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Shara Hickling

2 years ago

Drs have different opinions on what a dog should weigh. Example. My German shepherd is 3 years old and currently weighs 89# one vet said he’s overweight and another saying he’s perfect. Staff even said it really depends on which dr you get. …

Gennene Kitsmiller

2 years ago

When I need to get one of my animals in quickly they can. Staff is great! My other vet is many times booked out quite far. Their prices are fair. You cannot enter the building and they dont take checks, so plan to bring cash or card and wait in the car. Which works fine for me.

Jay H

2 years ago

All I can say is GET IT TOGETHER. These are animals LIVES.

Mark Perrin

2 years ago

We had a bad experience at another vet clinic. After coming to Pattersons we were treated with kindness respect and dignity. Even tho our Davey did not make it Pattersons handled us with kid gloves. They gained a lifetime customer. Thank You, Pattersons. Awesome Job !!!

carolyn c

2 years ago

My baby girl went down so fast this past month. She did have GLOPP which takes some time but I was bewildered at how quickly she declined, only to find out that she had a large abdominal mass pushing on organs as well. Murphy, office manager, so very kind. Carly, front desk, just adorable and understanding, Brenda and Kaylee are pictured here, setting me up for my last few hours with my girl, making us both very comfortable. I am very very appreciative of the peace My puppy had, and the space give to wait for my daughter to say goodbye. It was a blessed time. Dr Kristyn Andrews and Dr Jason were spot on with everything and very supportive too❤️❤️❤️

Angela Lippert

2 years ago

If I could give them 0 stars I would! Dr Patterson would be ashamed of how this place is run now.All about the money.

Jennie Dorosk

2 years ago

I called and a surgery was done on my dogs knee. I called saying something was wrong with his leg. He won't walk on his leg, he keeps whining, and his knee looks different. I was told that they can't get him in until 3 weeks. The surgery n medicine is over $7000 n counting. Like seriously he's in pain n making me feel

Natalia Beal

2 years ago

Patterson's used to be a nice veterinary hospital. Recently I got a puppy around the 4th of July and 2 days after getting him he broke his leg in two places because of the fireworks going off. It required a very costly surgery that I could not pay out of pocket at the time. I was doing my best to go through doing weekly splint changes but had lots of family and personal issues going on and Patterson staff was extremely rude. My mother was hospitalized on top of multiple other issues. And they made me feel as if I was making excuses for the inability to get him to one of the appointments. The last person I spoke to on the phone was extremely rude, a gentleman Murphy I think, that made it seem as if I was lying about making the horrible sad choice to surrender my puppy. I would not recommend going to them. I could not make the decision to pay to amputate his leg instead of someone that could afford it getting it fixed. Just because I couldn't afford a $6,000 surgery. It's hard to be shamed for something unforeseen happening. Especially when you lose a part of your family and your kids best friend. I will never return to them.

Adrian Hernandez

2 years ago

Scheduled an early appointment at 9am on 7-7-21. Arrived 5 minutes early, checked in for the curbside pickup and wasn't able to get anyone to come get my dog for 30 minutes. Then when I called again, I was told that they were behind because " a few emergencies happened in a row" when i know for sure they always send emergencies to the Greater Lansing areas. This is a non-emergency veterinarian site. So I was blatantly lied to. When finally called back, they forgot a whole medicine process I requested for my dog, then proceeded to try and upsell medicines like this place always does. Veterinarians and doctors get bonuses for medicine being pushed by private companies without those same doctors and veterinarians knowing they repercussions. Just be aware of Pattersons upsells and schedule a whole day if thats how they'll treat appointments and long-time patients.

donna trentham

2 years ago

Patterson vet clinic is the worse place you can take your animal there out for the money not your pet i will never take any of my dogs there again

Elizabeth Jones

2 years ago

Seems to me like this place spends more time online trying to defend their negative reviews as opposed to following up with their clients and taking notes when you call about the concerns you have with your pet. I was actually immediately turned off because the initial person I spoke with mentioned some shots coming up that were due but no mention of a previous phone I made last week about my dog’s itching. The “office manager” tried telling me that they serve over 10,000 pets A DAY in that tiny, micro-facility they call an office which made me even more perplexed because if you did in fact, deal with that kind of volume daily, then why isn’t anyone taking notes???? The office manager wanted to have a throwing contest with me when I explained that I had a similar job and I work in a MAJOR city. She was patronizing, not a good listener and had the gall to tell me that that should’ve called on Monday like a previous staff member told me to because they are so busy and are limited with doctors and staff. Mind you, she and her team had no clue who I spoke to because she never mentioned a name, just kept making rebuttals off of information I WAS providing to them to justify their lack of empathy and professionalism. I’m trying to see about a serious itch my little furbaby girl is having now, but I’m DEFINITELY shopping around now for a facility that is more polished, empathetic, ENGAGING and hands-on with their clients.

Jef Pe

2 years ago

Simply bc my puppy wasn't good at this new system of the owner not going in to help comfort our pets, she becomes afraid! THEY CALLED ANIMAL CONTROL ON ME!!! AS IF! TERRIBLE WAY OF DEALING W NOTHING!!! I WILL NEVER SPEND A DOLLAR W THEM AGAIN!


2 years ago

I can't get my dog rx filled anywhere but there. So instead of paying $200 somewhere they charge $80 MORE. Not to mention I've talked to three people today, who told me conflicting information. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? I'm beyond frustrated. These guys SUCK!!!!

Kristan Maybee

2 years ago

Pattersons killed our cat. Beware.

Mary Shade

2 years ago

I will say that the vets themselves are professional but their receptionists are extremely disrespectful and don’t know about the policies. I was told when I called ahead that if PetSmart called them to get consent to release food prescribed by the vet that I could order from them. When I placed my order suddenly PetSmart said that the vet is telling them that they need to have a written script. So why didn’t the vet write me a script to begin with? Cause all they care about is money and wanting people to pay $17.99 shipping on $40 cat food all to see if their guess of what’s wrong is what’s actually wrong. The vets are nice but good luck getting through reception.

Every Thing

2 years ago

I had such a great experience here very professional. The staff was so friendly and took very good care of my pup they made me feel safe letting her go with them she has separation anxiety but felt safe. my pup went in with a muzzle for just in case and she came out wagging her tail without the muzzle so she must have liked the staff and Dr, the front desk manager Murphy I believe her name was great and kind to me giving alot of support. Thank you all the staff and Dr for the comfort.

Jess Wilson

2 years ago

For 19 years I have taken my animals to this hospital. I started going there because they used to be cheap and I didn't have any kind of major appointments, just shots. Over the years they have changed owners and prices are now just comparable to everywhere else. Unfortunately their staff has also changed and the new technicians are unqualified, unprofessional, and incapable of performing their duties. In the last 6 months they were not able to complete exams on two of my animals, but still charged me for the visit. They also thought my miniature pinscher was a chihuahua. If I was able, I would give them 0 stars. I am going to trust a more qualified physician for my beloved fur babies.

Charlene Hyde

2 years ago

We've been using Patterson Veterinary for more than 40 years, back in the day when Doc Patterson treated large animals and visited farms. Doc has trained his staff well. The new owners continue to carry on the same great quality, reliability and comprehensive service. They have improved the professionalism and wait time with appointments. Patterson Veterinary has treated more animals for us then I can name. We will continue to use them. Thank you Dr Jason, Dr Kat, Dr Gretchen and the Patterson Veterinary Staff for your great continued service and caring!

Justin Ziegler

2 years ago

Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff. It’s clear they care about what they do.

conor shooltz

2 years ago

My dog was very sick. They didn't do complete blood work testing or obtain a blood sugar when they suspected my dog being diabetic. They sent us home and she got worse. I called repeatedly, left messages while my dog wasn't doing well. They wouldn't return my call for several hours. They said we could bring her in the next day. My dog didn't make it through the night. All they care about is money.

Linda Miller

2 years ago

After 30 years of taking our pets to Patterson's I will NOT go back. I had a procedure done for my dog and asked before the appointment how much it was going to cost they told me $60. I made the appointment and confirmed the price. The day of the appointment I again confirmed the price before the dog was taken into the building, before the procedure was done and after the procedure was done still $60. When it came time for me to pay they charged me $84. When I said no that is not right they said there is a consultation fee of $24. The only reason I paid it was to get my dog back. This is very unethical and I have to wonder how many times they did this without me knowing it. Patterson's office manager contacted me and she was very kind. She looked into the situation was very helpful. We will be going back to this caring veterinarian

renee garza

2 years ago

They were great to my dog he kept crying and they got him in fast found out the problem witch the other place I took him 1st couldn't figure it out he is all better thank you Dr patterson

Sarah Hou

2 years ago

We TRUST Patterson Veterinary Hospital with our fur baby! Dr. Anne Fitzgerald has always given our family cat, Mochi, above & beyond care, and shown such compassion when Mochi is sick. Even on the occasion of being seen by other doctors when Dr. Fitzgerald is not available, we have always received excellent care at Patterson. We feel so blessed to have our family pet treated by their staff!

Alexia Nelson

2 years ago

Good care, but bad customer service.

Anna Totoraitis

3 years ago

I was a longtime customer with three different dogs and a litter of puppies. I spent so much time carefully planning the care of a litter of my puppies with Patterson. When I brought my litter in they put them in the system with the wrong birthdate. I told them the correction at the time of the appointment. I then called back to make sure it was changed. I then called again before the first set of boosters and the dates were still off. I come for first set of booster only to find that (a) birthdate is STILL not correct and (b) I will now need an additional appointment to make sure boosters are fit in properly. ALSO, I had to wait for an hour after my appointment time to be seen by a tech (not even a doc!) The said tech was young and patronizing and had no sense of courtesy for the error and inconvenience I was facing due to no fault of my own. The level of incompetence has soured me to this veterinarians office.

David Dyer

3 years ago

If you love your pet don't bring them here all they want is your money.

Patrick Karwowski

3 years ago

I used to love going to this vet but probably won't be anymore. They really botched this whole curbside vet appointments on 5/16/20. Waited over 30 minutes after I called and was told someone would be right out to pick up my pets. Watched numerous people arrive after me getting their pets taken care of before me. I decided to go inside since I called again and was put on hold for another 10 minutes without being able to say anything other than agreeing to be placed on hold. The guy was very rude about the whole situation while I was inside. In search of a new vet as we speak.

Priyankaa Kothari

3 years ago

I have two cats, an 8 months old & a 6 year old. I’m a super obsessive cat mom who has a list of question prepared for the doctor even when a slightest thing comes up with either of my fur babies. Recently, my 6 year old got his dental surgery, 8 months old got her multiple checks up done for Gastrointestinal and other issues. To say the least, The staff (especially to name some of them - Murphy, Amber, Amanda & Ashley among all others) have been super patient and helpful. They responded to literally every query I had in a timely manner on the PetPro app and not because they had to, but seemed like they were happy to. Dr. Kat and Dr. Gabi have been so so amazing with my babies. They updated me about every single thing and assured me. Dr. Gabi has patiently listened to me every time and connected with me when I got anxious about my kitten. She is literally the best. I cannot thank the staff and the doctors enough for all the good work they have been doing and I literally cannot recommend this place enough to all the paw parents. Thanks, Jumbo’s & snowflake’s mom

Patsy Jones

3 years ago

Not fair in pricing. Don't have your furbaby sent to the Rainbow bridge here. No empathy.

steve combs

3 years ago

Thanks so much for all you people are doing for our companions,super thanks to Amber and Tess,with the great hair,I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family

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