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michael wren

2 years ago

I recently got a puppy and just had him trained with K9 Kindergarten. This is the second time I've went with them and it was worth every penny. The price is very competitive compared to other local trainers that specialize in similar services, but none have compared to this program from my experiences. David is professional and always explains things thoroughly. My puppy is like a new dog. He's barely 5 months, yet he doesn't even need a leash on my property anymore, he comes when called, and just about any other issues he had has essentially disappeared. I would highly recommend K9 Kindergarten to anyone looking for advanced obedience training.

Monet Flowers

2 years ago

We have seen such a change in our puppies after their training at K9 Kindergarten. Our neighbors can not believe it and are also interested in training their dogs with K9. We highly recommend them!

Lisa Caretti, Arbonne Consultant

3 years ago

We were out of options for our dog Iris and we were desperate for help. We had already tried another trainer with no results. Iris barked all the time, would lunge at cars, go after birds, dogs, cats, leaves and no one was getting through the front door. K9 Kindergarten has not only helped Iris, but worked with us to so that we can have the same results. Iris is getting better and better each day and I highly recommend them.

Taylor Booher

3 years ago

Highly recommend. My dog would not go in his crate and would get very distracted on walks prior to sending him to K9. I swear I have a new dog now and am so happy I sent him here!! Plus their daughter took super cute pics of my pup. Thank you for everything!!

Kelly Scaramuzzino

3 years ago

We love K9 Kindergarten! We used Dave 8 years ago for our older dog and when we needed help with our new puppy, we knew exactly who to call again. Our new puppy was showing signs of resource guarding and was having a hard time getting used to the crate. He was so sassy that I had my doubts that anything would work, but sure enough after 5 days with the K9 family, my puppy is doing amazing! He seems happier and we definitely are! He is seriously the best little guy now and we are so in love????. We have boarded him there twice since he completed the program and he is always so excited to see everyone. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Denise Acciacca

3 years ago

Such a difference training makes. When I rescued my dog I thought I might have gotten a dog that was too much to handle. My husband wanted to send her back but I knew she would just be shuffled from home to home. So I brought her to K9 Kindergarten in Washington . David has done wonders for her,my friends and family can tell a huge difference in her behavior. She is now a joy to walk not a chore. Her nonstop barking and jumping on people is now in control and she understands what I expect of her. Thank you K9 Kindergarten!!

Brad Tiseo

3 years ago

Dave and Michelle are the nicest people I met. I had my dog trained by them and I would recommend them to any one. My dog went in stubborn and hardheaded an came out well trained and behaved dog. By far the best money I’ve ever spent on my puppy. Thanks again u two r the best

Becky Douglas

3 years ago

Our dog Peaches was a sweetie but she had some issues with listening, jumping and confidence. She trained with Dave and in a week she was listening, we could let her off the leash, she was no longer trying to attack every bike and car that we passed on a walk and was so eager to please. We then had the electric fence installed to give her even more freedom. We can now let her outside without the worry of her trying to run off. She understands her boundaries and does not try to leave the property. We are so pleased with the outcome from K9 kindergarten. We would recommend them to everyone.

Dan Shea

4 years ago

Went for an evaluation of our 2 year old great dane mix for training. Dave, the trainer, stood there with a clip board and asked us questions. He didn't have us do anything to evaluate our dog - no commands. All of the questions could have been asked and answered over the phone. $75 evaluation fee. 15 minutes. He didn't listen to our answers either. We brought our dog there a year ago and had a different trainer for the same issues. Our dog is better but still needs some guidance. He more than doubled the price from last years evaluation and just kept saying he's bigger now. He's the same size. Do your research. Frustrated that I wasted my time and money. Edit: to their response: You just proved my point that you were NOT listening to what we said. Both instances that happened with other dogs was before we came to you one year ago. I told you that he was BETTER than he was last year. His walking improved and we explained that we wanted to focus on some of other issues he still has. He and the neighbor dogs get along great. Again you didn't listen. We told you about the two dogs on each side of our house, he has no barking or aggressive issues with them.

Zach Young

4 years ago

Went in to try to adopt a dog out of the rescue run through the business. The place is clean and the staff very kind. I filled out the application and they told me they’d contact me within 7-10 days on wether or not my application was accepted or rejected. I received no further contact from them even after I emailed them on day 12 to ask about my application. The store was clean and well stocked but the staff’s unprofessionally conduct is inexcusable as this was time I could have spent finding another dog. Need some kibble? You can get it here. Looking to adopt? Go elsewhere.

Reanna Trexler

4 years ago

Amazing experience here with my dog. The first evaluation was quick and accurate. The 2 week training was efficient and they worked very well with my crazy schedule. My dog showed immediate improvement after the training was over. They took great care of my girl Ceecee and I would recommend everyone to go to them for their dogs as well. They truly care about the dogs and their customers !!!

Penny Saville

4 years ago

highly recommend for great customer service for me and my dog. I have been using them for over a year now for daycare and boarding, my dog is always well taken care of.

Laura Fraschetti

4 years ago

Great people, they really know their stuff ????????????

Kelly Temple

4 years ago

Where to begin? Our puppy joined our family in August 2018. I never had a dog before and l was overwhelmed, to say the least. Neptune is a great and sweet dog but we had some barking issues EVERY NIGHT about the time we wanted to sit and unwind from our day-despite him getting plenty of exercise. At times, Neptune would bark in the middle of the night for over an hour, or more. While I am sure he heard something, we heard nothing and it was extremely frustrating. Also, Neptune would get so hyper when a door opened or someone was at the door, we worried he would run out. Dave, Michelle, and their amazing staff provided so much help and support from the beginning of the journey. I took K9’s puppy class and as a result I was able to teach Neptune a few of the basics. At times I would go to the store at 25 mile and Van Dyke and I felt they were providing me therapy. As the barking continued, I decided to call and see about some training. Even though K9 Kindergarten was no longer around the corner, Dave and Michelle were just a phone call away and they certainly came to my rescue. Dave came over and we discussed my goals, which were to control the barking a bit and give Neptune some “off leash” experience by having him master the come command, which would also help with our fear of him running off. After a couple days of training with Dave you could see a difference, after a week the difference was amazing. My little dog that barked at everything (and nothing) was more calm and more confident, if that makes sense. When I used the come command he would actually come to me. I was amazed and a little upset I didn’t do this sooner! Neptune easily allows me to put on his e collar, which he only wears a few hours a day and when he is off leash. I have to say I pretty much never need to “correct” him. If he starts barking and I tell him to “leave it”, he stops barking. A MIRACLE! If the there is a knock at the door, he still barks but it’s not as crazy and he stops upon me telling him to “leave it.” If I can’t find him in the house, I tell him to come and he does. If he is off leash and I tell him to come-he listens. It really has helped with our overall enjoyment of our sweet boy. I’ve had follow up questions and Dave and Michelle are always prompt at returning calls and eager to help with any questions or concerns. Also, it’s so nice to give Neptune the freedom to run around (within reason and in a safe area) off leash. Dave’s training has given us the ability to enjoy our dog throughout the day and not dread the evening hours which in turn makes everyone happier-especially me. It is also nice to not have the constant fear of him running off any time a door opens since we can calm him down with a simple leave it and tell him to come if he starts to go in another direction. Thank you Dave for training Neptune


4 years ago

David is truly a master trainer! He taught my puppy Ash how to be obedient. Which for my stubborn puppy, was hard. While he did listen to me, he was a mediocre at best with obedience. With David (K9 K) they make sure you have consistent obedience. PSA: The training isn’t only for your best friend, it’s also for you. YOU MUST put in forth time and effort as instructed by the master teacher, David. Thank you K9! ???? Update 09/06/19: I can not recommend K9K enough. I’m so happy with the results of just 5 days by the master trainer! This is so different than when I see well behaved dogs in videos. It feels like a dream. Teaching Ash as apart of my quest is also been so easy. All because of K9 KINDERGARTEN. The heels. The leash walking. Of course, so many variables; puppy, still learning, so he’s still pulling a bit and not listening as well. But, I’m making sure to reinforce it and be there with my buddy every step of the way. Thank you again David. You’re honestly the best.

Ann Percy

4 years ago

David trained our dog (and me) to actually walk with me vs pulling me after every leaf blowing down the street! He also comes when called, no longer counter surfs or jumps up on people. We love K9 Kindergarten!

Lora McClelland

5 years ago

K9 Kindergarten is a wonderful place. We got our puppy in February and they have helped us develop the type of dog we have always wanted. Dave and Bill are great trainers and are always there to answer all of our questions. Dave put in our electric fence and Maximus is doing great being off leash. Not only is the training great but the store and the services they provide are wonderful! Having the Vet there is very convenient. We are able to get everything for Maximus at one place and we know he is in good hands!

rachel dancey

5 years ago

Samantha foster???? This place is great????

Skye Green

5 years ago

I love this place because they are family owned! One of the workers Sam Foster she really shows how much she loves all the dogs that she plays with! She is an outstanding worker

Susan Brockmann

5 years ago

Cannot say enough about the owners and staff at K9 Kindergarten. Our dog just finished one week of training and she is like a different dog ! We are so happy with the results.

Dan Berry

5 years ago

I want to thank Dave and his staff for their help in training Teddy. Teddy is 4 years old and what a difference 5 days make after spending time at K9 Kindergarten. Dave is a true professional who truly cares for his clients and furry friends. I highly recommend K9 for all of your pets needs. Thank you! Dan & Barb

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