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Erika Amicucci

2 years ago

Very similar story to others who have posted reviews. I applied hoping to work in the kennel area last summer. It took about a month and a half to hear back, and they offered me a position working at the front desk. I accepted and went in for my first day of shadowing. During this time, one of the owners flatly told me that she did not need to hire anyone else, implying that I was fired (on my very first day). The other owner told me to disregard this, and that I was wanted/needed. I was originally scheduled to come in for my second day of shadowing, but one of my coworkers told me not to come in that day, by text and then the company essentially ghosted me. I was never contacted by them again and never paid for the hours that I did work. I would not take my dogs here, or do any business with this company. They treat both staff and animals poorly.

Lily Gabos

2 years ago

I applied for a job here this past June as a newly graduated high school student looking for work the summer before moving off to college. I did not receive any word back from them until late July. I went in for my first day only to be put to work at the front desk. Although I applied to work in the kennel, I still accepted the job hoping to be of help wherever they needed it. On my first day, I served as a shadow to one of the girls who had only begun working a month or so before I did and she showed me the ropes of working at the front desk and answering calls. I met the owner of the Kennel, I introduced myself as she did to me and that was that. I come back for my second day, expecting to take on another day of shadowing, however, when I got there, I was told I had to run the front desk, answer the phones, etc. for the remainder of the day…keep in mind I had no prior experience of working a front desk until then. At the end of my shift that day, I saw the owner again. Within a few days, it seemed as if she had forgotten me, given the fact that she re-introduced herself to me. She then proceeded to tell me she didn’t need my help. A few days later I had received a text from one of my coworkers basically firing me herself. I asked her if I was going to be paid for the 2 days I worked because I thought that I at least deserved that. She got back to me and told me that the next time she worked she would talk to the owner and let me know…that day never came and I never got paid for the work I did.


2 years ago

Unprofessional hiring practices. Misleading. Generally quite bad overall. Wouldn't reccomend.

Steven Carlson

3 years ago

My dogs have a great vacation while we are on vacation

Eric Knight

3 years ago

Great experience. Super friendly and reassuring. Prices are very reasonable. If my dog could talk he would say he loves it.

Tina Marie MacDonell

3 years ago

Super friendly staff and always willing to accommodate our fur family. :-)

Tina Marie Lees

3 years ago

They treat your dogs like family!!


3 years ago

I have owned three dogs over the past 35 years and have boarded them all at Jagersbo. I did a lot of business travel and my dogs were there frequently. The staff is friendly, professional and truly love animals. They have taken excellent care of my dogs. Casey, the groomer, makes my dog look good for a very reasonable price. I moved 45 minutes away from Jagersbo, but I have a new dog and I have continued to use their boarding and grooming service.......will not trust anyone else with my pets!

Jessica Smith

3 years ago

My favorite place my "baby" be so excite to see them when it take her. And I'm satisfied when I pick her up every time. Not to expensive

Andrea Ferris

3 years ago

Our dogs are always happy to spend time there and happy when we pick them up.????


4 years ago

My dog loves this place! I have been taking my pet here for over 6 years and he has always been well taken care of. When I say let’s go to doggie daycare, he jumps up and runs to the door. What I appreciate is they took the time to learn his personality before pairing him with another dog. He doesn’t get along with all dogs so the first couple of visits, they had him by himself and slowly introduced him to others. They do get extremely busy around the holidays, so I tend not to send him during these times. I would highly recommend them to any pet owner.

Sandy Woods

4 years ago

I can't even begin to start how awful this place is. Our 6 month old retriever was there for only two days, and when we came back home we noticed he had a big bruise on his private parts. We ended up having to go to the Pet ER and the vet there told us that this was caused by mechanical injury. Most likely intentional. We then proceeded to call about it with a complain about it and was told that they will "look into it" but they never did.

Keith O

5 years ago

This place takes good care of my son whenever I'm out of town, I highly recommend.

Andrew Lakocy

5 years ago

Do not take a cat to be boarded here! Tried out the kennel for a couple hours to see what it was like before we went on vacation and they just stuck the cat in the same room as all of the loudly barking dogs. When we came back after the trial, he was huddled in the back of his cage scared for his life. Couldn’t imagine him leaving there for a week. Do not know about boarding a dog but I have heard good things.

brian bunnich

5 years ago

Was hired as a fence contractor here and noted how clean they keep their kennels and yard. Trustworthy people with a good system in place !

Jeff Lemke

5 years ago

Great place. Our dog loves it here. Staff is amazing and they treat your puppy like it's their own.

John Cole

5 years ago

Great place and they love my dogs!!

Mike Kane

5 years ago

We have been using them for 20+ years...wonderful place.

Robin Smith

6 years ago

My two Salukis age 1 & 4 boarded for their first time at Jagersbo for a weekend in December. When I picked them up my 4 yr old dogs nose was actively bleeding over an area about 2 square inches. The explanation that this happened to dogs quite frequently covering up their food or rubbing the kennel gate did not seem typical to me at all. This dog is a service dog and would not be inclined to do this sort of thing. Upon later asking several questions about care of the dogs I learned that dogs are not let out between 6:00 pm & 6:30 am over ANY boarding evening. This is policy. My dogs were fed and then kenneled without a chance to get outside for 12 1/2 hours. The dogs black pigment is now permanently gone from her nose and is now a light pink. She is fortunately retired from the ring or this would be an even bigger tragedy. Every time I look at her I will be sadly reminded that this is not a as much a kennel as a prison for mans best friend. NO STARS

RapO vrDos

6 years ago

Great people great attitude... thanx for the advice

Patrice Rowbal

6 years ago

Yesterday, when we thought power wouldn't be restored for daaaays due to the massive power outage in SouthEast Michigan, I needed to board my dog, so my family could go somewhere with power. My usual kennel didn't have power either. I called around, with no luck on the first 3 phonecalls.....then I talked to Missy at Jagersbo Kennels. They had a generator going, and space in their boarding house. They happily and kindly took Kerby. And then gave him back when my power unexpectedly came on an hour later. They were so nice, their facility was beautiful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a kennel for their dog.

Bryce Smith

6 years ago

Our dog is always excited when we pull in the driveway to Jagersbo. The staff is always friendly and greet him by name, even though we only board him a few times a year.

BDR 529

6 years ago

We like that they are on hand 24/7, and seem to take pride in taking care of our dog.

Leslie Dennis

7 years ago

Good people, my dog loves it there

Molly Hilton

7 years ago

My very fussy cocker spaniel loves Jagersbo. I never feel guilty taking him there. From the stories they tell me, I know that staff knows my dog, his personality, and his preferences. They really try to keep him comfortable. I don't know what I would do without Jagersbo!

Claudia Quintana

7 years ago

Terrible my dog came back smelling like urine and was terrified of the place. No other dog kennel ever brought him like this

charles johnston

7 years ago

Have boarded dogs at Jagersbo for years and have always found them to be caring, competent and a pleasure to work with. My dogs have always enjoyed their stays. The pet grooming services are outstanding and fairly priced. Strongly recommend this kennel.

Jennifer D. Riley

8 years ago

Not impressed. Maybe it's better in the summer time, but right now (February, 4˚F) the dogs are all kept in their kennels for the majority of the day. There was urine and feces inside the cages, and it was not being taken care of even though there was someone walking around in the back. They said they try to let them out once every hour, but they don't let them go in the big yard, only in the small run. There is nowhere for the dogs to socialize and play. Definitely not boarding my pup here.

Lisa Martines

8 years ago

My family and I have used Jagersboro Kennels for two generations. They are lovely people who truely care for the pets they are entrusted with. Our dog, Lucy, is a rescue and can be growly at times. They have always welcomed her (thank you, Missy!) and she has never had an issue there. She is always happy when I pick her up. Groomers are excellent. Overall great place for pets!

Kyle Landon

10 years ago

They are rude and nasty to the pet owners, who knows how they treat the animals after their owners leave. Never coming back here again, I recommend you go somewhere else!

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