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Brock Thane

2 years ago

Took my cat in early in the morning around 8:30 a.m. Received a text afterwards that there was an appointment at 10:45 a.m. scheduled for him. They said they would call when they were done. We had to call them around 1:30 p.m. to see what was happening. They said he was still not seen yet. But we got no updates about him or when he was seeing the vet until almost 4:30 p.m. They apparently put our cat in a room by himself for almost 8 hours, and then told us he was being difficult when they finally did get to see him and in order to look at him they would have to give him anesthesia which costed more money. I wouldn’t be happy either if I was by myself all day either. And the vet there is also very rude towards clients when talking to her. Then after receiving a text asking to give feedback, which was negative, they sent me a text with my pets medical records and said they would not be treating him any longer and that it would be best for everyone if we didn’t come back.

Kevin Bautista-Mancilla

2 years ago

Had a great first visit and looking forward to continuing my services here! :)

Karen Mote

2 years ago

They are very professional but also very friendly and most of all caring. Been going there about 17 years. Very confident in taking Paisley there.

James Pail

2 years ago

I was suggested this clinic via an Ask Midland forum query after seeking alternative therapies for my canine's suspected Spinal Stenosis. Only one visit down thus far, however both the veterinarian performing the acupuncture, provider performing the laser therapy, as well as the remainder of staff were very nice. I had zero wait, and due to the degenerative condition of my Mastiff, both procedures were considerately performed in our own vehicle, as they did not require a sterile environment. Here's to many more meetings and hopeful reversal (even if only to an acceptable degree) of my Abbey's symptoms.

chas ferrell

2 years ago

Would never want to take my pets anywhere else. I have been going to Dr. Lindstrand for years and can't see that changing anytime soon. If you're near Mt. Pleasant and looking for a vet this is the best place to go.

lama alzamil

2 years ago

Me and my cat Sugar have a great time with Isabella Cat Clinic. They are so sweet and nice, they take a good care to my cat. when i have to be out of town i brought my cat to Isabella Cat Clinic for boarding and i never feel worried about her.

Ulana Klymyshyn

2 years ago

My cats receive excellent care at the Cat Clinic. Ulana Klymyshyn

Amber Painter

2 years ago

This office is outstanding. My moms cat was very sick and nobody knew what was wrong until we came here. It was unfortunately cancer and he lived out his final months under her care but she was fantastic. His last days the office was compassionate and caring and they came right to her home for him to cross the rainbow bridge. I commend everyone for their professionalism. I recommend this office so much!!!

Becky Howard

2 years ago

I am so happy to have a place to take my cat to that specializes in cat health. Isabella Cat Clinic is cost effective and reliable. Love the service and the Veterinarian is honest. I appreciate that for sure!

Jackie Szczubelek

2 years ago

I recently brought my cat to the clinic to get a second opinion on some health issues she was having. Not only did they answer my questions, they went above and beyond to explain my cat's health situation. My cat was provided with a very thorough exam and was treated so kindly by all staff members. The following day I had a follow up call directly from the vet. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs specialized care and treatment. The only issue I had was being charged an additional fee for an annual visit which was not told me to prior to my appointment. I was only told of the standard appointment fees. The receptionist should clarify this when a new client is making a first time appointment.

Anna MacDougall

2 years ago

Best place for cats!! I have a high stress kitty who was traumatized by the last veterinarian. The staff was so patient and kind even with my cat being crazy. They make me and my cat have a less stressful experience. Thank you!!

Christa Watson

2 years ago

I received nothing short of poor service from this vet office. First vet I have ever taken my cat to and from start to finish the entire experience has been absolutely awful. They rescheduled my appt 3 times (2 were for covid related reasons so it was understandable, but none the less the appt was pushed out well past a month). When I arrived, I was told to drop the cat off and go sit in my car, again because of covid. But I was not given any kind of direction as to what to expect next, even though I asked, I was told to just sit in the car and call the receptionist to answer some questions. After those questions were answered, I was just told to sit and wait for the appt to be done. Thankfully the Nurse did call every few minutes to give me and update, but it would've been nice to have had a run down of how the process was working considering this was my first visit ever and had no idea what to expect. Next, the vet called me to follow up about the appt, she was very cold and judgmental in tone, spoke a million miles a minute, I had to ask her to slow down and re-explain things because it was hard to keep up. Last but not lease, I get a letter in the mail that I failed to keep up with the vaccination policy and would need to find a new vet. I called to ask about this as I was confused since while there my cat did get vaccinations. Apparently it was noted that I was told about needing to set up an appt for boosters 2-4 weeks after that appt, but I can assure you I was not told this otherwise I would've set up the appt that day. But of course I must be lying because it was noted in the file that it was said to me. The entire process from start to finish was the absolute worst. I very rarely leave a review for anything, good or bad, but I felt this needed to be aired. Terrible communication and I did not feel welcomed or taken care of in the slightest.

Jenna Woodruff

2 years ago

THis is the only place I will take my cats. They always explain the paper work and procedures, and explain which each charge means and if I would like to have that service done or not. After the appointment they always call to check up on my babies or see if I’m wanting to schedule their next appointment. My cats hate dogs and so a cat only vet means the world to them and they always take good care of my babies. When I bring one of my cats (I have 3 that all go to this vet) they always ask about the other two or mention their names. They really treat you like family and really care for your pets. I have one girl who seriously hates going to the vet, but they work with me and try to make her feel as comfortable as can be. I had an unfortunate accident with one of my babies last fall (Fetty) who randomly passed away. The vet helped me understand it as best as she could, and did an emergency visit for me so we could try to save her as soon as possible. Unfortunately Fetty did not live, but they walked me through everything and helped me when I was grieving and were very very kind. My babies love this vet, as I do too.

Daniel Warner

2 years ago

Friendly staff and treat the animals like family.

Doug Hovey

2 years ago

The group at the cat clinic always makes me feel like my 2 cats are in great care. They are very helpful with all my questions and all the care my cats need. Thanks!!

Beth Lee

2 years ago

My cat Castiel hasn’t had the best first year of his life. With constant medical problems it was hard to figure out what we needed to do to get him healthy. After a few necessary emergency trips to MSU we were able to get a diagnosis and Dr. Lynstrand has helped us with incorporating the necessary medications and treatment needed to keep my cat healthy. We’ve been customers at Isabella Cat Clinic for about 3 months now and it’s been the best experience ever.

Diana Painter

2 years ago

Great place to take your pet for veterinarian services ,they are very friendly and will take great care with your fur babies.

Jackie Perrin

2 years ago

Dr. Lindstrand is very appreciated for her care.

Michele Campbell

2 years ago

Doc has been so considerate, kind, and refreshingly straightforward during my visits. The staff are friendly and professional; I'm always comfortable leaving my fur baby with them.

Alayna Fiel

2 years ago

Isabella Cat Clinic was WONDERFUL with my sweet Vincent (: he was a stray that I received as a gift, the clinic got him in immediately and took great care of him. The staff knows us by name and is very friendly. We love Isabella Cat Clinic (:

Derick Hulme

3 years ago

The folks at Isabella Cat Clinic were kind, caring, and took EXCELLENT care of my new cat. I especially appreciated their willingness to go "above and beyond" for a new client. I STRONGLY recommend them for all cat lovers.

Emily Jane

3 years ago

Going to the vet used to be such a stressful experience for myself AND my cats. However, everyone at the clinic made me feel comfortable and like my cats were in great hands! I love that my cats aren't around other loud animals at the clinic, which has always stressed them out in the past. The staff is very knowledgeable and honest, with no judgment or pressure with your decision making. You must get the minimum vaccines and get their yearly exam to remain a patient (like with most places.) One of my cats potentially had a really serious issue, and Dr. Lindstrand was so compassionate and willing to take the time needed to answer my questions. I will continue bringing my cats here for any of their needs!


3 years ago

My family and I have been going there for over a decade and we have always had good experiences! The staff are extremely friendly, caring, and dedicated in what they do. I recently adopted a cat from them and he's so happy and healthy, you can tell they took good care of him while he was in their care. <3


3 years ago

The staff as a whole were very gracious in sharing information dealing with concerns about my cat. I am also very happy to have found such a thorough, and caring staff. For those of us who are cat owners, I would greatly encourage all to give this clinic a try. You won't regret the comprehensive, and to the point help, and care of your cat. Thank you as my cat is very special to me, and was a great relief to find out even more about any needed follow ups, and thank you also for the great insights for continued care.

Kaitlyn Rose

3 years ago

This place tried to scam me out of $800+ for an unnecessary surgery. They misdiagnosed my cat and were untruthful about her condition. They gave her vaccines without telling me, that I didn't consent to, that I still got charged for. They claimed I needed to get her tested for a disease that was nearly impossible for her to have (according to my new vet). I took my cat to a different clinic for a second opinion, and they didn't find anything wrong with her. She does not need traumatic, irreversible surgery. Isabella Cat Clinic overcharges compared to other clinics and seems to utilize predatory practices to take advantage of loving pet owners. On top of all that, the secretary(?) Samantha seemed very unorganized, and the doctor seemed to be rather cold in the interaction we had. I can't imagine how terrible it would be for my poor cat if I had gone through with an unnecessary surgery for a fabricated condition. How many other pets were given procedures they didn't need just for this clinic to make money? During a pandemic, too. It's truly shameful.


3 years ago

I have a certain vet that looks after my dog, but with my poor experiences there I went someplace else for at least my cats. A friend suggested this cat clinic and I could never be more grateful. The employees explain everything to me, they are nothing but beyond pleasant, polite, and understanding. It could be considered a little more on the expensive side, but the experience is worth it. I had two kittens spayed (another neutered here, four cats total as clients) and I received a call going over paperwork after I had dropped them off to explain how they would not be doing a certain testing I agreed to pay for and the reasons why -- which I had no idea about before! -- and seemed worried I would be upset about it! And no charge for it either. When they took me kittens from my car, they gave my cats good attention before taking them inside the clinic and assured me as if I were a new pet parent which was appreciated. I received a call after the procedure AFTER hours because they had been so busy about how the procedure went to make certain I was comfortable and without worry -- not to mention how much they apologized about it. I even received a call a day later to see how my kittens were doing which I haven't had from any vets. All in all, can they please look after my dog too?? I've had plenty of vets but really none can compare to this clinic. They won't charge for anything not necessary and will explain all the reasons why at a professional level -- really, how many places can you say that?? Call them at any time and they will be sincere in what you have to say. Bottom line is -- they care. And so long as I am in the area, I will be a lifelong client for all my cats until I can convince them to take my dog too.


3 years ago

Very friendly, easy to talk with staff and the doctor. The doctor explains everything very through. Being a first timer at the clinic I felt very comfortable with the doctor and staff. I certainly will be returning with my cat Cali.

Dakota White

3 years ago

All four of my cats go to Isabella Cat Clinic. Each time we go, my kitties and I receive professional service. It’s unfortunate I haven’t met the vets in person, but that’s okay! Maybe after when it’s safer :)

Charlotte Wolcott

3 years ago

Nice people but very unnecessarily expensive

Christine O

3 years ago

We highly recommend Dr. Lindstrand and the wonderful staff at Isabella Cat Clinic. Your fur baby will receive excellent care regardless if it’s the regular well visit check-ups, when they’re not feeling well, or helping you with comfort care for your senior kitty. We are so thankful for all they do.

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