caring, it's obvious they're all animal lovers!

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