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kae (hotjoerogan)

a year ago

Dr bloom has a rude disposition and is just after your money. He very obviously will try to push a money grab with no concern for your actual pets health. …

Lisi Grewe Simons

a year ago

I was referred to Bloom Dermatology after my cat's atopic dermatitis was unresponsive to diet, Atopica, and antibiotics. He had had allergy testing at our primary vet. He currently requires steroid injections every 3 months. I waited roughly three months for an appointment with Dr. Bloom. The cat’s current medical records were faxed ahead of time by our local veterinarian. Livonia is a two hour drive from my home so we left early and arrived at 9am for our 10am appt. I called the number on my new patient forms and this number rang without a greeting or voicemail. I called a different number I found via Google at 9:03 and told them we had arrived early in case there was a possibility of fitting us in before our scheduled time. They told us to stay in the parking lot and they would call if an earlier appointment would be possible. At 9:43 I received a call from the vet tech to get our cat’s history and to let me know the vet would be calling. I received another call at 10:39 from the vet, again requesting the cat’s medical history. The cat was then picked up curbside, and we were asked not to leave the parking lot. At 11:40ish the tech called and said they were running behind and the vet was still going over records. The tech then came to the car with an estimate listing the various procedures and cost, and to get my credit card and sign the consent. Note: A "nail trim" was included on the estimate for an extra couple of dollars so I deleted that item. I voiced concern that the paperwork said to be prepared for a 2-3 hour visit. I had a child expecting me to come to his soccer game at 3:00. Now we were informed that the cat would be another three hours, at best, since they were behind. She went inside and I talked to my spouse about options. We decided we should leave and reschedule with another practice. I walked to the locked office door, very upset, and called inside. It rang busy. I called back and watched as the receptionist picked up and hung up the phone. I called back a third time and told her we needed to leave now. She said the tech would call us back. Another few minutes, another call from the tech, then another call from the vet. I asked for the cat to be released. The tech came to our car around 12:00 with the cat and a bill for $500. I was not aware they had done more than an office visit with my cat since I was told they had not started with him. Already $500 in, I told them to just proceed with the estimate. We left for IKEA while they performed the allergy and other tests and received a voicemail (bad reception at IKEA) at 1:34 saying they were finished and to call upon our return. We called from the parking lot at 2:17. The receptionist had to call us back with the total charges--over $2600. Another long break until the tech was able to come out with the cat and the discharge instructions. We finally left at 2:59 when the neighbor was picking our child up for us. TWENTY SIX calls were made during the six hour, $2600 appointment. Poor communication and terrible service. I am not sure how this business does it. I will not be back nor recommend this practice to my primary office.

Brian Williams

a year ago

I had never visited the Bloom Clinic until I ran a local search. My regular Vet had no appointments that fit my short schedule. The staff at Bloom welcomed us in the very same day I called. They completed my dogs exam and shot update and went above and beyond to ensure the paperwork we needed for international travel was completed properly with a low cost. I can’t thank Sue and her staff enough for their help with a short schedule and specific needs. We’re very grateful for your professionalism and time. Thanks again from Cece and I.


2 years ago

Beware - I do not recommend taking your pet here. I do not believe they have your pet in their best interest like they say they do. They are in it for the money, obviously... the prices and other reviews people have had with them. I wish I would have read the reviews before I came to this place! I have no issue spending the amount of money needed to help my fur child, but they didn’t fix, nor couldn’t find what he was allergic to. Stopped previous meds, sent home with a few items, waited on a culture, put on antibiotics And now my dog is in worst condition then when he went in there. Unbelievable! So then the practice manager suggest us to bring him in for a follow up, another $160+ just to see him. This doesn’t include testing, medications etc. this is just to step foot in their office. Heartless.

Sharon M. Bledsoe

2 years ago

Our dog had bad rashes. All other vets just gave him steroids. Besides being a no fear veterinarian, they found what he was allergic too. He is doing so much better. Great Vet Techs really make you welcome

Sarah Radatz

2 years ago

TLDR; We are $3,000 deep in tests and treatment and still don’t know what my dog is allergic to. Full review: This place is SO expensive. We came here because my dog has pretty bad allergies and their website was very encouraging. My dog seems to be doing better so far which is the only reason we came back, but we will not be back after we leave today. (Who knows when that will be, we’ve been sitting in this room for 3 hours now!) The website says they go over all pricing before they provide treatment. What they mean is they give you a huge range (over $1000 difference between the low and high), and say the total will “depend on what they find.” Of course it ends up being the highest amount every time, and they will still charge you for all the test and treatment even if they don’t find anything. They charged a few hundred dollars just to look for mites, then said “we didn’t see any but they’re hard to see so we’ll treat her anyways.” Why bother doing the test, then?? We’re now on our third visit and we were again quoted a huge range for additional testing. When we said we can’t afford that since we just paid thousands of dollars just a week ago, they shamed us for not wanting the best option for our dog. Dr. Bloom is also very “my way or the highway” and when I suggested an easier (and much cheaper) form of allergy testing that I heard good things about, he literally scoffed and said no. Even when the vet tech had agreed with me right before he came in the room...

Ron Stout

2 years ago

Vet and staff obviously do not have your pet’s best interest in mind. Refused prescription refill based on a previous honest review I did regarding our experience with their company. What a shame.

Matt Wagner

2 years ago

Had a poor experience with the staff. They gave me a range of prices for an estimate, and the final bill was the exact amount on the high end. Even after I told them not to do a couple things they did and it was still in the bill. Had to take my puppy to a different vet

Ken Emrich

2 years ago

Save your money! My wife was ready to scream by the time she got out of this place. These doctors have no real game plan for resolving issues, they are more interested in running up unnecessary charges and keeping you running with follow up appointments. In addition, she spent a total of 3 hours waiting for them to figure out how they were going to treat our dog. My wife finally asked for a round of steroids and medication to treat a yeast infection in his ear and paws. So we are now in $600 for something we could have gone to our regular Vet for at a fraction of the cost. I could go on and on... Very disappointed!

Kaitlin Esper

2 years ago

My dog receives acupuncture here for his arthritic back and Dr. Flannigan treats him so special and gentle because he can be wary of strangers. She is the first Vet that he is comfortable with her during his comfortable that he eats his cheese and peanut butter off a lickimat with his eyes closed about to fall asleep during his treatments! My dog is very fearful and I truly appreciate how I never feel rushed and she takes her time with my scared dog. Thank you!

Jenni Morton

2 years ago

We are so grateful to Dr. Bloom and the amazing staff at Bloom Animal Hospital! Our dog Bailey suffers from ear infections and no other veterinarian has been able to get them to stop. We took Bailey to Dr. Bloom and after skin testing and a food trial they were able to determine that he is allergic to a bunch of stuff (birch, mugwort, even fleas!). Dr. Bloom flushed out Bailey's ears and started him on allergy serum. We know it will take a while for the serum to work, but Bailey is already happier and more comfortable with his ears cleaned out and with the medication he is on. The staff even used a method called fear free that helped Bailey be more relaxed during his visit. Thank you Bloom Animal Hospital!

Chelsea Morgan

2 years ago

Can be a bit pricey but other than they they gave good care to my kitty when he was getting fixed and one of the vets even sent me pictures of how he was doing :)

Carrie Ann

2 years ago

This used to be a great place to work until the practice was sold to Pathway Vet Alliance, but it has slowly transitioned into an operation resembling that of a sweat shop and not a veterinary clinic. I left this clinic a few years back because the writing was on the wall once the takeover was initiated. Appointments began to become crammed into the day, lunch times gradually evaporated, and the mental anguish became to be too much. Myself as well as other coworkers had to call off periodically in order to unwind. Prior to the acquisition by Pathway Vet Alliance, this was an outstanding practice to work for. Appointments were scheduled appropriately spaced out, lunch could be eaten at a reasonable time, and the entire staff was much more cheery and upbeat instead of appearing to have seen the fog of war. I have quite a bit of respect for those who stuck it out, but to me this place is a shell of its former self. Another spoke in the wheel of corporate America that exists only to turn a profit and treat their employees as disposable property instead of living and breathing individuals. I wish the best to my former coworkers and may you find peace someday. You all are stronger than I. Perhaps those of you left should unionize and demand that your wages and benefits are correctly matched to the strenuous and hazardous work you do. Positive change isn't granted from those above, but fought for by those at the bottom. You are better than what they are offering, demand it.

Andrea Padgen

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog, Kirby, to Dr. Bloom for over 10 years. When other standard veterinary clinics failed to accurately pinpoint what was causing Kirby’s terrible allergy symptoms, Dr. Bloom discovered the root of the issue which allowed him to be able to specifically treat Kirby. The hours that need to be spent with your pet in order to accurately and appropriately treat him, are NOT in vain. Dr. Bloom and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, patient and kind. It is evident that they truly love animals and want to see them living their best lives and feeling good. Kirby is 14 years old now and I credit his long happy life to Dr. Bloom being able to treat his specific needs.

John Kabrovich

3 years ago

Bloom is extremely expensive and offers nothing better than what any other vet can offer. They cost more than the emergency vet and do not have the equipment to get immediate blood results. I took my dog in and was over charged, over medicated and sent to the emergency vet after a reaction to the medicine. As a result, my dog started vomiting with diarrhea. Even after stopping the medicine the accelerated damage from the medication caused a life threatening situation and my dog died. All I can say to anyone that reads this is “research the side affects of any meds your dog takes.”

Kaitlin Sanders

3 years ago

Not only do I work here, but they changed my dogs life! After being misdiagnosed by another vet, they helped cure my baby! This has been going on for YEARS! This particular dog has been rehomed 4 times (I am her final and last home …

Ron stout

3 years ago

We brought our dog in and they wanted $4000 to help her, I told them I was on a budget of $1000 so they gave her some meds and then want to do a check up the following week and that would cost $139 just to look at her and then additional costs if she needed anything. We don’t mind spending money on our pet because she is our family however all they want to do is rip their customers off. If you go here be prepared to break the bank. Also you can see all the complaints in the reviews about the cost and even dogs passing away. They always respond to the review with please contact us to discuss the issue. What do they want to discuss? The cost is extremely high and people have noticed it. I will no longer use their services.

S Kabro

3 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE! I went here to treat my dog. They are very high priced and all they did for my dog was over Medicate the poor thing. After the over medication he ended up passing away.

Sk Elena

3 years ago

I took my animal here and was astounded by the price I had to pay. They over charged me and didn’t even help my animal. It saddenes me to say I had to unfortunately put my animal down due to the problem that was not solved and worsened.

Stephanie Davis

3 years ago

I have a 5 year old cat who has bad allergies. Every year they progressively got worse. I went to 5 different vets in my area only to be given the shoulder shrug with I am not sure why this is not working. After a year straight allergy attack and 3 different vets doing their own plan of attack I took her to Dr. Bloom. He listened and asked questions. Is it costly to come here depends. He knows his stuff. I wish I would have come here earlier and not the other 3 vets I visited this year. With the treatments they gave me and their visits Dr. Bloom's fees were less. I feel better knowing in a short amount of time my baby will start to feel better and is under care of someone who can help her. Dr Bloom even saw how scared Maya was during her appointment and gave her medicine to give to her before he appointments.

Todd Ridley

3 years ago

Dr Bloom and his staff were very gentle and thorough with our boy Truman. What a great find. Really appreciate the attention, thoughtfulness and care they gave our pup.

Red Rex

4 years ago

Lets start with Dr. Bloom: I give him 5 stars along with the ladies who help him in the back. They are all really really great! Dr. Bloom is go go go, but he always explains to you what is going on and if you don't think he is paying …

barb Douglas

4 years ago

My little Marshall died in surgery. He was being treated for an ear infection. I think Dr bloom is probably a good Dr, but I don’t think he realized how much he was putting my little fella thru. I feel extremely guilty that I subjected him …

Dawn Peters

4 years ago

Staff very helpful, testing was really extensive. Lots of steps & medications. Won’t know for a while if this will solve our dog’s issues or not.

Gary Solo

4 years ago

This is the most expensive vet in Michigan. My dog had one ear cleaned, the other ear checked, allergy tests, blood tests and I was given a few medications. This was all done in one day. The cost was $4,600!!! Four Thousand Six Hundred …

James K

4 years ago

Be very cautions when choosing this veterinarian. Based on our experience, the fees were excessive, the quality of care was always in question, and in the end we had to put our beloved dog down. We’re so sorry we subjected our animal to …

Renee Stipcak

4 years ago

I don't like speaking bad about professionals and their line of work, but I wish someone would've informed me before I made the decision to go here. Instead of focusing and treating just the ear infection my dog had, I was led to believe …

Mary Haines

4 years ago

Amazing docs and staff. Thank you!

Will Peters

5 years ago

My dog Roxie loves this place and she normally hates vets. Prompt, professional and awesome service all around.


5 years ago

Great place to go if your pet has goofy allergies they're the best

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