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Patrick Mikha

a year ago

This place is awesome! I took my dogs boarding here for 2 weeks during the holidays (christmas and new years) and they took great care of them. I bring my dogs here for their vet visits on he regular and they always do a great job and haven't had any issues dealing with them.

Ronny Fakhoury

a year ago

Very friendly very knowledgeable and they took care of my baby by 7 and 1/2 month old Rottweiler. Great people that work there the doctor was great he got a kick out of my dog

Jeff Gaglio

a year ago

I have been going here for years and they are the best. Caring, giving and not just about money. Years ago i had a cat that racked up huge bills while Dr. Havis tried hard to save him. In the end they only charged me for their costs and ate most of that bill. Can't say enough good things about them.

joseph benjamin

a year ago

The original doctor retired couple years ago, the new one has no good experience, miss diagnosed heart failure in my dog ,

Miss Aisha

a year ago

First visit for new kitten, everyone was so nice and friendly, service was fast.

Wendy Nickles

a year ago

This is the best place to take your dog or cat

Donna Johnson

a year ago

Really nice people work there. Vet is very good with my pets. ????

james Tourangeau

a year ago

I've been going to this place for years. They knownmy dogs well. That being said they are generally healthy and havent been in to the vet for a bit over a year( different vet for shots) i tell them my dog is in excruciating pain and needs a pain pill for this torn ACL. Was told they Couldnt help until the 30th at all. Wont give anything to help. There Just going let him suffer

Alicia Lawson

2 years ago

I have an 18 year old cat that was declining fast.. I called around cuz I didn't have a regular vet since I've been back in Michigan for 4 years. Without ever going there before.. they got me in the next morning ASAP! Everyone was so pleasant thru the whole experience.. as this was my first time ever having to put down an animal. I loved the fact how they explain ur exit plan when ur ready to leave so u can walk out of there fast! I also loved the candle that was lit! The pricing was extremely accommodating as well! I just picked up her ashes today.. I havent even left the parking lot yet and I am just blown away on how nice the whole presentation is. Im still here crying like a baby! Thank u everyone.. it truly means alot to me!

Eric Reimer

2 years ago

The kindest people. Appreciate them.

Nicole Wasson

2 years ago

I made this review about 5 years ago and it just showed up: "The prices cannot be beat. I feel the veterinarian does love the animals, and wants the best but is very overwhelmed. Wait times are ATROCIOUS. I'm talking 4 hours sometimes. Honestly, sometimes I think that the vet doesn't know what to do. He has to be so overwhelmed. Staff is less than understanding. They all seem overworked and angry." My new review 7/30/21 - the elderly vet that had worked so long and hard here seems to have retired(??) As they have 2 new vets that are fantastic! Things move much quicker and with Covid, you wait in your car. They have really revamped the place as far as having enough carers for all the pets! Highly recommend!

Mike Hood

2 years ago

At 1 Time was good

audra Campbell

2 years ago

i called to schedule an appointment for my cat, he needs his shots and an exam because he has not been to the vet yet since i rescued him. lately he has been panting after playing hard or just running around the house which has really brought a rise to my concerns. i shared this with the woman i spoke to on the phone and all she had to say was how they are all booked up for the next month and that my cat panting is something serious and i should really get it checked out by a vet soon. i asked if i could still make an appointment and if something opens up to let me know, she asked for my name, number, and address. nothing else, did not inform me about anything or even tell me the day and time. this was also in between asking me to hold 3 separate times during a 5 minute call. really bummed out by all of this since 2 very close friends of mine recommended this place to me.

Casandra Smith

2 years ago

I went in for a emergency visit this morning. Listening to the conversations going on while I was in the waiting room was Appalling. After having hands on experience with the vet himself I now understand why The conversation was going on. His delivery of bad news is completely heartless which I told him and the slamming of the exam room door is a necessary. A lot has changed since the old man is no longer there. Just a very angry vibe all around. I always recommended this animal hospital to anybody that I asked I can now say I no longer will!

Gail Goniwicha

2 years ago

I have a FIV positive cat who is 16 years old and doing well except for now having hyperthyroidism which was detected and treated here. After a month on thyroid medication, he's back to having a normal thyroid condition. I was more than relieved because with FIV I was expecting a worse diagnosis. I would definitely recommend this veterinarian service.

Dena Cunningham

2 years ago

Friendly, caring and very reasonable pricing.

Jack Viers

2 years ago

Staff are AWESOME!!! And prices for services are super reasonable!! Been taking my fur babies here for 20years

Donald Wetter

2 years ago

Super expensive! 2 cats, 3 shots each, $275. I was supposed to have them fixed here but now I'm not sure.

Janice Punongbayan

2 years ago

our first time in this place and gave us a verygood impression. Very welcoming staff and doctor was nice and addressed our cat needs directly.. Awesome ???? Thank you. ????ASH????

Jesse Hyatt

2 years ago

Best place to take your animal. Hands down.


2 years ago

I can’t speak for the veterinary care at this establishment because I never brought my cat. We recently moved to the area and the past weekend my cat had a medical emergency with a blocked urinary tract. We had brought him for emergency care somewhere else, but the emergency vet stressed that we need to do follow up care with a regular vet. Also, our cat needed to be put on a special prescription diet and I was told to get that at a regular vet. Long story short my cat refused to eat the prescription food that the emergency vet gave me, but he needs to eat and he needs food that will keep his urinary tract healthy. I can only get this food from a veterinarian. Long Lake seemed to have good reviews so I called and explained the situation. The fake-nice woman I spoke to regretted that there was no way to get me a prescription and she wouldn’t be able to give my cat an appointment for two weeks. I am no veterinary expert but someone who has a cat with special dietary needs and is not eating is not something that can wait for two weeks. She showed no compassion. Most vet offices have appointments available daily for emergencies and sick pets. At any rate, I would never go to an establishment that doesn’t see my cat’s health as a priority and basically told me too bad, nothing we can do. I called a different office and the woman I spoke with there was so helpful and knowledgeable and immediately got me the help I needed- because she actually seemed to care. It’s amazing to see the difference between places that really care about doing a job and those that want to do the bare minimum. At least I found out before I actually spent money and time bringing my pet here.

Renee Nardecchia

2 years ago

This vet is awesome treated my dog like his own the girls were very nice

Terra Judson

2 years ago

Took my little guy Lex in for a check up (Which he did great) ???????? I've taken both my boys (cats) here & I give them ???????????????? Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff, safe and clean environment, and very reasonable prices!! I would recommend them to all my family and friends. ????

Lea Rinn

2 years ago

The best animal hospital around. Dr. Leone and the staff saved my 3lb 7wk old puppy from the parvovirus. Dr. Leone went above and beyond and so did the entire staff. Everyone is so kind. If you have a pet trust me this is where you want them. I am forever grateful. And will counting to take both of my dogs there. Thank you again ????

Amy S

2 years ago

Great place!! Very inexpensive with great quality!!

Doris Plantus

2 years ago

Long lake has been my vet for 30 years and several pets. New crew is wonderful!

Some poor prepper

2 years ago

Staff seems to really care and don't try to push unnecessary treatments or test


2 years ago

Don’t go here. All around a bad experience. I left without a solid answer of what was wrong with my cat. The vet kept using the word “maybe”. “Maybe it’s this or maybe it’s that.” Could be this or could be that.”Long story short they gave my cat medicine for her ears that was strictly DOG MEDICINE. Shortly after I gave it to her she puked. I went to another vet after I noticed that it was a dog medicine and he said it could have caused nerve damage in her ears (luckily it didn’t as far as I know) and asked if she vomited after I gave it to her cause that’s a common side effect of given to cats. Judging by other reviews and my expire every This vet should not be in business. They’re putting animals lives at risk. Don’t deal with pets if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Cindy Parker

2 years ago

Brought my 2 year old lab in to get spayed and they took GREAT care of her. Easy in and easy out even during COVID

Mike Muza

2 years ago

It's a great veterinarian to go to. Dr. Kunic is great!!!!!!!

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