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Kayla Kolean

a year ago

Our dog Baxter's is a new dog after getting treated by Dr. Bloom and his team for allergy relief.

Rebecca B

2 years ago

They are always patient with my large dog and with me (I'm not sure which of us can be more frustrating!) Over 6 months ago, my very allergic dog was in terrible discomfort. My local vet (who is awesome) recommended allergy vets in Indianapolis and at Purdue, but no one would take us because of the pandemic. Dr. Bloom's clinic somehow fit us in and we will be forever grateful and loyal to this wonderful place and the great doctors and staff.

shi bear

2 years ago

I had to take my Siamese cat here because he was having reoccurring upper respiratory infections that lead to an ear infection. He had to have earwax removed, they ended up finding ear infections too. They treated me great, were professional and wanted to do the best that they could for him. the estimate was $1000-$4000 and it ended up being around $1700, so it was on the lower end for the whole procedure. They had him put on steroids and ear cream medicine. Now he’s back to his old self, able to play and run around. Not sleep all day and dig at his ears like before. Thanks so much Bloom!!

Lori Jones

2 years ago

I can't stress it enough, of how much a blessing we've received by coming to Blooms to have our cat looked at! We've gone thru extremes with guessing games, trying to figure out what's been wrong with him for years. He's had skin tests, blood drawn, food allergy test (which came out with a long list of allergies). We've cut him down to the bare minimum (incl grain-free to which wasn't 100% enough) to the point that no matter what was in the ingredients our cat couldn't eat it. We had to order his food online (which narrowed down "Go! Sensitivities" 2 flavors; Duck and Pollock thru Chewy which he only liked Pollock) because no stores around had anything that he can eat. Store-bought cat food has listed in the ingredients (corn, yeast, salmon oil, turkey) that he couldn't have (allergic according to the food allergy test). It had gotten to the point where I had made raw food for him. His allergies still never went away. Even with the medicine that he had thru our vet. We even went thru diff types of cat litter, from scented to UNscented to pine pellets, still has allergies. My mom and I have combed him out (almost every 2-3 nights) and then I'd bathe him in oatmeal or an all-natural hypoallergenic brand shampoo. His skin would be dried out and raw, red w/hot spots. Then we'd put aloe or Davis Hydrocortisone Cream on him after words. My mom and I have tried various medicine that I ordered online that matches with his skin condition and they helped, but the only temporary. We've given him coconut oil too. All this was only good for temporary ): My mom and I both have found ourselves in tears (deep down in heartache), worrying about what could be causing these allergies? 7 years of this misery, our poor boy has gone thru ): However, I praise the Lord that he's ours, being loved and cared for, without giving up! <3 We don't know of any other person who would have the patience (or seek online for help) to go thru what we've all (incl. our cat) been thru. So I had to take a step further. I had to do a bit of research and find Dr. Bloom. I didn't personally meet Dr. Bloom, however, I did meet Dr. Jones and she looked our cat over and said that he may be allergic to fleas. He recently had Frontline Plus drops, but she said that Frontline isn't 100% effective. Other than that, she only found 2 fleas on him. However, while being there, I was surprised to learn that even just 1 flea bite can cause misery to a cat ): So from what it boils down to, he may be able to eat ANY type of brand cat food (Dr. Jones says that the test may be false positive; not 100% accurate), if it wasn't the food that he's allergic to after all! It's FLEAS that we're focusing on now! So while being there, our cat got a flea drop that's good for 2 months, along with prescription pills, a can of flea spray for the house, and an onesie! While we were there, Melinda had spoiled him with a lot of catnip. He was very pleased with that <3 With the price we paid at Dr. Blooms, every penny was worth it. I agree with other reviews, I wish I had dome here sooner. Thank you, Dr. Jones & Melinda ♥️ If your vet can't figure out what is wrong with your pet, I highly recommend you taking it to Blooms! They accept Care Credit!


2 years ago

Such a great experience! Everyone goes above and beyond to make your pets feel comfortable and safe. Dr. Bloom is very knowledgeable and I left feeling very comfortable and assured with the diagnosis and action plan.

Janae Greene

2 years ago

Brought my foster pup for an initial exam and care for some weird skin stuff that stumped the primary vet. Walked out with a solution. The care provided here is absolutely top notch and we are so thankful to Dr. Bloom and the team.


3 years ago

Very thorough and competent. Take time to diagnose difficult cases.

Barb Boyer

3 years ago

Dr. Bloom and his whole staff are wonderful. It's a very pet friendly place.

Jenna Kli

3 years ago

Compassionate & caring staff, nice clean facility

Stephanie Davis

3 years ago

I have a 5 year old cat who has bad allergies. Every year they progressively got worse. I went to 5 different vets in my area only to be given the shoulder shrug with I am not sure why this is not working. After a year straight allergy attack and 3 different vets doing their own plan of attack I took her to Dr. Bloom. He listened and asked questions. Is it costly to come here depends. He knows his stuff. I wish I would have come here earlier and not the other 3 vets I visited this year. With the treatments they gave me and their visits Dr. Bloom's fees were less. I feel better knowing in a short amount of time my baby will start to feel better and is under care of someone who can help her. Dr Bloom even saw how scared Maya was during her appointment and gave her medicine to give to her before he appointments.


4 years ago

I will never go there again. I paid for the vet to put drops in my dogs ears $100 a week for 3 weeks. When done she said she didn't know what his ears should look like when drops are done. She had the tech look and tell her. Ridiculous!

Bill Meyer

4 years ago

The techs and the doctor were very supportive and helpful we have a cat with bad allergies she had open sores all over face and neck and he took care of it we are so thankful

Christian Lavens-Moyer

4 years ago

For being a first timer here, everyone that I had dealt with was very compassionate and accommodating to not only my dog but also myself. Dr. Bloom was very knowledgeable and extremely nice. He provided a lot of information and how to to go abouts “attacking” my dogs skin issue. Unfortunately the only knock back is its very expensive for the average person which is the only reason i gave it four stars. I’d love to be able to come here more often but I just simply cannot afford it. Edit. I recently went back there because my dog has been battling a severe skin condition and after multiple visits to other vet clinics with no results I needed to see a specialist. Dr. Bloom and his staff are INCREDIBLE!! I honestly cant say enough about them. They really do show care and compassion to your animals and do everything they can to help them. They are extremely accommodating to not only your dog but also yourself. I had previously given this 4 stars due to how expensive it was, but after this past experience I'm changing it to 5!! Overall I would've saved money coming here in the first place and the treatment you get really is world class. If you want the best treatment available and actually FIX the problem, I would FOR SURE come here.

Mariann Martin

4 years ago

Great staff but very expensive.

joanne leonetti

4 years ago

This place is amazing, Dr. Bloom and his staff are the best!!!!! Took my dog to see Doctor Bloom because my current Vet could not Diagnose the Issues he was having. Giving me everything from Sprays to Shampoos, different medications and special diets ,NOT WORKING AT ALL..., When I Arrived at Dr. Bloom's Office With-in 15 minutes Dr. Bloom knew exactly what the issue was and how to treat it... The Staff is Excellent !!! Thank You Ashley for Recommending this Amazing place...

Irina Bruder

5 years ago

After 3 months with our own vet, we went to Dr. Bloom for help. He did a very good comprehensive exam, that lasted almost an hour. He has a vet tech with him the whole time, and I learned they play good cop- bad cop with you. Dr. Bloom is very pleasant and extremely knowledgable. Dr. Bloom and the tech both leave the room for about 15 minutes. The tech comes back with a "proposed plan of attack" for my dog. PLEASE BE SITTING DOWN WHEN SHE PRESENTS THIS PLAN! I expected it to be $800 to a thousand dollars. They had a total of $2700 ! Many tests, X-rays, and even an ultra sound of most of his organs. All this was for a pretty severe skin infection that he had. Granted, I have a very large dog @138 pounds, but these costs seemed pretty high. They stand there waiting for an answer to proceed or not. It makes you really question yourself, and how much you love your animal? I went ahead and said OK for the tests. We spent another 3 1/2 hours doing the tests. They found a very strong skin infection, which was caused by a low thyroid count, which lowered his immune system. It also caused an enlarged prostate, and anal glands full of infection. After 6 weeks of treatment, and another thousand dollars in costs, he is finally well. They did their job and cured the dog. That's what I wanted. Even though the I thought the costs were rather high, the dog is healthy now. I am going back to my own vet for follow up visits. That's why four stars instead of five.

Linda Mudryk

5 years ago

Dr. Bloom is amazing, as well as his knowledgeable staff. At each visit, we discuss my dog's current issues, referring back to his notes for trends and recurrences. My dog is happier, healthier and itch free thanks to Dr. Bloom. Highly recommend.

Lisa Rybicki

5 years ago

Dr. Bloom is great but very expensive.

Mary Conger

5 years ago

There are not enough stars to rate Dr Bloom and his staff!!! They are truly amazing, caring and knowledgeable people! You and your pet are treated like family! They are THE BEST!!

Patricia Love

5 years ago

This clinic is outstanding with a truly kind and outstanding staff.

Sarah Patrias

5 years ago

Dr. Bloom and his staff are absolutely lovely. They are trained and certified as a fear free practice - and it really makes a difference! Thank you for being there for Jager and The Age of Miracles Animal Rescue.


5 years ago

Dr. Bloom and staff really do care, you know you're pet will be in good hands. At every visit they take the time to listen and evaluate, to diagnose and treat not just for today but for the long term, so your pet (and you) can live a happy, comfortable ever after. ????

Cody Mulhollen

5 years ago

I had seen a few veterinarians in order to diagnose my pit bull with her skin related issues. After seeing 2 vets and no progress I made an appointment with the Bloom Animal Hospital. Dr. Bloom and his great staff immediately knew what was going on with my pit and she has improved so much. I would recommend visiting Dr. Bloom if your pet has any allergy related issues.

Amanda Henry

5 years ago

Everyone here is amazing. They are so good you can tell they love animals and their jobs! We came to see Dr. Bloom after running out of options to treat our beagles allergies. She was on daily meds, prescription food and constant ear meds. She was miserable chewing on her feet, butt and scratching sores in her ears. Wilma had become mopey and disinterested. That was in February, now in July she's not on any meds but an occasional allergy tablet and prescription food - for now. She's back to being a happy energetic active dog and we're beyond thrilled. It's been a rough road these last month's but Dr. Bloom and his staff worked with its to find a solution to make Wilma a happy girl again. We're even transitioning our normal vet care to them because they are top notch!

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