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Scott Borowy

2 years ago

I took my sick cat here for the first time and the people were AWESOME . The staff was very caring and showed legitiment concern for my cat . I highly recommend this Vet . UPDATE .....I DO NO LONGER feel the same about this clinic . They put my cat on meds that made her violently sick and the "Dr" wanted her to continue to take the meds even when she had lost 2 pounds already from the vomiting from the allergic reaction. Her faced swelled up like a balloon and she couldnt hold ANY food down what so ever but the Dr insisted she stayed on the meds and basically said those side effects are so rare as though we were lieing . It seems Vets are thebsame as Doctors these days and are only in it for the money and they arent doing it for the livebof animals but just for a paycheck .

Marissa Bradfield

2 years ago

It’s incredibly hard finding vets that take ferrets these days, I’m so lucky to have found VCA. They got my boy in quick for his ear infection and are getting him caught up on shots. The staff is friendly and loves when Loki comes in! So glad we have you guys!

danica demano

2 years ago

It was my first time taking my cat to this vet, and I am so happy i did ! Luckily they had an opening (his usual vet was booked out two months) and I could get him the care he needed for his itchy skin allergies. The vet tech we had was so sweet with my boy, and Dr. Taylor was so kind and caring! And on top of that, it was affordable compared to his other vet !

Kim Payotelis

2 years ago

I would like to thank them for all the help with my dog when everyone else turned me away even my own vet! My dog was in very bad shape and they took me in and gave me support in his last minutes of life!!! Thank you very much for all you did for me and my best friend!!! I will never forget this god bless From the Payotelis’s

christine vang

2 years ago

Our original vet in saint clair shores was booked so far out until November because of covid so we called VCA and they got my Sadie girl In after a week for her vaccinations!! We were greeted by the kind staff & Vet and they made Sadie feel so welcomed. We will definitely be switching to VCA now. Thank you VCA so much for all of your hard work! You are appreciated.

Moriya Eelbode

2 years ago

Several members of my family have used this vet for years. I called this morning after finding my kitty limping and not moving well. She won't eat or drink and I told them I think she has internal bleeding. They told me they couldn't help me other then to make an appt for the next day. If it was a person they would get immediate care, at least an xray . This vet wouldn't help, but didn't seem to care my cat was suffering and in pain either. I won't bring my animals here again

Rachel Maier

2 years ago

The carelessness and negligence of this "emergency vet" nearly killed our 4 year old lab. We went to another vet that we trusted and he needed immediate surgery and a hospital stay.

Jeffrey Grill

2 years ago

Very friendly they helped me with my cat.

Kersten Bond

2 years ago

I made an appointment for a shots only visit. My dog had a yearly physical a couple of months prior to this appointment. When I called to make the appointment I clearly stated my dog did not need a physical and only needed shots. They gladly made this appointment. Once I got to the appointment they wouldn’t give her the shots without paying another $60 for a full annual exam. Keep in mind they do this exam without allowing the owner inside the building. The vet called me while I was sitting my car and my dog was in the building to discuss my dog. I asked what her joint exam looked like- considering last time she was there she had intermittent limping- he said he didn’t examine her joints. When I asked him to clarify what a “full exam” included, he told me “I’m not going to go over everything I looked at on her.” Then he proceeded to tell me “joints aren’t examined in regular exams, and even when you go to a human doctor they don’t do an orthopedic exam.” The standard of care in this clinic is very poor. Who knows if they even examine the dogs. I will never take my dog to this vet again, and would highly discourage anyone from bringing their animal here.

Lindsay Brown

2 years ago

Great staff so friendly and knowledgeable. They are quick and efficient.

patrick garant

2 years ago

They made new puppy parents feel very easy when we were concerned.

Renata Meczenski

2 years ago

Top notch doc and staff! I highly recommend. I am glad and thankful for taking care of my Abby. Teddy is next.

gymnystic girls Anime

2 years ago

Very greatfull they were able to calm my very scared kitty down! Good to know they have Care Club so you can get the services your pet needs immediately. All in all a very good 1st time service.

Kaitlyn Watson

2 years ago

They always give me the time that I need to talk through my dog's health concerns.

Theresa Mulford

2 years ago

It was our first visit with our cat George. So far so good. Had to do a curbside check in, because of covid. It went well a quiet fast. Everyone was very helpful and friendly.

Danielle Dunlap

2 years ago

Vet and tech were very nice and helpful

Amy Seidler

3 years ago

Dr offered too many options of whats wrong, where do I start? Very Pricey and somewhat pushy. Im just lost.

Gerald Zettel

3 years ago

It went well despite all the covid-19 restrictions

Shrek Grzes

3 years ago

very professional service, you can see that they love animals. They helped my dogs a lot.

Tracey Steeves

3 years ago

If I could add a sixth star I would!!! We adopted our cat Xander 11 days ago and needed to establish ourselves with a local vet. (I was going to go back to a former vet hospital in SCS where we used to take our dogs, but the staff was never very welcoming). We received a card from the shelter we adopted our cat from to try VCA. I cannot express how happy we are that we made this decision! From appointment-making, to the arrival greeting with pandemic curbside protocols, to the care and examination of our cat, to the conversation with the vet tech, veterinarian Dr. Taylor, and reception staff - everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! We feel VERY confident that we are in excellent hands for the healthcare of our cat! I work in healthcare, and have been a customer service excellence advisor, so I hope this helps substantiate my review and you, too, make the choice to bring your pet to VCA Saint Clair Shores! Thank you, staff of VCA, Top notch!

Shannon Delavy

3 years ago

The staff is very friendly and they've always been quick to get my cats back for their appointments. My issue is that I always end up leaving feeling at least a little bit taken advantage of. I don't like that they force a rabies vaccine on my indoor cats who are absolutely not interested in ever venturing out of the house. Each time I walk in to get something checked with one of my cats, I end up spending a fortune, and then have to call a bunch of times trying to get test results from their blood panels or x-rays that they've had. Once after successfully getting my overweight cat to lose weight, they terrified me by telling me that it was either fatty liver disease or cancer.. that HOPEFULLY my cat was the one in a million miracle cat that actually lost weight due to a diet change. I panicked and cried for days until I received (after calling several times) the news that his tests came back in the clear and that it was in fact his diet which caused him to lose weight. Now I feel as if my other cat, who has been on special prescription food is having his prescription renewal held hostage in order to be seen to get more money out of me. Unfortunately at this moment, I don't have a few hundred dollars to toss at them for exams and blood work and another rabies vaccine, but I do need to get my cat the food that he needs to keep his urinary tract in healthy condition, and I am unable to do that. I'm happy that other people have had good experiences here, but I'm just very unhappy at this point.

Carolyn B

3 years ago

Overpriced all about animals is better

Brandon Lake

3 years ago

The vets and staff are amazing, we have tried a few different offices around the area. This is definitely our favorite.

Bev Owens

3 years ago

Best animal care place around. Don't go anywhere else!

Ashley Pogue

3 years ago

The staff is always friendly and willing to do whatever they can to help! Yes, they are busy, but they always treat my dog with care and keep me updated with treatments.

Ricky spanke

3 years ago

I've been going here for years. They've always treated myself and my mother with kindness and utter respect

Ruth Liarge

3 years ago

Only place that got me in right away that did not tell me it would be a month before I could get a appointment for my Cat and then when I got there it was right in and right out

Sara Zafeiropoulos

3 years ago

Great service and prices, amazingly wonderful staff. They were able to squeeze us in the same day we called, which was relieving to a worried owner. My tiny dog is a giant jerk and a pain in the butt with anyone besides myself and my husband and these people absolutely showered my dog with so much affection that he couldn't help but love them back and had a great and easy visit because of it. 10/10 would bring my pets back there any day ????

tasha alli

3 years ago

My dog was attacked and I took my dog there and got great and compassionate service.

Stephanie Levis

3 years ago

Today we had to say goodbye to my amazing dog Kyle. Through the whole process they ensured that both of us felt well taken care of and comfortable. The whole process was thoroughly explained to me along with my options for his cremation and getting his remains returned to me. I have been through this process before with other pets, and never before have I actually been able to see the different urn options and I loved that I could today.They didn't let these difficult times we are facing right now affect the treatment we were recieving today.The vet and vet tech were still in the room with me and comforting my pet and me while giving him the injections.Thank you so much to their amazing team for all of the care and affection they have shown me and my dog while we were going there.

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