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Reviews: Lakeland Animal Clinic of Lake Wawasee (Syracuse)

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jeff goralczyk

2 years ago

This is Coco she has seen Doc since she was 8 weeks old . He knows dogs- he is a no frill vet. Charges you fairly and always has the answers for my questions. If you want a vet who knows animals and loves them he is your guy . If you want wonderful bedside manner and a new office environment this is not your vet. He is old school and knows animals and gives great care

Amber Risser

2 years ago

My dog had an issue with one of her toenails. I contacted emergency vets and was told to soak it and leave it as is. Having had this happen once before I knew when would need antibiotics again. Called here in the morning after dealing with it best I could all night. Doc was awesome said to bring her in around 10 and he would take care of it. Got there and staff and doc were amazing!!! Took care of the issue and hopefully made it to where it doesn’t happen again. Gave her antibiotics and wrapped it up. Made sure I was ok since she has had bad reactions to anesthesia in the past and he knew I was leary on putting her under anesthesia. If I could leave 10 stars I would such a wonderful man and wonderful staff!!!

Matt Wingard

2 years ago

Sent my girl here with our dog because our normal vet wasn't available and specifically sent a note to not touch him if at all possible he only had a hot spot and doesn't do vets very well all I did was request amoxicillan. I ended up having to go there during his visit by the time I got there the vet busted out his tooth, chocked my dog and shot him up with a sedative that knocked my dog out for 6 hours even after my girlfriend told them not to!And then had the nerve to charge me a $100 for the visit!!This place is nasty and not clean at all this vets liscense should be revoked!

Jaslynn Courter

2 years ago

I normally don’t leave reviews, but oh my gosh am I grateful for these people. My cat has 4 kittens, and had pyometra and needed emergency surgery to have her uterus removed. I probably called 17 vet clinics today, and none of them would see her. They were a godsend! The guy worked after hours to fit her in and save her life. And the lady at the counter was nice enough to give me formula for the babies free of charge for while she was there and under the influence of anesthesia. They charged me less than initially quoted because the surgery didn’t have to be as extensive as they first thought. You can tell they really care about their clients’ animals. They are an hour away from my house, but provided such phenomenal care and consideration for my animal that I am contemplating making them my main clinic. I’d give 100 stars if I could!!!

dana marx

2 years ago

The Vet and staff are amazing! I've seen the compassion and love given first hand. They truely make sacrifices in the best interest of the animals.

C.A. Cox

2 years ago

I don't normally leave reviews, but feel compelled to write one after reading some of the negative ones left here... We moved to the area in late 2019, just before COVID struck, and needed to find a veterinary clinic. Frankly, we chose Lakeland because it was small and seemed personal, and was the only clinic at the time that would allow you to stay with your cat or dog, rather than leaving them with a stranger at the door. Early on, Dr. B. treated our aging Springer Spaniel by sucessfully removing a large cancerous growth - thereby giving her an extra year-and-a-half of happy, pain free life. He also kept her arthritis at bay for many months. When her time finally came, he escorted her from this life to the next with gentleness, compassion, and prayer. We had an elderly cat with urinary problems, and he helped us explore possible solutions to that as well. He tries to find natural remedies whenever possible, and does come down on drug prices when possible, but also explained that many of the online sources are selling inferior quality meds at prices he cannot match. Yes, he is an older man, and yes, he can come off as gruff sometimes. But he knows what he is doing, and I believe he has a love for the animals he treats. There are "office cats" who roam freely, and several dogs (including a 3-legged fellow!) who all seem very contented and well-behaved. I guess I would say, if you want a white-gloved sterile and antiseptic clinic, and if you're easily offended, you probably should go somewhere else. But if you'd prefer an old-fashioned country vet who uses common sense and cares more for the animals than his bedside manner, you will feel right at home here.

Jenny Zimmerman

3 years ago

I really love going to this clinic. They care about you and your pet. They treat your pet as a family member. They didn't turn us away when we didn't have the money up front. They were also very caring when our cat had to be put to sleep. They even helped us to adopted a new baby (cat) to our family!! I highly recommend this clinic!!

Maggie Mullins

3 years ago

Got my dog neutered, didn’t receive any pain medication. Stitches were very poorly done. He also had an ear infection so we definitely knew he had to have some type of meds. We asked “so what medicine do we give him at home” then it seemed to hit ohhh yeah medicine ! His stitches popped open now we’re at an er vet getting staples.

Donita Rensberger

3 years ago

I brought in a very small runt kitty and he helped save his life. His name is PDQKITTY . He’s 3 now and he is small but beautiful ❤️❤️????

Micky Nelson

3 years ago

The veterinarian (old man) was very rough with our cat. He yanked her out of her carrier and was not listening to my wife about why our cat was upset in the first place. He was not receptive to any information. He proceeded to be rough when taking the cats temperature and weighing her. He was condescending and rude. We highly recommend taking your animals somewhere else. I would give this place 0 stars if I could.

Yvonne Benigar

3 years ago

When I was dealing with Lakeland animal clinic they told me that they price match medication So i call there and told them and they told me that I could not price match that thay would sell it to me for 100 dollars so I asked why They don't price match and the vet chewed me out Very unprofessional and will not go back. You think they're nice people but there Fake they are rude and will never go back....... Be aware that vet does not know much That vet is very money hungry... Never been treated so rudely in my life.... I definitely switched vets....

Neil Benigar Transport

3 years ago

Very rude old man, and has very high mark ups on his medications. I dont recomend them to anyone.

Madeline Smith

3 years ago

Don't go here! Glad I switched!

Jose Cervantes

3 years ago

The best plase arond here

Heather Renae

3 years ago

I had a cat show up at my house around Christmas time hurt and needed treatment so I took him to Lakeland animal clinic!! After I left I couldn't help but sit My car and cry ! The mean old doctor was SO RUDE to me !! And was so rought with the poor cat!! After cleaning his ears out and prescribing the cat meds he charged me $170 !! I do not recommend to anyone!!

Aaron Smith

3 years ago

Looking forward to helping you maintain the good health of your pet

Mike Rohn

5 years ago

if you want your animal to live this is the place to go

elizabeth kemper

5 years ago

Brought in an animal that had been hit by a car, they refused to see him without us paying for everything up front. This little guy was barely a couple months old and could have easily been saved if they had just seen him and let us pay them at pick up! We had no money or way to pay on us because this was an emergency situation... they were rude and not friendly at all! I will never bring my pets there again! I'm switching vets today!

Crystal Olafson

5 years ago

My dog missy had us worried because she wasn't moving around or eating like she usually does. We were able to get her in quickly and get some of her issues looked at. She came home a much happier girl. Staff was very friendly and the vet was quick to see her and let us know what was going on with her. Very reasonable vet bill.

Chris Pezan

5 years ago

I adopted a new three and a half month old puppy yesterday and his first night home was concerning. Threw up multiple times and I didn't know what could be wrong because I had only had the dog for a few hours. Dr. B examined him and looked over his medical records and reassured me that he is up to date with his vaccinations and the cause of the vomiting was simply the puppy eating too much too fast coupled with his new active lifestyle outside of the animal shelter. He gets more than enough love and attention in his new home and is a happy, healthy, and very energetic puppy!

Barbara Beachy

5 years ago

I will never go there again ...they were not helpful at all quite frankly I don't think he knows what he's doing as a vet

Veronica Hawkins

6 years ago

Love this place and the people.

Case Estle

6 years ago

Awesome carrying people who are excited to have you there. Very home-y feel. Workers go extra mile

April Sheller

6 years ago

I have always taken my animals to Doc B. He always keeps the visit to a minimum cost, nothing done that isn't necessary. He is an old farm - type vet and I appreciate his experience. No-frills, just good vetting skills.

Jennifer Ferguson

7 years ago

When my fiancé's family threw us out without warning, Lakeland was willing to board our dog when no one else had space (it was spring break). They also allowed us to house her without cash up front. She is staying longer than we would like, but is happy and seems to be wonderfully cared for. We're making payments now and they said she can stay as long as we need now that we can start paying on our account. It means so much to me in this time of stress and hardship to know that our girl is safe and happy, and that we won't have to give her up.

Terri Carlo

7 years ago

This vet neutered my 30# terrier mix for a shelter. He used staples that required anesthesia to remove. Really upset with the pain and suffering my little guy had. Not to mention the health risk of the anesthesia. BEWARE

Corina M Hollar

7 years ago

They help my baby girl lucky they saved her... Thank u lakeland animal clinic...


8 years ago

Have always taken my pets to Doc. He is as loving and caring for them as we worst case situations, he has been known to make house calls! He is affordable as well!

David Clark

10 years ago

this is the worst Vet Clinic in Kosciusko County, IN ~ for that matter from personal dealings you should find another Vet! I was forewarned not to go here, and in an emergency I had NO choice! My pup had a pinched nerve which temporarily paralyzed him from the waste down ~ Doctor said he would call (never did) and tell me what he found (never did) ~ later when I went to pick up my pup NO ONE AT THE CLINIC COULD TELL ME WHAT HAD HAPPENED - but here's a bill for $180.00. The Clinic is there only for your money - they DON'T CARE about your animals/FRIENDS! I personally know (4) other people that have nightmare stories that would be happy to share with anyone! STAY AWAY ~~ STAY AWAY!!!!

Tom Perkins

10 years ago

HMMM , we have had several dealings with our Lab here at this clinic, the doctor has always been very helpful. he told my wife what we could do to save our dog from parvo, we didnt have the money to take him in. here it is 4 yrs later an Dogee is still with us. I THANK the doctor very much for his help when no other vet would give us the time of day with out cash up front. we wont take our dog anywhere else

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