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Marla Moldovan

a year ago

If I could give a negative 10 for the service a dear friend of mine got today, that is what I would give this practice. NEVER have a heard of such impractical suggestions and LACK OF COMPASSION for a new, young puppy owner. SHAME ON YOU for making my friend feel worse walking out than when she walked in. Since when do Vets shame a client for not have AKC papers for a puppy or giving looks of disgust and ridicule when looking over the papers the seller gave to her????? Does your practice NOT believe in rescuing??? -10!

Samantha Guenther

a year ago

I can say we got into a big mess when we parted ways but I can say the many years and seeing how many things she had put on my own plate but there was definitely more on hers still. She is very amazing doctor she truly does care about patients and there owners. Along with her employees she does treat her employees as family along with her actual family her children i can say are amazing durning summer they would help when you needed them As far as some of the comments 1 thing I know about dr. Jan is she would never upsale any bloodwork she doesnt think its appropriate for your animal and you see is an estimate and you can say no or yes to certain things and if you personal ask why would my pet need that you will get an answer why. She truly is an amazing boss dr and i can said friend because as the time passed I can say that we use to joke and laugh all the time but it didn't take long. I do understand things that everyone is saying but truly this place changed my whole life working there and at the time I was there which was a decent amount of my 20s and im 33 years now so its been 7 years and i would still take my animals to see dr Jan but i gotta plenty of animal love from all of our clients but 7 years ago we would make exceptions on our lunch breaks to help out clients clipping toe nails or hang out when we know someone is on their way to pick up something when you forsure knew they were coming. So trust me if you have animals dr Jan is the dr to see no matter what location is might be at. I still refer friends and most of my family still goes there.

Nancy K

a year ago

I take our two cats here. We were watching a dog that had a very sensitive mouth, yelping in pain when touched. I called and they were able to see us right away. Very thankful.

betsy bouffard

2 years ago

I have two cats that were full of fleas and they took care of it like a gem it’s only two people and they were very busy so I gave him a lot of credit for being fast and very patient and by the way I like the vet doctor she was very kind to my cats very knowledgeable thank you very much it’s worth the money I paid

nic “Ngat06” gat

2 years ago

I have been in a bind twice due to my work schedule where they worked me in to see my dogs. There were two separate incidents, once with each of my dogs and each time Dr. Jan Collins saw my dogs last minute. Finding a good vet, one that seems to have genuine concern is just as hard as finding a good MD. It does take time and some patience. I am very pleased with the service I have received with Dr. Jan.

Vanessa Cummins

2 years ago

I will never return to or recommend this vet to anyone. I brought my dog in because she had a fast growing, large tumor on her belly. The vet never introduced herself to me so I do not know her name, however she was rude and condescending and wrote off the large lump entirely. She said she didn’t think it was a big deal and to bring her in if it got larger. The lump ended up being cancer. I am so glad we did not take her advice. She even got upset with me for trying to comfort my dog while she was being held down and was more worried about her training and how she should go to obedience school than with her health. The techs/receptionists were very nice however I will never be returning.

Yoaly Ramírez

2 years ago

PLEASE DONT BRING YOUR DOG HERE This old lady(the Vet) who put my dog down is so unprofessional she didn’t know what she was doing She needed to call an assistant to find my dogs veins My dog was suffering more than needed, Had an awful attitude, and Was taking way to much time I don’t recommend this place at all The only reason we choose this awful place was because more than one person was able to be with my dog when being putting down But if I knew how this lady was I WOULDN’T even had show up , was the first and last time I’ll go their It’s was a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE


2 years ago

We had an emergency situation with our sweet boxer Oscar yesterday morning. Never have been to this Vet. Without hesitation, even though they were busy, they said bring him in. Our baby was in major pain and uncomfortable. The immediately stated taking care of Oscar. Let us leave him there so they could monitor him for a few hours . We found that his pancreas was swollen . He was given fluids throughout the day and meds to help keep him comfortable. When We got there to see how he would react to us and if was feeling better he was back to his self. Not saying he is healed at this point but they did everything to make him comfortable and help him and they did an amazing job. I will continue to support their business and be grateful for their services. THANK YOU !!!!

ChrisandSum London

2 years ago

We were in desperate search for a vet on a Saturday evening for our sweet dog Olivia who was in pain and needed attention. We had reached out to a few emergency vets only to be turned away from capacity. In a desperate hope to get care we called Livonia Veterinary hospital an hour before closing on Saturday in hopes for a miracle. Kelly who answered the phone was an absolute gem! She told us to come on in without hesitation. Once we were there our sweet Olivia was evaluated and treated by Dr. Collins who was so caring and genuine. Never once did we feel like they wanted to leave on a Saturday evening. We felt important and more our sweet baby received the care she needed and is home feeling relaxed and comfortable. Thank you ladies for your amazing care and for everything you did. I would highly recommend and trust anyone to bring their baby here.

Courtney Deska

2 years ago

You will have to wait to see the doctor, but it’s well worth it. Doctor Jan is amazing. The receptionists are wonderful. They are great vets. Highly recommend. We drive 40 minutes now to come here because it’s so worth it.

Carolyn Larkin

2 years ago

Would not recommend this vet, Dr Harper. All she was concerned about was if my cat had a updated rabies shot, said it was the state law that all cats have to have it, which is a LIE! Said he was overweight at 9.6 lbs!! I told her I just wanted to treat the issue at hand, but she wouldn't until I got the rabies shot or could prove that he had it. She was not at all concerned about why we were there. Seems like she doesn't even like animals. I left with no treatment or answers, then had to pay an exam fee, when all she did was take his temperature and look in his ears!! Terrible experience, money hungry place!!

Allison Grice

2 years ago

If I could leave more than 5 stars I would! My dog had an adverse reaction to a vaccine, and I came here because it was the closest open vet to my home. I am so glad I did because the entire staff here is SO caring and took such good care of my baby. I 110% recommend Livonia Veterinary Hospital, and I will be making them my regular vet now for both of my dogs. Finding Dr Jan in a pinch was a true blessing. Kelly (I believe that is the vet tech's name, sorry if I am wrong) is also so kind, and even followed up with a phone call a few days later to check on my dog. I can't say enough good things about the staff here. As a side note since I know people read reviews for pricing, the visit was also extremely affordable and much less than I expected for an emergency trip to the vet, especially considering she needed medication and also stayed there part of the day.

Daniela T

2 years ago

If I could give this place 0 stars I would! We've had issues with the vet being rudely opinionated and criticizing us for getting our Persian cat groomed. All she did was negatively comment on everything and never showed love to our pet. I then recently called to schedule an appointment with another vet, and the receptionist TOTALLY disregarded my concerns and cut me by offering me an appointment! Needless to say, I'm finding another vet who is compassionate!

Don Andrus

2 years ago

WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS!!! Just a money grab. Try to upsell on everything. Laboratory tests for everything. Never tried to resolve my initial concern with pet and was out almost $500. Follow up appointment scheduled for 330pm. Receptionist was rude, waited 30 minutes with never being seen. Left and will NEVER return.

Jessica Brecht

2 years ago

Dr. Harper was condescending at best. She told me I had too many animals when it's none of her business. I foster and have my own pets. She spent several minutes talking about offloading my fosters into the shelter system instead of listening to my concerns. She constantly talked down to me and claimed my cat was overweight when he is not. She scolded me for feeding my cat 8oz of food over 24 hours saying I was feeding him too much. She said my cat should be eating one 3oz can of wet food and less than a quarter cup of dry food a day. The instructions from the brand I use is 4 cans (12oz) stretched out over 12 hours. I've asked my regular vet about his BCS before and he was healthy at 15 lbs. My concerns were never addressed by Dr. Harper either. My main concerns were 1) Why is my cat throwing up? And 2) Why did he lose almost 4 lbs in 6 months for no reason? She was not listening to me at all. She told me he got into something he wasn't supposed to and that was it. There was nothing that he could have gotten into it. I didn't press these issues because I was so anxious to get away from Dr. Harper. Nothing about our experience led to me feeling like she had any credibility. She also tried to offer me "life advice" (read: told me my business was unnecessary) when she said I shouldn't open an animal rescue. I've been in the field for years. I've never encountered a vet who said rescue services were unnecessary. During my second visit, she gave me the number for her friend who has some kind of rescue in Dearborn and tried to convince me to open a branch of theirs. So, my interpretation was that she was trying to eliminate competition for her friend. My biggest complaint was that Dr. Harper reported to work with a bandaged finger that impeded her ability to do her job. This, in addition, to none of my concerns being addressed. My cat was poked in the neck 5 times when trying to get blood because she couldn't get a hold of my cat and get him into position. Thank Jesus the vet tech knew what she was doing. Her name was Nicole. Nicole even had to leave the room several times because Dr. Harper dropped needles on the floor, couldn't keep my cat in position, and just kept making excuses for why she was not able to do her job. Nicole got so frustrated with Dr. Harper that she had to stop several times for Dr. Harper to collect herself. Kelly was also wonderful in helping us navigate the practice and just being friendly overall. I'm thankful to Nicole because she actually helped my cat get better. She showed the level of professionalism and skill I would expect at a vet hospital. Dr. Harper needs to stick to doing her job and work on her bedside manner. If my regular vet had had openings, I would have taken him there. I will not be returning after my experience with Dr. Harper.


2 years ago

I wish I had the option to give zero stars. I had never been to this vet before, and when it came time to put my dog down, I was in search of a location that was affordable and close to my mothers--as he was being buried there. The Ford RD location was recommended by a family friend, and when I called, the Livonia location had the earliest date, so I took it. We were greeted by a very sweet, compassionate tech who explained what the process would be and had us fill out some information. The Vet, who I called today to get her name (Dr. Jan) was rude from the start. Spoke very sternly and shouted demands to the tech. She again, told us they were going to inject my dog with a muscle relaxer and hand him back to me. Then they would be back to do the final injection to stop his heart. What they didn't say, is that within minutes he would be completely unresponsive...not blinking, tongue hanging out. Already upset he was going, and wanting to do it as humanely as possible, we thought we was already dying from the first injection based on how he was reacting. My sister opened the door and asked the Dr Jan how long we needed to wait, and she said 5-10 minutes. My sister opened the door back up and said she thought something was wrong and that he was not blinking and his tongue was out. The Dr ran in, scolding us about "THATS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN" yanked him out of my arms, handled him like a rag doll and snapped at her tech "Put that bunny down and get in here". I will never forget the image of my dogs lifeless body being bounced around like he was nothing. He was everything to me. And I am so sad at how he was treated in his final moments of life, together. If I would have known he (and we ) would have been treated that way, I would have paid more money to take him somewhere else. I informed her she was very rude, and unsympathetic and she walked me to the door and said "sorry for your loss". I just want to prevent anyone else from dealing with what I did. If you love your dog, please go else where.

Yazen Awadalla

2 years ago

I an emergency appointment today to get my dog vaccinated for rabies and distemper. The doctor had an attitude and was asking me if my dog was trained? What kind of vet asks that? Maybe my dog is nervous about being in a clinic. Also this place is a rip off. Doctor is telling me my dog needs all these shots when this isn't even her primary vet I go to. You guys do not have her vaccination records yet was pushing me to do all these vaccinations today. Trying to scam people for money and refusing to initially give me her vaccinate certificate to put my dog in daycare. Next time make sure you got yours facts before telling someone to vaccinate their dog. Clearly a day care won't accept dogs if they're not up to date with their shots. Don't go here they will try to scam you. First time there and definitely will be my last.

Anne Hahn

3 years ago

We love Dr. Jan. We take all three of our dogs to her. She is very knowledgeable, kind and caring.

C Inman

3 years ago

Absolutely love doctor Harper! She is so good with our pups. 5 stars for her dedication and love to our pups!!! Reina and Gizzy thank you doctor Harper❤️

Chris Williams

3 years ago

This was our family vet for the last five years (the time we've lived in the area). They've always been kind and caring, helpful when it comes to bills, and were great boarders for our dog when we went on trips. This past weekend, we had to say goodbye to our buddy Zeke. Dr. Harper was so kind. She gave us hugs, reassured us we were making the right decision, and made sure our buddy's last minutes were comfortable. I'm thankful for such a compassionate doctor and staff.

Dustin Drabek

3 years ago

My appointment was at 330 and I was still waiting in the room at 345 for a doctor to come in. Mean while, the walls are thin and could hear everyone doing something else (taking personal phone calls and registration online). Anyway, I just walk out. The smell was getting to be to much. Whole place smell very very bad.

James Key

3 years ago

I've been here several times over the past 2 years or so. They always seemed really nice. However, they somehow let my dog go almost 2 years without her rabies or leptospirosis vaccines. They had all of the information from her previous vet, but I guess they just didn't pay attention. Last time I was there was October 2018. My dog was overdue due for two vaccines. I was unaware of this but they didn't mention it to me or anything at all. Now I'm having trouble getting my dog groomed or in to see a new vet. They said they lost all of the info from her previous vet, but I still have the email where I sent it to them. They obviously had it when I started going there or they wouldn't have seen her. Overall I had a pleasant experience going there, but somehow they lost the records that I had sent from my previous vet. They also seem to have lost the records from my ~5 visits there over the past few years, saying they only had records of one visit. Oh, and the receptionist also hung up on me when I was trying to get more info.

Kendra Williams, MLIS

3 years ago

I love Drs. Jan and Harper. They have been taking care of my pet rabbits for ten years. They mostly see cats and dogs but are very good with exotics, too. They are very knowledgeable and have successfully performed surgeries on two of my pets. Dr. Harper has also helped my family say goodbye to two bunnies when it was their time. Very compassionate and respectful staff.


3 years ago

Okay I know people have bad experiences everywhere and I understand that really I do. But I've taken my dog here a few times and I have literally never met a nicer staff in any place I've ever been too. I've always struggled with finding a vet because usually they dont care about the animal but this place really does. They have a sense of humor and arent judgemental. They're very informative and nice to have a conversation with. The staff who work at the desk are also very sweet and are always nice to talk to and arent rude. I see dr. Jan and shes absolutely amazing. I have nothing to say except these people are great.

Youssef Bazzi

3 years ago

Dr Collins is the best. Very caring and passionate


4 years ago

Very Rude. Its Saturday and I wanted to see if I need to bring dog in for an emergency visit and they acted so annoyed that I was calling and bothering them.

Alicia Long

4 years ago

Edit: The owner of the clinic has made great strides toward righting this situation and I appreciate that more than anything. And I have been assured the offending vet has been spoken to. Thank you for taking the time to make this right! Infuriated! I titer test my dog and pay more than what booster vaccines cost, there is no reason for me or my partner to be lectured about ANYTHING when it comes to my dog's health. Money is nothing when it comes to making sure my dog is well taken care of and I find it disrespectful that you had the nerve to lecture anyone about proper care for their companion when your waiting room looks like a ZOO! Will not be back.

Alyssa Riehle

4 years ago

Was very kind and helpful when my sweet pup had to be put down. Even was understanding of my money limitations.

Chelsea Nejman

4 years ago

Always have a great experience here.

Emma Cooper

4 years ago

Will not be returning. Our first visit was with Dr. Jan and she was absolutely wonderful! But the last 2 times we had a different vet who needs an attitude adjustment. While taking our cats temperature my husband reached over to pet our cat …

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