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Suzanne Pohl

2 years ago

I really like the doctor. He was very gentle with our little girl and knowledgeable about reptiles. The only reason I'm giving a 4 star vs 5 is because they don't except Care Credit. I've never been to a vet that hasn't. I'm hoping no major issues come up because that card is for furbaby and lizard emergencies.

Steven Pyka

2 years ago

I came here today to have an animal looked at for my job. The staff here are wonderful and supportive and helpful. I immediately felt like “part of the family” wonderful place to be seen by top quality vets and amazing techs. I worked with the late Dr. Sakas for many many year and hold Drs and techs to the highest standard and they exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with them. I have found the exotic vets for my vast collection. 10/10.

Kassidy Welisek

2 years ago

So helpful when my daughter's ball python needed checked out for a respiratory infection! Very knowledgeable, patient and everyone was so nice.

Arun Hari

2 years ago

Other than patient handling to their Covid guidelines that is a bit stiff, everything else about care and welcoming from the staff and the Doctor is amazing . Our first time here . The doctor came out and had a don't amount of dedicated discussion about our Bearded Dragos's habits and health concerns. Even though we suggested some extra blood work to get things clear , just as gentleman and ethical the doctor can be, he recommended against it. He me tioned they were not needed at this point. That I say is not a good one but a Great Doctor and service . Will be back again if any more concerns arises .

Kate Jensen

2 years ago

Staff is amazing, helpful and kind.

Niki Surico

2 years ago

I had an urgent issue with my rabbit. It was dealt with in a very timely as well as accurate manner. Procedures as well as follow instructions were made clear.. The Dr. and Staff are wonderful!! I would highly recommend them.

Nicolette Rana

2 years ago

They killed our poor baby tortoise. We only had him for three weeks, we took him in because he seemed like he wasn’t that active and wasn’t eating and pooping much. The vet checked him out and said he was okay and that this was totally normal and he was just getting adjusted to living with us, but for some reason prescribed us an antibiotic that was supposed to increase his appetite. We trusted his expertise , and gave him this medicine. About an hour after we gave him the medicine our little tortoise was drooling , we have never seen him do that ever before. I called the vet again concerned , and they said it was probably just a side effect from the medicine. Two days later, we come home , there is a pool of drool on our little guys basking stone and he was laying next to it dead. I am beyond mortified, we have a five year old son who is just heart broken. I called to talk with the receptionist and tell her what happened , not only did she cut me off twice to put me on hold while I talk about the pet they killed, she argues with me about the health of our turtle before he died, saying he wasn’t healthy even though the vet had told us himself that he was. He would be alive today if we would have just never taken him here to get checked out. DO NOT TAKE YOUR REPTILES HERE. I wouldn’t trust them with any of your pets , but they definitely have zero knowledge on how to treat reptiles. $98 for them to kill our family member, and they don’t have any accountability for what they did, please don’t make our mistake.

Angela Hutchins

2 years ago

They seem very expensive I took my rabbit there and ended up taking him to my old Vet because they were much cheaper for the same procedure.

Natalie Gagliano

2 years ago

It can be really hard to find a veterinarian that cares for rabbits.. All the staff at the Algonquin Animal Clinic take such great care of my rabbit Saber. Dr. Durante is wonderful and realizes that each pet, no matter feathers, scales, or fur, is loved and an important part in the life of its owner.I would never go anywhere else!

Samantha Klein

2 years ago

As a new client, my experience at Algonquin Animal clinic was great. It seemed the staff was friendly and the doctor was responsive to all my pets needs. As time went on and I became a repeat customer, the service my pets received drastically decreased. The staff's responses to my questions were brief and lousy. They never seemed to have an answer to questions about my pets health and never transferred me to Dr. Durante regarding medical matters. Ever since the clinic has decreased their available hours and days, there has been a large backup of patients and poorer service. It seems like they only care about bringing in new patients and not about providing for their existing ones.

Slawomir K

2 years ago

My pets have been seeing Doctor Durante for many years. He is a good doctor that is professional and very kind. I cannot say the same for the nurses and staff he employs however. Whenever I have a quick question or need to update on my pets condition (as stated in his diagnosis), the staff can never put me through to him. Instead, they give out their own medical advice even though it contradicts what the doctor already told me. For example, Amanda on staff criticized the fact that my bunnies primarily eat hay and fresh vegetables saying I need to give them a diet consisting mostly of store-bought pellets. When asking to speak with the doctor, I am always redirected back to the staff that seem to be the "medical experts". This problem has only gotten worse with the pandemic protocols as I can never get ahold of the doctor outside of a short post-visit call. The staff's unprofessionalism has regrettably driven me away from seeing Dr. Durante as I will be choosing another clinic for my next appointments.

Steven Huebner

2 years ago

Love this place They always take good care of our pets

Providencia Villegas

2 years ago

I am have with the service they provide and they are welcoming ????????

Michelle Cichy

2 years ago

They are absolutely perfect. Great bedside manner, staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the doc was great and informative. We have rabbits so it's always harder to find a vet who will see them.

Kim Oeffling

2 years ago

Not happy. Yes, I will "deal" with my reptile's problem as the clinic suggested I do. Hopefully she won't die on me.

sam jensen

2 years ago

Took my rabbit in for GI stasis. They booked us a last minute appointment for him to be seen within the hour. Quick appointment and Dr. Durante was very thorough and detailed in describing the issue and course of action. Relatively cheap visit. Next morning the bunny was back to normal. Excellent prescribing of veterinary medications!


2 years ago

very nice staff, they took great care of my chinchilla

Christopher Bovey

3 years ago

Super friendly and helpful staff! My puppy Ziva even loves it there!!!

Brooke J

3 years ago

Our birds get top-notch care here by Dr. Durante, Leslie and all the staff! We went through non-avian specialists before...we had scared birds, botched wing trims, and aggressive treatment at other places. Then we found these guys! The birds dance in the treatment room because they are so relaxed and happy here. I heartily recommend anyone within a few hours radius to come here for any avian care needs. And while you are in the area, swing by Birds & Beasts to grab some bird toys.

Gia Eppolito

3 years ago

Been taking my birds and our dog to this Clinic . Wonderful team of people to take care of our family members.

Dawn Cardwell

3 years ago

Needed a place to take the Amazon parrot for a nail trim. This is a great place did a wonderful job and bird is back to herself climbing all over.

courtney Gurion

3 years ago

We took my daughters leopard gecko in to find out she was in grave shape. The medication, care and time spent explaining to us what we needed to do was so detailed. They saved her life. We are so thankful.

Rehana Mohammed

3 years ago

Dr. Durante is very caring and is great with our birds!

Ria Deubel

3 years ago

The clinic is the way to!!very friendly staff the dr is outstanding and helpful..very much recommended

Sam Nelson

3 years ago

Super incredible caring staff. Very professional and very could experience every time I go there. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my animals.

Stephen Ballen

3 years ago

Dr. Durante and his staff are fantastic. What a great vet.

Suzanne Maple

3 years ago

Great Exotic Care! These guys are fantastic with snakes and lizards.


3 years ago

A very friendly staff and doctor. Knowledgeable and helpful with treating and caring for feathered friends

Zach Van Camp

3 years ago

Great staff, quick service, they helped my pet rat get better after a bad sprain of his back foot.

Judith Schnitzler

3 years ago

Dr. Durante and the staff here are excellent. I feel that they care about every little creature that I've brought in as much as I do.

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