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Brittany Harpole

2 years ago

My adoption experience was great!

Melinda Polson

2 years ago

We adopted a pair of ferrets from Heartland on Nov 13 2021. We are so in love ???? and they get along great with our first pair. So glad we were able to give them their forever home!

Lyman Hungerford

2 years ago

People are great , and very helpful.

Jamie Johnson

2 years ago

I lost my cat ???? and although they didn't have him ???? the staff was friendly and walked me threw all the lost cats to try and help me find him

Tamiko Fidis

2 years ago

Their pets look clean & well kept.

Carin Hess

2 years ago

As a lot of others have stated, it is incredibly difficult to communicate with this rescue. I emailed twice over the 10 business day wait asking about the application. I got a response after 16 business days, that said, This is what was emailed to you with a ".....And we never heard from you." ???? The attached email made us feel as if we were being scolded for not picking the right dog. It was rude, condescending and insulting. Also, we never received the email in the first place. Maybe that's why ".... you never heard from us." Even though I emailed twice inquiring about the application.....Never had the opportunity to find out if the dog was the right fit, we just wanted to meet him. As it is now he's still waiting for a forever home. Sadly folks, there are a lot of other options out there if you're looking for pet.

Johnea B

2 years ago

I was recommended to contact this place and after calling to make inquiries, was contacted later by an extremely rude individual. Instead of just saying they were not going help, they decided to be insulting judgmental and rude with utter confidence, not hesitating at all to be condescending and bluntly offensive. It was one of those situations where your inquiry at a business is an excuse for a disgruntled employee to vent any ugly behavior at you they can get away with because the only thing that would stop them is being publicly embarrassed...maybe. Apparently professionalism is not a concern for them whatsoever. I was disgusted by the unfiltered and self righteous nastiness I went through. There was no excuse to be so venomous with me. I'm glad I didn't get further in dealing with them. I'm concerned what animals go through at this place now. Avoid Heartland at all costs and tell others to do the same. If they are nice to anyone on occasion it obviously only disguises some serious problems this place has. Update: I can't believe this. The employee I've had to deal with in emails keeps going out of her way to make her hatefulness seem extremely personal when I don't know her in the slightest. She keeps responding with such aggressive condescending rudeness just to prove she can sound superior and seems to fully enjoy being insulting and vile. I decided to stop responding or reading her filthy attitude laden emails. At some point confronting someone like this to say hey stop it - even with an attempt at doing it gracefully - isn't worth it when the other individual is just getting off on escalating. I seriously can't believe how hard she is working to be utterly nasty. She seems to actually get off on emailing me back with increasing ego trip and contempt. I have no idea why she thinks she has any foundation for treating me like a stupid ogre. All I tried to do was make an inquiry and ask for help with a pet, and I got venom condescension and holier than thou 'put you in your place' nastiness. I'm going to notify other agencies related to animal rescue that this place is appalling and doesn't deserve any references whatsoever. It needs to be shut down. Real animal lovers need to rescue animals, not ego tripping jerks with backward barbaric social behaviors. For the love of heaven avoid this place. I hope people like her get theirs. Honestly, contributing pure hatefulness into the world deserves karma getting you back.

Kari Nix

2 years ago

Horrible experience!! I don't recommend them.

Ashley box

2 years ago

I got a kitten from them was sick and hade to take just be very cautious when adopting from them.

Rachel Prochno

2 years ago

We adopted our puppy from this great organization! They were patient as we got to interact with him, and gave great advice as well. Definitely recommend!

Agny Sanchez

2 years ago

I adoptep my dog here, best decision ever!


2 years ago

Be extremely careful when adopting from them. They have no moral qualms about giving you a sick dog and making you foot the bill.

Daniel Mitchell

2 years ago

They were very caring for us. We had to put our 15 year old cat Dixie to sleep

Jay Peter

2 years ago

I submitted an application 3 weeks ago to adopt 2 senior dogs, have followed up with emails and phone calls, and still...NOTHING!

Ruth Krieger

2 years ago

When looking to adopt a dog, my inquiry was answered in 24 hours.

Angel Ludlow

2 years ago

We adopted the perfect dog to join our family though this rescue. The foster mom, Anna, was extremely helpful, caring and responsive throughout the whole process and even for several weeks after we brought him home. As a rescue, he needed time, patience and a gentle environment to adjust. He is still learning and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. This rescue did a wonderful job matching the right dog with our family.

Becky Vance

2 years ago

They were very thorough and careful with placing pets! They are very prompt about adding animals as they come in and placing animals in a better than good home. All animal rescues could use their model! In fact, every one I contacted was exactly the same. You can be sure your new pet is in the best possible physical condition possible. Good to know they are out there!

Bill Davenport

2 years ago

Got a beautiful new friend from him he's such a joy I'm glad heartland was there for me and him

Blair Anderson

2 years ago

Friendly people. Well taken care of dogs. Have enjoyed both experiences I've had with them. Still looking to adopt. Hoping to find one soon.

Brenda Pletcher

2 years ago

I really can't rate this place by just going to the website.

Rick Rodgers

2 years ago

Doesn't return messages. Really want one puppy, but as of yet no word.

Diane Mcgillem

2 years ago

Adopted a brand new friend from heartland.

Cheryl Roberson

2 years ago

I have nothing to say about this place

Bethany Fleury

3 years ago

This is an excellent rescue.


3 years ago

I adopted a cat back in april. 7 months later and a 600$ vet bill and meds for life, my cat is now as healthy as she is going to get. "She came to us as a stray, we have no background on her" was what they responded with when i emailed them. My baby has feline stomititis, a bad paw and her immune systemis pretty non existent. She had 4 ulcers dimesized in her mouth. She drooled and wouldnt let u go near her face. They'd had her a year before i came along. How did they not know? Arent they checked by a vet? They also put her chip in before we left with her..minutes before..now u cant touch that spot. Im glad i have her. I cant bare the thought of her still in that cage.

Dick Arnold

3 years ago

We were invited to meet a dog we were interested in at Petsmart in Mishawaka. We met him and adopted him immediately.

J Dutton

3 years ago

Went to PetSmart (Mishawaka) event. found a puppy & completed app. 1 person said would have to do a vet check and be a couple days. A second person told someone next to me, the puppies were same day adoption. Told that person what I was told. She said she would go check. After an hour, she returned and said yes they were same day and would look for my app and call vet. Another 40 minutes passed. Told the lady that took my app to call me when they contacted the vet and that my vet was open on Saturday. I get a call about 30 minutes later. I immediately returned their call. 'Crystal' said that the puppy was being adopted by someone right then. Contacted Heartland via two different emails. Never replied. Different Heartland people there tell different stories. I had the app and got a call as someone else was adopting my puppy. From this perspective, it looks like they are out for the money and not the best interest of the dog. You show them $$ and you can take a dog.

Jy Dutton

3 years ago

Just donated two 30lb bags of Wellness premium and a 15lb bag of food to someone. I would have considered Heartland if it wasn't for the way I was treated when trying to adopt a dog from the Petsmart location a few months back. I believe in adoption and animal rescue groups but the service and professionalism they provided keeps me from rewarding their behavior and donating to them. Now, hopefully, they see what customer service can cost them.

Lorena Gonzales

3 years ago

I’m really glad I got to adopt my pup but it didn’t come without issues. I had first reached out about another dog and for a week straight got the run around on whether we had been accepted to adopt him. Turns out they adopted him out to another family right from under us. They even had a different family under the impression they were going to adopt him too. We had agreed on adopting another pup and once we had already taken her out were later told that she was reserved and had to give her back. We wanted to adopt 2 puppies from the same liter but they would only allow us to take 1 pup and said “they are sisters and will grow up to hate each other” I’ve never been able to find an article to back up this claim. They also warned us aggressively that she was part beagle and would constantly be barking and annoying our neighbors.. she has only ever barked about 5 times and it’s when she is feeling sassy and wants mom to play with her. Our puppy also had half of her back paw missing and they never noticed until my boyfriend pointed it out when we were signing the final paperwork. Really made us feel like they were only questioning our capabilities simply because we are young and live in an apartment. Our puppy is living her best life and is very spoiled just be warned if you’re a younger couple I even had amazing references and they still made us feel like we weren’t fit to have a dog.


3 years ago

I haven’t been her but I am thinking about getting 2 ferrets and I was wondering how much are the ferrets?

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Heartland Small Animal Rescue, Michigan, South Bend

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