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Madeline Kiger

2 years ago

This is hands down the best veterinarian I’ve ever been to. Everyone there is so nice and they care for animals like they’re their own. They snuck us in for a close call with our puppy and they were so nice about it. I’ll never take any of my animals anywhere else. Thank you VCA for all you do!

alaric 87

2 years ago

Overpriced and always try to charge you double when you refuse unnecessary treatments for your pets


2 years ago

I’m pretty picky when it comes to who I trust with my cat and this is a place I feel like I can trust. The communication was excellent throughout the whole process, with everyone I spoke to. The doctor addressed everything I came there for and pointed out another possible issue as well, which had also been pointed out by a previous doctor, so that was my second opinion. She was very clear about what was happening and what the next steps could be . What can I say? No criticism from me, and criticism is not something I shy away from

Sarah Sanders

2 years ago

They are the best of the best! My German shepherd hurt his paw really bad and we needed help fast. They were so sweet and understanding on the phone. I asked them to mussel him because he just isn't the best with people. They kept communicating with us the whole time they had my baby. When they walked him out he didn't have a mussel on!!!! They told my husband what a great boy he was. You have no idea what that alone tells me about how amazing these people are! ???? We are so extremely thankful for everything they did to help us today.

Beverly Millard

2 years ago

The veterinarian was very compassionate about my fur baby suffering and advised me to put my her down. He could've milked me so to say to save her and he didn't. The staff were very friendly and allowed me to spend as much time with my chihuahua as I wanted to; even staying passed hours to say goodbye. A great animal loving man in general. Thank you ❤

Mystical Cat

2 years ago

I had a somewhat emergent situation with my one-year old cat who is their patient but they couldn’t get me in for a few weeks. I begged for them to call me if anything became available as no other vet in the area could get me in for over a month. VCA got Bella in in a day or two and I was so happy. Thank u Mattie! Also, Dr. Boensch was awesome in taking the time to answer all my questions so I’d understand exactly what Bella’s situation was. Thank u! That’s how all vets should be.

Crystal Gutc

2 years ago

Best bet care any of my dogs have received in awhile . Have only used them a handful of times when my local vet could not get them in for emergencies. After today I will be switching all of my dogs to them. Dr. Brown was awesome, spoke to me in words I could understand and explained to me what course of action to take and why. It was a breath of fresh air to see a doctor actually be personable and honest about my senior dogs health.


2 years ago

Took my cat here for the first time because after two other vets she was still having the same issue. Backstory: My cat has been biting her fur out for a few years to the point she was nearly bald on her tail and base of tail at her back, sometimes even up her spine. Two vets told me she had fleas and to bomb my house but there was no bites or flea dirt or anything, she lived in a house with other pets and they weren’t infected, and when I used revolution and another flea medicine for three months there was no change. Told them all the same information and they took the time to explain fleas can act differently with cats versus dogs and different kinds can react to different medicine, also that it was a flea allergy to the bite not just fleas. I had also picked up Frontline Plus as a new flea medicine to test out and within the two weeks from me calling for an appointment to the actual appointment day she was growing fur back and they said she looked good. But they listened to me and didn’t make me feel like a crazy person or bad pet owner. Also they did not try to push me to buy Revolution medicine when I said I’d already purchased enough Frontline for 6 months! ALSO when I warned them she doesn’t like to be poked with needles they found a solution to give the vaccines she needed instead of giving up and saying “she’s too aggressive, here’s some drugs for her to calm down and come back another time” like my old vet did.

April Ellison

2 years ago

Recently moved to the area and needed to get set up with a new vet. Getting an appointment was easy, the staff were very friendly, the exam was thorough and the vet was very nice. Their follow up was great and overall, a wonderful experience. Highly recommend.

Carleen Wernimont

2 years ago

While we are very happy with the attention our beloved Socks received we were rather shocked at the cost. How can you charge over $56 to check blood pressure? Shouldn’t that be a part of the initial exam? Also the tube of appetite stimulant is very tiny for the price and we seemed to have had much better results with the tiny white pills. He has gotten it over an hour ago and still isn’t eating. I wasn’t told if he has a fever but his nose is very warm, dry and pale-usually a sign of infection which is what’s always kept him from eating in the past. I’m hoping for the amount we spent (more than what an Emergency visit would have cost last night) he should be a bit better….now we have to wait at least a day for blood test results. The staff was truly wonderful though!

Taylor Plotzke

2 years ago

Possibly the best experience I’ve had with a vet, ever. VCA was not my regular vet. I called them after my regular vet told me they were booked a month out. My dog needed to be seen sooner that that. I called VCA and they were able to get me in for a non-emergency visit within a week! The staff answering the phone speak to you with patience and compassion. The customer service really is top notch. At the visit, we did a curbside exchange with my dog. The person over the phone took her time listening to all of my concerns and asked all of the right questions to cover all bases. I didn’t feel rushed - they really listened. After they examined my dog, I was able to talk about a plan of action over the phone with the doctor. I didn’t have any concerns with not being in the room during the exam. VCA also has a nice mobile app, which is a plus! Honestly, I will probably switch all of my animals over to this VCA location, my experience was that good.

Holli Cartwright

2 years ago

I had a pet emergency VCA was able to see us same day. The staff was very very helpful. Answered all my questions explained everything in detail. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend they're services.

Sarah Turner

2 years ago

I have gone to this vet for years when Dr. Werner was there. She was great! Ever since she left my experience with VCA has gone down hill and I will be changing vets because of it. Recently, I was in because my puppy was having loose stools and had a recent tick bite. Over the course of our phone conversation (since customers are still not allowed inside), the vet mentioned that my dog was overweight. She never mentioned what is a good weight for my dog (her breed can range anywhere from 10-40lbs depending on the size), only that her 20lb was too large. I told the vet she doesn't eat much but we could probably cut back on her chews and bones, but she loves to chew! Instead of leaving it at that because I obviously understood her concern over the weight, she then said "dogs ONLY chew if they aren't stimulated enough and are bored. I know it's easy to just give your dog a bone but they really do need more stimulation." First, any healthcare provider whether for humans or animals should know not to speak in absolutes like "ONLY" because every person and animal is different. Also, it would have been nice if she didn't just assume I'm a lazy pet owner because at max, my dog could lose 2 lbs. When I told her that we go on 2-4 walks a day everyday and she goes to doggy daycare 2-3 times a week, plus I had lost 30lb myself since getting the dog, she didn't really know what to say other than "oh wow....good for you". As a nurse, I can say that if your career makes you so jaded that you can't help but to automatically assume the worst in people, then it's time for a career change. Saying my dog needs to lose a few lbs is her job and I understand that, but to have no tact and assume that my dog doesn't get enough attention because she is a 1 year old puppy that likes to chew, is just flat out wrong. I won't be going here anymore and if you're smart, you won't either. Your pets deserve someone that actually cares about them, not someone on their high horse giving out condescending advice with no basis (dogs chew....especially puppies, thats why they invented bones and chew toys.) Do better, VCA. You can't act that way and charges as much as you do. I found a much nicer vet that's cheaper and actually knows my dog's breed. ✌✌

Shelby Schettler

2 years ago

Dr Stone performed surgery on my rat & she opened one of her incisions later that night. The emergency vet turned us away so a few vet techs stayed after to call places trying to find somewhere for us to go, nobody would see us! Dr Stone came back in after hours and stayed with a handful of vet techs to reclose her incision and help save her. I cannot express how much the staff here care about you and your animals, and how thankful I am that they are this way. If not for them, my rat would not have made it.

Ann Marie Kokuba

2 years ago

Was able to get an appointment within 2 days for a sick pet. Great staff on phones & in person!!

Chris Mcbride

2 years ago

The staff is very friendly and helpful

Linda Sly

2 years ago

If you are looking for a vet, this is the only place to go. We had Dr. Michael Brown as our vet for both our German Shepherds, and I’ll never find a vet like him ever again. We had to move to Florida, and I still haven’t found anyone even close to half as caring and compassionate. The whole staff there is amazing!

Mary Velasco

2 years ago

Had to put my 14 year old dog and they were so caring. They comfort us and gave us time to be with her before and after.

Crysta S

2 years ago

We are new to the area and knew we would have to find a new vet when we moved however one of our dogs got a mass on her leg right after we moved here and we brought her to VCA because of the reviews even though we had not been there before. We were told they couldn't just remove it without looking at it first. Then after a $200+ "consultation" we were told they would call within a few days to get her on the schedule to have it removed. We called after not hearing back for a couple weeks and left a voicemail. No call back. After two months we had to call and get her records emailed to us so that we can take her to another vet as the mass has now doubled in size. When asking for her records I informed the receptionist of why I was asking for them and was not offered even an apology. Very disappointed in this. My animals are my world and they clearly did not care.

Michael Miron

2 years ago

I adopted two kittens from a shelter last Fall and came here, based on a recommendation from my friend who brought his cats here for years. So far, they've been very thorough and informative each time I have to bring the cats in. They handled the initial examinations and kitten vaccinations, as well as fixing both cats. I have not had any issues at all. Recently, one of my cats came down with an infection. Being a Saturday, I was expecting to have to take him to an emergency vet. I decided to call VCA on the off-chance they had an availability. When I first called, Lindsay (sorry, I'm not sure if she spells her name this way), was super helpful and was able to get us in that day. Dr. Stone was also very attentive and professional in addressing the issue. Thanks so much!

Nekara JaNell

2 years ago

They are soo nice and professional, treats my lil baby, my Shorkie, like family, she been going to them since she was 3 months old and now she will be 1 year old next month. They make sure she has all her preventive medications and vaccines and give information I need to train and care for her

Sam Jackson

2 years ago

I’m so happy we started coming here for our two pits Max and Luna. Luna’s first visit was an allergic reaction and they took really good care of her and they even checked in the next day to see how she was doing. We decided to take Max there as well (he’s very nervous and our previous vet went too quick with him and would feel uncomfortable/scared around him) VCA staff took their time to make him comfortable and they really took great care of him and he came out happy as can be. I cannot express how much I appreciate the staff here for taking the best care of our pups and giving us all the information we want/need about their visit. Would recommend this place to anyone.

sterling rose

2 years ago

We have been bringing our Bichon Pickles here since we got him. We were assigned Dr. Brown & we are so grateful because we love him! The entire staff makes you feel like your pet is the most important (they do this with everyone & it's a special touch!) Our Pickles has never been afraid to go. Dr. Brown is gentle with Pickles & you can tell how much he loves animals. Over the eight years we have had Pickles, Dr Brown & staff have taken excellent care of our fur baby. The lobby is a pleasant place to wait (although due to social distancing, they have us wait in our cars now & they come & get your pet or ask you to meet them at the door) & the exam rooms are clean & never any odors. We are very happy with this animal clinic.

Wendy Marshall

2 years ago

Great staff and always quick with appointments!! Love this place

Zena Dunn

2 years ago

Knowledgeable, Efficient, Timely, Friendly. The Doctor and his staff treated my sweet cat Snickers nicely and with great care.

tiffany rogers

2 years ago

We unfortunately had to put our sweet girl Bella (12, almost 13) to sleep. She had been seen here previously and it was always a great experience. After taking her to an emergency vet 1/16, after several hours we were told there was nothing we could do. We called VCA at 8 am 1/18 asking to get a second opinion just to be sure we were doing the right thing. They got us in immediately, an hour later at 9 am. Unfortunately, they confirmed what we already knew. They were amazing in the way they handled the situation for us. They let two people be with her and let the other in for a few minutes beforehand to say goodbye. They sympathized with us, never rushed us, and even told us that we didn't have to make payment arrangements that day, that we could just take care of it in the future. We chose to have our girl cremated and her ashes were ready the next day. We just got in the mail a signed card from the entire staff, as well as laminated cards with her paw print. It was completely unexpected, but so appreciated. We always had good experiences with them, they were always very quick and efficient, and they were always so friendly. They made a difficult experience for us a little easier and I couldn't recommend them more.

Carey Cabral

2 years ago

Great experience. Got my dog in the same day. The employees were very courteous and professional.

Skyy Christian

3 years ago

Always compassionate and great care with our pup. Couteous and thoughtful

Rose Bonkowski

3 years ago

The doctors and entire staff are the best! Have been going there several years and, they have always been very kind, helpful, and caring! I highly recommend them! ❤

soul R

3 years ago

I usually love this place, they take great care of my dog, but I spoke to a Jennifer on the phone who was super rude to me.

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