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Erica Krink

2 years ago

Don’t understand all of the negative reviews. I bought a ring from here a few months ago, which ended up snapping at the band the next day. I ended up meeting with the owner (who is a great guy) and explained to me that silver is a soft metal that can break easily. He explained the policies, but offered to pay for some of the amount in order for it to be fixed! I ended up being able to fix the ring myself, but I really appreciated the honesty and the integrity. Love this place

Sasha Henry

2 years ago

I feel bad for the animals kept here. I saw a full grown pastel python trapped in a small 10-15 gal tank shoved in a corner. They pile animals on top of each other and don’t seem to properly care for them. The energy is very uncomfortable and it’s not a nice spiritual environment, despite all of the spiritual gifts sold here. If you’re looking for a nice metaphysical store, check out earth lore in plymouth. Much better vibes & worth the drive to avoid this place. The responses from the owner on here are catty and petty. I can’t imagine being a business owner and having so much sass towards paying customers. Makes sense with how many employees i’ve seen being rude as hell to newer employees.

C Hawes

2 years ago

I don't write bad reviews. I get excited to drive all the way from North Oakland County to come visit this store. Now I have a bunch of idea's on what I will be purchasing from Amazon (I mean - lets face it, we can all get your products off Amazon or most of them unless its handmade without the mark-up). Your non-masked intrusive employee asked me 3 separate times if I needed help finding anything. I couldn't even shop because I was getting heckled that much. Re-read that sentence. I was unable to shop because of your employees. How does this help your business? I'll only be returning to get idea's. Thank you, please address your Saturday employees or fix your system. It's such a turn off, you left me not wanting to ever return.

a azo

2 years ago

This place is super cool. Has a variety of cool retro items. Super friendly & helpful staff. Lots to look at.

Karen Lentine

2 years ago

I always came here for gifts. I spent lots of money here. I recently bought a Christmas gift for my daughter in law for Christmas. I watched her open it. It was a bat hanging from the moon. Part of the bat was broken. I took it back wanting to exchange and they told me NO they said they believed we broke it and owner said he wouldn’t take a hit and lose money. They never showed me the item when I bought it. The manager wasn’t very nice either. Don’t give them your money I found almost everything they sell cheaper elsewhere. Horrible customer service

rain smith

2 years ago

just a bunch of white people with bad attitudes upcharging cultural practices they know nothing about. don’t waste your time or money, buy from a small business that isn’t appropriating.

Justice Devine

2 years ago

My go to store when looking for new gems, incense, and tapestries. They have a great variety of super cute clothes and headwear. Everytime I go I end up there for awhile checking out all the treasures they sell. I love this store and all the people that work there.

Heather Johnson

2 years ago

I've read the mixed reviews. My granddaughter seems to be following in this grandma's footsteps and loves hippy stuff. I will be visiting this shop for 1st time to buy her things she never realized she will love. She does shop there, but could use my old ideas. I hope I end up pleased.

Angelica Powell

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place! Takes very good care of their animals actually, contrary to what some of these reviews say. Only place i’ve seen bearded dragons in a colony while in captivity, so they have had all these animals since they were babies more than likely. In some past years, I felt the staff were super cold or were really just moody. But, I came in yesterday to show my friend and everyone was delightful! It might be savian or xavien, this guy is probably one of your best employees! Was super nice to talk to and had a good energy about him. All the girls were friendly this time too especially the lovely lady working the cash rap. Good selections, better energy, and honestly a fun place to shop. Yes, they do ask that you take a number and they take your items. I understand this though as a big shop. You may not be a thief but many others are and im sure they got sick of it over time! Plus, it’s nice to have free hands to collect more amazing items. Good job you guys❤️

James Watkins

2 years ago

Always great. Customer service is awesome as well. Very friendly staff , great place

Lilly Cleland

2 years ago

i just came to look at the reviews because i wanted to find out if their crystals are ethically sourced, but after reading them, i honestly don’t wanna come back to this store. the way the manager responds to any negative reviews is extremely rude. im honestly appalled. the only other thing i would say is to be really careful with the jewelry. i bought an evil eye necklace and it got wet in the rain, and all of the dye came off of the necklace chord and stained my shirt black. ive also had three necklaces break almost immediately after buying them. and no, before the manager says something rude, it wasn’t my fault. i literally opened the clasp on a necklace and it snapped off of the chain. really cool stuff and a great selection but im probably going to find somewhere else to shop after seeing how the manager responds to negative reviews.

Taylor McDonald

2 years ago

I know these are energy rings but I had literally bought them not even three hours prior to them breaking & was given no refund & no swap. Poor customer service not the first time I’ve had product problems as well. Low quality. Nice place to browse, don’t buy.

Michelle Martin

2 years ago

This place is such a vibe!????


2 years ago

This shop is amazing and it is such a pleasant experience every time i come in. Got my first deck of tarot cards from here and the staff is always super helpful.

Katy Jock

2 years ago

After this whole year of shutdown, I can honestly say I am happy that The Road Show still has it's doors open! No matter if I am going in for just a peek or purchasing something, I never leave disappointed. The boss has fair and very honest pricing for greatly manufactured products :) Keep it lit Road Show

Violet Waters

2 years ago

There's a lot of cool stuff and I really like the aesthetics of the store, but the almost complete lack of queer representation left a sour taste in my mouth. Sure, there were a few pride related items, but for an alternative store like The Road Show, why isn't there more? Heck, I would've been super excited to support the store if I had even found a single trans flag anywhere - I wouldn't even be leaving this review.

sheila towers

2 years ago

Love your store usually but recently i came in to buy some new crystals and a young miss donnie was pretty obviously on drugs, seemed as though she didn’t know what was going on at all. Extremely unprofessional.

Rishikesh Das

2 years ago

It was a really bad experience with the lady we encountered at the body jewelry table and she was really rude her voice was enough to me me feel like she didnt want me there and she refused to work with me when i was asking to see the rings. It killed the vibe for me. Never going again.

Kylie Salyers

2 years ago

This is such a fun place to shop for gifts! I came in looking for a specific piece of glass; the staff were super helpful and spent time listening to me to help me find exactly what I was looking for. Can't recommend this place enough!

Jade Kotcher

2 years ago

Wonderful place, great pricing, great customer service, clean & Wonderful reptile selection as we have bought some, I've spent the past 10 years coming and spending tons of money around the holidays especially, it would be nice if the customers weren't always followed around constantly and eye balled as if id steal. Its a bit offensive and rushes people like me with anxiety right out after I grab what I need. Other than that Wonderful place!

Dana Hicks

2 years ago

I love this store so much. I've been coming here since middle school and there is no other place like it. Its no wonder this place has been in biz for almost 50 years! you guys are great!!

Chris Galvan

2 years ago

Some of the worst comic book shows I've ever had booth space at. 5 people in the building if we were lucky, with Bruce and Rick yelling at vendors to move their cars to the back, as if it would make any difference. Most of the vendors just ignored him anyway, and that store always smelled disgusting.

Abi Moceri

2 years ago

Best experience I have ever had. I love the roadshow, I go at least two times a week greatest environment I’ve ever been put in!!!!!! My love goes out to everyone that works there????????

caroline steeg

2 years ago

So beautiful, and a very wide variety of insence, candles, and crystals. Best place if you're into metaphysical stuff / fairy stuff. Even going there, if you dont buy anything, its still a great experience. They have a room FULL of UV light posters (you can see in the photos). I've gone here twice and would go here a third time.

Christie Marshall

2 years ago

Love this place! Actually heading in today.

Editorava 1 (editer)

2 years ago

I love the road show! Its such a nice place and all of the woman (respectfully and just in a friendly way) are so beautiful ???? and nice, they help me in all the ways I would need going there! The men there are so sweet and helpful, never met the manager, i saw him a couple times but he seems really nice and helpful! I absolutely love all the crystals and clothes, even tho I only got one set, I still wear it all the time (mainly the shirt, I let someone barrow the skirt!) Yeah some things are expensive (to me at least, I'm trying to save so everything everywhere is expensive ????) but the crystals there, the ones in the buckets are good price :) they have an awesome supply of incents (sticks, and cones!) And they have the stands! Overall I really just like walking around the store, even with no intention to buy anything (though I always do lol) will forever as long as I live in Michigan (even if I lived 2 hours away I will still come here lol) I will always come back!

Gearsparks (Tina)

2 years ago

I've been to the store probably 3 or 4 times now and every time I end up getting something. The staff is very friendly, incredibly helpful and pleasant. They're the kind of people that you would probably end up spending most of your time having a conversation with then shopping but that's okay. Cuz it makes the out of the way (45 min) trip worth it.

Nickie Bidoul

2 years ago

Everything is high priced if you ask me . I was sold a fake hematite ring and bracelet from here. I will no longer be buying crystals from here

Megan Goon

2 years ago

I always have such a wonderful time in this store and staff is so awesome everyone the best experience I've truly ever had ????????????☯️♒♍????????

A Google User

2 years ago

I can only comment on the reptile section, but they have knowledgeable staff and healthy animals. I always love to see what is in stock! Fun place to walk around for sure

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