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Chad Kendall

2 years ago

Very clean and well managed

Elizabeth Chambliss

2 years ago

We adopted a cat named Ozzie in April, Dawn was amazing with the adoption process. Very happy with our big boy. He is loved, & spoiled. We would adopt from the Agency again. Thank you for our furry friend, he has his furever home!!! Lol

the Taylor Family in Indiana

2 years ago

We have dealt with this place on a few occasions in years past. But today we made a dog/cat food donation, and we were well received by a friendly and appreciative staff. This organization has always been wonderful place that takes care of it's animals. They do everything possible to give a dog or cat another chance. My family will always support Pet Refuge ❤!!!


2 years ago

Staff is exceptional as always! Friendly and fun! A+

Sherril Merrill

2 years ago

I just recently started volunteering at Pet Refuge. All the staff and volunteers do a wonderful job caring for and loving all the pets. The facility is clean and plenty of space. I love helping the dogs feel loved and cared for. ❤????

Ann H

2 years ago

Amazingly clean & fresh smelling. Healthy looking cats & kittens. Staffed by knowledgeable people and friendly volunteers. Very impressed!

Carol Kaczmarek

2 years ago

Everyone was very nice communication was great we love our adopted dog we are so happy to have her would recommend ❤

Bill Davenport

2 years ago

They help me find my toe my Jackson

black rain

2 years ago

The application process is a joke . We are not adopting a rare pet just a dog or A cat . The most rudest helpers at pet refuge and very judgmental to everyone who comes there i believe in my heart they dont want to adopt any pets out go to city shelter instead less hassle

Jill Engle

2 years ago

Just made a donation. Did not go inside. Looks like a nice facility. I know they help many animals and work towards finding them good homes.

Angela Bollman

2 years ago

Volunteers taking care of dogs and cats until they find their forever homes. How can you not love that!

Abby Buell DeBoni

2 years ago

Nice place. They take really good care of the dogs. I just want to take them all home with me ????

Anne Kumeh

3 years ago

Awesome experience meeting and adopting Camo and Bear today. The staff was so friendly and gave us so much information. We could tell they loved them like they were their own and had so many stories to tell. Thank you.

Dana Tennison

3 years ago

Very caring for the animals!

Gloria Stickley

3 years ago

I unfortunately had to give up a cat because the owner passed away. They are very accommodating and Screech now has a loving home.

Jen Search

3 years ago

Great. Need to bring back help with free help with pet food

Jennifer Michalski

3 years ago

Very helpful staff and thank you so much for taking in the little abandoned pup.

Lauren Werth

3 years ago

Great experience! Was approved within 24 hours. I went to Roxanne's cattery (a huge foster they work with) and she had kittens of all ages who were very well taken care of. I was able to take my kitten home the same day with a goodie bag of food and toys, and she was up to date on all shots and spayed. Now here's the best part: cats from shelters are predisposed to upper respiratory infections, which usually begin with watery eyes. After 4 days of having my new little girl, her eye became runny and got red and swollen after a couple days even with warm compresses. Only one vet was able to get her in within a week, and the rest were booked for 2-3 weeks (apparently because of covid). I knew she was in pain, so I called Roxanne to see if she knew of anything that I could do while waiting to get into the vet. She had me bring my kitten over right away, took her temperature, gave her anti-inflammatory medication, showed me how to apply ointment to her eye, and sent me home with tubes of ointment. She wouldn't even accept money when I offered. You can count on the cattery to provide you with a great animal, and they are always there to help!

Liz Davis

3 years ago

We added Pepe , the sweet old man to our family this past week. Thank you Pet Refuge for caring for him all these years, waiting for us to find him.

Whitney Veatch

3 years ago

Great people working here, I found a cat outside and they kept in contact with me and found the cats rightful home. Thank you guys, your are superheroes!

#1Malu Trevejo

3 years ago

I love this place amazing sweet people and they actually care about the animals my only complaint is that the rooms full of cats smells like very strong fecal matter i don’t know if it’s the cats who need to be washed with soap once in a while at least or the litter box having to be changed/washed once a month no hate I love and support this place????

Linh Tran

4 years ago

I'm a foster parent/volunteer there and have also adopted from them. The staff there can be a bit slow sometimes in responding, but based on my experience, are people who truly care about pets.

Sean Meadows

4 years ago

They do awesome work with a great cause

Sera Nope

4 years ago

My family amd i just moved to Indiana. We went here to adopt some kitties that were being fostered. We were asked the silliest questions. Did we have a vet for the kitties? No we just moved here. Instead of suggesting a good vet the people that worked here looked at us disdainfully and judged. They asked what food we would feed the kittie...again we didn't know because we weren't about to buy all the stuff without knowing if we were accepted for the adoption...again a disdainful look. The application itself was a joke. We had a cat previously in michigan that passed away. They wanted our pets vet info and wanted to speak to him. They wanted to know how much we were going to spend on pet food and pet bills. They were highly judgemental. We went to the humane society and adopted two lovely little girl kitties that are happy, healthy and spoiled. They even suggested a vet to us!! Plus the cost of adoption was a lot cheaper. Pet refuge wanted 100 for each kitten. We were willing to pay it but humane society only wanted 75.00 for both girls. Three weeks later pet rufge called me and told me were denied adoption. I was so happy to tell them we had already adopted from humane society the woman from pet refuge hung up on me. This place is full of horrible judmental women. I do not suggest going there at all.

Sarah Jamieson

4 years ago

I actually volunteer with the dogs once a week and Pet Refuge does such an amazing job taking care of their animals. The enclosures are always clean, the dogs are healthy and well fed, they foster when possible, and they go above and beyond for the safety and happiness of those dogs. I’ve also adopted a cat from them and it was a great adoption process and now I have the cutest cat ever! Here’s some pictures of the awesome dogs available for adoption! And my kitty ????

Paul Rapp

4 years ago

So, my family's experience with Pet Refuge comes from falling in love with Roxy. Absolutely beautiful American Bulldog. So we contact the foster and go through her barage of questions and drive 2 hours to go have an interaction with Roxy at the Nelson's Chicken benefit. We spend the better part of two hours interacting with her and decide to fill out the adoption paperwork. We knew going there we were ready to adopt Roxy. Here's where the problem starts. I've grown up around dogs and have been a pet owner for a long time. My last Dog whom my ex wife and I had to put down 6 years ago due to cancer wasn't always up on her rabies shot due to us going thru job losses home foreclosure and bankruptcy. She was a boxer and lived a fully active, 11 year, healthy life going through all of that with us, as all of our references can attest to. Now 6 years after her death myself and my new wife are in a better place mentally, financially, and able to provide a loving home for any animal we bring in. Pet Refuge, even when you are honest with them will hold any little thing they can against you and attribute it to "putting the animal first" the problem is, the past is the past, people better themselves. You're not putting the animal first when you essentially push people like us into purchasing the type of dog we want from a breeder because of your over strict way of thinking. Loosen your reins a bit when good families such as ours come along. Those animals deserve good homes and we were more than ready and capable of providing, no matter what you think. They even know that my sister volunteers for PAWS of Adam's County. This is why I have a dislike for some rescues, they're hearts are in the right place but it overrides rational thought when it down to the best fit for a family and potential pet. I hope that beautiful girl finds a good home since ours was passed up.

Maria Czerwonka

4 years ago

Stopped by to look into adopting a dog today and the whole building was closed without a car in the lot even though their website says they are opened on Saturdays.

Loura Musick

4 years ago

It is a no kill shelter, and they were very nice and very appreciative of my donation of my baby's stuff since I lost her.

Lisa Harwood

4 years ago

Very helpful,kind people that work there! Helped me with all of my questions and they were very generous to me! I highly recommend adopting a pet from there!! I also love the location, I believe it's a new building and it's fantastic! DON'T SHOP! ADOPT!! ????????????????

Sam G

4 years ago

I got my dog from them and ive had him for 6 years now. He has turned around with encouragement

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