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Jennifer Christensen

a year ago

We had to put our dog down unfortunately due to old age and it was very hard for my family. I’m so happy we decided to go to Wilson’s for our dog Pebbles because they took really good care of us and Pebbles. We had no wait, and the veterinarians were very compassionate, and I’m so grateful to the staff for being so caring. Thank you.

Jess Ward

a year ago

This is NOT an animal paw print and I will get to the bottom of this since Wilsons won’t cooperate with their contract with PACE

Chloe Florial

a year ago

Won’t prescribe the cat food we have been getting for many years stating that our cat “needs and exam”. Yeah he will need an exam when he runs out of his medicated food. Ever since new ownership/staff took control Wilson’s has completely gone down hill. We have been coming here for over 10 years but will find a new vet. Poor quality of customer service or professionalism.

Jason Proctor

a year ago

If I could give zero stars I would. I called ahead, then called upon arriving. Only 4 people in front of me. Great, sounds good. 3 hours in the car and then 3 hours in a tiny exam room later, I had not even been seen by a tech. Not even someone to tell me what’s going on. Nothing. After not hearing any movement in the hallway for over an hour I poked my head out. Nothing. Called out. Nothing. After over 6 hours, I gave up and left. The staff could have cared less, no apology, no attempt to give me an explanation. Nothing. I can genuinely say this place should not be in business.

Lisa Smart

a year ago

Have been taking 2 dogs to Wilson's veterinary hospital for 8 years. That stops after this past weekend! The receptionist/tech was completely rude, unprofessional and has horrible bedside manners. Speaking to me like I was a child for no reason. Witnessed her treating and speaking to other patients poorly. Speaking on behalf of the doctor...... THE DOCTOR THAT I NEVER SAW OR LOOKED AT MY DOG. They Never once came to the room.. ...but I'm there for a yearly physical exam and shots update. Asking if my dog was "healthy...or just tell me your dog is healthy so they can move along" Her Eye rolling, back n forth to the back exam room, complaining nonstop how annoyed the doctor was. Pretty much being the middle man for the doctor. This is Completely unacceptable! It was like it was a huge inconvenience for them that day. After being treated and talked to like this, I was done. I got up with My dog and left. Told the woman at checkout what was going and left. Will never return. They lost a loyal customer for good. I've given this place so many second chances. Too many chances. This time, I am done. I called and asked for the office manager immediately after leaving. 2 messages left and 4 days later, finally got a call back. She sounded like she didn't care or was use to these calls .

Joshua Fischer

a year ago

I don't normally do this kind of thing, but, I'm currently in a patient room. We've been sitting here for 3 hours. Haven't seen the vet. I wonder what comes first. Do they notice the review, or actually see my dog?

Cathy Cockerill

a year ago

My girl decided to injest mouse poison Christmas Eve and I called several vets and the poison control for pets. Poison control said to take her to the vets but the only one that would see her was Wilsons. She was admitted and spent 2 days in the hospital. The first day home she pretty much slept all day( maybe from the excitement of being home) but is now back to normal. I can never thank them enough for being there when needed and the friendliness of all the employees.

Spencer Whitledge

a year ago

Came home to a lethargic cat. Wilson were the only ones who said they could make space to try and bring our cat back. They did everything they could and were very comforting and helpful.

Rana Mansoor

a year ago

If I could give a zero star rating I WOULD! I’ve been here since 8:30am it’s now 11:30am and no doctor since.

Pam Davidson

a year ago

Not sure where to begin. Never saw a vet until she showed with results/opinions. She came in arms crossed leaned on the counter cradling her clip board. She was very difficult to understand. I have zero clue about the dogs exam since it was not done in the exam room. She never mentioned the grape size mass on the side of the dogs voice box. It's sad really. She jumped from pet to pet. Dropped sarcoma about My male since they have been sold out from Wilson control its a marginal experience and to have a vet get documentation more about her perception of me being rude for asking her credentials. Just sad really. They were cost effective a awesome now...prices went up significantly and some staff and staffing changes has made the experience less than awesome. Dr. WILSON YOU SHOULD remove your name it does not meet your standards and you should be worry leaving this legacy. ..and then all was blah blah blah. I asked how long she'd been a vet...she said..." a while" I asked 1, 2 years? She said around 3. So, she has zero confidence and is intimidated by a simple question. Got to read her notes. Sadly she was more offended by me asking her credential then listening to my concerns. She never came in and asked herself. Just vet techs and such did Chief complaint VS and too the animal away after mentioning an xray...asked pricing.... so come here for years. First time ever O would not recommend them. Sinceq

Mihai Strainov

a year ago

They are a joke please don't ignore all bad reviews!!!

Mary King

a year ago

Had an emergency with my sister's little dog and they took me in right away when Rochester emergency would not. Thanks to all of them, very nice. I will start using this place instead of Blue Pearl which wasn't even open.

Lance Barbot

a year ago

Just brought a stray cat in here. This staff is super kind. They obviously care a lot about every animal here based on their actions and words. The care and gental touch from each person I delt with is amazing. Such a sweet people. 5 star all day RIP Minga

Kelley B

a year ago

So thankful for their emergency services. They were thorough and caring!

Hailey Ruehlen

a year ago

Took my animal into Wilson’s today, very unpleased with the service provided. Doctor came into the room and all she did was look into my dogs ears and swab both of them. She didn’t even talk for me for more than 2 minutes, nothing was said to me about what kind of bacteria that was growing in his ear to cause an infection or any preventative methods to help my animal from further ear infections. She didn’t even come back into the room to show her findings after the ear swab. On top of that I was charged for a physical exam for my animal, when there was absolutely no physical exam given to my pet. Not once did the doctor take the time to look at my dog for his wholesome wellbeing. She didn’t look at his paws, skin, mouth, teeth, take his temperature, listen to his heart beat, nothing along the lines of a physical exam yet I was still charged for one. I’ve been to Wilson’s so many times and the care that was once provided has gone down hill fast. For the price this facility expects you to pay versus the quality of service they provide you is actually a joke. Save your time and go to a better veterinarian who takes the time to care about your animals wellbeing.

derek sproull

a year ago

Poor customer service, poor pet care, and the prices are getting crazy high.

Coach K

a year ago

Little baby Opie is growing so fast, he will be 4 months at the end December and he’s already 25 lbs. We had a great experience at they clinic on Sunday morning, staff are all very friendly and professional. The Veterinarian on hand took the time to explained the different options for care with getting Opie started. Happy customer so far.

Chelsea Jones

a year ago

I just wanted to say that JoAnn at check out is by far the nicest staff member here. My last visit at this location it didn’t start out the best, but I’m giving a 5 star review specifically because of the way that JoAnn went above and beyond for me! She was extremely friendly and helpful. I have so much respect for veterinarians and I know that they are understaffed and extremely busy so when I go I do not expect much. The fact that this sweet lady took the time to make sure that I had everything I needed, checked in on me while I waited for the other staff members, got me puppy pads while my dog was bleeding all over me, and couldn’t have been more kind means the world to me! JoAnn, if you see this, thank you!!!

Becca Scalf

a year ago

Since I received no response to my email (months later), I'll just write it in a review. "I have an issue with your kennel. I had my cat hospitalized at your facility for about a week for possible seizure activity and a sudden change in his mood, and because he was being aggressive toward staff they would have me come back to the kennel to visit him which I understand entirely. The last thing I'd want is for him to hurt someone who is trying to take care of him. However, there was something I noticed that I was upset with. Your staff had punk rock blaring on an Amazon Alexa just a few feet from his cage. That cannot be relaxing for a neurologic, sick cat and not productive toward his healing process when he needed some peace and quiet in an already uncomfortable, stressful environment. I hope this gets resolved for future hospitalized pets."

angel asbury

a year ago

I took my dog here last night for an allergic reaction and they were so sweet and gentle with him and was the cheapest around!

Carlie Craven

a year ago

Terrible communication and support. We showed up for surgery as instructed and waited over 90 minutes to see someone...not sure how long it would have been if I didn't seek someone out. Then Dr. said he would like to reschedule the surgery due to less invasive equipment coming in. Never called to tell me when I can pick my dog up. Staff was rude and unprofessional. Follow ups have been pointless, time consuming, and my dog is still limping. I understand they are most likely understaffed like the rest of the world and they do have my compassion, however I was still disappointed in every aspect of the care. Wilson's is not what they used to be :( I should also note that the doctor we saw was NOT Dr. Wilson

brian scaffetti

a year ago

I sharing a past experience from Wilson's my 9 year old cat Smudge that I raised from a 4 week old baby kitten got ill, I tried a cat hospital in Mt Clemens that I won't mention. They didn't have a clue what my cat needed. I ended up taking him to Wilson's and they knew how to treat him. He was in the hospital there for almost a week and with alot of hard work from my wife and myself and Wilson's he was brought back from something that could have taken his life. They treated him like he was their own baby and plus we could visit him while he was being treated. I love the Wilson's veterinarian clinics. Both of them

Cyndy Klein

a year ago

Over 4 hour wait wouldn’t go back

Dame Johnson

a year ago

Dr. Wilson saved my dogs life and was very helpful and empathetic through the process. My family appreciates everything he was able to do.

Dianne Impullitti

a year ago

After several trips to our neighborhood vet for a bad infection on my dog's paws. He just wasn't getting better, he was getting worse. Wilson's vets got to the source of the infection and immediately began treatment that brought on relief within 24 hours. My fur baby is now able to walk normally again.

MySpartapictures kitty

a year ago

Daisy was attacked by another. She needed emergency life saving surgery. That surgery was going to run 6,000$. When entering the the hospital I only had 3,300 to start with. She would be in hospital for about 14 days. THEY WOULD NOT TAKE MY MONEY. THEY WANTED IT ALL RIGHT THEN. They instead made me put her it sleep. THEY MADE ME MURDER MY FRIEND! Daisy had had surgery there before. We payed her Bill. We had good standing there. THEY DID CARE! THEY MURDERED MY FRIEND.

Roxane Hilliker

a year ago

I cannot specify enough how nice the staff and doctor are here. It is terrible due to COVID reasoning that it is impossible to get an animal in for an injury to my regular Vet (even though I was listed on their waitlist) This office was so nice, explained I would have a terribly LONG wait, the receptionist brought out a water bowl and blanket for my dog (something that is well above and beyond her job) and Jazz and I just sat and waited. The vet examined my dog upon intake to make sure she was stable and when it was our turn, they did X-rays, blood work and provided medication for her to finally have some pain relief---the diagnosis? Torn ACL????Dr Belinda and staff...thank you for helping Jazz today and for being so kind during our wait--please know it did not go unnoticed...we appreciate all you do!

shannon s

a year ago

so my cat had something seriously wrong with her paw but because every single other vet place is booked for weeks I was forced to drive 40 minutes out to this place. I shouldve known it was going to be a mess after I had called 3 times with no response before finally just drivint out there. There was only one person infront of me when i got there and I still had to wait 3 hours in my car. I understand being short staffed but a cat being in a cage in a car for 3 hours and 40 minutes not including the wait when you actually get in the room isn't right. After finally waiting all of that time, the vet literally saw my cat for under 2 minutes then just gave her a bunch of meds and sent us home. Spent 235$ to not even get her paw wrapped up. Going to take her to another place today because I am almost 1000% sure they miss-diagnosed my cat and said it was an ulcer on her paw when its most likely something that needs to be surgically removed. Terrible place please dont waste your time here unless you have to.

Kerri Molina

a year ago

I called to check my dog in at 11am and told them we would be driving an hour to get there. My dog is lethargic and needs to be seen. We got here at 1, got called to come in at 3pm and it is now 4pm and we are still waiting to be seen by a doctor. The staff is more worried about chatting with each other to be helping patients. If this wasn’t a serious matter I would have already left. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone.

Jess Famularo

a year ago

We had to put our doggie to rest, she was 13th are old. I made the final payment for her to be creamated. They told me 3-5 days until we get her back. I am at a week and I don’t have her back. I called Wilson’s they said she wasn’t there and gave me the number where they use for the creamation.. I called them and they did not have my dog either. No one knew where my baby was. After the miscommunication of no one knowing what was going on they did find her. Wilson’s said pace the cremation place needed a payment confirmation.. they were paid. And she sat there for days. I will never use this vet again!!

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