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Jasmine Williams

2 years ago

great service, very prompt, very professional! Cannot wait to meet my puppy.

Rebecca Sattler

2 years ago

I would highly recommend Woof Woof Puppies for your next/new family member!! Five months ago I brought home my sweet baby boy Drake from them, and let me tell you how perfect he is!! We are so blessed by him every day! We are very excited to say that we were so happy with them that today we will be welcoming home our new baby girl!!!! Yay!!! Let me also say how refreshing it is to be able to trust someone, after running in to scam after scam and being left heartbroken, it was such a breath of fresh air.....Thank you again to Woof Woof Puppies for both my babies!!!!!

Kyler Akins

2 years ago

I have discussed getting a puppy from Woof Woof puppies for years and I am so happy I finally have one of their adorable puppies!!!! I Highly recommend Woof Woof puppies!!! Their communication was great!!! They take pride and really care for their sweet puppies and want to make sure they are going to a good loving home! Our Teacup Yorkie has the greatest personality just as they said he did and he is a healthy sweet little nugget! He is the greatest edition for our family and brings us so much joy!!!⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Kim O

2 years ago

Very suspicious activity….. would not recommend

Lee'ah Basemore

2 years ago

Just bought a puppy! Excellent service.

Sharina Hinson

2 years ago

Woof Woof pups is the best and safest place to get your fur baby and Jeff was extra fun friendly and very helpful

Kelsey barr

2 years ago

Jeff, you have been a tremendous help. I appreciate your communication and patience throughout this process. I know I have called plenty of times and you where always so pleasant. I have found my perfect dog. You are a great person. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to buy a tea cup dog. Thanks Jeff for everything.


2 years ago

Let me start off by saying this is by far the best customer service I have ever experienced. I decided to purchase my dog from Woof Woof Puppies, because they made my experience well worth buying with amazing communication, quick responding and reassuring my expectations. I definitely recommend them if your in the market for a teacup puppy. I came all the way from Boston Ma and they had everything ready for me which was nice coming from a long trip! I’ll definitely be buying another puppy for my Sachie to play with from Woof Woof Puppies! I am very satisfied and can’t wait to deal with them again, Thank you !

Chhrissy Jay

2 years ago

What kind of business sends customers to voicemail won't respond to phone calls or texts and then when finally they answer you are met with attitude and as if I am bothering them. Well you being in business selling puppies with that attitude bothers me. I do not recommend this place and based off there "temperament" I wouldn't buy a dog from them.

Isabella's World

2 years ago

rude employee " a lady " is ignoring phone calls and then answering with a bad attitude on 7.31 at 11am is unacceptable. They should not be in business with that behavior and the dogs Ive seen photos of look weak.

Summer L

2 years ago

Very oddly rude people. They send you to voicemail and then respond via text with may I help you but won’t respond if they have any Puppies

Sunset Girl

2 years ago

Was excited to visit this place but a very RUDE employee just had to ruin that for me! AVOID I wouldn't trust there dog breeding as the employees they hire or the owner clearly isn't a people person they are out for money and the puppies are probably PUPPY MILL.


2 years ago

I have to give Jeff 5 stars review, He is the best and very clear on communication, he is also very patience through out the whole process. I could say I was one of the most annoying customers he probably had and he was extra patience with me. Every time I asked for pictures or Videos he sent them to me. He also facetimed me at the end to make sure I see my baby before I picked him up from LAX airport. Jeff definitely responds back to your messages less than 10 hours. My little boy is my second purchase from them and I was super happy with everything. you get to see more pictures of my baby at his Instagram Finleyy.the.pom watch him growing up :) Again thank you Jeff and WoofWoof

Angela Chavez

2 years ago

I just purchased a micro teacup and the process has been awesome with a lot communication and care. The Nanny's are kind and accommodating! This is the place to get your Furbaby home.

Dia P

2 years ago

This is my first time purchasing a dog with Woof Woof puppies. My experience was great, I received my puppy in a timely manner and the communication was also really good.. I will be purchasing from them again ????

Hannah Rose Sher

2 years ago

UPDATE: Well it’s two months later and I couldn’t be happier with my little Potato, Tate for short. He is the smallest bundle of joy with an extremely playful attitude. He is a happy pup who loves his momma and is obsessed with food. We enjoy going on walks, going to the park, taking him to dog friendly restaurants, and cuddling on the couch. 5 stars just isn’t enough! ORIGINAL: I am about to get my first puppy from Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique and I can't wait to meet my new baby! I'm all the way in Dallas but the WW staff is able to deliver the male matipoo to me less than a week after we purchased it. They are also very informative and happy to answer any questions I have about feeding, training, toys, etc. I can tell that this puppy is healthy and happy and I can't wait to give it the best home I can. Overall, I'm very happy with the service and recommend Woof Woof to anyone that has the ability to pay for and take care of a small puppy.

Novyce Harper

2 years ago

i have been looking for a teacup poodle for the last 6 months and haven’t able to be successful until I found Woof Woof Puppies and Boutique. I reached out to them and found my poodle! They were extremely nice people and take very good care of there pets. I am extremely pleased with the Decision to go with Woof Woof Puppies. I definitely recommend you to buy your next puppy from them!!!!!

b pretty

2 years ago

Thank you for allowing us to add our newest addition to our family. My family is super excited to welcome Out new baby :). Thanks for your great service and for being supper thorough with this experience. You rock

Bridt Gage

3 years ago

I recently received my pup from woof woof puppies & i am so glad I choose to go with this company. I most appreciated how they were accommodating to my schedule as a travel nurse, holding my fur baby a month for me. Communication was consistent & clear. Had my pup delivered to me and that process was also smooth and timely. I would recommend Woof Woof Puppies to anyone seriously inquiring about adding a new furry cute addition to their family.

Claudia Lopez

3 years ago

I want to start by acknowledging how amazing and kind Joanne and Jeff are at Woof-woof puppies. Buying my second puppy from woof-woof puppies was just as amazing as my first purchase. The staff is super helpful, nice, and made the experience so much better. Most importantly, the way they take care of the puppies before they find their forever home, it's like no other place I've ever seen. The puppies are healthy and happy and I am so happy I came back for a second puppy. Even after my puppy came home, if I have any questions everyone is always available to answer. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. We love you woof-woof puppies. ???? -Claudia!

Kandi Yams

3 years ago

My my my, where do I start.....11 days ago (Wednesday, February 10th) I notified Woof Woof that I wanted to purchase 1 of their puppies. I have been stalking their IG page for idk how many years and FINALLY decided to purchase a puppy. I texted with Jeff and completed the purchase with JoAnne, we talked for 15 minutes about how we both were new moms and I have an 18 year old whose been wanting a puppy for 16 years. The puppy literally had just got back an hour prior from getting his rabies shot and we wanted a boy dog. I am a nurse so I qualified for the 15% off the original price which was a blessing but that 6% sales tax is a killer, lol. We initially scheduled the puppy to fly home (California) with his Nanny (who resides in Missouri) on Tuesday February 16th but the weather got the best of the Midwest causing many airports to shutdown across the country so we had to postpone it. I was admitted to the hospital early Thursday morning on the 18th, something clicked in my mind that next day on Friday to text the Nanny to see if everyone that way were ok and she told me that she was just touching basis with Jeff and everyone was fine. She told me that they were planning to have the puppy sent to me today on Monday the 22nd, I was cool with that plan, however, yesterday evening after she got the puppy she mentioned that she was in Detroit and they were cautioned that it was possibly going to be another storm and the airports may shutdown again so she’d rather try to catch the last flight out of Detroit and stay the night here in LA. She gave me and my son the itinerary and she boarded the plane at 8:40pm (5:40pm Cali time) and said we’d see her in 5 hours at 10:51pm. My son drove to LAX and by 11:03pm she sent me a picture with DJ holding his dog. Now I was initially getting this dog for Jamari (13 months) to have someone to play with but I knew in hindsight that THIS WAS DJ’s dog!! DJ have been wanting a dog since he was 2 and we could never have pets where we lived but this time around we were able to get one. Bruno just snuggled right into DJ as if he has known him his whole life (4 months), not to mention he has the same birthday as me (October 12th) so how AWESOME IS THAT!!? Jeff and JoAnne were so nice, they even sent me 2 complimentary dog bowls and made my purchase very easy and it went off without a hitch. I know the price may be a bit steep but if I: 1) get a healthy puppy whose intact from head to toe 2) he’s the same dog I picked out in the photos and videos on IG then I am happy with my purchase. Many people have asked me about him and I told them where I went, I’m sure Jeff and JoAnne will have some new clients referencing my name to them. I don’t know what happened with the other customers who left the bad reviews, but what I do know from my own personal experience is that I received nothing but kindness, honesty and trustworthiness my way. My puppy is the exact same one I picked out and from what I can see he is completely healthy, he eats well, he drinks well and uses his puppy pad well. I have nothing but a very good repertoire with Woof Woof Puppies and I have to go off of what my situation was with the boutique. The only thing I wish I could change is me being able to be there in person to actually visit the pet store to see it for myself with my own eyes, I will definitely keep Woof Woof Puppies in mind for anyone in the near future who may be looking into buying a puppy. I purchased a male Teacup Red Poodle and he is currently 1 pound 8oz, he will be between 3.5-5.5 pounds as an adult and we will take him to the vet next Friday on March 5th to give the update back to Jeff and JoAnne regarding the puppy and how he’s been in his new home.

Lisa Johnson

3 years ago

Way too expensive for a dog!

Nikki Willis

3 years ago

Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique is amazing. The staff is super helpful and responsive to all your questions and needs. I bought my first puppy from them in 2019 and I just bought my second puppy from them. Actually I had bought my mom a puppy from them as well in 2019 for her birthday. I’m just going to say that they are the best people in the business to deal with. I’ve never had any issues with them. You should definitely buy from them and they have many options for payment if you are ready to get a puppy from them. You also have the option of either going there to pick up the puppy or having a nanny deliver to you in any state that you live in. Which is also super convenient. You won’t be disappointed. Also may I add they have the best puppies ever and super adorable. Love Love Love this company. I’m a very satisfied customer. I recommend them all the time to my friends. I will be buying from Woof Woof Puppies again. They have a Loyal and satisfied customer for life. ❤️❤️❤️

Sophie St Germain

3 years ago

This place is absolutely amazing! About a month ago I got my second pup from Woof Woof Puppies, and I couldn't be happier! He came with all of his shots, and he came with a free vet visit. I have had the best experience with Woof Woof Puppies twice now, after originally finding out about here through The Make a Wish foundation. My family's other pup we got a few years ago has been in great health, and so is my little guy! This place is amazing, the owner is so kind, and even the inside of the store blew me away. By appointment visits especially make going here a great experience. Thanks Woof Woof Puppies!

Alexa Zambetti

3 years ago

Woof woof puppies have been so Amazing I would highly recommend going thru them. Their puppies are so well behaved I’m so lucky to have gotten a puppy thru them ! They are so accommodating and so easy to work with getting the puppy shipped to us. We have gotten 3 dogs from them now and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Paris Young

3 years ago

I’m so thankful for this place. They made my daughter dream come true with her new puppy!! Thank you for helping me through this process. You guys are great and very accommodating!

precious thomas

3 years ago

Just Purchased Brownie???????? I’m So Excited, I love How fast they communicate with you! Don’t just look at the beautiful puppies plz purchase from woof woof puppies, they are AMAZING ????

Princess Lomax

3 years ago

Im so in love with me 4 month old red Teacup Poodle, Cupcake was worth every dollar


3 years ago

June 22, 2019 Woof Woof Puppies changed my life! “Bujji” was delivered to me in New Jersey! The purchasing process was SO easy. The pick up service was even easier! When I got to the airport the nanny was very responsive and it took no time for my little baby to be in my arms. I instantly fell in love with Mocha! Mocha has changed my life completely! She came with all her shot records and is very healthy! I took her to the vet the first day. She’s always been in great health! I’ve never had any complications with her and she always steals the room when she walks in! She already had her favorite toys I purchased from WWP also and mocha still plays with them till this day! She came already poppy trained and My family couldn’t believe that she was only a few months old and was already well trained! I will be purchasing another Pomeranian puppy with woof woof very soon!!! If you’re looking to purchase a puppy look no further! I will never go anywhere else besides to Woof Woof! It’s worth every penny. If I had to get it again I wouldn’t even hesitate knowing how much Mocha has changed my life. She’s such a well behaved puppy. She doesn’t over bark, she’s calm and she’s one of a kind. Thank you Woof Woof! You guys are the best at what you do. Please never stop! LOVE, Shania and Mocha

steffy D

3 years ago

I just want the word to know that Wolf Wolf Puppies has change my family dynamic forever. My puppy red poodle is the best investment I could have made! My new companion! My new luv! My new happiness! My baby was already trained to go on the pad perfectly when I got him, he is so smart, so handsome & so happy!!! I luv my baby, thank you Wolf Wolf Puppies for breading such unquestionably top class, top quality puppies. Wolf Wolf Puppies are in a league all of their own, you get what you pay for, so glad I made my purchase. #PetLoverForLife????❤️????????

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