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Yanely Ramirez

2 years ago

Wow! Dr. Stacii was wonderful!!! Her in-home service was top quality and made this difficult process a little bit easier. She cared for my Siefer as if she were her own. She was on time, informative, and reliable. I 100% recommend Lap of Love, an organization that truly cares about your pet.

Mark Ajini

2 years ago

There is no other to take care of your family than to do it peacefully and comfortably at home. Thank you

Thomas Farley

2 years ago

I was dreading having to put my boy down and the thought of having to take him to a strange place for his final moments would of stressed him out and made the whole ordeal even worse. We unexpectedly had to put him down the other day and Dr. Stacii came to our home the same day and made the whole experience for all of us more comfortable. He was able to gently pass away in my arms in his home surrounded by his loved ones. I would give this business 10 stars if I could.

Natalie Barkach

2 years ago

We had our best friend Snoopy, put down on 12/17/21. It was heart wrenching for us, but Dr. Laura was very professional and kind. We did not want to let him go, but, it was the most peaceful way for our Snoopy to cross the rainbow bridge. …

Mary Schriro

2 years ago

What an amazing group of humans. From the first phone call the day they came to help my kitty Ohana transition. Love love love Thank you all so much for what you do

Dean Rife

2 years ago

Sincere thank you to Lap of Love and especially Dr. Laura for helping our beloved pet Stormy leave our world in a compassionate humane way. We had decided some time ago that if/and when that day came we would not put our Stormy through the stress and anxiety of a visit to the vet clinic in his final hours, he was a wonderful companion for over 14 years and we feel we owed him that. Thanks again for the compassionate service you provide.

Jason Michael

2 years ago

Dr. Laura was so gentle and compassionate during one of the most difficult times of our lives. I had never been able to say goodbye to a pet at home...this was so peaceful for our pup. Lap of Love handled everything with such dignity and kindness. We are forever grateful for the love they have in their hearts to do this kind of work!

Mike Inmichigan

2 years ago

I idea that a pet/family member could pass at home while surrounded by all of us: is perfect. Thank you, Mike

Chasity Dupure

2 years ago

Our Vet was Doc Stacy and she was amazing. Greatful she was there and we got to say goodbye at home.

Janet LaSala

2 years ago

At obe of the hardest times of my life. I am eternally grateful for the love and support I received from Dr Cyruss and the entire staff of laps of love. I would not hesitate to tell everyone. This was the best choice I could have made.


2 years ago

My 15 yr old baby Mystique had mammary tumors. I had called and was able to set up a time for the vet (Dr.Stacie) to come and help my baby so she's no longer hurting. Dr. Stacie was amazing. Although I gave my baby all kinds of love and let her enjoy whatever food she was able to eat (and catnip) Dr. Stacie helped us with the process. She suggested ice cream for my baby. I had a complete brain dump and she had to suggest for me to warm it up so she could eat it easier. When the entire process was over she got a beautiful paw print some fur and whiskers for me to keep. And the way she honored my baby when she took her with her was amazing. She placed her in a basket with a blanket and she looked so comfortable. We were able to walk out with our baby and after she placed her in the front seat of the car we were able to say one more goodbye. Although they don't do cremations directly they work with faithful companions who I already know do a wonderful job with our precious furry family members.

Biz Williamson

2 years ago

Dr Roseanne was so kind and professional. Our dog was sleeping in his favorite place in our home as he peacefully passed away. He was lovingly placed in a basket with blankets. I carried him to the doctors car. He was placed in her front seat. She drive him away with dignity. Truly, it was as peaceful and beautiful as a pets death could be. We highly recommend Lap of Love.

Ashly Reavely

2 years ago

I recently had to make the difficult decision to put my husky to rest. I was able to get ahold of someone in the office quickly and they were able to get me an appointment for someone to come to my house in a reasonable time. Dr. Roseanne was very professional and accommodating. My 10 month old son has to get into everything and she was kind enough to play with him to keep him distracted while me and my husband said goodbye to our baby. She was patient with us knowing how difficult it is to say goodbye. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in a similar position. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but Dr. Roseanne definitely helped make the situation a little bit easier.

Bridget O'Brien

2 years ago

Dr Laura was so kind, gentle spirited and professional. After an exam we decided that it was not time To Put my dog Down yet. She did not even charge me for the home Visit! ( and I was ready to pay). She sent me a follow up email and answered my consequential email questions. Also I so Appreciated the empathetic nature of the call center in response to this most delicate time. I will absolutely use them again when it is time and would highly recommend this agency.

Sasha Bardram

2 years ago

Dr. Laura Witherell came and gave my Etta a peaceful transition. She is no longer in pain and we are truly grateful to Dr. Laura and the Lap of Love team that allowed us to keep her in the comfort of her home. Thank you for making such an emotional time a little easier.


2 years ago

I cannot say enough about the service, professionalism and compassion they provide. Everyone, and I mean everyone, treated us and our special boy with the utmost respect and care. I would especially like to thank Dr Stacii for her respect and sympathy. Words cannot do this review justice.

Jennifer Cunnings

2 years ago

Dr. Laura was amazing. So sweet. So patient. She explained every step along the way. And she didn't rush us at all. She was also a rock star with my 3 year old daughter who loves talking with new people. Dr. Laura handled me, her and my sweet bugaboo with such kindness and compassion. I hate to even have to write this review but if you're ever in the spot that you have to lose your baby dog this is the place to call. I've already shared the number with several of my neighbors with fur babies. I still can't thank Laura enough for coming out same day with in hours. Just amazing! Here's my precious boy hours before she came. He had stage 4 cancer. Furever missed!

Karen St. Romain

2 years ago

We had to send our Ziggy across the rainbow bridge yesterday after a short battle with cancer. I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Stacii. Her compassion and patience throughout the process helped us through something so difficult. Our sweet boy went peacefully to sleep on the patio, in his favorite spot where he always napped. Dr. Stacii explained the process to us and made us feel at ease during such a difficult time. We're so grateful for this service and Dr. Stacii!! Thank you so very much Dr Stacii!

Jean Timmer

2 years ago

From my initial phone call to our time with Dr Comstock …. Top notch professionalism, compassion and integrity. We are so grateful. Thank you

Kendall Connolly

2 years ago

The vet was so caring and patient with us. I was a mess and she took her time, and listened to us. Highly recommend ????

Lindsey Alexander

2 years ago

Dr. Stacii came to our house the same day that we called for an appointment. This was such a hard time for our family, but she explained everything and made sure we felt as comfortable as possible. Nothing was rushed, and she was so sweet to my dog and our other dog in our home. Very thankful that our dog got to be in the comfort of his own home & with the care of Dr. Stacii.

josh lewandowski

2 years ago

We had to say goodbye to our little man after less than 2 years due to cancer. Dr. Stacii took what was one of the most difficult times of our lives and made it as comfortable as it could be. She was extremely kind and supportive. She even helped us with making paw print stepping stones. Our fur baby was so much less on edge and relaxed than he would have been going to a vet office. Having the extra time with him after to actually say goodbye and not be rushed like in an office made a tough experience less stressful. It was 100% worth the money for the time and for him to be at ease and in his home space and relaxed.

Heather Weeks

3 years ago

Today was the hardest day of my life. My soulmate, my rock, my best friend, my everything was losing the battle with cancer. I have had her since I was 17 years old. My whole life until now included her. Stacii reassured me that I was doing the right thing for her. She was very patient, she did not rush me in any way. And she was very sweet to my baby girl. She was also very honest. She told me she wasn’t going to sugar coat it, it’s going to be hard, and it’s going to take time to mourn. I respect her honesty. Thank you for giving her the gift of dignity in death. I did not want to see her suffer. Rest In Peace Kylie Ann. ????❤️ Highly recommend them. I did not want my girl to go alone, since COVID has most vets doing curbside. My baby took her last breath, very peacefully in my lap and at home where she belongs.

nicholas peachey

3 years ago

Such a wonderful people. They are kind and very professional. They made everything beautiful for miss Kylie Ann. Heaven gained a angel today. She not suffering anymore because Stacii. She was wonderful and caring. And I could not ask for a better person. If anyone is dealing with losing a furbaby. They will help you to no end. So your loved furbaby is at peace. Thank you for all that you did today. ❤️

Sammantha Palmer

3 years ago

Thank you guys for your help with Bear. Lap of Love was absolutely the best to go with for us. I wish I had more to say but if you're wondering if this is a good company to go with, they are.

Leslie Wright

3 years ago

Dr. Stacii euthanized a healthy dog without examining her and based on a false report, she did not call her normal vet, she put down a healthy dog. The dog was only 4 years old, I am sure she is good with dogs who are ready to cross the rainbow bridge, this one was not.

Karen Wilson

3 years ago

This organization is a blessing. Kind and professional the whole way through, from calling and making the appointment all the way to taking our beloved pup out on the stretcher. If this tough decision is in your future, call these people, I highly recommend.

Spencer Lemieur

3 years ago

The Lap of Love and Dr. Stacii were a blessing in a very tough time. It was a very hard and tough decision, having to put down my Very Best Friend Jake. Dr. Stacii and Lap of Love were very loving and professional, and I can not thank them enough. They hold a very special place in my heart knowing that Jake went to the Rainbow Bridge peacefully.

Al Arnold

3 years ago

Very compassionate and professional. Definitely recommended.

Amanda Peters

3 years ago

It takes a special type of person to be angels to our sick and dying furry friends. I had to say good-bye to my sweet boy Marbles a few weeks ago, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I chose lap of love because I didn't want to force my sick cat into his carrier and have his last moments be full of stress and pain. I was able to hold him close at home and he left peacefully. Thank you for what you do Lap of Love. I know its not an easy job, but its a truly beautiful one.

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