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Scott C

2 years ago

Went looking for a new family member. Very nice staff.

The King

2 years ago

Dog found our yard(with enough rescue dogs for now)..they helped us even though technically not open at the time..thank you thank you

Emma Stanhope

2 years ago

I have been voulntering here for the past couple of months and absolutely love it here. All the staff are friendly and helpful. The shelter is well taken care of and the animals are as well. All the animals get played with daily and are treated with new clean food and water. They're closely monitored for their health and well being. The cages and spaces are cleaned on a daily and the facility is taken care of throughly. Tons of amazing cats and dogs that are ready for adoption. The staff will help you find the best ones based on yours and their needs.

Sarah Allison

2 years ago

This place does great things. I just wish I didn't have to spay my pup so early... Does anyone know how difficult it is to keep a puppy calm for a couple weeks. It's difficult. She's doing great though. Staff was wonderful. Instructions were thorough... Spaces are clean, dogs are clean, it's a great place. I'm sure the cats are great too, wouldn't know.

Peter Simmons

2 years ago

A very nice staff, and a great facility. They shared their time so we could have a meet n greet with a potential adoptee.

Mateo Gebon

2 years ago

I have visited the Noah Project twice now, and they've always been very friendly. That attitude shows up in their care for their animals too. I adopted a cat from them and he's been just as affectionate as they described online. The bag of goodies I got when I picked him up was really nice, too, and he's settling in very nicely.

Jill McMahon

2 years ago

We just adopted our second dog from Noah! Very clean shelter staffed by caring people who love animals.

Dav S

2 years ago

Got some great deals during their annual yard sale

Alissa Wilke

2 years ago

We found our beloved Max almost ten years ago at Noah Project. He recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Without you, we would not have had the sweetest, gentlest, good boy in our lives to love. We highly recommend Noah Project for their ability to match the right dog for us. And for their loving care and wise understanding of animals.

Shayna Green

2 years ago

I have adopted twice from Noah Project because I so desperately want to support their mission. Both times I was met with condescension. Their immediate assumption is that you aren’t the right fit and you don’t know or want to care for a rescue. Even after filling out an extensive application, that assumption is still there. When in the adoption process for my cat it felt different at first. I got a phone call saying I was approved and the woman was extremely nice and seemed genuinely excited for me. Then I got a phone call from the director basically saying how I wasn’t prepared to incorporate my cat into my home with my dog and she had serious concerns. I had to promise to basically follow her own personal rules or she wouldn’t allow me to adopt…I am more than willing to take advice or ideas, but being talked down to and made to feel like a terrible pet parent is so unnecessary when I’ve done nothing to deserve that treatment. I’ve also asked multiple times for the pet adoption photo that was never posted or sent to me. Still waiting… All I have to say is treat people with kindness. Expect good from people before assuming the worst.

Natalie Dubault

2 years ago

I adopted my cat 2 years ago. He was an older cat. Right away I had to take him to the vet due to a possible urinary block. Unfortunately he’s cost a lot of money and is still suffering. They made me sign a paper that I’d give him back before putting him down but why would I want him to be in a cage there suffering for the rest of his days rather then with me?

Joyce Massey

2 years ago

Great place and great workets

Heather Van

2 years ago

I've been thinking about possibly adopting another cat or kitten and went to Noah's project for the first time today. The staff was all so friendly and helpful. So supportive and care so greatly for the animals in their care. I'm so happy to have found this place and 10/10 would highly recommend going here!

David Cooper

2 years ago

Great place. Is a no kill animal shelter. I just stopped to drop off some cans and bottles as a fund raiser.

Sue Johnson

2 years ago

Very nice place and the people are very friendly

Luann-Harmon Morton

2 years ago

I rescued my little fella, Snickers, from Noah's Project. I had him 3 years but he became a diabetic and we couldn't regulate his insulin. Also he had cancer of his pancrease and kidneys. I took the dog food and doggy steps and his bed and outfits to be used for the other dogs.

Penny Derbyshire

3 years ago

The staff is very friendly. We adopted a sweet little girl kitty, Rory, today. She is beautiful and is making herself right at home.

Jimbo Huizinga

3 years ago

I fostered and adopted from here. Great staff and nothing but unconditional love found their

Troy Hagen

3 years ago

Great people. Very helpful and friendly.

Beth Rix

3 years ago

They are ultra clean and take great care of the animals!!

Brianne Murrell

3 years ago

This is a NO KILL shelter and they truly care for these animals im a loving way!!!

Esther Drummond

3 years ago

Really good place to adopt a animal really friendly people .and caring

Jamie Bundy

3 years ago

I adopted the cutest, sweetest, smartest, and spunkiest little kitten ever! She is purrr-fect. Came with so many extras it makes the adoption fee practically free compared to if you had to pay for everything. She was clean, healthy, sweet, spayed, and had hernia surgery with all shots along with carrier, litter box, toys, blankets, food, treats, play tunnel....just tons for $125 adoption fee. Best place and kitten ever.

Jane Holstine

3 years ago

We adopted a cat, and was harassed with phone calls in the following weeks asking us if we established vet care. I assured them if I found something to be wrong I would take him to the vet, but that wasn’t good enough. They continued to call weekly and insist I took him to the vet. If your not looking for co-ownership with an animal I suggest adopting from elsewhere.

Jedd's Mom

3 years ago

Highly recommend Noah Project. My daughter lives near the facility and has visited as well as her boyfriend adopted a fantastic cat from them. When she sent us a picture and information about Jedd we drove from Alpena to foster him and get him ready for his surgery. We drove back with him and they took him for his surgery and back to the shelter where we could formally adopt him. They're wonderful at rescuing animals and getting them ready for adoption. They look for the best matches and follow up. The vet here in Alpena was very impressed with the wonderful service that Noah provided to give this sick little dog a 2nd chance. We are very grateful for everyone involved with Jedd's care❤ He is a very happy dog in his Furever home ????❤ I would definitely recommend Noah Project to anyone around the state looking for a rescue pet.

Jessica Schiebout

3 years ago

No judgment is met when surrendering your animal, instead you are met with kindness, compassion and understanding. The staff is so kind and keep you up to date on your pet while they are there and when they find their new furever home!!! Very clean facility with loving staff who care for the animals as if they were their own. You can never go wrong when surrendering to or adopting from Noah Project!

Jeffrey Wilks

3 years ago

Love! Great place, give a special pet a much needed forever home. They deserve the love too.

LuAnn Drakos

3 years ago

When we inquired about Opie nearly 3 years ago, we were told he was returned twice. They told us that he needed an enclosed yard for running space. They assumed we would return him and started giving drop off instructions. I assured them that I wouldn't bring him back. But I don't believe they were convinced. The first day we brought him home, his protector instincts kicked in and he was praised for that. There was a little anxiety at first so we made more trips out back as well as walks around the neighborhood. After about a week he settled down and accepted his new pack family. He already knew the basic obedience commands but was adamant about pulling on lead. I knew how to remedy that minor flaw as the walk continues when he's not pulling. It didn't happen overnight but he no longer pulls on lead. It will be 3 years this coming Valentine's day since we brought him home. Noah Project were RIGHT ON about the running space and as long as he can be "crazy running" in the yard, he's a happy boy! He loves to be told he's a "good boy" and he loves playing fetch! Keep away used to be his favorite game but now he returns and drops his ball/stick, for me to throw again and again! After I earned his trust initially, he has shown a very sweet side of his character that is priceless! I love this sweet boy and oh, I almost forgot... Merlin (cat) loves him too! They're best buds! Noah Project knows how to fit the right animals for the right pack. You guys know what you're talking about so, PEOPLE listen to them! LuAnn Drakos PS. I love their advertisement to the public that they are a NO KILL SHELTER! Their competition does NOT make this claim!

John Buckley

3 years ago

Doing good work for the homeless and abused animals/

Laura Rohr

3 years ago

Friendly, helpful and great to work with

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