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CJ Hoogewind

2 years ago

We have been taking our Lhasa Apso, Bien to be groomed at the Holiday Pet Resort & Salon after he had all of his shots. He is now 2-1/2 Years old, and just love the grooming. Highly recommend.

Bruce Jenvey

2 years ago

After taking our dog there for 2 years, suddenly the groomer is 'unavailable' and can't be scheduled. Been up there twice in the last week (when we were told the groomer would be in), only to find out... there was no groomer there. DONE!

Joy McCormick

2 years ago

My dog loves this place

John LeBel

2 years ago

Great place for your family pets

george haas

2 years ago

They did a great job of grooming my German Shepherd.

Michael W

2 years ago

Great local company - our dog had a great time

Keegan Shears

2 years ago

Called to schedule a grooming appointment, left a message and kept trying to call with no answer finally they answered and stated they don’t do grooming on weekends, even though they know that everyone works during the week. I’ll be taking my money elsewhere.

Tim Wolf

3 years ago

Nice clean place with friendly staff. Great place to board pets.

Andria DeNolf

3 years ago

Great price and my dog seems to have a great time. Very tired when he comes home

John McKenzie

4 years ago

I wouldn't trust these people to watch a pet rock. You have been warned.

Analia Lafranca

4 years ago

I would NOT recommend holiday pet resort for a pet rock. My dog was there for a week came back 10lbs lighter didnt eat the entire time he was there and they fed him other food the time before that when they knew he had allergies, and came back with burns on his feet. Costed me hundreds of dollars in vet bills and my vet contacted them telling them the burns looked like chemical burns and that they should clean better. They told me they wouldn't charge me for the stay and then cashed the check a month later. I will NEVER bring another pet there.

Beth Skorupski

4 years ago

Our dog is well cared for here.

Brian Cousineau

4 years ago

The actions taken during my pets visit displayed extreme negligence. I WOULD NOT recommend this kennel and if a lower rating existed I would provide that. I put way to much trust in the belief that the staff cared about their care of animals only to experience the unthinkable. My GSD Sara stayed for a week like every other visits prior while I was traveling during spring break of 2019. Two hours before I was to pick her up I received a call stating Sara died. Upon arrival at the kennel the owner (Sally) told me Sara was found when staff came in that morning. The kennel refused to answer any of my questions regarding how she was found with little to vague answers and it was stated that no emergency treatment was provided. They also refused to let me see where she had passed or records for her stay. The only feedback provided was a non-compassionate I’m sorry. The behavior of the owner was highly suspicious. Sara was transported to a local vet for a dog autopsy which determined the cause of death as bloat. Granted the cause of death is not the issue it is the fact that with proper monitoring of the animals symptoms would have been present to allow for staff to seek medical treatment. This negligence and treatment of my beloved dog and me was unprofessional. Unfortunately this review will only be seen temporarily as my loss is not. Please use this review as a warning. I sent a letter requesting the owner assist with financial costs and was ignored. I filed a lawsuit to recover financial costs involved in Sara’s death and was unable to prove my case “beyond a reasonable doubt” for evidence therefore was stuck with the financial loss. The owner and staff that come to the hearing laughed throughout the process both in court and in the parking lot. The actions during the incident by Holiday Pet Resort were unprofessional and violated any ethical practices of caring for the pet or owner. You would think if they cared they would offer to correct the situation by simply helping with the financial burden. If there had been compassion and willingness to help the situation would likely have not resulted in this negative review. I wish I Truro understood what happened and wish the owner and staff were more compassionate towards the situation. Best advice-DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

D/A Central

4 years ago

Friendly staff and reasonable rates.

Dave Skorupski

4 years ago

Super easy and friendly service. The facility is newer and the kennels are of good size and clean. There is an area for dogs to stretch their legs for a run, as well as opportunity to interact with other dogs if you'd like (or not). The groomers are exceptionally good and thorough and can also trim nails if needed. Reasonably priced and easy to find. Highly recommended!

Fish Mum

4 years ago

I drive by here all the time, this place has changed alot. From new kennels, to the new front, they even have another outside play area. When i asked for tour, they told me that i dont need an appointment, that i could come in anytime i wanted while they were open. I came, they showed me the rooms each dog had, they even had their own outside area that was open all day, the place was heated, and they said that they had air conditioning during the summer. They told me that they fed a high quality dog food, but they recommended i bring my own. And i was joyous knowing they wouldnt force my furbaby to eat something that would upset her tummy. They told me that i was welcome to bring anything to make my kiddo feel more comfortable while on her stay. They showed me the play area they would play in. Gosh, its bigger than my own yard, so much room, so many things my baby can sniff. They said that its my choice to let her play with others of similar sized dogs or even by herself. They also told me that they also provided blankets if i were to forget to bring one, they also had treats. When i finally decided to board my furbaby, my sweet child. I observed on facebook, the pictures they posted. I was upset that i wasnt seeing my kiddo, mad even. So i called them up, and asked why wasnt my puppy being shown. They told me that its not all in order. So i asked them to send me pictures over text. They happily complied and everyday i got pictures of my baby sent to me. When i picked her up, they brought me all her things, and i went thought it all. I noticed that she barely even ate anything, and they were kind enough to explain why that might have happened, it was her first time being boarded, shes scared, lots of big dogs, lots of noice, too much action, alot of things were happening all at once, it had overwelmed her. I could understand that, when shes home. she just chills up next to me, the most action she got at home was a squirrel. She was so joyous to see me! Jumping up and down, yipping her heart out, even accidently having an accident on their floor. I was so glad to be back with her, i tearfully told them thank you, and headed home. When i was home, i noticed odd behavior, she ate and ate like she was starving. She constantly slept, ignored me when i wanted to take her for a walk. So i called HPRS, and i asked them about the behaviour. They told me it was normal, explaining to me that theres alot of action, lots of things to see and smell, that she probably was too nervous to sleep well. I thanked them, as it would explain why she also didnt hardly eat much while boarding. However i did have doubts, as this was rather concerning. I called my vet, explained the situation and they said the very same. It put me at ease that this was common behaviour. I take her here as often as i can, for daycare. The day is full of fun for her, and afterwork i can have my favorite snuggle buddy rest with me. I love her dearly and the treatment that HPRS gives to both me and her are the kindest, from folks who care about the animals welfare and happiness. I may not see her on facebook as often as the other dogs, but they still send me pictures over text. I wouldnt want to take my pet anywhere else, i look forward to bringing her here for many more years.


4 years ago

Well I am learning FAST that they neglect your dogs !!! People being some in die daily doggie care and they are fine. However I feel my dog is extremely neglected there. She comes home about 10 pounds lighter. They don’t care about your animals!!!!! They threw away all the $7.00 raw hides I provide or give them to other dogs. At home it takes my dog a week or two to eat ONE! I mistakenly packed several and never got one back. Only once did I see a picture of my dog. I only see puppies and dogs that are there everyday. My dog comes from a tragic background and they do NOTHING to make her feel more comfortable. I asked that she has daycare with her stay and they FREAKEN FORGOT and she had to endure staying in that cage for an entire week with no playing like the other dogs !!!!!! They need NEW EMPLOYEES THAT ACTUALLY CARE NOT PRETEND TO CARE !!!!!!!

Kathryn Pilczuk

4 years ago

We’ve been bringing our beloved dogs here for years now! They are our go-to place for when we go on vacation. They let you bring any toys, treats, beds, etc. that your dog needs. The dogs are given play time every day that is posted on their Facebook page so you can check on your pup while you are on vacation! Their services are very affordable and our dogs are always excited to go back!

Paul Keen

4 years ago

I have trusted my pets to them for boarding and grooming for more than 15 years. Every time has been a pleasant experience.


4 years ago

Great staff and good prices! I was very happy with this place until I found out my dog was too old to groom. Instead of the groomer coming out to explain why she didn't want to groom my dog anymore, she had someone else do her dirty work! My dog has severe hip dysplasia and wanted to lay down to be groomed. If she would have come out and told me the problem, I would have told her to do the best she could and I would have understood. I had been bringing her here for a couple of years and felt this was poor customer service. Beware if you have an older pet

David Wright

4 years ago

Just in case you were concerned at all, my dog that you were responsible for passed away last night. The one that was half dead with severe dehydration but you handed to me saying he was "still sleepy." I guess you thought the fact he couldn't stand or walk wouldn't catch my attention. Try and spin this any way you like, the bottom line was that your employees had NO CLUE how my dog was - and the dried feces on him (according to the vet I ran him to after leaving your "spa") tells me it had been some time since he had last been looked at. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Thomas Lee

5 years ago

Prices are a little steep

Scott Robinson

5 years ago

Excellent daycare and grooming, staff very friendly and puppy loves it????????????

Linda Popiel

5 years ago

Absolutely love this place. It is not fancy, but it is very safe and the staff is oh, so caring! They make it a point to get to know each and every pet in there and give them special attention based on their needs. We have been bringing cats and or dogs for the last 30 years. Never been disappointed. While this is not state-of-the-art, it is state of the heart.

Debra Slot

5 years ago

I though the staff was great and the prices reasonable. You can tell they are all pet lovers. We were gone for 5 days and I think our dog had a great time. Thanks for the wonderful care for Miska!

Daniel Overbeek

5 years ago

Holiday is the only place for our dog! With the exceptional staff and great prices they can not be beat! Our 150 pound German Shepherd Sadie loves it there so much that she pulls me from the car to the kennel front door each time we bring her for a stay. About the only bad thing I can say about Holiday, is that I feel a little sad that Sadie likes it there so much!

Adam Rockwell

6 years ago

Had a horrible experience with this business after leaving our 1 1/2 year old lab mix there over the weekend. We had our dog groomed while he was there. When we picked him up the lady at the counter said his eye was a little red, but when she brought our dog out it was horrible. The third eye lid was swollen so far out that it covered half of the eye, my poor dog couldn't even shut his left eye and the right eye was super blood shot. My wife called off work the next day to take the dog to the vet, the vet said that it was caused by some sort of trauma to his head. My super energetic dog did nothing but lay around for 24 hours and we couldn't even get him to eat or drink anything in that time, we even had to keep wiping his nose because he was getting nose bleeds. I called back to this place to tell them I was not happy and I wanted my money refunded and my vet bill covered. The manager said the injuries were caused by the dog "thrashing" around during the grooming process. I trusted this place with taking care of my pet and he came out looking like he went rounds with Mike Tyson. Some people on Facebook seen my wife's posts and pictures of my dog and I guess they contacted this business with threats. The manager of the place told me that they would not refund my money or pay my vet bill because of the threats that were made against the business. I tried to tell the lady I have no control over what other people say or do. Needless to say they didn't pay, all I can do is try to warn other people before this happens to someone else. It's probably not a coincidence that I'm not the only person who has a bad review for this place because of injuries sustained at this place. Also is really speaks volumes that they reply with a 5 star rating to boost the actual rating.

Amy Kang

6 years ago

I will never take my fur baby here again!! It's been confirmed by the vet that it's not cherry eye. Both eyes are blood shot and one eye lid is puffy, she explained that it's a doggie version of a black eye!!! She said that cannot happen from a bath or just soap it's from being smacked around!!! So to ALL do not take ur dog or cat to the Holiday Pet Resort in Rockford Mi!! They abuse your beloved fur babies and pretend it's nothing!!! ???????????? I'm so furious right now!!! To all please let other people know, do not take ur pet to the Holiday Pet Resort!!! This is not Cherry Eye it's equivalent to doggie black eye!!!

Carl Gjurkovic

6 years ago

Friendly staff with affordable pricing

Susan Whitmore

7 years ago

They keep calling my phone saying Mya is ready to come home. They have the wrong number!! I called and left messages saying it's the wrong number.

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